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Instagram let me buy it… Test the new lighter!

1 Nov , 2019  

What’s up, everybody welcome back to my channel now we’re about to start this week off with a bang, because I have in front of me a bunch of highlighters that I discovered on Instagram. So basically y’all Instagram made me buy it, and I’m gonna be talking about three specific brands. Today one is really indie and a few are still kind of not as well known in America as they should be so we’re about to change that today. Now all of these I have accumulated over the last few weeks, so cool thing about that.
I haven’t tried anything, so I don’t already have an opinion about anything. This is basically like a first impressions. We’Re gonna try out three different highlighters, so we’re gonna dive into each highlighter. We’Re gonna basically try them out on my face and my body see if they work see if they’re awful, because who the knows what the hell’s going on anymore. But basically I discovered all these brands on Instagram, which is so cool, because Instagram has the dopest, I’m always scrolling and finding things and I’m always tagged in a million pictures. So it’s really cool to discover makeup that I’ve never heard of before, which is awesome, because that’s what the internet is all about y’all, so I think without further ado, we’re gonna jump into our very first one, which I’m so excited to try this. I have seen so many other youtubers and instagramers uses. This is from a brand called iconic London. Now I don’t really know much about them. Obviously, I’m an assume they’re from UK, so shout out to all my UK subscribers out there mwah, hey girl, alright guys. So basically, this is a brand called iconic London and they have something called the illuminator. Do you see this already in the light? If this does not look like this on, my cheekbones, I’m getting on a flight and we’re gonna have some problems girl, but for real you guys. This is so stunning like in its component. It’s blinding now I haven’t touched it. I haven’t pulled it out. You can see is very fold of the brim, so I haven’t even tried this yet and I dying to film with this. So I know a lot of people have said that these are a dupe for the cover FX drops. I’ve heard that they might be even more pigmented, which I didn’t know that could happen, but I guess we’re about to find out right now, a little bit about this product. Let me pull up my trusty phone. You all know me. Basically, this is drops like nothing. You’ve ever seen before this concentrated shimmer drops allows you to customize any product in your makeup bag.
So you can add this to your foundation. You can add it to your primer. You can add it to your moisturizer or use them on their own. For a super highlighted golden glow now they literally only have one shade, which is this one right in my hands, so this is the only shade that they carry currently in their line, which is a little weird, I’m like one shade girl hook it up now, when I usually use like dropper things like this. I like to apply them with my Beauty, Blender. Of course you can use a brush. It doesn’t really say anything on the site like what to apply it with. I guess we’re just gonna maybe do mmm we’ll try both. Let’s give her an opening and see what this looks like. Oh, my lord girl, okay, bubbling like I’m Nate’s in my mouth, okay, anyway, um, oh my god! That’s so just the thing do I want to put out my cheeks first or my hand, let’s just go into the cheeks and just keep it really real. Why are we gonna even play with the hand alright, so I don’t know how much to use, though like what it could be like really pigmented or maybe not. I guess we’re about to find out alright. So let’s just drop this on my cheeks. Oh I’m gonna start with three because holy that looks really big. We did, and I’m just gonna take this Beauty Blender, which is still a little damp. So I guess let’s go in and see what happens. Oh, this looks like liquid metal was just dumped on my cheek and I’m kind of living for it. Look at that with the light I’m like I wish it was they let you guys that would go outside or now and lay in the grass and scream? Oh wow and you know, what’s crazy, is you guys I would assume? Maybe I don’t know why, but I would assume it would be a little sticky after it doesn’t feel like anything it like. Are you kind of like set itself and ride? Ah – and you know what I like about this – is that it doesn’t really move my makeup. I do have contour on and I have blush and it’s not like really moving it around some products. That would kind of, like you know, remove your foundation, make it spotty. Bitch I’m talking but um. This really looks wet and glowy. At the same damn time I can’t stop moving my head.
Sorry, I’m Michael Minich a need a chiropractor after this, but for real, hmm, I’m Chuck so on the website. All the prices were in pounds. So I converted that into American currency – and this is basically about 27 US dollars, so not bad. You do obviously get a lot of product. You basically get thirteen point, five milliliters, which is the 0.45 fluid ounces. So that’s a good deal now. It is really blinding. I just want to put some on my tattoo to see what it looks like because I’m dying to know, and let’s just kind of put that there not too much. Oh, my god holy. Let me just close this up. I’m scared of spilling it all right now. Let’s see what happens, oh, my god, and it’s like the more you blend it. It just still looks blinding it’s not getting shear or shitty, which happens with a lot of highlighters. It looks like my voice, just stopped working, I’m so sure about it. All right now quickly, before we move on to another brand iconic. London also has these strobing and glow sticks okay now, and they look like something like this and these retail for about 21 dollars in America. Now I wanted to mention these because I felt like obvious the droppers I didn’t know what to expect they just slave my life, and these are more of like a bomb. It reminds me of the Pat McGrath skin fetish, where you basically listen is called glow and then this one is called shine. So basically, this is a balm cream. Stick, let’s just really go in on my hand, oh wow, that is really blinding for a bomb. Actually, I’m like holy now. The cool thing about these is that you can take these and you can buff them out, so they shear down and they still keep their luminosity. You can stay a little bit on the end of there and you can buff them the only problem with the bombs. Now, obviously, the drops set themselves now. I don’t know about this formula, yet it’s obviously just opened it, but a lot of the times we’ll just give it a second is that the creams stay creamy, so it doesn’t really set on your skin and it just kind of can move around your foundation. So a lot of the times I’ve seen people, including myself, where they put this down and then a powder highlighter on top and it’s like extra crazy, which you all know, I’m into that now, I’m just gonna swatch, the other one for fun it. This one is called below, so I just felt like I had to mention that and try these out. Obviously, I’m not gonna put on my face, yet I need to save this side of my cheeks for another highlighter, but I definitely will be implementing these.
