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Ipsy Fight! This is the first time!! Ipsy unpacked and tried out in August 2018

30 Sep , 2019  

I literally can’t take this Helen Reddy and welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are having absolutely fantastic day afternoon pretty or up myself, I’m looking extra rough right now! Oh boy, Felipe is out in full force, he’s doing well a little too well. If he asked me, he also has brought some backup over here, but soon enough.. I have all three of my Ipsy bags right here in front of me. If you guys do not know what the MC showdown is, if you guys are new around here, first of all, hello and welcome very excited to have you, we do have a giveaway going on right now by the way where you can win a full year of Epsy or boxycharm, if you guys don’t check it out down below what was I saying I got very sidetracked, so all I have done is set up three and very different MC profiles.
I have my original Ipsy profile that has all my regular stuff, my actual hair, color eye color and makeup preferences, which are very like neutral, everyday makeup things, and I have like a totally opposite profile. That’s my adventurous profile where I say I have blonde hair violet eyes and I only want like really bright, crazy, adventurous makeup and they their profile that I’ve set up is a skincare profile, where I only want skincare, no makeup, none of that stuff and just skincare. So is open up these little baggies here, I’m going to try to guess which bag matches which profile you guys can and guess along with me and then at the end we will see if we’re right or not alrighty, so I’m going to start out with this Back here and let’s go ahead and rip on into it right off the bat Here I am seeing it two things that are kind of making me think this could already potentially be the skincare bag. I have a too little face masks here. It looks like these might be from lab for you. This is the juiced-up tail mask and the juice of blackberry mask. It looks like these are supposed to be based off those really healthy, like juice drinks that fancy people drink. I know personally never in my life tried one of these juices, but it looks like I’m gonna be trying one for my face. Alright, moving on to the actual little bag. Here we have a very summery looking a bag. It has a slick, orange canvas with a yellow, zipper and piping. A zipper also have a little bit of like Tassili action happening with it. This isn’t exactly my favorite bag so far, but you know it gets the job done. It holds all the the oh all. Righty guys so I just took a little sneak peek inside here and I’m already seeing something I’m very very excited about, but I’m gonna say that’s the last first thing: I’m gonna pull out.
Is this tiny little guy alrighty? So this is from a mint, pear. I’ve never heard of that brand before this is a rosehip night, serum all natural, pure organic. I have insanely bad eyesight. So sorry I’m like, but here is the little guy. It does say that you can apply this to your skin daily, so of everything.. I hope you trying this out today alrighty next up here we have something from boy from a ceilidh, Oh cosmetics. I love that. I can’t pronounce things anyway and then people replace like actual letters with shapes and I’m like ah hahaha, and this is a skin blush and it’s also a certified vegan and gluten-free and cruelty free. So that’s really nice. Apparently it mine is in the shade of prom. Queen so I’m definitely tested to see if this is gonna look like here, we have the little outer packaging, it is just white plastic and we have ceilidh, oh okay, so I was expecting a blush, maybe like a bright pink blush just because they shade named Prom queen, but it actually looks more like a highlighter than a blush. Definitely it was not expecting that it is very, very soft to the touch, though alrighty here it is swatched on the back of the hands moving right along here I have a little Hikari pigment. I mean I’m sure I received a couple of these and it’s these before and they’re pretty good. I think the last one I got was like a shred green or something so I’m definitely excited to see what the color fierce is gonna look like okay. I really really like this color – oh, not a fantastic smell, but that’s okay right. So this is like a really pretty deep, burgundy shimmery looking color, and I have three colors that I basically wear all the time. It’s either black burgundy, red or like grey and that’s about the far as my a color wardrobe choice go. So this will definitely go well with my especially fall wardrobe. I love how I say: wardrobe like I have more than 7 sweat shirts and three pairs of leggings in my closet alrighty. So here it is on the finger. It looks. Super duper pigmented ooh. That is really nice. That is a very pretty color. It’s gonna go well with my shirt today, so I’m pretty excited to give this a try already, and there is just one thing left in my little bag here and I actually can’t believe this came and if see bag, it’s the foreplay.
