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I’ve never used full face makeup

1 Nov , 2019  

Okay, that is just true Miller. I need to put something on really crazy to get me married, ready. Okay, that’s heavy Wow, all right! Let’s do this hey guys it’s shiny and welcome to day two of a week with SHINee I’m uploading every day on my channel for 5 days. so it’s pretty much just everything that I’ve just thrown in the back of my cupboard and I never use because I’m a habit of creature Wow did I really I’m A creature of habit, we’re gonna, put everything to the test and see if I still want it in my makeup collection and we can see, we can rediscover something.
That’s amazing once again, there’s a few things in here that I haven’t used before that I’ve just had for so long, and I just need to use something.. By the way I did get a new lens right. There so you guys can see what’s going on on the eyes and the lips later, let’s go ahead and start with the eyebrows, so I’m taking the essence eyebrows stylist set. I haven’t used this in so long and I remember this being one of my all-time favorites. So this comes with a lie, Brown and a dark brown. I totally remember this being my favorite eyebrow product of all times, and then I found like the eyebrow benefit brow powder. No, it’s like by this stuff is incredible. I just thought: let’s just give it another chance hon, so I’m starting by drawing a line above my brow, making the arch, nice and high, and then I like to make my stay a little bit longer. You guys know the drill and then I defined underneath the brow as well, and let me know what you think of the new lens. Is it helpful? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Is it annoying? This product is still just as good as I used to think it’s amazing and it’s so affordable. I’m really happy with that browser on now. Let’s go ahead and clean them up, so I’m taking the benefit of boying industrial-strength concealer, this one’s in the shade at number. One so I’ve used this one once and I liked it, but I kind of forget how it goes. I’m pretty sure I never really picked it up again because it’s sorry thick, but it does have an amazing coverage. So what I’m gonna do is just take a little flat brush and clean up my eyebrows. It’s definitely not my favorite concealer to carve out the brows with that’s for sure, just cuz, it’s so thick and it’s like it’s hard to drag the product across the skin.
But it did a good job now taking that concealer all over my lid just to prime the eyes. My eyes are so sensitive today. So I’m really scared they’re, just gonna start watering. Let’s move on to the eyeshadow, so I’m gonna take this one from Sephora. It is the eye contouring eyeshadow palette. In the shade I mean, I think it’s in the shade colorful 5, but there’s a sticker over it. So there you go, but this one has a bunch of really nice brown shades in here, and I never use this. So I thought, let’s do it today’s the day, so I’m gonna take I’m gonna. Take the middle shade right here. It’s like a cool, turned brown and I’m putting this in the crease. It’s super little, so I thought it would be amazing for like traveling, that’s really piggy mintage, I mean so far. I’m impressed once I put on rice, the color, I’m just gonna blend the edges out a little bit, so it’s nice and soft. The next color I’m taking is this one right here and this one’s gonna go closer to the crease. I really just want to warm it up a little bit, but it looks like this tiny shimmers in it. Sorry, I don’t know how this is gonna go, but I don’t really like cool trend shades on me. This is gonna deepen it up as well. So hopefully it looks amazing then going in with that same color, I’m just gonna pack that on the inner corner and the outer corner – and hopefully we can do really nice higher cut crease look, so you pretty much just want to leave the middle free, then Going back in with that benefit, concealer, I’m just going to do a cut crease in the middle of my eyelid. I have no idea how this is gonna go honestly. I’m scared, but that’s okay. The next crack that I’m taking is the fenty beauty galaxy eyeshadow palette. I don’t even think I’ve used this once, maybe once no nothing so so. I’m gonna take this nice green color down here and we’re gonna pop that right back with that concealer I’m hoping it’s gonna look stunning um. I heard I’ve hiccups. Hopefully I don’t need any fix plus cos. Oh well! No, I don’t! Well that’s nice! I’m just going to go as close as I can to that line up here and then I’ll go back in with that talked around, so I can blend over the edges again.
Alright, this clearly is not working, because that Brown kind of fades into nothing and then, when you blend the glitter of like the Rihanna palette, it goes like really dark and patchy. I don’t know so. What I’m gonna do to fix. That up is take that green all the way to the inner corner and then we’re gonna put a black on the outer corner. The next thing I’m taking is a makeup geek eyeshadow in the shade and let’s be real. I never ever got anywhere near black. So this ended in here perfectly. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best black eye shutters. I just personally don’t think I suit black, then of course going in with that warm brown, I’m gonna blend the edges of that black. Let’s go in with the mascara, so this one is the Rimmel of volume. Shake mascara. We’Re just gonna have to go in and fix the eyes later, but it wasn’t the easiest thing to make work because they kind of effed up the technique of it. Cuz. It put the concealer down: Oh we’ll figure it out. Well, that mascara is not bad. I think I’ve used it before. Actually, it’s just been taking my cup, let’s go into with the lashes, so this brand is lash doll, a boutique. I’ve had these for so long and it just being chilling. They look really beautiful to start we’re just gonna see how these ones go today, I’m gonna stop by cutting this into the shape of my eye, because I always like to make sure the lash glue gets tacky on the fake lash before I put it On it makes it so much easier to apply right, then we’re gonna look down. I put my eyes Dean. I’m gonna put the lash on I’m personally, not obsessed with the way the eyelashes look, just because they’re not the right shape. For my, I feel, like my eye shape, I just want my mascara on there, so they look a bit more like big and fluffy, but I do know I’m not like obsessed with the eyeshadow, though cuz I hate black on my eyes, because you also have that Sharp line I mean I do this – is the bye bye, pause primer by it, cosmetics, I’m just gonna put some on the back of my hands and then I’m just gonna stop bilenda ng it into the middle of my face, and, oh my god.
