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I’ve tried viral Halloween gifts / hackers… Did they work? Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my kitchen today I thought it’d be kind of fun to test out some like viral Halloween treats and not like the really gory ones like. I can’t do that. There are like Disney movies. That scare me, but I thought I’d be kind of fun to test it, a bunch of things I had seen online and see what works and what doesn’t.. Let’s get into this, so the first recipe I want to test out are these, like marbled candy apples by the way.
That is how I do Halloween. How do I take something? That’s like somewhat related to Halloween and make it just like really pretty and Pintrest. So I have here a couple of apples. I will link the original recipe down below for you guys, so you can go and check that out. That is the one I’m going to be testing out today, but the step one is remove. The stems so far crushing it now. It says to take a lollipop sticks and like shove them into the Apple as far as they’ll go. No, I don’t have lollipop sticks, but I do have these bamboo sticks, which is like the basically the same thing right there. Just like a little bit longer all right, you can less good at this part. Oh there we go Dada, look at that. So far, I’ve nailed the easiest part of the dye recipe. All right now comes the tricky part. So in a medium saucepan, you need a candy thermometer like so I just bought mine today and into this, because I have the recipe from on the website. We’Re gonna do one and ahalf cups of sugar, half a cup of water and then a quarter cup of light corn syrup after remember, don’t follow the exact instructions on this website right job now we’re gonna mix this together and then I’m gonna Put it on the stove and it’s just gonna sit there on medium heat, I believe and just to let it medium high heat and let a bubble without mixing until it reaches 302 degrees. Very specific, slight change of plans. I had to do the whole recipe, because otherwise the thermometer wouldn’t hit the liquid. It’s fine. I just have more candy, so I haven’t started at all. It is on there and I’m just waiting for it to come up to temperature. Oh, my gosh making candy takes forever, but we’re almost there guys, although most of the hair okay. So now it is that 302 gonna take it off the heat cool it down and I need to add to it. This apparently needs to go very fast. So a teaspoon of vanilla, drops of whitener and then stir it. Oh, my gosh, should I make it more white? I don’t know I need to add in a couple of drops of the two different colors.
So apparently, you take a drop or two so so stressful and you just cus whirl them just a little bit all right and to be dip. Okay. So that’s what it looks like right now. Now I’m going to dip my apples, okay, tilting it to the side. Almost kind of a little bit, maybe okay, I got a big like blob of green here. You need to mix this a little bit. Try it again, okay, that one is less good! Last one! Okay! This is my least good one as bubbles all over it. So there are my three different buttons, so you can see. Obviously, my first one is the best one and it gets progressively worse, but there are some like bubbling in there, which I’m sure if you are a candy expert, you know what that is, but I have no idea. This is my first time making these and I don’t know it didn’t say in the instructions to like keep adding food coloring to it. So I don’t know how to continuously get that pretty like bright, blue and green kind of effect to it. This was kind of a fail for me like if I had to do six of these, like they all would have looked grey as it stands on the recipe. I did not get the effect that I wanted, though, I’m sure they’re, very delicious. We have to wait until they cool them. Okay, now, what’s the next recipe and this one I was kind of curious about testing, because I want to see if I can actually make it look like it and it is a. I don’t even know how to just a cow eyeball eyeball, it’s very Halloween right, but basically it’s a coconut dessert, so it’s in the form of a an eyeball. So I have these like a little plastic. These are, I think, ice cube, molds, and so it’s gonna make the shape of an eye, but I thought it’d be kind of cool to see if it actually works. If it looks good, if it tastes good, like all that jazz, so I’m gonna start with, what’s in my saucepan, this is a mixture of coconut milk, water and you can also use either gelatin or an agar agar. So I guess the the recipe focused on agar agar, but I believe it is a straight substitution with gelatin, so you can use just whatever you have and I basically just mixed it all together and I’m gonna, throw it all the stove all right. It is starting to boil now so I’m gonna reduce it down it to low and I’m gonna add in some sugar look at the mess I made honestly Rachel throw and so sugar give it a stir. And this point, apparently, you can add as much sugar or as little sugar as you like, just basically to taste, but they started with half a cup and you can kind of work from there.
