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I’ve tried reusable periodic cups!?? My real experience!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone today we are talking about here is so if you are not keen to learn about this subject. So basically, I’ve been it very, very curious about Harriet cuts for a while and the main reason being the environment, as we know, there’s so much plastic and waste on the earth right now, and these are reusable so that was a huge like plus. For me, I really wanted to give them a go and, to be honest, I just heard so many amazing things about these products.
Full-Size. Just like thinking about tampons, I switched to organic tampons recently because I actually started getting like TMI sorry about it, but I started getting really strange down there in terms of. I was like very dried out around the time of my period and I don’t know if it was like the chemicals and the tampons or just the tampons in general yeah. It was just very uncomfortable, like it was like missing, with my pH balance, I’m sure and just all sorts of stuff, so thinking about how expensive at tampons, especially organic tampons, can get you know. I just wanted to explore my options and I did see Sofia. I hope I pronounced ever, I probably didn’t know her channel down below.. They are like incredible so good. I saw she tried out a Moon Cup as well like some kind of Curie. What are the actual like terms for these? Like period Cup? I don’t know she tried one out. but for now I’ve just saved it to my watch later, because I want to like try it for myself first and see how I go, so I have not heard anyone’s experience other than people saying like yeah, I love mine. I haven’t heard anyone that has tried to this product run. I’ve asked this used one of these like swears by it, sohopefully I enjoy it turn out, like basically use it this week, while I’ve got my period, I’m gonna day, two right now, my very excited yesterday and my period like kind of goes light for, Like a few hours, I can always tell what I’m about to get it. I just have this feeling. I can feel it and it goes a lot for a few hours and then it just like stops, but basically I went to the gym this morning and sorry. I had a champ onin because there was no way I was about to try this with her. So I’m at the gym in case, like I didn’t, put it in right and a leaked or something and that just wouldn’t not be fun. I got since my Ashley because I was tweeting about it. This one myself, so the one I bought is called a moon cup.
The one I got sin is called a loon. It so I’ll show you what else they sent me in this little package. So luckily, I’ve been by the way there is a shortcut cleanser using something reusable inside your body. You want to make sure you were cleaning it out properly, every single time in between your says or like when you’re rinsing it or whatever I’ve been doing a little bit of research, but I’m so really really scared ten pieces of cup wipes okay, so you can Put these a new handbag and it’s just a good on-the-go option for sanitizing your lunette so inside the lunette. I think I’m gonna try to learn it first and then, if it all goes well in a day, Oh try, the moon car, but I’m gonna have take you on how I go with my entire experience, which one I like better and everything. So the lunette, which is this women just here – has no fibers, no bleach, no dioxins, it’s naturally a hygienic silky soft medical grade silicone and you can wear it up to 12 hours and overnight, which is amazing, because you cannot use a tampon for that long, which Was another plus for me because I just hate like changing temples? It’s like I mean it’s, not the best experience, let’s be honest and I’m not a big peds person. I just don’t like them. I feel like I’m wearing a diaper like it’s just so uncomfortable. For me, it doesn’t absorb your natural weight. This is it, it doesn’t absorb your natural moisture, that’s what was totally happening to me and it made me just so uncomfortable downstairs. It was not pleasant. It always takes like a day or two like get back into lake. You know it’s a nice kitty. This is another reason why I was so intrigued by the little cups as well, because I feel, like I bleed so freakin much. My period usually lasts about five days. I would say – and I just feel like there’s just so much blood and I always see these like stats and it’s like. Oh, you only bleed a tablespoon or something like that per like cycle, and I’m just like I’m. I think I believe that a cup full, so it’s gonna, be interesting to actually I’m not gonna show you but hey, don’t worry, but it’s gonna be and to say how much I actually bleed as well a light get to know my body a Little bit because I always just go straight for the slim tampons that are the super absorbency, I don’t go for regular or light or anything just go straight for the supers just to be safe.
