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Is testing wish application portfolio a disaster???? Wei

30 Sep , 2019  

Just as a disclaimer, I am wearing a top, you just cannot see it. It is a bed, okay, so hello, I’m gonna, be doing a full face of wish makeup. Hence why I have no makeup on now at the moment, by the way I do have tan on my face, but because of my skin care products, it’s like making it all black patch up and look really weird so ignore that. But my skin is pretty good. Today, it’s just a little bit red um but anyway, if you don’t care about that now. dresses and stuff, and I have never done a makeup.
Video before just as a disclaimer, so they may not have safe ingredients in them. That’s, okay, to put on your face, so I’m doing this at my own risk for YouTube purposes. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway, what I feel like I’ve forgotten something I just went on there. I searched like foundation concealer, and this is what I got. However, I realized I did not pick up a brow product. Well, I feel like I’ve forgotten something because I’m silly so we’re gonna not be doing brows today and I didn’t get mascara either. I literally had one job, and that was to get one piece of makeup every thing on my face and I apparently couldn’t manage that, but I got false lashes, so mm-hmm.. I was like okay, it’s been like three or maybe even four months since I bought everything I’m like. Surely it would have arrived now or it’s just gotten lost. No. The foundation is actually labeled as a concealer. It’s like this Beach, that’s the foundation, so this is gonna, be very interesting that I have everything in a little box here by the way. My nails look a bit stupid, you know when you have an idea in your head and you think it’s gonna be really cute and then you do it. You, like that’s kind of these nails, are at the moment. Probably if I forgot a brow product, maybe I did order a brow, Prague and it just never came well. I think I’ve forgotten something okay, so I guess the concealer that I’m going to use to prime my lids with is going to be this one, because the other concealer is the foundation, and this is by the brand seis lady sae short, and it is the pro Longwear concealer full coverage smooth and radiant, and I have to get color number two. This is what the product looks like. It doesn’t look like half bad, it feels quite heavy, which is makes it feel like more expensive.
So I hope this doesn’t smell like super chemically. That has literally zero scent. That’s okay! That’s a good sign! I guess I’m gonna use this to her on my lids. Actually, that color looks really really good. Listen. I used only like masks last night, so my skin is really red and I feel like it’s just drawn all of like the under skin pimples out, so I’m like eh, but also a whole. At the same time, it’s very very creamy I’ll give it that, like okay, okay, so that blended out pretty well, it looks a little bit dry on my skin just a little bit and then I don’t have a loose setting powder. I just realized, but I do have a breast powder, which is by hang Fang. I believe – and it just has a picture of aloe vera on it and it says 92% aloe vera. It also says contour powder on the front which that is not a contour powder. It smells so strongly it makeup that I’d get from like cosmetics plus. So I’m going to use this to set my lids with there is powder coming off like it’s, certainly that so I’m just gonna set that hopefully this doesn’t make like the eyeshadow fail. Okay feel like I’m wearing a mask of just like concealer right now. So it’s time to move on to the eyeshadow, which is probably the thing I’m most excited for, but at the same time could lead to an eye infection. But anyway, this is the palette that I chose. It is called the eye magic professionals, cosmetics, 16, color, eyeshadow palette. It does have the ingredients right on the back. However, they may be. You know false. How pretty this looks like damn girl, Modern Renaissance vibe. Am i right? I can’t go my eyes right now. Can I come to the mirror today and I’m pretty sure I paid like $10 for this. I get swatch this one like the other day and it kind of nearly broke like it fell out, and I was like, oh so, I’m gonna be cautious of this. They all have names which i think is really cute. We just dive right into it. So I’m first gonna dip into the color, which is called Winky, which looks like a very nice transition shade and there’s not a lot of fallout, which could be a bad thing or a good thing, but into my priest, know like these.
Eyeshadows might be really good, but it could be like the concealer that throws them off. It could be anything so like I don’t exactly know. That’s pretty nice whoa! That’s blending very very nicely. These don’t give me an eye infection actually kind of like that. It’s not yeah. My face looks super red here and I think it’s because the lights were just heating up my face like I was seeing in an oven. So just you know disregard that shoot you pigmented, because it allows you to really like work it up work. It up build up the car and then I’m gonna come with color profesh lovelyz names they’re very, like cute, okay, and I’m just gonna place this in the adder. Oh yeah, okay, we have pigment, it’s kind of like just sitting there, but anyway, definitely like nowhere near as pigmented as like Anasazi or shadows. Obviously, if they were I’d, be a little bit concerned, I kind of reminded me of all these shadows, but they probably like slightly less pigmented this pinky one. I think I’m gonna do the pink just because it’s exciting, so this one’s called drama, please, okay and then I’m just gonna take the brush that I used profession on and just blend see how they blend. Okay, I blend out pretty nicely. It definitely doesn’t have like a chemically smell. I remember howeveryone was obsessing over the Kylie Jenner palette, because it smell chemicals like you can smell a little bit of something, but it’s not like only if I go really close to it. Oh, my laptop is having an asthma attack. I swear to God when I always turns out completely different to the other eye, cuz, I’m stupid. So far. This is working out. I’m gonna first go in with this dark dark brown, which kind of looks like it has a hint of purple in it. It’s called bamboo, so I placed that I have a feeling these are gonna stain my eyes Oh okey-dokey feel like this is a very vampy look right now to highlight the brow bone. I’m gonna take the color classic, which is like an ice cream. This has some pigment to it, though. I’m gonna use the same concealer to cut out my lids hope. This goes well, I’m kind of nervous, but anyway, I’m just gonna what I’m going to do is first take Drive, which is like a very orangey gold. I’m just gonna pick up some of them and place that onto the concealer, which looks really funny right now.
