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Is it easy to print the wings on the vamp?

1 Nov , 2019  

we are going to be testing out those they help stand. You guys have asked about this over and over and over, and it was hard to get a hold of. This is a new product that promises the perfect wing every single time. Anybody can do this, a beginner someone who just wants to tighten up their routine and doesn’t want to spend all the time in the world doing a winged liner. I know that for me, I’m always looking for something to make that part of my makeup routine, easier, because a lot of the time I get to liner and I’m just like forget it – I didn’t want to go there.
I just want to share with you guys, even for me, even someone whohas worked, you know freelance doing makeup. Winged liner always makes me take a pause, and I have to kind of like take a deep breath and focus and study my hand, and you know I can do a really good job, a better job actually on other people but doing winged liner. On myself. I have to admit it’s not my favorite thing in the world. It’s really hard for me because I have slightly hooded eyes and then my lid actually wants to go downward on this corner. So either it’s going to look great or it’s going to look awful and I just kind of have to roll with it. So when I see Stamper products like this, I get super curious and I am wondering if this is going to work out. I tried a similar product that had a shorter handle and actually stamped the lid in the past, and that did not work out. So this has got me excited and nervous all at the same time, and this is what the actual Stamper looks like. It just actually looks like a rubber like crap stamp, and it even feels kind of squishy like that. So it’s not hard at all. You have a little thing that says, you know which eye you are stamping and the idea is to coat this with whatever you are going to use as your liner and then you just match it up to your eye, and I guess just well and then you Are VAM stamped by? I know I think that sounds like trance camp okay. It comes in two sizes, a medium and a large I’m waiting for the small one to a drop so that I can purchase that because I think these are both still a little bit big for me. If I’m thinking of like an every liner situation, I would like it to be just a tiny bit smaller, but I have heard that they are creating that so for now we have a large and a medium. So this is what the box looks like. It does show you on one side kind of a little bit of an instructional thing, but I think you probably want to watch a tutorial online or watch me about to use it. If I do a good job explaining it, you know ta me alright, so you get the van stamp in here this suckers 25 bucks.
That’s expensive. I think that’s actually really really expensive. I know a lot of the stampers that I have tried in the past. Probably like ten dollars granted, they were horrible, so it was a waste of money regardless of the price. This could work, we’re about to find out. You can purchase separately, the vamp stamp ink. This is called the vortex black eyeliner ink and you can get a brush with it, not a fan as a brush. I’ve kind of been playing around with it a little bit and it’s very afraid, so I’m actually not going to use this brush. But I am going to try out the ink. It comes in a cushioned container where you are going to press the lamb stamp in here. Let’s just kind of do that I’ll. Take the large one to kind of show you guys three, two one: okay boom! That’s so weird, it’s like a little sponge in there and then that’s the vamp and stamped and then, let’s just kind of see. Oh okay, let’s do this. Do we remember the time that I tried press-on eyeshadow and I have places to be – I kind of feel the same way right now. I feel like shoot. I have to go like here there everywhere today and just hope this works out. I’m going to take the medium Vance stamp and I’m going to start on my left eye and I’m going to make sure that I’m using the correct shape has a little L there and I’m going to just dip it in the sky, make sure it’s evenly coated. So clearly, because this only gets the edge of your eye, you are going tohave to fill in the lid. As far as like a lighter on your lid, I’m going to mess this up to the edge of my you guys, that’s actually not half bad. I feel like I need to fill in a little bit that can feel like a nice guy. Okay, so, let’s fill in just a little bit, I’m going to take a different brush because I’m not the biggest fan of the size of this angled brush. I feel like I need a tinier, more precise brush to really fill in and make everything look. Super super sharp. That’s just me. I want it to be perfect, so I’m going to take this brush right here from gorgeous cosmetics is 0-1 to wash and fill in. The gaps right here and then drag a little bit of the color onto the lid and I’m going to continue using this van stamp ink. This is $20. I think that might be a little high in price. You can use any of your own ink at home via a gel liner, be it a felt-tip pen and then you would color the edge I’m going to try that on the other eye, so we’ll see if it works just as well with a different formula. I think it will yeah just go in and fill in the gap. It always feels, like it’s 5,000 times harder to apply liner on camera because in real life.
The way that I fill in my liner. I do like a lot of this and a lot of this, like I’m doing weird yoga, poses and like getting my liner like this and I’m trying to stay in frame for you guys. So keep that in mind all right. So for our first time go at it, I wish I hadn’t put the lower portions so low. I would have handled it a little bit differently, so I’m going to clean that up just a tiny little bit with a makeup wipe you could clean the cup with a q-tip and a little eye cream, just whatever is best for you, but I have this on Hand right here, so I’m just going to kind of do just a little bit and stuff. I feel like this, gives you a nice guide more than anything. So if you have a hard time with getting a winged liner and like getting it that dramatic and outside of your eye, I think this is really cool. I, like it, there’s a little bit of noise outside we’re going to ignore that I’m going to take my Sicily felt tip liner and the top of this side of the van stamp and go on hand, and I know another there’s like helicopter the BAM stamp. Getting you the perfect winged eyeliner