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Jacklin Hill plans to come back!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys senators Kennedy here and it seems like the past several weeks, almost a little bit over a month, all I’ve been seeing on my social media is Jacqueline Hill cosmetics. I have had many thoughts and opinions about this situation and I don’t think I gave that many thoughts and opinions on social media and, I surely didn’t say anything on camera when it was all going on and it seems like we’re at the tail end of this Whole thing from where it came from, I think it reached its height unless Jacqueline does something extreme and it causes more of a scene.
But since we are at the tail end, I thought what is Jacqueline, Hale gonna do as they come back. let’s be honest, we do love seeing people kind of drop down, but we really love seeing people get back up on their feet and do better, I think, as a human being as human beings, we are capable of Forgiving people more likely than not so um. I talked about a little bit of the things that she said in the past. There’s a few things that kind of caught my eye that I want to talk about. So, let’s roll the intro, it did say a few things on social media about this subject I usually state my opinion or this that or another on social media. So my links to my Twitter and Instagram be listed down below. If you just want to know what I have to say on a daily about certain things, you can just click. There be involved in the action and get my 100% on-the-spot opinion when things go down, so I want to rewind a little bit because she came out with an apology.. She deleted her social media. Her mom came out and gave a statement about that, and I have so many opinions about that… My lipsticks did not go into mass production until the same month that I actually launched my brand. I’ve been working on my components for 5 years straight to get it perfect, but my lipsticks are not moldy, they are not hazardous, they are not contaminated they’re, not unsafe, for you in any way shape or form. The first thing I want to touch base on are the little black dots or black holes that you guys are seeing what these black dots are, are actually oxygen bubble. The second thing I want to touch on is the texture and the grittiness that you guys are seeing in your lipsticks that that is not breaking down all my raw materials because we produce so many lipsticks so quickly.
Next, let’s talk about the white fuzzies. Instead of using a standard glob that they would use in the lab, they decided to use white cotton glove. The biggest complaint is actually the melting issue. It’s actually 80% of our complaints. Once these lipsticks are getting onto trucks. That are, you know, a hundred degrees on the inside these UPS trucks and then they’re sitting outside of people’s houses up their front doors, all their atwork, and then they come home and they pull it out. Yes, they’re not fully melted all the way through and just like a puddle inside but yeah they might have little sweat dots on them when you swatch them, they might kind of lean to the side. So please give your lipsticks enough time to fully cool off before you go in and apply it. So, as you see, she said a few things that kind of like caught me off guard, I learned from months and almost a year of therapy that you gotta use humor to get through it sometimes and, she went so far To say that the reason why her lipsticks had like watermarks on them and it seemed slightly melted and soft, was because it was in a car in a truck than it was in front of your house. And when she said you gotta wait to have it cool off. I instantly thought a reading soup. Are we eating a hot meal that we had to wait and watch it cool off, like I totally understand like where she was coming from, but it seems like a lot of you guys out. There was not buying it. A lot of people did not like the apology. They said it was very you guys were saying it was very rushed and she was going from this point to this point to this point and that allowed the documents were untrue and old, and a lot of stuff that was going on with that was just kind Of mind-blowing few weeks later, a week later, she jumped on her Instagram and said this broke it down. Two main parts go clip clip New York housewives go watch. I wanted to get on here and just talk to you guys in a really real way. You know it’s only a week week and a half old.
I have the facts I swear to god. I have consulted with so many CEOs. The past 10 days figuring out how exactly to fix this, make it right and make sure it never happens again, and you know this is a whole new world for me having my own brand and not having a collaboration and there’s a lot of people out there Who love their lipsticks and that’s great, but I don’t care like. I don’t care if you know one hundred. Ninety five thousand people love to lipstick. If three people are having an issue like that, that’s what’s gonna keep me awake at night. The future is bright and there’s gonna be really really awesome. Things down the line I just have to now. I mean I thought I did what I had to do. I thought I did it all perfectly and didn’t cut any corners. I cross every T and dotted every I, but I was wrong and things still sup through the cracks and I’m sorry, but I will make sure that that never ever happens. One thing that stood out to me it was that she said I spoken to a bunch of CEOs. I spoke in sigh. I asked tons of questions and one thing that one thing that stuck out to me is that why didn’t she speak to tons of CEOs before going through this, and I know that a lab is well. I don’t know this word fact, but I’m assuming that the lab that she’s working at isn’t the only lab thatworks for her and they work for other people and I’m not sure if she addressed this. But if her makeup is the only one that’s messed up. I would love to know, which is I’m sure, 100% impossible to find out what other companies are using that lab and whatever companies were using that lab before Jacqueline. Why wasn’t these issues an issue? The last big thing that people were talking about was how she deleted all her social media and her mom got on her social media and said that Jacqueline is taking a break. She just needs some time to like think things through. She needs this. A lot of stress and blah blah blah blah blah, I’m not that it’s unnecessary to say, but she said a few things: what I’ve been seeing through social media from your you, you all’s responses is that why is Jack and Hills mom speaking for Jacqueline being at Jacqueline is the CEO of her own company, and I saw comments like I haven’t seen anybody else’s CEOs mother speak for them, and I want to make things one thing perfectly clear: if Jacqueline Hill is going through something mentally and emotionally that is damaging her.