It honestly, oh my god, it feels so soft when it goes on Lord. I love the feel of that. My eyes are gonna start watering. Soon, I’m not ready for this. The next thing I’m taking is the Charlotte Tilbury or wonder: glow instant soft focus, beauty. Flash so you can put this underneath foundation or mix it in with the foundation for a glow, so I really want to see how this looks on my face. I’ve literally, like I think, the last time I use this was like two years ago. So pretty sure that means it’s all fried if I’ve had it for that long, I mean it smells fine, nothing dramatic at all. It just adds a little bit tiny bit of a glow. You can hardly see it so now it’s time for the foundation, so I’m taking this one from La Prairie. It is the skin caviar, concealer Foundation, and I have the shade: how did that even happen? Yet this one’s the shade and the beige, so I’m just gonna shake it out, because I actually have used it once in my life and it was like the most expensive foundation in the world. I’m pretty sure this was like five hundred dollars, so I’m just taking this spatula, I’m hoping this all over my face, I’m pretty sure the last time I use this. I really liked it but like that was a long time ago. I’m just gonna blend that, in with my Beauty, Blender I’ve got lots on because the sponge literally sucks up everything anyway mmm, that’s good, definitely not worth, however much it is so not gon. Na wear good skin looks like a big for the translucent powder. Under my eyes, I’m taking the Kat Von D a look at setting powder. Now I really want to use this because I’m thinking that I hate it and I’m pretty sure I paid it for the longest time, because every time I use it, the concealer like comes off when I brush it away start I’m just gonna give it one More chance, because I just need to know cuz literally, has happened every time. I’ve heard just about enough. The other thing that I never use is the wet and wild at cover all pressed powder, this one’s in the shade at medium tan – and I just put it in like my junk box, because um it wouldn’t fit in my cupboard. So I couldn’t forget how this works, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t bad actually, which is amazing because obviously wet and wild is so affordable.
I mean it’s not the worst power in the world. It definitely set my face or I’m not mad. Next, we’re going in with that same black eyeshadow that we put on the outer corner and I’m gonna, take that from the outer corner to inner corner. I’m really gonna smirk it out, I’m just taking that on a pencil brush. Look sorry weighted black! I look like a raccoon. I look like a record. Hmm next step is to blend that out. Sorry, I’m gonna go in with that transition shade! Oh, that warm color right here and I’m gonna smoke that out underneath that black, it’s looking a bit crazy. If I don’t say so myself, the next thing, I’m gonna jury is going with my benefits. Badgal line on this is the waterproof one and again I don’t like using black, because I don’t think it suits me because my eyes are dark and everything’s so dark. So I know ease it, but I do really like it. I’m definitely gonna put some eye contacts in soon, so it kind of breaks up all the blackness here, but now for the brows I’m gonna go in with the NYX that tinted brow mascara. I have a few that I always stick to you like the benefit one and the odds are one. So let’s give this one a whirl I used to love it yeah see, that’s so good, hey just so you do it well, I just like the way brow. Gels like push all of the heads up. It looks very good. Let’s move on to the bronzer, so this is the designer brands, almost famous contour and highlighting palette, and I’m gonna take the shade. Hmm, I’m gonna take this color right here. We’Re just gonna run something face a little bit. You know use this one. I just I’m in my cupboard well liked it. I’m also gonna take that around my hairline as well to eat it. Oh next, I’m gonna take this Nas blush in the shade impassioned and I usually did graceful like really like dusty colors like this, but we’re gonna give it a go and see how it looks on my cheeks. Usually I feel like rosy shades. Oh well. It’s very pigmented. I really am a fan of that foundation. Hey it’s not looking too good. The next thing that I never ever grab is the Kylie cosmetics highlight in the shade salted caramel Actually I don’t use any of them.
I have all of the shades, but I don’t know I just I was never really obsessed with him like they work well, but actually do they even work Well, I know I just don’t really like it I used to think it was a riot like I don’t Even want to keep it anymore next thing: I’m taking is a Hutu beauty lip liner, this one’s in the shade a flirt, so I’m gonna line my lips with this, never use this I’m really excited wow, that’s amazing and then for the lipstick, I’m taking the Estee Lauder lipstick in the shade 140 Naked City I’ve used this once before, and I don’t even remember what I thought of it: yeah it’s a really like shiny, but this one’s like almost like a gloss wow, it’s very very long time I love this color I really don’t like how that highlight is looking on My face, it’s not like amazing, so I’m going in with a steal, a highlight in the shade kitten I use this once before, and I didn’t really like how it looks either I feel like it’s better than no I feel like this one’s really like a wet, so what doesn’t Belinda in probably like it leaves like a line Do it again damnit I don’t like that The last step is to set my face This is the true face, hangover, three-in-one, replenishing and setting spray So I think the last time I use this – it lacked left dots on my face, but I’m not sure I’m scared much comes out It’s actually like I’m putting deer turn on all right I’m gonna go put some eye contacts in and fix my head and I’ll be right back So here is the finished makeup Look I really hope you guys like it I put the green contacts in it and I feel like it looks so much better because it breaks that darkness up around my eyes, so I think it turned out pretty well when eyes are going a really bloodshot right now this start irritated Oh my god If you guys didn’t notice, I cut myself some bangs, I mean I didn’t call them That’s official about my hand, residue Oh, my hands are flat, so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel If you guys haven’t already – and let me know what you think of this makeup look down below and we can have a little chat, sir

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