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I’ve tried delicious buzzfeed 2 ingredients ice cream bread… Is there any benefit? Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone – I am back in my kitchen, doing another recipe and I actually saw this and a comment from you guys and you said for me to make ice cream bread and at the time I hadn’t heard about ice cream bread. So I immediately googled it and it looks amazing, so I decided after doing a bit of research, that I wanted to test it out for myself, because there’s one that’s using two ingredients too. I mean technically we’re doing a couple of variations, because I don’t know how good that’s gonna be also boeldieu.
Oh, come on, so that still got some great 10 French everyone.. Give it a big thumbs up. If you do don’t forget to subscribe, and also check out the playlists. I’ve done a ton of these testing of different recipes off of tasty and yeah go check those out, and I hope you guys enjoy so without further ado. Let’s get into this so I have here. I have two bowls because we’re doing a variation on the two ingredient, one as well, so I’m just going off to the side. We’Re gonna start with that, and it doesn’t only need two ingredients. One is ice cream which should be melted so we’ll get to that in a second and then the other is self-rising. Flour is that you could use any type of ice cream, but they said also like in the comments of people having tested. It said that the vanilla is just plain and it doesn’t taste like anything, so I have like a butterscotch ripple in here so we’ll see if that makes any difference, so it’s very cold. I need to put this down and also in case you’re, wondering why I have this giant package of chocolate chip step in the tasty recipe. They also included some optional ingredients, so I’m gonna split this recipe in half and see if they’re, actually optional or, if they’re necessary, to make it taste good. Because I mean it’s great if it’s two ingredients, but if it’s terrible, then that’s just a waste. So, let’s start by microwaving the ice cream which, by the way, if you have not tried that microwaving it just a little, you don’t like melt it all the way.
But if you’re like eating ice cream, it’s very good, highly recommend. Alright, sorry ice cream needs to be melted. Nice, two cups by the way – and I don’t know we’ll start with 20 seconds. Oh you can see me in the microwave hello. Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how badly I want to eat this right now. So, let’s start with the self rising flour, throw that in that is one and a quarter. Cups in goes the melted ice cream, we’re just gonna mix it all together until it forms basically like a dough cause. You know bread what it’s looking like by the way. This is very hard to do with one hand, but I’m doing my best here stop spin. I try not to overmix it like. I just wanted to get it to. It was it’s all incorporated now: I’m gonna split the dough in half just like dividing much. It looks like dough, that’s pretty cool, go into one of these I’m gonna put in the optional ingredients. They had two one was chocolate chips and the other one is sprinkles, and I have this really cool thing of like a whole bunch of different types of sprinkles, so we’re just gonna mix and match a little bit of these. Oh, it’s, okay! Let me open it: Oh, what about both open at once? Oh now, it’s just getting everywhere. No, don’t worry everyone. I will get there so in here we have 1/8 of a cup of chocolate chips as well as 1/8 of a cup of the sprinkles, which I finally got look how colorful that is. Oh look do that all together. Yes, I’m just gonna pour this in and we’re gonna tilt the panel of its misty from the one side. Now I’m going to put a plate, though, on the other side, it smells very butterscotchy which I feel like it’s a good thing. That’s what I want out of my ice cream, bread before I throw that in the oven. I am gonna test out the alternative recipe, so I guess someone tested it and then found a better way of making it that has more ingredients in it, but actually makes it taste good, which scares me about the first batch that I just made.
Hopefully, that is also good, but we will find out. I just stuck my hand in ice cream, good job Rachel, so the recipe is pretty similar. It has a couple of different variations, so number one is that they have three mashed bananas which have been pre mashed and then he dumped in the two cups of ice cream. So now that this is combined, I’m going to add to it a quarter cup of sugar, because apparently two cups of ice cream is not sweet enough and then one and a quarter cups of self-rising flour. So I guess this will be more like a banana bread. But it smells really good all right into the oven. They go I’ll. so ever the three ones here. This is the plain just the two ingredient, one. It looks just like bread. Some people have been putting butter on it, which is kind of weirding me out, and I feel like I should this one looks really fun this. This to me says ice cream, bread and then last but not least, the banana one which took four freaking effort to bake up because, obviously the banana isn’t it are going to make it a much moister bread. So it’s gonna take a little bit longer. So, yes, let’s taste them first, the two ingredient, one without any butter: okay, it tastes sort of like sweet bread. No matter I do like the slight undertones of butterscotch in there like, I can kind of taste it it’s not too much, but it’s like there. I do like that: okay with butter – oh, oh! No. I like that. Okay, now we’re gonna try, the chocolate is sprinkly fun one. Oh it’s like coke yeah nope! That’s awesome, love this one and then lastly, the banana one there’s ones aggressively banana, but it honestly just tastes like banana bread, there’s no hint or flavor of ice cream in it So I’m kind of missing that, but, like it’s good banana bread Christopher do you want to come and taste? Oh yeah, yes, taste this one first, this is the plain one see what I mean is the ice cream yeah like it’s just like a little bit of butterscotchy, it’s just kind of what would I use? What would you use awful? I don’t like.
I don’t know it by itself, would you eat it with ice cream? It was like taste it with butter because that’s even weirder like I don’t know how to eat this Bread yeah, that’s weird right, so I don’t even know what occasion you would have that afternoon Tea, would you dip it in tea? No Would you like, as an accompaniment to team, all right taste that one like that one to me is like ice cream, bread yeah right chocolate? That’s it that’s a dessert That is a dessert! Yes, but well, then What is this? I don’t know it’s not as red I don’t think it’s anything It’s the banana one No one can see your reaction, so you have to talk on screen yeah that one needs chocalate chips I know but, like it tastes like banana bread, yeah, there’s not a lot of ice cream, no to it that been in it just takes over yeah It’s a nice banana bread, but like it doesn’t he does not even a good banana bread Oh, you would eat that as a banana bread You wouldn’t be like whoa, that’s a good ice cream, bread with banana You wouldn’t know if that had ice cream in it That’s a good way to fool your friends for no reason at all so which one’s your favorite well, the the birthday cake one if you’re gonna make ice cream cake This is the only one that you should make The the sprinkles and the chocolate chips are non-optional tasty, but it’s a dessert, yeah siliceous cool That is everything guys Have you tried this recipe before? Would you try it Heather? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it even better? Let me know in the comments or if you have any recommendations for recipes, that I should try next and that’s everything I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome week and I’ll see you guys all on Saturday love you all na

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