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1 Nov , 2019  

In a day, you face many challenges and decisions, and sometimes it feels like you’re, the only one who has to deal with this stuff, but we’re here to tell you you’re, not alone, turns out. We all deal with this stuff. Hmm, I wonder where I should go. Get lunch today, whoa hold that thought. Olivia! Oh No, come back here trying to group it all is only making it great. Saucer didn’t even hold the elevator. Okay. Is this battery powered or what paper? Oh right, it’s time to get ready for the party tonight.
Makeup is on point just a spritz of perfume, hmm, no one’s around. I want to make sure I smell like a beautiful meadow all night long, whoa Lana, you may be going a little overboard, smells amazing! Oh gosh: what is that smell? Why would she wear that much perfume man? I can hardly breathe. What did a flower garden run hurry? Well, at least you know you didn’t go unnoticed right, Lana, another day, another load of laundry, oh right off to the folding station. Nothing more riveting and clothing socks. Am i right? Here’s your match. Little sock! Oh! What do we have here? Aha, wait: a sec! These aren’t a match. That’s weird, okay, which one of these socks matches the one I’m concluding all right. How is this possible? Did the may just walk away on its own? You can do that. All you want Sofia, but the match just isn’t here: Audrey, wait, nope false alarm! Whoa! It’s super windy! Today, I’m going back inside. I guess I should grab a notary this time. Perfect man hardly wait. A second looks like you’ve got some money honey. Yes, what should I spend this sucker on? Why is it that when you find a little money in your pocket, you feel like you want a million bucks, it’s the end of the night, which means it’s time to brush your teeth. Hey did I run out a toothpaste already? Oh, this tube is bone-dry. Okay. What, if I squeeze up from the bottom anything all right, this folding trick always works seriously. Nothing if you’re, really desperate a rolling pin was eliminated to trick. Yes, sweet relief, better, remember to put toothpaste on the grocery list, Emily, Oh No, the worst has happened. Okay, so I entered in this date here: huh she’s, gonna call it Emily we’re gonna put my phone, not under here ooh. How long has that been in there? Okay, I definitely don’t remember putting this in there. So that’s where my notebook went ever wonder. Like when you’re looking for your phone, you find just about everything else, first seriously, Olivia how deeper this pocket. No did I leave my phone somewhere Where is it whoa? Someone must be playing a trick on me.
This is nuts quick Think of the last thing you used it No has it been here this whole time, sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose or in this cases your computer, enjoying a peaceful afternoon reading Sophia, oh now, I have to get up I’ll Do it in a few minutes, oh man, Instagram stock Olivia, her pics are the best Oh Jeep just seriously did not say that Oh, are you forgetting something Sophia huh the meat think this can be frost in five minutes I’ll just pop this sucker in the microwave? It’s the same difference right me that ought to do it Oh no! It’s so hard as a rock just face it Sophia Unless you can turn back time that meat is staying frozen, oh hi, mom, ah time to wake up already What time is it whoa? It’s 7:00 already I gotta get to work Just gonna snag a quick cup of joe before I head to the office Have you ever stopped to wonder how many cups of coffee you drink throughout the day? Whoa? Is that your third cup of coffee? You may want to slow down a bit girl and coffee number Four, it’s iced! So it’s watered down right Java Does a body good, hey, Emily, it’s getting late, maybe it’s time to switch to decaf Oh no you’re, not seriously drinking a giant coffee before bed Are you well at least you’re in bed now that that caffeine is keeping you up up good whoa at this point, you may as well pull an all-nighter all right, it’s finally time to sit back and range My favorite show I’ve waited all week for this Evernote is eating my own weight and watching TV go hand in hand, Olivia yep, she’d finished the whole thing Did she even blink, and I didn’t even realize I ate it all, but that’s okay I’ve got plenty more to save her Just a word to the wise Only bring as much food with you as you intend to eat, otherwise you mindlessly chow down everything in front of you, peace of I glorious peace Why waste time with a knife right? The season finale is seriously crazy Hey weirdo, my cake go! My one is another piece: oh man, I can’t believe I ate all that good thing, I’m home alone Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen All right, I’m just going to make a quick lunch before I head out there we go great moving right on schedule Ooh, I’m due for a manicure remember, a watched pot never boils Emily This toast is taking forever well This sure is boring Gosh scared me to death, careful they’re hot boiling out the teeth feeling extra human after watching these common everyday occurrences Well

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