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Instagram experiment: what’s more popular?

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey girlie pops, yes classic reference, the merch type joke it’s in the description can’t believe I’ve never done that. This has been out for like at least three months, and I’ve never done that now that we have that over there.. Let me just let me just address a few things. First number one. I have my most energy at night. Hence why I’m filming I’m not my figure also, since this is like a science experiment, conspiracy theory, then this can be like low lighting type spooky vibes.
I can’t believe I just said that number three everywhere in my apartment is echoey because of the concrete floor, so I put every amount of furniture and rugs that I could fit in here in here, hoping that it would reduce the echo. Hopefully, it’s worth having less echo in this room, I’m gonna try to get like OE thanks for my walls or something because it’s just you guys get so annoyed by it, and I understand why also I like oily as break1 second life hack, that everyone knows. I can’t believe that I think I’m the first one to ever do it, which is insane to me. I don’t know why I’ve never done this before, but I’m so excited to do it.. So that’s how excited I am for this. Hopefully it’s poppin off because I just want to do this series forever, but everyone uses Instagram nowadays, I’m pretty sure everyone, you know, probably even your mom, probably even your dog, has an Instagram account one of the biggest thing you know when you swallow your chapstick and It gives your throat that weird feeling, because it’s like chemicals anyway, the biggest thing about Instagram – is getting likes. I think I’m already getting oily again. Are you kidding? Okay, no it’s getting likes, and it’s just this big thing because I feel like most people’s accounts are pretty inconsistent with how many likes they get. So I wanted to conduct an experiment to see what types of photos would get more likes now. Obviously my biggest sort of formula / hypothesis, / conspiracy, theory that I’ve come up with thus far is a pretty obvious one and that is less clothing equals more likes or weight. No, it was more naked equals more likes. That’s what it was. That’s pretty standard. I feel, like people know that the more naked you are in a photo, the bikini, the more butt or cleave that you show in a photo, the more like so typically good.
I really don’t know why that is, but I do personally find myself liking a photo when they’re more naked, and I don’t know why I do that. It’s just kind of more eye-catching and you kind of want to support them because body positivity all that kind of stuff, but there’s so many other factors, and so many other inconsistencies and like how many likes I get on a photo that I wanted to do this Experiment and I love being a nerd, so this is so fun for me. If you can’t tell so I wrote this all down in my journal. It said I’m literally out of breath because of how excited I am to share the results of the guys such a nerds. Ok, so I wrote down instead experiment what gets more like so step number one. We have to do their research, so we have to look at past history and see what we can gather from it. So I’m gonna go share you some secret info and go to my Instagram insights. I’m just gonna do a little screen recording while I’m filming this we’re actually a few hundred away from 500k. So that’s freaking awesome. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you have this insight type thing and I’m gonna go to all my posts and then sort them by the amount of likes they got in the past year and we’re gonna see what types of photos get the Most amount of likes – my number one liked photo – is me on the beach in a bikini with a paint. Now I think this one did really well because number one lighting was really good number two. It was something that was on my bucket list, so the caption was like. Oh my god, I can’t believe, like I check this on my bucket list, it’s kind of like inspirational in a way, I guess number three I dohave some cleave going on. I genuinely was not trying to do that for the photo. I just wanted to lay down next to the pay, and this is the photo I got and you can’t really do anything about the Clee once you get the picture, you know and these pigs were hard to cooperate with, so I posted it anyway. It served me well, I guess so yeah, so we’re just gonna block that out and okay. This one is odd. This one is a outfit picture. My friend know what took this picture and she made me look really tall. I get. I don’t know why. I literally. I do not know why this one did well. It could have been because I a question in the caption, so this photohad an unusual amount of comments on it. I don’t know if that makes Instagram recommend your photo more if it’s getting a lot of engagement. That is the only thing that really makes sense to me now.