Okay. Now we need to make the part that’s gonna be like the black part of the eyeball, so I have in here some red and blue and green food coloring, just kind of like slaps them in there and basically, I’m gonna take a little bit of This mixture pour it into here until it makes like a black like coconut base. Yes, this is sir come on black. Alright, this seems to be as black as we’re gonna get. So basically, I’m going to take like a tablespoon of this mixture or so and place it into the bottom of each of these little molds and then stick them in the fridge to let it set before I go in with the rest of the white mixture. Alright, now that these guys have set a little bit in the fridge for like 20 minutes – or so I am now – I use this little funnel to pour in the rest of the liquid. So it creates that 3d shape. I’m just gonna pour it in and we’re gonna set it for a little bit longer. Ah, why isn’t it going in no look at that? It hadn’t set. It’s been like more than 20 minutes and it’s like completely dissolved all the black, so we’ve had them in the fridge for another like half hour so and they seem to be like fully jelly now so now, I’m going to use this to pour it slowly into The little sphere and then I’m gonna, stop it right before the end cuz. I want it to be flat on one side, so I can actually like sit on a plate. Tada look at I’m learning right now, I’m gonna! Let these set overnight and then we’ll see what they look like in the morning, but so far it seems that, if you put too much of the black stuff in it will take a lot longer to set which I should have known but didn’t think that far Through so you can see this one’s become a little grey, but these two look really good, so we’ll see what those ones look like. Okay, now these have fully set, and now I want to take them apart and actually see if it looks like an eyeball. Oh gross, oh, that is so cool like all of the dark black sort of pulled in the middle, and it actually looks like a legit eyeball that is awesome to put that on a plate and try not to freak everyone out. Okay, now to see if it’s actually like edible, okay and the verdict is, that is good if you like, coconut, which I mean should be fairly obvious If you’ve tried coconut milk before and you like it, then you will like this.
It is really good, but I’ve just sort of like aheads up If you never tried coconut milk before then you go into this, you may be surprised how coconutty it is, but you know what it’s pretty good I do like it Okay, now we’re gonna be testing out, one that I’m very excited to test out and that is using a drill and ahand Mixer beater bar thing to clean out a pumpkin, and I know that this isn’t a dessert or even edible But I mean like technically: the seeds are edible and it’s Halloween related I had nowhere else to put this, so I have everything in the sink right now: cut off the lid already guts still intact, and I have it back here for composting at all, because you know lots of guts also, I think Oh Paul roast the pumpkin seeds, But anyway, so, basically just like jam this in and that seems to work tada and basically, what you do is you go all the way around the outside of the pumpkin like turning it on obviously, and then it’s going to scoop out all the pieces and it’s Much easier than using a spoon or a knife to kind of Carver on the outside, so we’re gonna try it Oh it fell off completely Let’s see much of the goo actually got off the sides here, hang on okay, first time around was not that successful Like there’s still a ton of the bottom there that hasn’t come off, so let’s try and like fit the Sun again and try it again trying to make it stay on, but it keeps coming off Does she have something like a magical hand, mixer beater thing that I don’t know about it? Does slice off very easily in case anyone’s wondering? I don’t know man I don’t think this is working really well, it keeps coming off Maybe if you have some like magical mixer that I’m unaware of that has a better beater than this, but like it’s not working it up the way I had expected it to it’s, not combing it off the side as well and honestly, a sharper like edged spoon I think would do like just as good of a job, it’s just a little bit longer Oh, maybe not, I think I did it on this channel I’ll link it regardless for you guys if you want to go and check it out I did a whole bunch of different hacks, like the jelly worms and like a whole bunch of different ones So you can go and check that out if you’re interested, but I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome weekend You all

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