I don’t want to risk the leakage and stuff like that. So yeah it holds much more liquid than a tampon and it saves pulp, cotton, plastic and wrappers, and your cash to with tender loving care. The last few years, which is amazing and, let’s be honest, tampons are freakin, expensive and yeah. Every single tampons, wrapped and frigging plastic, like it’s just another way that you can easily cut down and play stick in your everyday life, which is what I try to do. I’m not perfect. I still use way too much plastic. I get sent so much friggin PR mail like I’m, not good for the environment as a person like I’m, really not good for the environment. I, like I try to go for reusable bags of the grocery store and things like that, like I’m just trying to make small changes in my life to try and reduce the amount of rubbish, I contribute to the earth. It’s not going so well. The cup is 54 95, which, in the scheme of things, is not expensive. Considering you can easily spend like six to twelve dollars on a pack of tampons, so in just a few months of your period, you’ve just paid this off anyway, by the way, there’s also a million other brands. These are just the tour I ended up with now. This one here, I think I got off health post, or could it indeed, I think I’ll like a down below as well. This is moon cut and I bought it purely because I have heard of this name before and this one. It also says how to insert it on the side, and it says why moon cup, it’s healthier, it doesn’t believe it fibers behind or dry you out. Thank you. Unlike most cotton sanitary price, it contains no pesticides or bleaches one woman. It uses at least 11,000 throw away as sanitary products in a lifetime which will end up in landfill or in the sea, which is not nice. We’Re taking over the world in a bad way like the ocean is not for 10 points. It is for turtles. You only need one moon cup which will last for years, and I can’t remember how much I paid for this, but I will and there’s two sizes for this, so I got the size B. It says if you haven’t had children or you’ve had children via cesarean and you’re under 30, go for B. So that’s me, but it’s if you had a baby go for size, a this one’s made and the UK is up to eight hours protection, I’m really nervous. I suppose this is the point in which I try one so Horsham going to rinse it out.
First like wash it out, and I suppose I can just use this wash with the other one. I don’t know what what you’re supposed to use like. I don’t know. I haven’t really done any research into it, but I got to synthesize I’m gonna use this. I don’t know if there’s like a cheaper at home option, you can use maybe coming below. Can you just use like for good dishwashing liquid? I don’t know it’s so weird, I’m so nervous, I’m not gonna. Like look, it comes with a little bag, you can put it in and it also comes with a little instruction manual. It says your vagina’s new best friends how nice I have been looking for a best friend for my vagina for a while down. So this is going in my fan and I don’t really know how you get them out. That’s the next hurdle! So I’ll come back later, when I like, remove it and I’ll like use this one which is unused and I’ll like show you where the blood was and stuff if you’re squeamish, maybe don’t continue to watch. Wish me luck. So it’s in I’ve washed! My hands. Don’t worry, I mean I’m really easy and I’m like sitting here and I can’t feel it and I can’t feel it when I walk or anything, but I feel really sick inside and I don’t know why. I think I’m just like really nervous. I’ve also put on a liner because I’m don’t know if I trust my application. If you know what I mean so yeah just in case you know, so I’m basically just sitting along for like shows you’re like six hours, so it’ll be like around 8 o’clock tonight. When I asked you guys, I only had like one person say that they were not keen. Everyone else was really interested. I had a few people that were curious themselves and a few people that already use them and wanted me tohelp get the word out there, because they said that we’re so amazing at a couple people saying like. I don’t think I could use it. I’m not very flexible at everything. Honestly, I think if you can put in a tampon, you can deeply put in the cup because it was like no different. I just kind of like sumo squatted and like folded it in half and it folded it in half one more time popped it in there. Now this does say it’s for a lighter to normal flow and, like I said I feel like I bleed a crap-ton but we’ll soon find out how you pull it out. No, it looks like you just kind of like pinched it I’m gonna have to like google it just to make sure that yeah or I could just read the little manual.
