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Instagram fans control our date night

1 Nov , 2019  

Like we failed you, but obviously 67% of you think I look rubbish shouldn’t I make up like I’m a bit concerned about like where we’re gonna wind up welcome back to meet you can, if you’re just joining me now, then my name’s Imogen and my Name is imagine this is pops. We are very excited to have you here. If you are new here, make sure you hit that subscribe button join my family of hands, click the subscribe button. It takes a tree. A second please report was an wake them to yeah right.
Give you 5 5. Second challenge. Yeah. Have you subscribe? Please subscribe. We have three views this week, Tuesday, Saturdays and Sundays.. Yes, I put on Instagram a poll of what different things we could do for our date night and you all chose. So this is my Instagram followers choose our day night. We are a bit concerned about this. We haven’t actually seen the answers. Yeah we’re very excited, but also some of those things that we’ve put out there we’re a bit like. We know which one we’d rather yeah. Definitely so we definitely hope that we get the ones we want, but if not you choose it we’re doing it. We hope that you know us best and would you yeah mum and dad want to do yeah, we’re currently just chilling on the bed. We would rather stay here for the night, probably, but we’ve got to check whether it’s night in or night out check the phone baby they have chose for us to have a night out. Oh okay, so night out it is let’s get ready right. The Huns! The next questions we asked you were for outfits, so you’re gonna go, get your outfit yeah I’ll get into my outfit that they’ve chosen and also I put to you. If you wanted me to wear makeup or no makeup. I know I’m hoping for. I probably know what you’re hoping for so I’m gonna chill out you gonna get in the shower, we’ll get ready and then I’ll see you in the lounge and we can surprise each other yeah, I’m gonna show. You me trying on the outfits now and you can, let me know which one you like and then we’ll see which one you chose. This is gonna, be such a good challenge night in yeah, mom and dad times. This is the first of one of the two outfits that you could choose full my date night. So I wanted to show you. The outfits have already been chosen, but I thought I’d show you anyway. So we’ve got a lovely little leather jacket, everything from Topshop by the way, and then we’ve got this little top, which says there you go to the moon and back because I love you. Thank you very much. I love you behind the camera to the moon about my hands.
So then we’ve got these jeans, which are like they’re called dad jeans, and I love them. I’m just unsure as to why they called dad jeans is because this is the style of dad jeans. I don’t know everything I’ve got exercise except I’ve got this in a 10 because I, like a leather jacket, a little bit like, don’t you think, like a little bit, not so tight privatised yeah in case I want to wear like a hoodie underneath or something like That you know I mean, then I got these shoes and look how cute they are, my goodness. So this is number one outfit also. She was saying thanks by the way to Topshop for sending minis outfits. They actually sent me two outfits for date night because they have this denim jeans campaign and they’ve actually got me on board for it, which I feel so lucky for I love Topshop jeans. I think this is such a wide variety, no shades. Prime up because I love prymaat jeans. I don’t want anyone thinking that I don’t like prime AR because trust me. I do my my dreams. You’ve got Primark jeans, I’ve got loads of prymaat cheese, I’ve gone alone, but we’ll say that top trip has just a wider variety of jeans is like 11 or something different styles. You can get into so many different colors anyway. So these are the daddies there’s. Someone last, I could imagine one last look outfit nom, but that’s for now. This is the other outfit that I chose from Topshop. I am obsessed so instead of dad jeans, we have mum Vinci, mom jeans. I’ve got this color of mom Jean, but I don’t have this acid II kind of wash and these panels they’re. So nice, I’ve genuinely so nice. Then this is so cool. This shirt right! Listen to this baby, it’s called a shacket. So it’s a shirt and a jacket. Yes, you can wear as a jacket and shell or whatever, and then you can actually wear as a shirt so like just do it up and love your life. I just love it so much, and then I got this really cute little top, which actually was saw that my slice we’ve got into ten or so buzz, and it’s still there and it’s really pretty, and then I’ve got these really cute shoes. How pretty are they for summer is so great, for the tops up to me is like genuinely I love Topshop, so much than that, they actually think that I’m cool enough to work on the denim campaign. It’s a joke like sorry! Well, anyway, I’m gonna leave everything all of these outfits down below in the descriptions. Have you want to go and check out the atmosphere? Then definitely do that. I mean no one probably cares. If you do, then that’d be cute and we were saying please go so never spin, then okay, really nice jeans saucy for date night.