I don’t know how I feel. I’ve definitely use they’re not like wearing me, but they’re. Definitely like working. I’m just gonna take them and blend that into the outer I’m going to do the other eyes camera and then I’m going to be wrong to lashes. What I also have just realized that hasn’t arrived a lip product line. I think I’ve forgotten something. What actually did I, let’s just take a little walk, see? Okay, so I am forgot to order a lip product and an eyebrow product. Well, so this is the lashes. Are you so always want to order these off like ebay? When I was a little too try and like practice with these Conor, what are you doing? They do kind of remind me of like audio whispies ban is a bit difficult in the new, though I don’t know why, but I feel like they look a little bit weak feel like they’re, just not connecting with life. I don’t know what that is, but they look weird Wow lashes normally fix everything maybe onto the face, so I have a primer which is the size of a toothpick. The iron face primer, we’re gonna be using it for face primer today, but it also just says on the front: hide the wrinkles thanks Judea, I can’t say that. But this is like a silicon, clear primer, because that was like the only style of primer. That was available on wish. I swear so it looks like this looks like a little sample it you get it Sephora or something I’m not keen to put this in my face, I break out easily enough. I don’t need any help from products very, very liquidy. It doesn’t smell like anything. Oh and the pump like doesn’t work. So that’s great okay, so that just sunk straight into my skin. Please don’t make me break out please so this is the full cover concealer correct up, but it was advertised as a foundation when I bought it and it’s in the color, for I think it’s gonna be YouTube. Don’t i mean lie it’s the exact same. Look bottle as the price so share it. I should have bought like one of the like imitation, oh imitation foundations, like a fancy beauty, one or something. Oh that’s hella sick, though we’ve got stiff, keeps up in here. I don’t know if this kind of much oh, it’s so thick mm-hmm. I don’t like really like thick foundations. You know it might be. Okay, let me just blend it out a bit.
I’m gonna use a bleep, I’m gonna use a beauty blender, because I just know that, if I had bought one on wish would have been one of those rock things and just not work. It feels like a concealer, probably cuz. It is probably my fault for buying this. That coverage, though this is looking the color actually now that it’s been sitting on my face for a second, it’s not that bad, probably cuz oxidized, just a little bit we’re gonna go to concealer and I’m using the same one. I hope this isn’t like look stupid dry. Towel looks nice, looks nice I’ll give it that I brightened up really nicely. I just turn off this matches. Mmm, it’s it’s! It’s definitely a little bit now. I’m pipes, sad that I don’t have a setting powder, except for this aloe vera smelling thing which is so light. Hopefully it doesn’t have too much pigment to it. I did pick up a brush came with a brush guard like that’s. Pretty dang cool and it’s really soft, like amazingly soft, for being like a couple dolls or something like that foundation, looks so good man if you I feel guilty for liking. It like, I feel like it’s a bad boyfriend, and I need to tell myself no Connor. Don’t do it. This is a little bit too big to set under my eyes, so I’m just gonna go in with a little small one. First. Why is this so good? I’m sure take my big-ass brush use that to sit this feels nice. So I’m moving on to bronzer. I picked up this, not English painting, oh, let’s all it says on the front, is painting and it comes with like three colors. I think this is gonna, be pretty good. When you use my Marc Jacobs brush, it’s gonna swirl it around I’m just gonna tap. Oh, oh, my Wow cut off the excess. This is a really big brush too, so I’m just gonna kind of bronze. Just so we can like darken up the face. This is actually a really good forehead, bronzing brush mmm interesting. It definitely could be like a little bit more pigmented and then for blush. This is the color very, very light tail. It’s like a piece of gum. Don’t know how pigmented this is gonna, be it’s definitely showing up. Looks like it’d, be really nice cheap, huh pot Like a blush top-up, Oh norm, damn it looks good.
I got one of these something I was so excited for this, I’m still, okay, you know what I’m still gonna use it, even though I’ve already pad in my face, but I picked up an imitation of the iconic London illuminating drops Ooh smells like um like gummy snakes that you get at the movies They drop off Pretty much doesn’t work I’m just gonna take like the tiniest bit early Okay, that’s not the tiniest bit, I’m just gonna blend it in artfully This doesn’t like destroy my powders It smells really good, though okay, it’s working I think it would be better if it wasn’t on top of powder So I guess that’s my fault Yes, it is your fault Connor, but I swear a lot of people use like cream products on top of powder products, and I don’t understand like why they do that It’s okay, it’s okay! I do have my highlighter here, which is hella doc Why aren’t you open man, please? Oh I’m, just gonna go right over the top of that highlight, so this is super gold, definitely showing up okay, that highlighters not too bad It’s in the colored number Seven, I believe, cannot believe I didn’t order lipstick like honestly and then for the final product I picked up One of these dumi rose water, priming, setting mist, okay, whoops It basically is really really little as everything else, but I’m gonna shake it up and it has like little pearlescent It’s like a pearlescent water, setting spray type of thing, and it just looks pretty spray Oh, I don’t know we’re just gonna spray it on my face anyway, so I’m just gonna hope for the best hopefully it’ll Make me like even more do we tell is happening to my lips, but he’ll is that all right, my face just feels wet at the moment in my hair, feels wet okay? That is the end of my trying out Some wish makeup cool I don’t know how I should feel to be honest, but I’ve learned for some other products like you could use it, and it’s probably okay, like a lot of the powder products, are probably fine to use on your in um, probably yeah hope you guys enjoyed today’s Video, I’m definitely gonna Take this makeup off as soon as I turn off the camera and

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