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IPhone 11 Pro Max underwater review + unpacking

30 Sep , 2019  

Today, we’re going to be reviewing the brand new iPhone 11 Pro hello friends. It’s me your favorite, unprofessional, unofficial tech reviewer. Do these glasses make me look more legit more evil. Today is a special day for all of mankind, because the new iPhone 12:11 – I don’t even know what we’re reviewing today, I’m just kidding good, as you can see here, I’ll cover this in case anybody’s got your before we’re watching another three camera with freaky.
So I was lucky enough to get my hands on iphone. 11 Pro, that’s the one with the three camera. This is the larger size. There were a handful of new iPhones that came out. Take this plastic. There we go and all its satin glory, like all the other peasants I had to buy this and wait for it to come and Mail on release day, which was yesterday. Oh, oh wow, Oh check this out. I am actually really impressed it’s so nice. All. I have is iPhone 8 plus for comparison. I happen to the iPhone 9 I’ll just skip over it and lucky number. I guess anyways. This is my 8 plus that I’ve been using for the past two years or so so the fact is very sleek. I got mine in the gold. The cameras look even more menacing in real life. It’s like an arachnid of staring right at me. So should I do the deed? Oh wait. Let’s ASMR it! Oh no! I made a bunch of air bubbles. Okay, nice, alright! So we’re gonna turn it on right now, sheesh. This is just so sleep. You know. I’ve been ok with my phone, I’m gonna. Take it out of the case. Just so, y’all can see. Ok, you know what this is pretty sleek without the case either. Maybe I’m just like so impressed by this one, because it has no case so side by side, they’re pretty much the same size just put it in the Wi-Fi. It may take a few minutes to activate your iPhone. I got a few minutes. Alright, we’re gonna set up base ID move your head slowly to complete the circle. You said slowly, I moved it too fast, but okay, it’s done. Oh y’all can’t see my passcode. This password can be easily guessed. This is how we do it. Does anyone want to focus on the camera? My real camera is like. No, I don’t like this camera too spooky for me. Finally, there we have it. I finally set up the phone. You got all our new apps here, you have it open up Safari, go to my favorite search engine, Bing Bing, bong, bang, bang! So we’re gonna take some pictures with the new iPhone. We’Re gonna see how they compare to the old 8+2. Look at this difference in quality.
Give me your hand in marriage just kidding. I don’t want to marry. You he’s excited cuz people are over right now. Okay, so there’s a two times mode point: oh, you can zoom out a lot you’re more photogenic. What are you right, not a selfie person? Okay, I’m more of a take pictures of my dog person see we can get a good pic of the sunsets 0.50 that zooms out a lot through the different modes. There’s also selfie slo-mo now slow feet sloppy. I, like sloppy better, so we’re gonna slow-mo a selfie. I’ve never done this before I’ve, never even done slow-mo. Before I don’t know what I just. This is literally a tik-tok effect. Ash come on you’re beautiful, even when you’re eating rocks. What are you guys? Eating leaves like from a tree: are you vegan or something? Yes, why are you eating? Leaves we ain’t getting no puppy posing today ash? I do the most to get a good photo of my children. Do the most pretty today, hey. I want the most HD pic of your face. Oh I can see all those nooks, follicles mmm, you see really just gets in the way. Look his tail just like. Oh, that’s, a good one, she’s a good! That’s a good face! That’s a good face! That’s a face. Our kiss missed a very kissable face. That’s Susan! So much I know, look how detailed it is like every fiber of her being okay, we’re gonna try this again! That’s how waterproof this phone and pretty waterproof right when I pulled it out, still work. So I would say yeah. So I’m gonna stop the recording right now we’re gonna. Do it the most zoomed out and I’m gonna, throw it in the pool and go after it? Should I just jump in with it, throw it in and dive in after it? Okay, oh forget it: where did it go right there, picking it up with my feet? Oh recording, oh, I know it just finished my feet. Press stop! Okay! Here we go! Oh my god gobbles for this. If I didn’t put them on okay, I got my goggles. So now I can hopefully see underwater. I still can’t breathe underwater apples working on maintenance, breathing underwater yeah hold on here we go. I want everyone to know, she thinks those are swimming goggles. These are swimming goggles right now. What is there just show? Underwater here’s? A peace sign, there’s a scorpion right there that really yeah there’s a scorpion right there. Oh, my god, there’s actually a huge scorpion in the pool. You guys see that it’s huge, you can’t see it on this camera. Oh, my god, that’s the biggest one he’s been drinking water for days That’s made him very big, it’s a good! She, a pet, that’s terrifying.
I thought it was like Sabri there, something that terrifying That’s huge, I don’t know scorpion, that’s a lobster! God it’s freezing like it’s really warm during the day here and then at night it gets really really cold I mean 67 80 degrees a really cold for me So we are looking at the three dots It’s like my face is like two eyes: one mouth hi I’m Anna there’s no, no he’s good hop in the shower and wash this scorpion juice on me You know he probably peed in the water and I swam in it I love how there’s a wide angle on this Like the iPhones needed, I can hold my phone at arm’s length that my arm isn’t like freakishly long I usually have my friend, who has a freakishly long arm hold the phone If I’m fresh out of the shower, didn’t really wash my face and we’re gonna go see what’s outside cuz, there’s a surprise okay So this is the machine after waiting months finally got this nice delivery – oh my god, so big hope it works, see we get rebooting it first thing we do holiness this is fresh out of an arcade They don’t make these anymore So the only way to get it is like I’ll really use one, and this one is really used up This is really old, but this is my favorite one Ddr dream: you want to play it: okay, okay, ready yeah, let’s see if it works, scared, they’re, just plugging in it Oh, it’s working! It’s on TV, nice turn off hello Would you touch the home? Oh, oh! No! The dinosaur! Oh my god face so loud This is so loud, it’s perfect because the door is open and our neighbor, who usually blasts music, is now going to hear this getting blasted This is beethovens, friends, so it is the morning after because we burned all the precious sunlight last night, and now we are here again because most of the footage came out way too Dark, I don’t know if it’ll come out dark if we can see the pool, it’s all in the shade right now and today, ash is gonna come swimming with me right You came outside right I feel like it’s even colder than it was yesterday I’ll pray for me So water is sucked all day to scorch Me he’s dead, very tempted to drop the phone down here, but I have no way of getting it back up I’D have to fish it out Anyway, that’s all for today like button that I love you guys so much think stretching bye, guys,

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