Maybe in a tutorial soon you guys, let me know if you want to see it. Alright, let’s move on to the next highlighter all right. The next brand we’re gonna talk about is actually from London as well, and this is a brand called makeup revolution. Now I use them in a tutorial a few weeks back use their vivid, baked highlighters, which actually worked amazing and if we all can do a quick recap, the vivid highlighters, which I’ve already used pedelec like a mini vagina, which is whoa. No that’s kind of the size of a real one. These are blinding unreal, couldn’t handle it great, but then I just saw recently on Instagram that they released a new product called the strobe highlighter. Now, of course, we all know. Last year, people were trying to say: strobing was highlighting without you contouring you’re, just highlighting, but anyway let the world think whatever they want to think so. Strobing is here and basically this product, which is only six dollars. So this is a really cool, affordable, kind of like drugstore brand. Now they do sell makeup revolution in alta, which is where I bought mine. Now, I’m looking on the website – and this says that this light powder highlighter gives a natural illumination to the skin by diffusing. The light: don’t we want to not diffuse, I don’t know, okay can be applied, both wet or dry, for different intensities and is very buildable. I love a brand that is really honest because a lot of the times which we’ve seen on my channel I’ll review, something the packaging says this, and then this happens and you’re like what the actual. So I guess we can use this wet or dry and see what the hell happens. I bought three shades. I bought this one, which is called holographic lights, and then I also got one called ever glow lights. Okay, this one looks like a more basically like. I’m not trying to be kunti, they look a little chalky without me even trying them. They don’t look blinding at all, but hey. It’s said in natural illumination, so hey we’re gonna give him that. I don’t think it supposed to look like this, but you never know, and then the third shade is called moon.
Glow lights, which looks like this. This one looks to be the most glorious, so I’m just gonna pick this one up. This is holographic lights. Let’s do a quick finger: swatch! Oh okay! Alright, now, when you look at my finger, it almost looks like a little yellow, greenish reptilian, Hugh to it, which I like. So let’s just swatch this in the middle of my palm and see what happens? Oh wow, I’m a little shook by that look at that huh whoa. It does have this beautiful, like greenish, yellow undertone, and it’s really pretty now. Let me just do this watch this other one cuz. This one looks like a little literal chalk, not even gonna. Be shady about it, but okay. This has like no shine if you’re gonna compare them. This one is bling bling, and this one is, I don’t know what it is, but alright. So, let’s just watch this here I know my palm of my hand is a little annoying for some people. You guys know the tattoos are everywhere it. Oh, this one. This one is called ever glow light. This must be what they’re talking about with that natural finish because girl and we don’t all want that blinding metallic effect. Obviously the average woman is not going to the office with metallic cheekbones, which I wish they kind of were but hey all right now. Obviously, this does have a blinding effect. We saw on my hand right about here, but I just want to try a natural one. I know that’s gonna shock, everyone in your public, where the did my judge, we go, listen, let’s just try it and give it a whirl, so I will use a let’s use a little more fee. This is the of course, the five ten one of my favorite highlighting Packer brushes of all, let’s dust, her off all right and then let’s just swirl this around all right, so I really store all this on. I got a lot on the brush girl. This is a little more powdery than the other previous one, but what happens I get it there’s a lot of people out there. That would love this, because it is very subtle. It is a very let’s just say it uncle Oh from within, but this is not for me, so this obviously isn’t like a flop, because it’s doing what it says, it’s giving you a natural illumination, it’s just so subtle, I’m like kind of bored of it. So the strobe highlighter from makeup revolution, not my favorite formula or finish the vivid baked highlighter, though this one is the one to get who are gonna try this brand. But if you are someone that just wants to be really natural, this would actually be good for you, I’m just not feeling it I’m over here like uh-huh, yes bitch.