Is it nice, beautiful yeah? You know come real Mouse thanks pups so which outfit do you prefer, after to prefer number two yeah? I, like it yeah, I like the no. I like the poor process behind that, because you know why you like the shocker. Why? Because you have shat, what’s that huh well sure under name SH, I teach at oh, no, I’m so cringe angels. The next question I asked you was if I was to wear makeup or no make up for our date night and you chose makeup. So I’m gonna be wearing makeup for a date night, and I was like, oh no, because I actually really wanted to not wear makeup just because I’ve not been out in a very long time out for like the evenings I mean in the daytime. I don’t wear makeup, but in the evenings I kind of wanted to go out with no makeup and just be like it’s chill like going to a bar or go to dinner with no makeup on, because I think when I was younger so insecure, I would never Have done that and now I feel really confident to do that. I feel like I want to do to choose that, but obviously 67% of you think I look rabbi shouldn’t eye makeup on I’m joking, I’m joking, I’m joking, I’m joking! So I’m gonna do my makeup get ready. I always get ready with a bathrobe on like. Is that normal? Is this a bathrobe or a dressing-gown, so I’m gonna get ready for our date night now put some makeup on natural, ish, glam and I’ll. Come back to you, I mean I’m pretty sure you don’t me sitting in a Jill or my makeup, because you’re gonna be like this isn’t a makeup tutorial Jen. So I’m just gonna put my makeup on and I will be back. Hopefully, you think I look better because you clearly do know Joe. You know I love you, okay, so that is my makeup. Done, complete you, love house, like I’m gonna, go natural soft lamb. I don’t really think it’s that soft natural is it I like it. I think it’s fresh, I have got quite heavy on the eyes, but it’s fine, let’s go and see what he thinks, because I know it prefers me that makeup. So let’s go see what maybe boy thinks. Maybe I’m not looking I’m coming in. Don’t look at me boy, shop, okay, which outfit you want me to have them double denim? Okay, do you want makeup on no makeup? No makeup? Okay, three two one we’ve got a girl thing is off yeah yeah bill. You’ve got me up. I wanted you to have oh thank you, and I’ve got makeup on yeah no problem. I knew that you’d prefer me to no makeup on yeah. I know sounds like oh no, but still what you like. I love you to the moon about yeah, okay, so the next part that you choose for our date night is where we go for dinner.
Yes, so we’re gonna get in the car. We don’t know because we haven’t looked to them. We need to go back on my stories on my insights to see exactly which ones you chose, but we know that they’re in the same proximity so we’re just gonna drive there and love life, hope you’ll be somewhere. Nice, yeah cuz, I’m starving. Let’s do this so be strangers. We are now currently at Brighton, marina and we are going to tell you if you chose for us to go to Z, Z or the golden arches. You were gonna, say Macker, so is he the zzs or McDonald’s? And I was actually kind of hoping for McDonald’s. What were you hoping for? Gg? Oh yeah? I was hoping for Madonna, so I feel like it’d, be funny cuz. I can’t actually have that much from there, although actually I’m really hungry. I know that doesn’t smell doesn’t make sense at all, but you did actually choose drumroll. Please reason you chose easy, which I’m actually really happy about to be fair. I want a pizza so bad. Do you yeah? I can’t wait so thanks. Actually, I’m so grateful for that. We love you for that. So, let’s go to Z, Z, he’s just got out the car, and I have to tell my best friends that my feet are killing me. I literally haven’t been anywhere yet, except in the car, and my feet are killing me. I already want to be in trainers. It’s fine. Let’s go I just in BB now I’m annoyed! Nothing like we’ve, just worn it up got people saying you’ve got a. We get. The same every time anywhere we go, don’t really know where the state night’s going doing like I’m a bit concerned about like what, where we’re gonna wind up yeah, we don’t really go out of the way. Do you know me there? I thought you were gonna choose McDonald’s just to be like. Oh, they can going on a steak knife, but they’re actually really like yeah. What a rush, though you wanna, make mostly well I’m getting another one. You can only have water you just casually watching them in jealous go on hon. You demolished that Pete’s, a baby girl. You did well Huns. Aircon is nice outside baby I’ll swim warm up now? Well, I didn’t take long hands. I am absolutely stuffed I loved it. I know way too quickly. No, it’s nearly finished there really wow. I am awful. I nearly fell over on these hills. It’s not even the beginning of the night. Yet I look like I’m trying he’s carrying me. I’m taking these off. I can’t cope anymore. God put trainers on Huns, I’m really sorry to let the sleep.
The team down, love, you, okay, hands were in the car and the next question that we asked you for our date. Night was Palace, pier yeah, Oh Bolin, you’ve seen the answer and the answer is the pair wanted the Pierre DeVaughn, the Pierre 51% of you, wants the Pierre 49%. If you said bowling, I preferred bowling just because the last time we went you beat me sounds like determined to beat you this time, but it’s fine and it’s a lovely evening. So I’m glad you chose to Pierre. So thank you. This is going perfectly so far. The only one I’m nervous about to really look at is the night out with drinks or Netflix and chill, and we like Netflix and chill, let’s go to the pit. Let’s go away, they say what they gonna say: have a drink, take pounded my life mode, but she’s like me time to go so this is my get up now. Ivko on. I got my trainers on. Don’t worry about me just Oh panting me yeah. Of course, okay good just go, you’ve got shorts Remagen, and that was a bomb bra. This is night. We just had a steal, listen, we got here, he went going paid for parking and guess what parkings free from eight say two o’clock bang on. I ate two o’clock I put money on there, we’ll be home at nine ten. Where depends if they choose netflix and chill’ will be home at like half a we’re, so boring, and you know, do you know what we’re not we just like having time and quality time together? We have done things like this. We do go out and do things, but we’re not really nighttime people away, we’re more like. Let’s have a car door and let’s go on the sofa and watch our favorite crime dramas and programs. Here we are and the jams jamming pairs we’re here so Hans. I have something to tell you. I think I like women, I like women. If they let lucky, you know a mermaid area, so basically everything’s closed, so we’re just going to arcade funny there’s a bit of a fail, but it’s fine. We’Re gonna go have fun of me. Okay, we’ll have fun. George, do a racing game. Oh my god! Joey go it’s much like my childhood, because I love this game so much. I remember when the Millennium Dome open – and I went there on sex Isis just casually, but now like that. I knew everything. I’ve got to beat you at something honey. Sorry hon I’m magic invective, but sometimes I do get over funny that he is combative and once we went stewmaker because he beat me as I being you and I really got funny about it outside sorry, I had a celebratory dance. Oh you’ve gotta, have one cause.
