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Is it? Neon powder flash makeup course!!! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, what’s up and welcome back to my channel, it’s Karla here, I know y’all was the hype. Y’All literally blew up and cracked, my Instagram and all of my social medias. For this specific look, I believe that camp, the camera you know, recording, does not do it justice, just because this look is so common and it’s so neon. I had to do for y’all, so let’s get in common, so lose our brows. So let’s get into it. Let’s waste no time so our brows we’re gonna be using Beauty bakery yellow this is my Holy Grail.
I love this thing so much so it’s my eyebrow gel from Beauty bakery and I’m just gonna. Do my brows, as your guys already see me doing it many times so here I am just gonna go ahead and use my Anastasia Beverly Hills. Number. 6 concealer. I love this concealer just because for me I like to use this concealer when I do both look. So, whenever I do like crazy, bold looks I like to use this concealer, but when I do like normal arm, you know just simple everyday looks I like to use my skin tone toast la girl, Pro concealer, it’s just gonna smell like so here I am Beauties, I would pop they. You know how to get a pop it and later play so here I am just making sure that my eyebrows are perfectly snatched and perfectly together. You know your brows gotta be poppin, it does not look shout out to whoever does unibrow boot Bella gang in on that team. We not okay, we look we not. So. When I put my concealer, I always like to go ahead and make sure that it is properly set. So I use my kiss New York instead and forget it powder and that’s what I’m doing right here, I’m just making sure that it is properly like. Well, perfectly, you know crisp and dried and everything in that nature, so moving forward, I’m gonna go ahead and use my my dubious place. Um I’ve heard many mothers palette, but this palette was the last one that they they just put. It’s like the it’s. Like a pastel color palette for the name, yellow see it so yeah and now look ya’ll the festival. Now you know how to incorporate. You know. That’s come on so here i am just using um the pink shade into that on the festival palette y’all. I was so hyped for this look, i said: listen, we gotta, go big or go home and we not along because we already home, so we better go big. So, yes, i put the pink into my crease and then, as you guys see me doing here, I’m just adding just like a little on burgundy, I’m color to it.
Just so, you know just to deepen the crease just a little bit just a little bit on the right side. The screen yeah, I’m gonna, see me blending it out. I’m gonna leave it just you know. Just I’m blending, that’s crazy! So make sure you guys lend it out together with me. I have relatively small lid, so it’s I gotta just do what I gotta do so. I’m gonna use my pure get a grip. I shadow hi i shadow base and that’s what I’m gonna use to cut my crease and many people use um Hannah. Many people use concealer. I use consumer sometimes, but I just find that sometimes it’s easier to just use a eye shadow base. Okay, so I am just making sure that this is well perfected, like I want it to be perfect, so yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and apply my pastel kind of light, shade pink color onto my lids and again this is from the juvies place palette. I believe that all that eyeshadows I got on my eye just from doing this place goes crazy. I love them, use my Cole job Carla use my code for, but some dollars a walk. Okay, so right here, I’m gonna go ahead and use my NYX. This is one of my favorite liners ever it’s mine, the NYX matte liquid liner in black. I love this one just because it’s so thin and it’s just like it’s just so precise, like you – could not make no mistakes at all with this liner you’re like at all, and you guys might be wondering like hey, yes baby, we are going to add some glitter, but I like to um. I noticed that whenever I do my my wings first and glitter after it comes out way much more popping. So yes, so right now we’re gonna go just use! My duo, blue and I’m just gonna place that only on the eye shadow part, so you guys I brought it close up, so you guys could see what I’m doing so you see on the left side. I have the GU right on the right side here. You guys see me applying the glare and this glitter was from the UM, the arts and crafts store from Michaels. I think so yeah I just took them and just mix them together and just do my own thing so yeah. So that’s all I did um. I just bought them and I just you know, make them together and I just created some from some stuff. Okay, so, ah y’all look! I love this thing so much. It looks so bomb so right here. We’Re gonna go ahead and make sure that our our eyeliner is well properly. It just gotta be bomb like make sure that it is properly together, okay and moving forward.