I suppose. What’s your hand, you relax your muscles grasp the bottom of the cup of your forefinger and thumb to break the seal, squeeze the bottom of rich part of the cup until you feel the suction release, rock it back and forth gently tease it out tap contents into The toilet, ready and reuse – I guess we’ll just see how it goes now, yeah, don’t mind whatever my lipstick is doing right now. I just like tried to touch it up after eating and it could have filled. My lashes had gone and stuff been anyway. I just took it out and it wasn’t experience, but it wasn’t as bare as I thought it would be. So basically I did what it said. I like tugged on the little the stiffer, chug-chug-chug and then put my finger in and just pinched it and you can hear it’s like comes out and it feels a little bit uncomfortable. It does not hurt. It does not bother me, but you can feel it, but I mean you can feel a tampon coming out too so, like whatever I was, really surprised. I don’t really know what I was expecting. I thought it would be like half full or something, but it was fuller to about. Maybe the second little line between my two fingernail tips. That’s how full it was. It was like not that full, I guess that’s not too bad. I don’t know how many Mills that is or anything but considering it’s like one of my hippy days, I think today and tomorrow, usually my heaviest day. So, let’s see how we go tomorrow, of course, so that was fine and I rinsed it out fine and not a lie like it was a bit of an experience tipping the blood into the toilet coz I was stupid and I like watch stars like look. That’s a bit gross and I’m like pretty comfortable with my body and everything but like that was a sight, so yeah anyways, I rinsed it popped it back in and it was even easier to get in the second time. So I can just to mention after I using it for a week, it’s gonna be like second nature. It’s not gonna be difficult whatsoever. I’D even argue that it’s just as easy already as a tampon so and I really just started using it so so far so good. The only negative thing is so far is. I could definitely feel it a little bit as I was walking around the house. Occasionally it was like I was aware of it kind of like when you put in a tampon wrong, so maybe I put it in a little bit wrong and the other slightly negative thing is: there was a little bit of spotting and it’s the kind of amount That it wouldn’t even matter if, like you, were wearing black underwear, you wouldn’t even see it kind of thing like it wasn’t heavy.
It was just like a little doll. I don’t know if, like somehow got around it said and put it in right. Well, like what you know like, if you really wanted to, you could still use a liner, but it kind of defeats the purpose right of like saving the environment and like reducing costs and everything. So, like honestly, I would just wear like black underwear you’d be pretty sweet. It’s not gonna go through them whatsoever at all. It was like one dot, but we’ll see if it happens again, especially overnight, I’m very curious to see how we go so, basically, I’m gonna continue my night now I might just in do it one more time right before I go to sleep just to be Safe and then I’ll wear from like 11 o’clock until like really early morning or whatever I don’t know, and I will update you in the morning how I go okay, I just woke up and these lights are so freaking bright. My eyes, I’m just about to add the gym. Sorry, I thought I’d pop on here and update you Wow. Can I like make this a little bit dull? I think I am definitely like a white bolita that I thought I was, which is a weird thing to say, on YouTube overnight. Like I saw my old, they came out was literally, the same amount is last night so like up to the sick and little line there you go so I’m gonna wear it while I’m wearing it right now, I’m gonna wear it to the gym, which Is where I’m about to go and we’ll see how I go for the next few hours? I might just keep it in for about three or four hours and then we’re gonna switch over to this baby right here, the moon cup. So I’ll come back in a few hours and date you, okay, so I’m back from the gym and I’ve had a shower and everything it’s probably been at three to four hours. Since I spoke to you last and what was quite interesting, it was, I think I played about the same amount again at the gym. I don’t know if it’s cause like over you’re sleeping you’re, asleep you’re lying down, and then I was upright working out and it came out like what maybe I believe more during the day. I don’t know that one is out now I cleaned it and put it away, and now we’re going to try the nice cabinets may be difficult to measure how much I’m bleeding with this one. So I’m gonna got one. I kind of show you like the unused one, but I’ll have to guess what I did do so far is show you like you can probably say it’s been almost 24 hours and I’m issued with this one, not my used one, some water to show you how Much blood has come out so far and it’s really not that much like I’m quite surprised.
So I put it in a shot glass if you put corinna so you could see it, but it kind of just ended up looking like old Memphis, but I was going to use food coloring at, but I only had red food coloring, so I thought that old Memphis was probably not as weird to look at. This is how much has come out so far, so I totally thought that there would be so much more and the only reason I’m doing this to show you, because I mean do you guys – really care how much I played and everyone’s different everyone bleats a different Amount like this, no normal, really, you know what I mean like some people are very like some people very heavy, and it’s all fine, but the reason I did want to show you. It was just because I genuinely thought I was like what, if this overflows literally, I could have left this in 24 hours, which don’t do that because you shouldn’t, but I can lift it in a whole day, and it still would only probably be up to like. Let’s pour it back in yeah, see literally it’s up to the third line right there, that’s all! So now I need to wash this yeah. It’s quite interesting, it’s good to know my body a little bit bitter, because honestly, I’ve been having my period since I was like 10 years old and I never knew like how much I played it was just something I never really thought about. I just assumed my flow was very heavy because I felt like I always had to change my tampons and stuff and I feel like when I slid they just don’t absorb that much. It kind of just goes around the outside and you look at the tampon you’re like wow, that’s full, but like so moving on to this one here, this one is bigger, which is cool and it is, you can wear it out to eight hours. It’s reusable in last four years, just one man cut covers light super plus day, so I, like the other one which says light to normal and it’s men in the UK. This is the one that has the two sides. It’s like i covered in the beginning, and it comes in a little bag, and this one is actually clear rather than purple. It’s the exact same size as well. Even maybe if it’s are slightly smaller, it looks more narrow, sideways that the top looks a little bit. That guy I’ll let you know how comfortable it is to wear and remove and put it in everything compared to the other one, but I’m gonna pop it.