You wanted actually stage two. We have a stage two, especially I’m lucky that I didn’t do stage two, so I probably would have lost celebratory dance then he’s in his element, I’m just watching now on the sportive. Why he’s human? These humane I’ll be at Aintree. Are we at Ascot? Is ain’t realize that right, Epsom, Derby? That’s how we are okay, my field say, is a thief and actually he just stole, but we were just walking past this machine and he saw two he in there and he just used him jammie Dodger. Oh my goodness, he just got donut and they smell unreal. They literally remind me of my childhood, I’m so jealous, I’m so jealous. I’ve been a nice little good hour on the pit, and now we’ve got to find out if we’re going home for Netflix and chill, or did you choose for us to go out for drinks going home? This is the one I’m scared about baby here we go then some of that ready. Then, to end the night. We shall go drink 57% if you think we’re boring, and then we need to go for drinks. We’Re just not me, which is not that couple. We’Re not that couple, I think I’m 26 he’s 28. I feel like we’ve done, that we’ve like been out. We’ve done our staff, like we kind of just like, and it’s no shade to anyone else. If they want to do that, but that’s just not us yeah. We prefer to just like cuddle yeah and it’s not boring, like everyone can be. Whoever they want to be like just because we got clubbing, doesn’t mean we’re boring. Oh my God. Look at this sky. I know sorry, like you can’t yeah, but yeah. It’s not boring. It’s just you can be whoever you want to be and your couple can be whatever couple you want it to be: yeah, hey. We love chilly yeah. I don’t even know where we can go for drinks. Probably up here. Is it even open we’ve chosen here because it’s playing so here we are loved in life, jato or injured, mushroom fruit, one love in life. You know this coming into a pub place. The drinks where you just want to get you know fruit, juice or something like this. We failed you, we failed, we failed you. We actually are the worst friends in the world like I actually have to apologize. I know you told us to go for drinks and we did. We went for one a soft drink, but they knew I wasn’t gonna drink anyway, so they got backs. I don’t drink. Alcohol, but drinks is plural. Isn’t it it’s like more than one and we stayed for one and we stayed for how long five six minutes yeah, I’m just gonna, be honest with you right, going out clubbing or going out for drinks. It just isn’t us because I know this sounds bad, but we’re not going out to look for anything And yes, you got with your friends, you have fun, but when you’re with your partner, you just want to spend, I mean this is just us.
We just want to spend time together, don’t we going out clubbing or going for drinks? Just no, it’s just not us It’s just not asked we just we enjoy each other’s company We enjoy just having fun, we do things and the weekends in the day, and I mean pups, does drink alcohol sometimes, but we wouldn’t go out for a drink Would wait? No, no! We wouldn’t If it was like a summer, barbecue and you’d probably have a drink When you like, with the family and stuff like that, but like for this, don’t be wrong We’ve both drunk in the past like ice to drink lamb, read in the park, live my life You know back in those good old days so ever, but we’re going home home we’re going home to do what chill chill really sorry huh back in my happy place, I can’t believe there’s some being really naughty I’m taking my makeup off with face wax, but just ignore me normally I do like a full skin care routine, but I’m being lazy Sometimes that happens hunts You know I mean we’re tired late date night and we’re only exact play like it’s late for us or a school night It’s never like to know me up for me I was not far from this well eight o’clock and I lose you yeah eight o’clock and he’s gone on the safe and I he doesn’t fall asleep he’s just there’s nothing behind the eyes Did you have a good date night? I love death I’m actually really really happy that you sent us on like some nice things to do, because sometimes we just sit in and we enjoy ourselves But it was nice to be able to go to the pier and just enjoy company with you doing other things and just appear, and it was an excuse to get food Wasn’t it like goldeneye, because yeah? Actually, we don’t ever eat out because we’re like saving We want to save for a house and safer, you know our wedding and all those things Actually, it was nice to like go for dinner and not feel guilty, because the huns told us yes then please definitely let us know Tuesday Saturday and Sunday, Tuesday or five Saturday, 7:00 and Sunday at five I love you so much until next time, I’m gonna love you and I’m just gonna have a little chat myself I love doing this Video I’ve always give fun I want to do more couples I know I’m gonna leave You

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