I hope you’re watching right now. This is a what looks to be full size, hyouta beauty, liquid, matte, lipstick. Personally, I personally have never tried anything from the hyouta Beauty line, but I’m very very excited about this. It looks like a gorgeous color. This is getting me all kinds of excited for fall. I’ve already convinced myself mentally that it’s fall. I’ve been wearing sweatshirts like the past two weeks, even though it’s like 80 something degrees outside, but in my mind it’s fall time. Pumpkin spice is coming votes at the pumpkin patch Halloween, all the things I love already. I so bag number one is down, and I don’t think this is a skincare bag anymore cuz. It’s definitely more on me and makeup Heaviside, I’m gonna assume that this is the regular bag, just because these kind of colors are things that I would wear in like everyday life, they’re, not super adventurous or crazy, colors, or anything. That, however, I’m gonna open up this little guy. It looks like they had like a sticker on this begin with and they were like nope that’s wrong to ripped it off alrighty. Let’s see what this one looks like, it doesn’t look like. We have any variation and bad color this month, but I do have something I’m very excited about already. As you guys know, I absolutely love getting brushes and subscription bags because I hate paying for brushes like on my own. I still pay for them technically, though, because it comes in the bag that I pay for. So this is a super duper cute little brush. It has a clear see-through handle here it with some glitter in it and it’s nice and fluffy, and this is yet another SL – miss glam brush. It says it on the back here, but I could also tell by these two little rhinestones that they put in the it’s part of the brush. I really don’t know what it called. I have received a couple of these brushes before they all tend to be kind of the same shape. I wish they would switch it up just a little bit. They are really good brushes. So I’m excited about this. Let’s go ahead and move on into the actual bag. Here, I’m seeing something a bubble wrapped, which always makes me excited they’re already guys, so we have something here from a pixi by petra and i just really like the packaging of the pixie products. I, like this pale green. It makes me think of like kind of vintage makeup for some reason, and this is a blush in the shade Beach rose. So this one actually looks like a blush to me. It looks like a beautiful, beautiful shade, a very, very soft to the touch this all together so far is giving me such full vibes, I’m so excited.
I really do hope that trend continues, so we can have a nice cohesive. Look at the end of this.. Okay, next up here, we have something from ciaté London, and this is the blow to highlighter, so there it is on the finger and let’s get a little swatch of it down here, Wow. Okay, that is a very pretty highlight it does have like a pale pink Ness to it. It is kind of sparkly, though so, if you aren’t into like glitter on your face, you might not like this alrighty guys. Next, up in here, we have something from the balm I could almost tell just by, like the feel of this packaging that it came from the balm look. This is a foiled again. I shadow, I think the front little cover here is actually pretty cute. I really do it like the bombs packaging they’re, always like cute and clever, plus. I also like superhero movies. Marvel movies are one of my favorite things ever so I think this is a pretty fun a little design ooh and the color is pretty too so. I got mine in the shade locked up, which is, I guess, supposed to look like sell bars or something I don’t know, but it’s a very like shiny silver shade. Alright, let’s try to find a clean spot on this swatch in hand. Here right, there will work. Whew, okay, that is really pretty. It has very silver and shiny, and my memory is literally in shambles. I cannot remember what else came in this bag. The brush the blush, the highlight the eyeshadow, and did you make it something else this bad? I guess I’ll figure that out later, but from what I’m looking at right now, I think I’m gonna go ahead and change my mind. I do believe that this bag is the regular bag and the first bag was the adventurous bag, and for me that leaves this third, the third bag, to be these skincare bag, because these have all been really makeup heavy. So far, oh my gosh, you guys. Okay, I don’t have to change my battery because not only did I run out of space on my memory card, but my battery died and I realized I was sitting on the fifth product in the bag. Oh, that bag is actually not finished and the fifth product – and here is hey honey at take away at the drama, youth, boosting honey and copper. Peel-Off mask that actually sounds really nice and I really like peel-off masks. I just like the sensation of peeling things. Oh fun, it is actually a copper color.
