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In the office of Evangelism

30 Sep , 2019  

Oh hi guys see you there welcome to my office, say hi panda, so it’s the first time that you guys entered my office and yeah. This is actually not just my office. This is an office of my husband also, but he’s usually in Sorsogon. So it’s my office okay, so this was one of my first words female face of the night. This was back in 2007, so buckets and buckets Pajarito. I had also now with awards 16th hour towards. Oh, my god. I was a singer three lifetimes ago and this one they named me as one of the most influential Instagram accounts, which thank you by the way wasn’t able to call – and this was really nice – I love the quality champion.
I was so flattered that they gave me an award and so yeah. Basically you put all my Awards here and scattered all over the office, so we liked the office they look sort of like our house, so we have the same interior designer also here. So, as you can see, I don’t know if you see on my Instagram post, we have the same the same lamps, the same tables chairs this chair. I got from interconnection II, I got a whole set and it was just for like how much best is not about 100 best, it’s not inside, because when hotel closes, they get rid of everything. So I’m gonna go straight up to the second floor over there. That long table we sometimes have our lunch there other we sometimes have two or three meetings at a time with my team, so some of them have there, and while I have another meeting here this room, we use a lot for all of our meetings. Most of our meetings, you know this room can be very stress level high, and this is where we discuss all my schedule. My travels Kenya, and sometimes I also have to meet my husband here, because I have to tell him my up my trip for the whole month or for the whole year because he likes know where I am so yeah. This could be a favorite room because a lot of dreams come true in this room and a lot of contracts are signed here. These are actually the paintings of my husband. Yes, he paints he paints every time I paint and what I like about it is that he loves to mix colors. So when I’m lazy to mix colors, I just steal from his and just a little trivia. He puts these stickers to get me jealous because Sabina sold out and oh yeah. This is my husband’s office, but not so not so colorfully This is my office come on in okay, so this is the way I do it.
I like to be very creative with my space It inspires me, so that’s why I have a lot of prints I also have my favorite painting here, which I used for my collaboration, so I decided to keep one of my paintings because it’s very memorable, it started everything for me as a creative director and I love pictures So I have all my pictures of my favorite moments in life I have a picture here of Tita Miriam Defensor she’s, like my second mom, so I keep her memory very alive and vivid in my mind, picture of my husband, lovey-lovey Poe, one of our first pictures Together as really really good friends, my sister and a very memorable photo, I have with Christian Louboutin This is when I met him and we danced together at the ball, and I thought that was very special and just like you know, I like to keep things very neat here as a plaque This is when I reached a hundred thousand subscribers It was pretty awesome because I never really thought anybody would have watched my youtube channel, but thanks for being curious yeah So this is the painting that I made for my next collection I love colors, I’m always drawn to bright colors It really sets the mood for me so in my next collection is very inspired by my travels Fashion, Week, fashion, women and then over here I have a portion – I’m not really the type to keep portraits of me, but this was for a very special exhibit, as I had, and this was taken by Marc McDowell – you know that’s not all the time that someone prints a photo of you, so I thought it was very special, so I wanted to keep it here in my office, and this is where I usually have my meetings Aside from the fact that I think my best friend lovey pol wants me to you know feel like a queen, she was actually the one that gave this to me So I thought they would be perfect for my room, it’s a good accent chair and you know it kind of makes you feel like you’re, really the boss, you thinking yeah This is where I ever I have like some people come over and this is where I bring them because it’s I know visually inspiring and yeah So that is my office Oh, my goodness, so thank you so much for coming that was my office Have a nice day have a nice slide I hope to see you around Merry Christmas Happy New Year, happy Valentine’s Day, all season bike,

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