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Indoor Travel (Mini) My Process and Style

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi and welcome back to Salva Casanova. I really just wanted to give you guys a quick tour of the house and update on what’s been going on and what I’m working on. We are almost at the two-year mark of being in this home and I am super excited to share with you guys. First of all, I have some feeling extremely down these last couple of days, just really trying to figure out how I can speed up the process with the house, but honestly just submit you cannot speed up.
Sometimes you just need to step back and take perspectives, as you can see where you’re going and where you’re headed now we’re moving on upstairs, and this is the closet you guys and I just cannot believe where the space has come. Originally we were looking in the house. I had no idea what I even wanted to trim to be. The first order of business was moving in from the previous house into the new house. That was the easy part. What was it easy was getting the room, fully faded and pulling up the carpet, and, let me just say I did not save any money on star before linking to that process. So, of course, the nuclear penguin over to absolutely love and the guys came in and in my closet in Italy we took them about three to four hours and they had it completed and I fell in love. Oh, my god, you want to see my growth to take a look at this old vanity from the last half and oh, my god. I know I need a lot of help and here is the new vanity hello. Can you just make growth right there? Yes, they do my channels – and you may not even know this, but originally upstairs was all carpet. There was no wainscoting, there was nothing, it was just really really plain and I really wanted to fall in love with this space. So the first one I came to mind was wainscoting and hardwood floors. Of course, so we started a process within two months of even being in this house. I did call it photographer out of the house. Take some pictures, so I do have before and I’m definitely looking forward to taking after, even though I’m in the process right now, but just take a look at this which is really quickly and then you guys will see what it looks like now.
So this is my conference and Allah and he did an absolutely amazing job. The hallway was so nice and the Holly looks great. It literally took him three days three days that I am so grateful for so originally in the master bedroom. I, like the color, but after a couple of months and trying to get furniture, and I really wanted to change it so badly. So I went on ahead and I covered up all the themes for the nail pops and I added new paints. The wall, of course, with this closet here I knocked out all of the wire racks I was in here we are going to be doing a custom closet both in that closet and also the master closet. Yes, there is a master closet that is going to be. My fianceĆ© space, but for right now, just the horrible fourths got done into this room. The room is actually really really big so once they get completed, she’s going to have a pretty big closet and she’s going to have three closets compared to my wife. So in the master bedroom, if this pen looks familiar to you guys, that is because this is the fed. That’s currently in the guest room. It just really did not set them loose. What we’re looking for in the master, so we quickly went shopping and started to find something, and this is what the current room is looking like. I suggest, if you guys, have not seen the master bedroom so that you guys check it out. I also want to drop down an inspiration picture. You guys can figure out what the room is supposed to be looks like when it’s all complete and done so. The first couple of months of being in the house. We got even use the master bath. We were using the bathroom in the hallway just because of trying to move everything in to get everything done and, of course, you guys have seen the master bathroom this far and it’s just a huge transformation from what we had originally in the space. So here we are in the game room, and I just want to say these four gentlemen did an amazing job with getting the hardwood floors done. You’Re talking about almost 1,800 square feet of space, then in one full day I just want to say thank you so so very much, but this is the game room before, and this is the active process and again absolutely love.
It love it I told you guys that I wasn’t fully in love with this place I do love it, but I want to show you guys what the future plan was I want to find this drying rack, along with the baskets, to go into the room It’s definitely big enough to support this design So here is the current thing: at the dining room and a few things are going to be changing industries, one of those things being the lighting I’m going to be changing out the lighting and I’m going to be pulling the draperies in there A glass doors I just feel like the top cabinet was just lighting at this place If I change the source out, so I wanted to attach a style information that I found online, and here is the picture decorative backsplash, the glass source and changing out the knob A single light, Memphis ways with the fireplace it was broken down a couple of months ago and I elongate it and made it much wider I have added a few items for the fireplace since then I don’t have that decorative piece right there, but I do have two Horsehead The light Fisher is going to go up in a beautiful artwork that I find it’s also going to be going up on the fireplace now with the living room I absolutely love it It took us almost a year and I have to find this and I’m so happy that we waited because we got exactly what we wanted, but a lot of you guys have been asking so many questions and I was able to find a picture So here is something that emulates something similar to what we’re going to be going for, and I really do love the colors I know it’s light I just really want the house to be nice and soft and it’s going to take a little bit of timing So this is me two years ago, when we first moved into this house and I feel like I have definitely aged throughout this process It has been log in a little bit of stressful, but I just wanted to kind of give you guys a little reach out at how everything was going quiet subscribe, I’ll see you guys that actually gets a larger move in this is some decorating done that dress So, thank you guys for watching bye

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