We’Re gonna go ahead and um two eyebrows, so I’m gonna use. My remember I said that I love my toe skin tone right. So that’s what I’m using here, I’m using my la girl Pro concealer in the shade toast now I used to use chestnut before, but for some reason that for like just like you know it grew on me. You know it. I just find it is a little bit too warm for me, but toast is like it’s like a neutral kind of cool shade, so it’s like it’s a bomb. So again, I’m gonna go ahead and I’m do but to my foundation now and what I’m using is my huda beauty. You know, like my friend Monica, would say so: yeah I’m gonna use my huda beauty, I’m in the shade 520. I think I don’t have the foundation here, but I’m gonna look at it again and then tell y’all below what shade it is, but I think it’s a 520 yeah, the fingers of hot sunny, so yeah y’all. This permission is like everything it is so mad with me. I am, I don’t know about y’all, but I get oily like crazy, so it is ridiculous. How only I am like, and I feel like. I have combination skin because the only like in my t-zone it gets oily. Like the other places. I like my cheeks and stuff my chin. It does not get oily in for um yeah. I gotta, thank God because I don’t for me. I don’t have smile line, so I don’t know you know some people, you know struggle with that with foundation, but I don’t I don’t struggle with that side. You know I just want thank God and get him all the glory or the praise. So you know so. Yeah y’all look at it look at the movement, so I’m just handling this and I mean just using my own foundation – breath, oh God, tart. Oh, Oh yo! I don’t want to out look look. Okay. We just gone bypass. We just don’t bypass um for yeah. We just gonna put the concealer under our eyes over our lips, just cuz. I have um, I feel like I have a mustache, so I always like to put it there just because you know, because I you don’t want to get ready, get away from my father o’clock shadow. We don’t want no shadows, so y’all love it. You know what I love this concealer, I’m like my life. This looks like the farm because it’s matte, so it’s perfect. It does not move whatsoever. Okay, this brush is from also Judy’s place and my do y’all.. It’s not complete sponsor at all. I just love do these plays. They are a few bombs.
So y’all know look okay, so right here, I’m just gonna go ahead and on mm-hmm, I’m just gonna go ahead and make sure that I am properly let it out together and yeah. I’m not gonna come to my console now. Y’All know that y’all know that so don’t even do not even come here. I like yeah, I’m not gonna, come on here with console work. No like no, so I’m using my black of this mic. Listen! I my holy girl, cuz, it’s so creamy um. This is my black up. Stick in the shade, Oh three, and I just let it out. I don’t know what I clipped whoa whoa, okay with its own flyby. Okay. So we do so. We gonna go ahead. A bank then so here I am, I’m just using my um, I’m using my Beauty, bakery, yellow setting powder. Now I just caught on this y’all, because my sis tell me about it: Jack IANA. She said it’s Papa’s, but you know look I had to try. I had say I’m gonna try and it’s actually the bomb is the best thing ever look like I don’t know I feel like consider than Sasha Sasha Buttercup. You know, kill me whatever, but I feel like it’s better. You know and it doesn’t leave no flashback. Like it does not leave no flashback, not nothing whatsoever, so yeah moving forward, I’m gonna use my Eman setting powder and it’s like a compact powder. If there’s a powder to me, I don’t like to bake for too long for some folks. You know I don’t you know Jack nobody’s press’ll you know bacon, look baked for as long as you want, but I don’t like to do it but yeah moving forward. I’m just gonna go ahead and use my arm. As you saw, my last clip my Black Radiance powder, I like this part of just because it’s corny girl for me, it is the bomb like it will contour you and snatch you like. You, don’t lost 30 pounds honey like ridiculous. How about this thing is? I actually I hit pan. I gotta read up so um Black Radiance. we know how to talk so yeah. Look, I’m putting um the beauty bakery back onto my nose just to make it more snatch and yeah. So how about console models right so for the girls with the UM, we’re big noses or whatever you know whatever? I you wanna call call it out a big nose who cares whatever it is. That’s why you got to know how to snatch it honey You have to know how to snatch that thing back snap back: okay, that’s what you got know how to do so, let’s go ahead and add some blush and I’m going to use this Julius like palette.
This is one of my favorite You guys know that I use all the time is the blush Volume one palette, the bomb disclaimer real, quick? I do apologize for all the different, the lighting – I don’t know my camera, like rock camera, is the Final Cut Pro was accident, so crazy Like some of the clips, I don’t even know what we’re wrong The lighting looks different It’s because I don’t know Final Cut Pro was acting so crazy It wasn’t adjusting to each color correction on each clip, so oh Jesus, they’re gonna go they’re gonna had a run me my money back, okay, right, okay, step right here, all set, I’m talking so much y’all I just want y’all to know everything that I’m doing so right here, I’m just putting in my parchment as cosmetics queen of the beam into my tear ducts Just because I wanted that much pop I wanna, do it I wanted to pop you Do you him pop, like popcorn, we popping out here so I wanted a mother pop, so I put that into the setup and I’m gonna go ahead and use that same thing to highlight my whole face and then watch me work boom What’s up so look, ya’ll notice? Did this under-eye y’all been going crazy for this? One light know that I took all of this okay y’all So look This pigment is from stargazer pigments All this pigment is beyond me: imma, let the dumb be low, so you can see yeah um, so yeah this lip I don’t know, I don’t know what lip to do So I just figured whatever um burgandy You know call it a day That was, you know That’s it so this um lip right here is night marks from Mac and the lipstick that I’m wearing is who to beauty and famous okay, night moss and famous mixed together, and this is the outcome of the look We are pop and ready for the kingdom honey We are ready to meet God on this beautiful No we’re not not right now No, I repeat that, but y’all This is what we came up with I am so happy that you guys um love this look This is pretty dramatic, so if you’re not to be dramatic person, this is not the look for you now If you are on the cake, your face level, this is the perfect look for you, try it out I did mention I had about some bottom lashes, so I hope you guys enjoyed like comment subscribe Let me know if you guys, like thank y’all

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