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30 Sep , 2019  

You’Re the best you’re, like oh, my skin and you’re, trying to get the eyelash out of my eyes she’s the best hey guys me in, and this is beauty with me, hello, welcome back. If you are new to this channel, because today I’m doing another weird facial. Ever since I did the enzyme facial, you know the one where it came out. Looking like a straight-up grandma, I’ve been wondering if I’d ever find something that would top that turns out. I just might have, and naturally I filmed the entire experience for all of you.
The facial in question is called the ice and fusion tightening facial and it was developed by an aesthetician named Rene reuleaux someone I’ve admired for years. Her clients include the likes of Demi Lovato ever heard of her. Although renee is based out of Austin, she makes regular trips to LA in New York and I got a chance to try out the ice and fusion facial in the flesh. The facial itself is designed to heat up and cool the skin, thus brightening, tightening and smoothing everything out, aka all things that I love. She started off by cleansing my skin using amazing, hot stones, thus beginning the warmup process by increasing the skin’s internal temperature, we’re increasing oxygen and blood flow and the blood brings new nutrients and feeds the skin cells. Then, once my skin was sufficiently clean, Renee smooth on a cranberry peel to loosen up any dead skin cells on the surface of my face smells so good. Next, she continued with even more exfoliation using a by abrasion device, which is basically designed to exploit the skin through light, suction and vibration. I almost felt like it was gonna right. Then she moves on to a mousse like bubble mask that helps improve circulation. Naturally, I made like Bella Thorne and took a few pictures. I’m gonna get the perfect gram who are better. Let me know in the comments below I love a good close shave. Mm-Hmm, it’s dual-purpose, it warms the skin which helps increase blood circulation. That’s what the rosemary and the mint enos will do right, yeah and but then it also softens the skin. So if somebody does need extraction so we’ll make it easier once the mask had done its work, she removed it and put on a serum and brought out an ultrasound yep.
You were in that right, an ultrasound, but she wasn’t gliding that device on my skin in search of a heartbeat. She was actually using it to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and help the serum she applied. Absorb better feel like this would be a really great machine. If I, what if I was in like middle school – and I wanted to pretend, like I had a fever, then it was time for Phase two – the cool down Renee, whipped out a tray of what looked like ice cubes. What was actually full of frozen serum popsicles cooled down to negative two degrees, and what this does is anytime, you creep hold on the skin, it immediately constricts the capillaries and it creates a vacuum effect. The palsy really is deeper into the skin. It creates like a suction, not gonna lie. It wasn’t the most comfortable, it kind of felt like a three-minute brain freeze. You touch your face delicious. Oh, it’s really smooth Renee made a seaweed rubber mask that she put on my skin that felt so good. It was cooling on contact and had really soothing ingredients like seaweed in it to hydrate my skin. What it does is it creates an occlusive seal over the skin so that everything underneath has no place else to go, but into the skin. I’m not even kidding when I looked in the mirror. There was like no pores, that’s it. I didn’t understand. Like around my nose, I had like kind of bigger like clogged pores, the cold that constricts the opening of the pore. You can also see your breakouts. I really settle them. Yeah like I’d, want to hear that was like painful and it’s not even read anymore mm-hmm. I feel like it’s an amazing facial for events, because I literally looked at myself and I could see a difference like immediately right. How long can I expect to see these results? For I said most people can see a visible difference for about 7 to 10 days. That’s so much longer than I thought what I’m so excited. Well, thanks looks much for giving me the Renee below who’s beautiful. Oh yeah, we did, we did some work. Full disclosure, Renee’s facials, cost around four hundred and fifty dollars, which I know is pretty steep So the next best thing to getting an actual facial from Renee is to guess making her product line.
She recommended three products that you can use to mimic the effects of a facial at home The first item is an exfoliating mask Now, renee has one in her line It’s called the triple berry, smoothing peel I’ve actually used it before, and I really really like it It smells and when you put it on and leave it on for 10 minutes afterward, your skin will be like a baby Soft I’m not even kidding next up is a toner Now Renee actually suggested I pour toner into an ice cube tray Stick it in the freezer and use it to mimic the effects of her ice facial so actually did that and it worked, it was pretty cool Finally, a soothing mask now renee recommends this one, which is the rapid response to detox mask I actually adore this thing I really like her line in general, but this mask is amazing It looks like like golden honey golden nectar of some sort You put it on It’s not drying, even though it’s really good for acne It has tea tree leaf oil cells, like acid manuka, leaf oil All of which are antibacterial so great for pimples, but it also has sodium hyaluronic is wait for hydrating So this is amazing to soothe that your skin It really calms down breakouts, but you can actually make a bunch of DIY masks that I think, would do the job as well Karin made a bunch of masks I made an exfoliating mask I made a really hydrating honey mask and a cocoa powder and yogurt mask all of which you can see therecipes for up here all know I really love this facial, but I’m not gonna lie I don’t think one facial is going to completely solve all of your skin concern to me getting a facial is all about pampering and relaxing and honestly Renee’s Facial was exactly that, but I hope that you guys enjoyed this Let me know what your favorite part of the facial was below and if you have any cool masks or DIY recipes for me to try, I would love to hear them as well Let me know in the comments – and I will catch you guys next week – bye thanks so much for watching guys Let me know what you want me to do next on beauty with me in the comments below and click here to subscribe to

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