This photohad been my most liked photo on my page or like a few months, and this was actually from my ugly to insta Body Transformation, which is really ironic, because the whole idea was like me trying to be an insta body. And then that was the photo that had the most amount of likes on my towel, and my theory with this one is that I never make that insta body serious space, I’m usually smiling in all my photos until after I took this photo, then I kind of Learned how to not smile in photos – and I kind of like doing that now, but it did really well, even though in the caption it’s an ad and ads, usually don’t do as well, and then the other one is just like a cool photo see. Okay, this photo as well also got a lot of likes, and I asked the same question of like what would you choose as a cover photo and it got 2692 comments. I feel like comments, might have to do where how many likes are like how many times Instagram suggests your photo. I don’t know and then, if we go a little further down, I’m in a bikini top again, are you guys seeing any trend so yeah? That is what we have from my most liked photos, as you can tell there’s a lot of engagement in the comments and I’m usually naked in them. So that’s what we have to work with. because this would not be an Instagram experiment if I didn’t post it in script. If I didn’t post a bikini picture. But I feel like all Foot pictures can either do really well or really bad or like if her outfit is cute might get more likes. I don’t know: okay, that’s what the experiment is about, so posted these three photos every day in a row kind of, and they were always posted around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. Eastern, because I wanted to keep the science experiment kind of on a level playing even field Ground, sohere’s me taking the very first photo where I’m not trying at all it’s day. One and today’s picture is not trying / funny / zero effort, I mean take it on. My foot will rise gonna take it on my phone, I’m wearing a big sweatshirt. That’s his and my hair is in a ponytail, and I did really ugly makeup actually just put my previous fan Friday, maybe it’ll do well. I have a question how like on the spectrum, how well do you think this picture will do like from really bad to really good? Let me take your phrasing. They’Ll tell you, okay and we’re going to out I’d say this might tarnish my brand by the way.
I’m literally going to Outback Steakhouse wearing my new pajama pant, okay, six o’clock in post. I’ve never seen right. So the results of this photo. As you can see, I look horrendous in it. It was taken on an iPhone. It was a rainy day. A filter was kind of horrendous. The caption is just really disgusting and, like me, trying to be relatable, but also like not trying, at the same time, just an overall bad caption bad photo. You swipe you see that I’m flashing, you my you, know everything basically and I put, of course a cowboy emoji over it. You see the same thing in the next photo overall, just terrible photo in all regards now. Originally this wasn’t doing well and I was like yeah. That’s what I thought. Of course, it’s not gonna do well. My photo is terrible, but usually when you post photos with a swipe feature, I don’t know why. But for me it always shows me. I don’t know why, but for me it always shows me the second photo on the slide, which is really weird, because if you’re gonna take all the time to choose a cover photo and then Instagram is just gonna show you the second photo in the Slide, it doesn’t really make sense, so most people when they scroll through their feed, saw this first. So maybe that’s why I got a lot of likes. I don’t know it does show my personality, I don’t people call these personality pics. I think that’s kind of disgusting for some reason, but I guess that’s what it is and actually did fairly well like actually really well, which is really confusing, and it took almost no effort to make which is equally as frustrating so on to the next photo. the bikini picture – it’s like 50 degrees outside, so I was actually in Florida when I was taking these Instagram pictures – and I didn’t have any bikini with me. So I ordered this one on Amazon at two days before it was like nineteen dollars and it actually looks pretty good in the photo. So Ryan – and I actually took this in its like apartment area and it was really awkward because it was sixty degrees outside and there was like not a pool where I was taking the picture, so everyone in the apartment complex could like see in the courtyard me Just in a bikini in 60 degree weather with no pool around me and then Ryan with the camera, it was really awkward.
There are some creepy guys who, just you know, we’re being creepy and Ryan. I actually took it in two different locations, the first location. I absolutely hated, and then I found this couch with matching pillows, so I took it there. I specifically didn’t smile for this photo because I don’t know why. But I feel like not smiling in photos like makes more of a statement like you’re trying to be more model. Ask you know, and I don’t know why, but I just feel like that. Does better ourselves like bikini and no smiling might be really well also, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that kind of, like my theme, sort of is flash photos, I’m just really a big fan of flash photos. I just really like the look of it. For some reason, this picture freaking popped off. Oh also, the caption is bikini from Amazon, sixty degrees you’ll understand later and the you’ll understand later.. It is not my second most liked photo, because that was my entire hypothesis was that more naked equals more likes. Pretty much hypothesis confirmed on that. I think orange. As you guys know, it’s one of my favorite colors, just everything about that picture, just kind of lined up for me the caption was a little mysterious. I don’t know I’m moving on to this last photo the outfit photo we’re at our location for the picture. We’Re going to get nothing, we got the picture, it’s pretty hard to do so. Nothing got hit like six times yeah here to stay on the streets. Take it not good, don’t advise but shut up, not my fave picture ever, but it’s an alpha pig. So it’s good for the experience, so I scouted out this cool wall in Tampa Florida. I thought it’d be so sick to shoot at night, because I love flash photos and shoo my outfit. My outfit was pretty subpar, but I mean I like packed things for Florida and a back packet that just was not much to work with. I look pretty bad like just in general, not looking my cutest wasn’t wearing any makeup, wasn’t really trying. You know just nothing. Really going for me in this picture and not to mention that Brian had to stand in the street to get this picture, so all of his angles were so bad angles of this photo were bad. The colors were bad. My outfit wasn’t that great my pose was pretty subpar, the captions okay, but this photo tanked sohard.