In now and I’ll talk to you guys later, okay she’s got measurements on the side, which is quite interesting as well like it says, six mill and twelve mill. Let’s do this I’ll talk to you guys a bit later and let you know how it goes. that’s where my makeup looks terrible right now, because I choose heaps of products. They I don’t like, they don’t either be out soon or up already I’ll link it below that’s a pretty anyway. So I just tried taking out the moon cut for the first time I just ain’t, putting it in was definitely more troublesome and a little bit more painful, but you could feel it more than the other Loonette version. The lunette like it’s got the sin of room and the one I’m wearing now. The moon cup has a thicker rim and I just feel like it kind of like scrapes you a little bit more as it goes in. It’s still not like difficult to get in or anything it’s just more like you can feel it more if that makes sense and the same when you remove it, I feel like this suction was more powerful in this one, which I don’t know. If that’s a good thing or a bad thing took me a lot more effort to like break the seal and then when it came out, it was just yeah. You could definitely feel it coming out like more so than the Loon. It was like. Barely any blood in there, so it’s so weird like I definitely thought I had a way worse period that I’m currently having and also another interesting thing to note: don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if it is related to me using these products, but I usually Get pretty bad cramps and I genuinely like have barely had any cramps this time. Usually I get them really bad. What would have fainted a nice today? I haven’t had any cramps I’ve had my normal headaches and stuff. I always get like headaches with my period, but I normally get really bad cramps and I haven’t so that’s really good but, like I said it could just be a coincidence. I don’t know if you guys use these like Is that something that improved with you using this kind of product, or just a coincidence, who knows so if I’m definitely liking the lunette a little bit more? Just because it’s easier to get in and out will leak less irritating, and I also like how the lunettes purple this one is clear when you’re like looking at it to tip it out.
It’s like hello, like it’s like you can see everything which maybe you’ll like that I don’t know I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but the purple I mean you know it’s just a little bit more discreet for your own self when you’re like tipping it up, but I mean other than that they’re, basically the exact same thing so whatever I am already Converted, like the facts there, I’ve had no spotting all day, so I think that first day was probably just me putting it in a little bit incorrect, perhaps and like I said, even if I got a little bit of spotting like I don’t really kicks it was Such a small amount already I’m pretty stout, and I think you know if I can convinced 100 or 200 of you guys to try this product out and mijin how many tampons and pads we can prevent going into the ocean and going into landfill like it’s pretty Impressive, you think about those numbers and one woman uses at least 11,000 throw away sanitary products in the lifetime times, thereby a hundred or twohundred or even thousand or two thousand or ten thousand, like there’s a lot of power right here, I’m going to end this Videohere, because I’ve basically seen everything I need to see, I’m so impressed and it’s so so I’m sort of not as gross as I thought it would be, it’s a little bit to get used to, but I mean now like it’s only day two and I’m Already like feeling like a bit of a perv, I feel like after an entire period My next period is gonna, be a freakin breeze I’m not even gonna think twice about it, just like when you first start using tampons, it’s a little bit Fe and a little bit gross for like the first You know a few times It’s like the same thing It’s so much more gene I’ve had no dryness, no side effects like nothing and usually tampons, like literally make me raw So that’s a huge reason I wanted to try this and I’m happy because yeah it doesn’t alter anything than their If it may seems like everything feels quite healthy, let me know if there’s anything else, you want to know about these products and I can follow up in one of my daily vlogs I’ll link, my vlog channel down below, and let me know if you are going To try a period Cup

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