I look like a stained glass window on my face over here, I’m kind of like okay. I just I don’t know how to rough day my husband cheated on me and I’m just trying to get through the day. Not for me. Okay, you don’t get sarcasm. Please I’m watch my channel, I’m like we just ruined this cheekbone, so I’m gonna dust. This off, I gotta, say this makeup revolution. I love the brand. Obviously this product is just not for me, but they also have blinding highlighters, so you do get to pick or choose. Let’s move on to the third and final brand. This cheekbone over here is looking a little lonely compared to this one, so hopefully we’re about to fix that problem, and now I have seen these all over Instagram all over the explore page, and this is from a brand called sarazar cosmetics. Now this is another brand from UK this retails for $18 in America. They do ship from UK. Now this one I’m kind of living, for it can’t wait to try it. This one is called diva. You guys know we have a dog named Eva my license. Plate on one of my cars says mr. diva, and basically this is right up my alley. So this says that this is a 24 karat gold loose powder. That is super finely milled to give you that extra golden sparkle, it can be worn anywhere on the skin. To highlight and illuminate the features that you want to show off. Diva is a shade suitable for all skin tones, especially for fair skin. Let’s roll now it’s vegan it’s cruelty. Free. There also is three grams of product. It says jar sizes, 20 grams, with 3 grams of product. There’s a lot of amazing reviews on this. I’ve seen it so many people tagged me in these. Like Jeffrey, please try these out and tell me if they’re real, oh they’re, good, if they’re, whatever the they are, so obviously we’re gonna try them right now. Now I have a bunch of shades here. I have about five shades, the ones that I think would suit me are, of course, diva and then another one called gold rush which looks like this.. So I don’t know if you’re supposed to use wet or dry. I’m assuming dry first, so I’m just gonna take this and just what I like to do, because it does have a sifter, I’m just gonna pour some on the cap.
So we have a bunch of product right there and I guess everyone else uses a fan brush. So let’s use a fan brush as well. This is the morphe 310 that i’ve been using before ever and oh, it is on that brush. So I am going to I’m scared of getting this everywhere. Let’s just try to Hannibal Lecter and see what happens so. I’m gonna hold up my arm y’all. This is obviously very dry and let’s do what happens. Oh, oh wow. Okay, now I am in a room full of beauty lights. So what I like to do, sometimes I like to turn on the flash on my phone. You guys already know what the drill is. Click this BAM. We have the flashlight on now. Let’s look at my arm: oh wow, you see all that shimmer imagine being in the daylight when the Sun hits your cheeks and it’s like ah good morning, girl. Yes, oh wow, I think because this one is more like the golden tone. I’m gonna go in with the diva one and I could use a Packer brush. I think I’m gonna try it with this first. So let’s go back in there’s still some product on here. I’m just gonna lightly go on there because I don’t know how this is gonna look on my face versus my arm and, let’s see what happens. Oh wow holy. Tell me why this looks more blinding on my cheek then ended on my arm. I am like oh I’m gonna blend that right into my brows right in my hairline girl. Don’t play me? Oh, oh, my god, you guys, we just have a moment of silence. Hmm, oh wow, almost like looks wet like this. One definitely looks wet. Look at that below, though, can we just take a moment? Hmm, and then this is like this is like a metallic Terminator obsessed, can’t handle it. This one is I’m obsessed already different, like in the sense where it has a lot of sparkle, a lot of glitter. I really I’m like I’m not over I’m going wrong, really I’m like hi, okay. Now let me take a tiny bit and just going this. Oh, I did not expect this to be this crazy, like when I did on my arm. I was like okay. This is cute, it’s spreading now it’s a very shimmery. I would actually wear this during the summertime like all over my body and just really take it there – satellite NASA, yes God, but on the cheek bones this is so beautiful. I know I’m like saying the same thing over and over, but I’m not over it Wow all right guys. I think it’s time to do a roundup of all three and give my final thoughts, alright guys So that concludes my trying out, Instagram, highlighters or stuff.
I found on the internet This is a lot of fun Thank you guys so much for tagging me and all these products I love every morning Waking up and I see so many people like Oh my god, please try this mask Please try this highlighter Please try! This lipstick, so thank you guys for the inspiration, too, of course Now, I’m gonna just keep it rolling gangster iconic London, illuminator, jeffree star, approves BAM Obviously, I’m obsessed look at the right side of my face I can’t get over it I want to mix this in my foundation I want to drip this down my body I want to put it on my dessert later when I have a meal, I’m obsessed with so kudos to this brand obsessed with it I know I didn’t mention these I haven’t really used them on my face yet so I really don’t want to say if they’re approved or not, I will have to try these later on, but I didn’t want to show them to you guys all right now The makeup revolution – strobe highlighters, wasn’t obsessed with it I personally do not like the natural finish They were a little too chalky and powdery for me, but listen for six dollars You kind of get what you pay for for this type of product So I am NOT going to prove this, they are not Jeffrey’s are approved and I don’t want to give it a big fail or an epic like yeah I just wasn’t for me, and I wasn’t really obsessed with the formula and when I brush that away it came off way too easy So sorry, not this one Alright, now moving on to the stars are cosmetics 24 karat gold highlighter – oh my god, I’m not over it like Can we just take a nap? Please can we just have a moment of silence for my cheekbones all right Thank you guys so much for watching this highlighter debauchery Now, there’s also like a million other luxury brand that I’ve seen recently like Dior and Chanel that have came out with highlighters So if you guys want to see part two where I try out high-end highlighters holler at your girl, but aren’t you guys? Thank you So much for watching my and I’ll see you on the next time

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