Some of my old photos from when I had like a significant amount of less followers, don’t even say that right. Some of my other photos from when I had a significantly less amount of followers got more likes than this photo day. So that’s really bad for a photo. This one completely tanked and if you kind of look at my other flash photos, they’re way more close-up. So I feel like if I’m gonna do a flash photo, they kind of to be more close-up, and if you look at this other outfit picture, it also tanked and just like didn’t do that. Well, I’m talking relative like if you might just see like. Oh, you got 100k likes and you’re saying it tanked, but like relative tohow many followers you have, I feel like is more important, because if you have like a million followers but you’re getting 10,000 likes and your ratio of engagement is kind of bad. So we’re talking relatively, like I know, 100k likes is like really freakin awesome and I’m really appreciate it, but we’re talking relative so yeah. I guess you guys just don’t care about my outfits, which is fine, that’s fine, but then there’s like this photo. That is a lashe photo of my outfit and it did a lot better, but I think my outfit is better in any lighting was better. I just look more tan and I was wearing makeup, there’s just so many factors and that’s why I find this experiment so freakin interesting. So what are my conclusions? I’ve been gaining a lot of followers on Instagram lately and I really have no idea why. I don’t know if it’s because of the different types of content that I’ve been putting out. I don’t know if it’s like my flashy more, like kind of personalized style that I’ve been trying to create. I really don’t know what it is. my hypothesis, conspiracy, theory of more naked equals more likes. It’s pretty much confirmed. I think we can keep testing it. I actually have about three other experiments that I would love to do on Instagram.. Let me know because this was so fun for me. Let me know in the comments what your photo that has the most likes is like: what do you post like? Do you? Do you know what photo you have to post to get the most amount of likes? Does that make sense like I know, for some people, their relationship photos get a lot of likes, so they hark on that and they do a lot of relationship photos. Although do I even have a picture with Ryan on here? It’s a really good question It just told myself: it was a really good question.
Oh, I literally don’t have a single photo of me and right on here I definitely think we’re cute together and it probably would get the most amount of likes possibly, but if it did, I wouldn’t keep taking pictures with him just so I would get like a lot of likes Cuz, that’s really just using a relationship, so I want to stay away from that You know just stay out of that territory I never even thought about that and I had no idea I never even posed with him I mean he’s always on my story so and that’s another thing like what makes a story get more views, because sometimes my stories don’t get as much views and then sometimes they go up like it really doesn’t Your algorithm is almost I screw and weird as a YouTube algorithm So if you would like more experiments If you want to go check that out, I am going to Chicago for my 18th birthday and I’m actually traveling to to other countries in December So you’re really gonna want to go over there to experience that with me, it’s gonna be so fun I have new girly pop apparel coming out soon for the Christmas season It’s like my almost favorite color I can’t tell if it’s forest, green or orange I really don’t know I think they’re equals and I made girly pop apparel in for screen I’m so excited for it to launch, but if you have not gotten this or any of the other designs, you definitely should just get the whole collection before it runs out forever, because once these are gone, they’re just gonna be absolutely gone and then, if you’re, One of the OGS that has them that’s pretty freaking sick, also, if you ever buy it and post it on Instagram, I’m all over that I’m always commenting liking Following all that type stuff, and legitimately my favorite thing about making youtube I did not express to you, so it means so much if you did that I’m still locked out of Twitter I don’t want to shut up, I’ll shut up! I love you girly pops! So much I’ll see you guys next fam Friday or another day, because I’m trying to post more in December Alright, I Popat she said I got baby lungs She asked me if I gotta live among neighbor one There are sand princess she the best and never tray For now

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