I was really hoping it would look kind of coppery. So if I looks like one thing to test out, I was trying to just like Joe Vuli toss the envelope to the side. I ended up whacking myself already guys. So moving on to the last bag here already, so we have our third little case here. Let’s go ahead and see what’s inside okay, yeah just from picking in the top – and this is a definite line of skincare bag. I would be thoroughly shocked if it wasn’t. The first thing we have here is one one one skin, and this is a cryo activating hydrogel a little Pierre is actually pretty cute. It has what seems like a good amount in it, which makes me happy. Let’s go ahead and I see what we have next in here: okay, we have something from a thrive cosmetics which I’ve seen this brand before they actually spell it like cause like a good cause, because it says for every part of purchase. One is donated type of woman thrive and I think that’s a really really amazing, and what I have here today is a liquid lash extensions met me at me. Mascara and here we have the little wand, it’s kind of one of those like stabby plastic ones. It doesn’t have like a spoolie to it already next up here we have the Porefessional yet another one, but this one is a tiny bit different, because this is the pearl primer. So this one comes in a little pink tube, which is a bit different than the irregular kind of bluish tube that we always get in subscriptions next up here we have something from Murad. This is the age reform aah a /pha exclusion cleanser. I don’t know what any of those letters mean, but I’ve heard me your ID is a really good brand, all righty guys, so the very last product in our third bag here is from trust-fund beauty, and this is a look gasm lip gloss in the shade evil. Genius, oh okay, this is actually a really pretty shade. It all fits very, very well within the theme of kind of like Burgundy’s and Red’s party. That is definitely not too bad. It is a little bit more on like the very side versus the burgundy side, but it is really pretty. I’m actually gonna go ahead and put some on now, because my lips are very dry. Oh, doesn’t taste exactly the best, but it definitely gives some color and it’s not super sticky either, which I really like already guys. That was all three of the Ipsy bags for this month and I deaf, I think the third one was for sure the skin care bag, but the other two I’m still not a hundred percent sure about, but I’m gonna go ahead and make my guesses. Let me know what you guys guys down below in the comments, and then we can see if we got it right, so the first bag.
If I came with the red eyeshadow and the humidity look, color, I’m gonna say is the adventurous bag and it actually is, and then the second bag that came with the silver eyeshadow, I’m gonna say that’s the regular bag and it actually is, and then The third bag, I’m gonna, say like for sure that is the skin care bag, and it actually is so. Let me know if you guys guessed correctly down below in the conference.. I am gonna go ahead and move on into the Tryon portion, so hopefully I won’t be looking like a naked mole-rat for too much longer if you guys want to stick around for that, it is starting now. But if you do not, I’m not sure if you guys will be able to see this, so the very first thing I want to try out is actually this mint pear rose hit night. Serum, oh wait! Maybe I won’t be joining this out. It says apply to your skin daily, but it also says it’s a night serum. So maybe I should skip this step. Instead, I’m gonna be trying this one one one skin cryo activating gel. It said to apply that after toning, so I’m gonna use some of this instant natural age, defying insulin and caring, clear skin, a clearing a toner. I did receive this rinse to natural, almost spray, a little bit on my hand and rub it in because I’m too much of a wimp to spray it on my actual face right now, I’m gonna get it I’m gonna do a little bit of this. I try, I really hope it doesn’t aggravate filipe anymore, cuz he’s already pretty red and angry. This smells like your beach bag after you come back from the beach like kind of like sunscreen and dirty salt water. Already now I’m going to be trying out to the Porefessional pearl primer, and this feels pretty soft in silicone II, just like the irregular professional. Alright, now I’m gonna be using my disgusting foundation here. I really do not want to waste any of it. So that’s why I have like this gross brush down in there. Now I want to bronze up my face at this very expired Marc Jacobs, bronzer and this Real Techniques buffing brush, especially I didn’t receive from a Real Techniques. I hope I’m not gonna go my way too much right now. I can barely see her blush. I’m gonna be using this pixi by petra in the shade of beech rose, oh, I might put on just a tiny bit much there.