look, even if there are so many distractions, I’m really sorry, I’m super sarcastic and in like a really sarcastic mood today, I don’t know where it’s coming from. I am just like my dry. Humor is just really out in front and taking over and I’m just letting it happen. So, okay, I feel like you, want to like freshly coat things and go in like right away before it dries. Otherwise, it’s not going to work. So, let’s try to decide with like a super-expensive eyeliner, shall we make sure I’m angling it. So I just choose the wrong one on this. I we can clearly see that is an entirely different wing situation. I actually kind of liked it. I thought it was like totally not wearable, but if you put on a pair of falsies and like just rock this really dramatic wing, I kind of like it so I’m going to fill these in and do I try to match them up. I’m not sure I can’t believe I just do that. Are you kidding me right now, alright, sohere we are. I have the large on this side. I have the medium on this side and what I will say is that this is more of a guide to get you to fill in and have that right, precise angle. It gives you a lot to work with, but it’s not just going to be like a stamp and you’re done. So do keep that in mind, and I think actually that mistake may have been a blessing so that you guys could see the large versus the medium. If you were wondering which one to order the large is much larger in shape, but there’s something about it kind of like I never wear my eyeliner like this intense ever ever ever, but I don’t know it’s like bringing out this alter ego in me.
I just want to like put on more highlight and a really dramatic pair lashes and be even more sassy, so this is kind of fun. I do like it. This is like daytime sweet, nice talkies. It is like biome, so I’m going to put on my mascara and then we will regroup, I’m going to be back out and we’ll talk just a little bit more prone and calming this crazy new invention. You guys, I have a bunch of things to say about this product, I’m just going to throw it out there. You can use so many different liquids. Anything you have on hand. You will be able to coat this edge with any of your products, so you could do like a purple or navy or even a bright. You know just any liquid that you have. You could easily use the vamp stamp, so I don’t think it’s necessary to order both I’m just going to give you all of my real thoughts. This itself, I actually think, is really really cool. I love the idea that it gives you a guide. It does make it see to fill in and be a little more exaggerated with your liner. To do this. Freehand is a bit tricky. I like that. You can kind of flick this upward and get that nice dramatic, feel with a wing where sometimes I don’t go out far enough because I’m tilting my head. I can’t see exactly what I’m doing and I like this tool. It does make it easier. Now it’s more like training wheels for your liner because it’s not going to be the whole shebang for you. You still have to take an angled brush and fill everything in on the lid sharpen up the edge. I did clean up a little bit underneath here with some concealer, but as far as the end result, I really like it. Do we notice that I’m like giving you like the staff, the side of my face, I’m like, and I love this and look at my chromatic liner, which size do you guys like better daytime talkie or sassy talkie? I like them both I’m going to continue playing around with these I’ll probably pop them in a tutorial, with some kind of a different Wilder type of a look maybe put glitter on the top. I don’t know something a little more interesting, but my point is, I definitely will keep using these or 25 bucks. I think it’s a really really cool invention and just side note I was doing my homework and the woman who came up with this idea is the original inventor of the Beauty Blender. She actually took a sponge on set working as a makeup Artist cut off the edges and it created that teardrop shape.
That is her famous now I can’t go a day without mine, so that also got me really intrigued that this wasn’t just like a hokey-pokey kind of weird product to try that there actually was a makeup artist behind it, and I love the idea that also, it’s Said that she had a spinal injury and created this tool, not just for people that want a short cut with their liner, because this does make it faster, but for people that have any type of nerve damage in their hand She has no sensation In her right hand, so she actually had to reteach herself how to do makeup With her left hand, she wanted to create a tool that someone that has a shaky hand, someone that has nerve issues that has sensation and a few fingers or whatever the situation might be, or maybe you’re just a beginner just trying out make it For the first time, so something that makes it very very easy, it’s pretty goof proof I would recommend trying this for the first time without a full face of makeup I actually wish that I had done that, because I did clean up a little bit and I kind of wished that I could have just played around and found the perfect angle for my eye shape, because I don’t think this is exactly it I think I’ll try It again and lift it up a little more and kind of try to find that perfect edge That really elevates my eye look and is what I’m after in my mind, but this is pretty close and this side right here I actually I love this little baby Wig, I think it’s really cute I love it It made it super easy I don’t have too many bad things to say about this product Let’s see how easy it is I mean before I knock everything over, so you can just kind of wipe off the tip I guess, with the makeup wipe yeah that was pretty quick, nice and clean, as always feel free to Let me know in the comments section below what you think I should try next, if there is another item out there, that you think I should put to the test, I kind of can’t take myself seriously right now I keep kind of grabbing a glance and I see like one liner, that’s like crazy, if I awesome and the other one is not matching up so kind of I gotta go fix this and get back to my day alright Anyway, thank you for hanging out with me You guys know It all helps out – and I love hearing from you guys so this one is tachi approved, I’m going to try it again tomorrow and I will put it in a tutorial soon Yeah I think I’m going to do that Alright

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