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It’s completely covered by the Foundation that really looks like when you’re not 12!

30 Sep , 2019  

Everyone – okay, so today I’m going to be doing a full-coverage routine for you now, if you’re, watching this in Safari and switch over to Chrome, because that way you can view this in true 4k and the reason I film in 4k is not to make a better Picture because it doesn’t, it makes everything that worse. But that’s why filming 4k, because you get a realistic view of what things really look like, even with good lighting. So if you can watch this in 4k, so we’re going to do a full coverage routine for you.
So we’re gonna start with foundation. So I’m going to apply this to the skin, I’m letting it out with a Beauty Blender, so we’re going to go for a full coverage. Look I’m not going to over exaggerate anything! I’m gonna do the same sort of routine that you see a lot of people do so I’m gonna blend this in and then we’ll go from there. Okay, so we’re all pretty much even a bit of a stache hair and things like that. So we’ll move into concealer so we’ll do the generous, sweeping and right the way kind of under the eye and just a wee bit there. Now I’m using a honey concealer, and I really like the shade honey. I think it’s great. It’s got a slight more corrected. Tint to it, which looks really nice and again same sponge, just going to blend that in and again using a fair amount of pressure and doing this, and when your skin is very very even what can happen is the waterline can start to look quite rarely quite Pink because you’ve taken out all the color from your face and suddenly the water looks much more apparent than it before so oftentimes I’ll have to go in with a sort of flesh, colored pencil or something like that in order to correct it. So with this done, we will move on and set it, so I’m gonna start with Laura Mercier and the translucent powder, and we we’re going to go for it. This is a full-coverage in in truth, this is probably about the same amount of powder that I tend to use anyway, but I usually go in with a much lighter application of foundation, because I want people’s make it to stay now, I’m using the same sponge that I used before I’m just really kind of working it in and it’s in a stamping motion.
It’s not physically gentle, but nothing moves now. There’s no doubt with a full coverage. Look, you do get that poreless look, but it always comes at an expense which is that your skin, no one’s ever going to go. Naturally flawless they’re always going to go. Ok, that’s a flawless makeup, but it doesn’t look real. The skin doesn’t ever look, but you may not want to look real and it’s all about choice, so we’re gonna go in with a blusher love G weight luscious. So I’m gonna just start kind of here and just circle it around the brush. I’m using was a prototype of a brush that I made that never got released because it cost so much money. It was outrageous. The cost of this, to make alone that it was just like okay, never gonna happen, but got a couple of samples. Okay, really just I come moving in all around, so I don’t want to just be located in one single space. Here’s a little or trip oftentimes I’ll go back in with some of the loose powder and just kind of rego over the areas that just apply product to just to make sure that it is, there is no edge so that everything is more seamless, malcolm’s bronzer. So I’m going to give this a sweet. This is a Tom Ford bronzer, which is really expensive, but gram for gram, not that expensive compared to a lot of other products so interesting, so we’re going to just work it here to start with just to bring back a little bit of color and then, when It comes to this area, we’re just really just going to swirl it and then because this knife is a little bit deeper than the neck, we’re just going to make sure that it extends slightly. If you don’t have a beard, you can go along here, but it don’t do much for me and again, I’m just taking a little bit of that loose powder, I’m just making sure highlighter. So we’re going to use this Pat McGrath. Now, love Pat McGrath products, hate the cardboard packaging hate it, but we’re going to take a combination of kind of these two shades here and we’re just gonna we’re going to apply it so right along the cheekbone area, and I love.
I think that Pat McGrath products are great. I’m waiting for the foundation. The Foundation’s look amazing powder looks outrageously expensive for a powder, but we’ll see can’t wait to try them take a bit whatever is left just bring it down the brow bone. We’Re going to kind of concentrate it more here on my nose. So we’re not going to we’re going to take it there and then just sweep a little bit kind of just here, just to bring back a bit more life. I’m just going to take these slightly more bronze shade and just get that a really big, quick swirl. Now again that brush with whatever residue is left on, and, yes, it takes down some of the shine, but it blends it in so that the highlighter doesn’t begin and end the bezel apart pass away. Each other. What’s kind of nice is sometimes if there is just like a touch of highlighter in in a peculiar place, where you wouldn’t normally expect it, because you just expected here too sometimes you just want to just add a dot of highlights or somewhere and then just kind Of dust it off, it gives a really useful bet on on somebody like just here, just a tiny hint of something. Just it’s really really nice, I’m just gonna. Do this and we’ll just take it down slightly so because there’s a lot of product, I’m just going to take brilliant product at the anastasi of Beverly Hills, and this is the dip brow in the gel. I’m just going to take that and just run it through. The brow, because it thickens the brand which I quite like, but it also is going to bring back a bit of color to the brow that all that foundation – and you know powder – can just make them look dull and I’m using blonde. Now, because there is a full face on the eye, skin, sometimes look at the loss So to finish this up, I’m just going to apply a coat of mascara really lightly, just to get an overall balanced look, so I’m just it’s! All I want to do is darken the lash, that’s it just to the eyes, don’t look quite so picky.
So if you’re watching this in 4k, then truth be told, it doesn’t look real Nothing on this looks real The face is not real It looks hard official It can look flawless and it may either look that you’re going for which I’m not opposed to at all You should do whatever makes you happy, but this is it’s never gonna look like you just woke up and your skin is naturally just gorgeous It’s gonna look like a full amount of makeup, which is what this tutorial is for needs to show in real life in 4k What a full face it make looks like and even more so what a full face of makeup can look like when you were past the age of 12, which is very important, I’m 41 This is what a full face looks like my skin is pretty good anyway, but it’s what it looks like you know: skin moves you get wrinkles and creases when you smile, you know happens, but this is a full face in 4k and it’s a realistic, a realistic Picture what makeup can really look like when you are applying it in 4k and in real life in indirect daylight? It can look quite harsh, but there’s something quite beautiful about it at the same time, while it’s not my favorite, look you pair this with something just gorgeous on the aisle or the lip You know, you’re making a statement and that’s always a good thing Cuz makeup is about fun and self-expression, so whether you like like me whether you prefer the skins, just look, really really kind of minimal with foundation and then do something on the eyes with what you want that full heavy coverage Look, it just looks manic imperfect It’s just makeup: wash it off there, you go 4k That’s it see you next time Oh, let me know what do you think yay for full coverage or name for full coverage? You can leave it down there I have other Peru’s, see you next time Bye, bye,

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