This is also not at all a blush brush like at all. I just could not find my sander and a blush brush that I use. I would say I have no idea why I can’t find anything, but no I I know I know why I can’t find anything. I was actually considering doing like a makeup filming room kind of declutter organization. Video, if you guys, would be interested in seeing that, if not I’ll just do it behind the scenes, because it desperately needs it or highlight I’m going to give both of the highlighters a try here and I’m going to be using the SL mist clean brush that We just got so the first side over here. I’m gonna try the moondust. Oh I’m not sure how that is picking up on camera, but in person it does for pretty C’s. I kind of accidentally a dig into this one, just a little bit here with the packaging on that other one. I will give this one a go on the side party, so these are very very different. Looks this one’s coming off very like golden and this one’s very pink and frosty? I kind of want to mix these two together, though, because I think a combination of the two would be better for me personally, alright, so I’m gonna do some brows, really quick and then I’ll be right. Back eyebrows are on looking in a comic book villainy as always, and now we’re going to moving on to the eyes, which are always the most terrifying part. For me, I feel like this month. We actually got a lot of stuff. That’s like gonna go together. Well, as long as I could actually achieve, it actually really worried about like messing it up, because it does seem like it all should go together, but I feel like inevitably I’m gonna do something wrong. I’m going to lay down a transition color because both of these are shimmery shades, so I’m gonna have to pick a matte shade in here somewhere and slap it on my eyes. This is the soft glam palette by Anasazi of Beverly Hills right now, I’m using a Cypress amber, which is like a brown shade, all right and now to make the red blend into it. I’m gonna take Mulberry up here and kind of put that into the crease area. Okay, now I’m gonna put some more concealer on the lid here to give the shiny red something to stick to don’t want. Don’t blink don’t be naughty Hikari pigment, I’m just gonna use my finger one of these days. I might get fancy and use brushes for things, but for now I’m just gonna use my finger. Oh man, I blinked Oh cursed, my hooded eyes, all right now in the little inner corner area, I’m gonna take the foiled again and okay I personally am NOT a huge fan of that there I was hoping it would look a little bit different.
Just a little bit more like a shiny accent, but oh, but I guess we will roll with it and just to see how it looks at the end, all right, you guys whoo, okay, um I finally got the eye shadow on It was a bit of a struggle, but here is what it looks like on I just want to say I have so much respect for a makeup artist or does anybody who puts on like different eyeshadow looks every day? Y’All are truly artists, because this stuff is hard all right I’m gonna go ahead and give this a thrive, Cosmetics, mascara a little tribe boy This is like a really thick sticky formula, it’s definitely clinging on there, but I am seeing a few little lumps and bumps along the way Mascara is on and now we’re onto the very last step, which is the lips This lip – and I combination, might be a bit intense, but I am it’s super duper excited to try this color, because I think it looks beautiful it’s a lot thinner than I thought it would be, and a little bit more on the pink side actually ready So here is the lipstick on it’s definitely more of a thin formula that I thought it would be It’s also at the records that I thought it would be as it dries down It gets more like purple and purple I was kind of hoping it would stay that Mavi dusty rose look, but it is still a very pretty color with the eyes I don’t know I think this is like a bit much and the colors might clash just a little bit more than I expected them to already guys That is it That is everything the three unboxings and the UH Tryon here Let me know what you guys thought about it see this month Did you like it? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Did you get it? Did you not get it any, and all thoughts and opinions are welcome and appreciated Don’t forget that we do have a giveaway I will link that down below for you guys if you’d like to win a year of epsy or you’re a boxycharm, you can enter to win it down below, and that is all I have you guys today So it’s thank you so very much for watching Please go ahead and subscribe We’Re not mind It’Ll mean the absolute world to me and I hope you guys have a fantastic day and I’ll see y’all next time

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