I hope that she gets as much help as she needs as long as the break that she needs to take and to the people who were affected by the lipsticks. I hope that you guys find a lawyer if you can find a lawyer report what’s going on and knowing that according to Jacqueline Hill, it was or her publicist. It was point zero, one percent of lipsticks that were saying that we’re bad. I hope that the people who did get amazing lipsticks, which were like 99.999% um that were good. I hope they speak out and say how amazing it is because I think thatwould really go a long long way. Now. As for her deleting her social media, I totally understand wanting to get away from your social media and not wanting to see the comments every single day, but to deactivate your social media to cut off people from be aiming being able to contact you directly. A lot of people got offended by that. They said that it’s like rude, it’s you’re, running away from your problems, and this is what she said in her apology. It’s not her own mouth, I’m not paraphrasing. This is what she said. so that you guys know that I’m not gonna run away from this. No, I’m not gonna run away from this, but it did turn out that she did run away and if she’s running away, because she’s dealing with a lot of stress and stuff, I hope that she learns how to deal with that, but being a CEO of A hunka of your own company, I do feel – and it looks like a lot of people out a lot of people out there feel like you gotta, have like a strong back. You gotta have thick skin. You got to be able to take the good with the bad if you’re, gonna run a company, you just can’t go out there from what I’ve been seeing, I’m quoting or paraphrasing what I’ve been seeing on social media. You can’t go out there, so people something take their money and run away and say: you’re gonna get a refund, go to help at Jacqueline Hill, calm whatever and you’ll get your money and then disappear. Um. That’s not really a good look. So, after all this all this going on, how is she gonna make a comeback? What does she have to do to win people over or have people forgive her? What is the formula of doing that, no makeup no colorful background making herself look relatable? She made a perfect apology, as in the form of what do you tubers do to apologize on social media.
It was humbling and her eyes, I guess, like I say millions of times, there’s no such thing as an amazing there’s, no such thing as a perfect apology that everyone forgive you for, because in order to do that, you got to apologize the way, the people that You offended want you to apologize and that’s just not humanly possible. So, as I said, we’ve seen the jeffree star come back. We’ve seen many anyway come back. We’ve seen James Charles come back. We seem 10, a mojo come back, we’ve seen Jake Paul come back. We’ve seen so many people come back and cancel culture, I gotta say he’s officially canceled. The first time I heard of someone being canceled was where I known a writer when she was stealing clothes from, I think, Bloomingdale’s or something but now she’s a huge star on stranger things. So no one’s really cancelled in this world and I don’t think Jacqueline Hill is gonna be canceled, so the things that she has to do to make a comeback.. That’s when the new makeup will probably be coming out, so she can say that she had several months to really get things together and really work things out and really do the things that she should have done before to UM to create a great product. Also for her to make a huge comeback, um, just owning it, no excuses, no white gloves no hot cars, no sit down and wait for it to warm like to cool down just pure honesty. No documents needed no blacking out of documents just pure I messed up. I didn’t do what I needed to do. I rushed the product. Can we move on from this? I’m 100%. Sorry, it’s my fault, I’m the CEO! Nothing else matters it’s my fault done. Maybe she has to say that she lied I don’t think she would go that far to say that she lied allegedly that’s what I think she needs to do to make a great comeback.
I do believe she’s gonna have a comeback I do believe people are gonna, buy her new makeup products I do believe that this is gonna be swept under the rug, like many other huge stories that were breaking through social media and on YouTube, because it always does a big thing Happens People get outraged rightfully, so, if your feelings are hurt, if your lip is hurt, if your money’s hurt, you have the right to feel the way you feel not taking that away from you, but as through history shows, it starts to die down someone else explodes boom Something’s happening to them and whoever’s left in the back, it swept under the rug and they come back like nothing ever happened So I think we’ve seen this enough to see the formula of do something bad stay silent Someone else does someone else, does something bad? You come back and look at them be like Ah, you got that spotlight on you, I’m in a good grace Do you feel like she is gonna? Have a comeback: do you think that she’s not gonna have a comeback? What do you think she has to do to be forgiven or to be able to win back some of her audience? That did love her and did really support her, but were let down by her actions, because I do feel like the people who didn’t like her from the beginning, isn’t gonna like her after after the fact But if or the people who were on the line of liking, her probably fell off I don’t see them coming back, but from the people who really did like her and really respected her and was really excited and was truly let down through her actions and totally like Let like dropped her as someone that they looked up to what do they have to like what does she have to do to win them back over to make them open their eyes and say I forgive you So I would love to hear what you have to say about that down below in the comments I’ll be reading them My social media links will be listed down below if you want to get daily updates of What’s going on in my brain about social media and what’s going on in my life, it’s all is listed down below So thanks so much for watching and it’s the next time bye, guys

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