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Jaclyn Hill returns Morphe steals the trademark again

1 Nov , 2019  

violating the dipbrow pomade trademark, from anastasia beverly hills, as well as jacqueline hills return. i will link it down below, as well as in the upper right corner. Also, if you are not already subscribed to my channel with your notifications on and set to all make sure you do that so that you know all the latest and hottest tea as soon as i spell it. where i discussed that to redo it. i feel Deserves due to the fact that her drama is unrelated to this anyway, moving right along to morphe brushes, possibly landing themselves in hot water, yet again this time for a trademark violation.
Yet again, on this channel, i’ve covered several morphe scandals, where they copied brands and outright attempted to steal trademarks. But this time, however, it’s a pretty big oopsie as their import records suggest that they’re importing brow products under the name dip brow pomade, which, as you know, is owned by anastasia beverly hills and they currently hold the trademark. As you know, looking up import records has become a thing here in the beauty drama community. So it’s of no surprise that i received an anonymous tip telling me to check into the most recent morphe import records for some interesting team. I did just that, and I saw some pretty interesting stuff, one of those things being a possible upcoming collab. I said that I was not going to leak it and even cross the name out. However, I thought about it. but more on that later, on. Okay, so on with the import records, if you’re not a paid member for this website, called Pangea com, I think I pronounced that right, but anyway, and you just utilize the free services available. This website will provide a spreadsheet of the three most recent import records for any company, so import records are public knowledge. This website updates shipments for each company individually, weekly. That is if they have any import shipments coming in that week. Anyway, if you search dipbrow on this website, it brings you to a spreadsheet of data. If there is any available, as shown here, you can see the name dipbrow pomade listed under the good shipped section, along with the James Charles palette, in some of the rows, I’m not even going to attempt to pronounce the manufacturers name. However, if you click on it, it takes you to this page with the affer mention three most recent import records from a company.
Here you can see more fees listed as the only customer in this import date says July 3rd of this year. Now more fees made some major mistakes that were epic disasters, but I could not wrap my head around the possibility of them being this bold and stupid. So I asked around, I also reached out tohonest Aussie at Beverly Hills and levena, as well as their official customer service Instagram, and I sent them the import record information to ask them about this. For some clarity, while putting this together, I also received a reply from the honest Aussie of customer service Instagram, and here is what I wrote to them. I said hello Murphy recently. Imported products also called debt Brown. I don’t know if you were aware of this, but I wanted to forward it to you just in case, and they responded to me and said. Thank you anyway. I’ve been investigating this since Wednesday. As I said a moment ago, I spoke to a few people who not only understand import records, but alsohave done some importing of their own. I examined all the abilities that this could be more than one brain shipment being put together in the same container. However, as he just saw more fees listed as the only customer and from what I’ve gathered from those I spoke to that are knowledgeable about all of this import shipments always contain only one brand. I also thought of the possibility that these could have either been typed out in shorthand or an error in general. But neither is the case because there are several import record listings that say dipbrow and the James Charles pallet, together. Further to add, these records are the same all across other importing websites. Anasazi beverly hills has used the same manufacturer before so it’s common knowledge that 95% of their makeup is made in the USA. Murphy already have brow products specifically pomade, so I thought this would have been odd for them to make another line of brow pomade, but then again they had concealers for a few years and they chose to launch a brand-new concealer line called fluidity earlier this year. Another thing I noticed on this website and in the spreadsheet itself was the fact that, according to the free records available, anastacio beverly hills also uses this manufacturer.
As seen in the same spreadsheet. However, Anastacio beverly hills are not in the same rows as the dipbrow records containing the name James Charles pallet, anastacio Beverly Hills appeared tohave only imported components, while Murphy were importing actual product. however, until proven otherwise, and given Murphy’s history of blatant copying and Trademark violation. It looks like yet another clear case of morphe being messy and repeating the same mistakes. Yet again, while I said a moment ago, they both used the same manufacturer before I find it odd that morphe is the only customer listed for each import record. You know they were bold enough to attempt to suit becca cosmetics. Last year, they were bold enough to lie to their customers by saying they fixed the vault pallets, knowing that it’s a thing in the beauty drama community to look up import records for answers in situations such as that they were also bold enough to steal Gabi. Worse makeups trademark, but to steal a trademark from a major company like a Nastasia, Beverly Hills and now let’s talk about jacqueline Hills return, while jacqueline did not reactivate her social media. Yet i was sent a DM this morning about her recently registering a trademark for jacqueline cosmetics, so I checked the trademark website and sure enough. She filed for false eyelashes on July 3rd 2019 and it went through on July 6, 2009 teen. My guess is that she chose to go with false eyelashes because she figures that it’s next to impossible to mess those up. But then again Jacqueline is not exactly well known for having a launch not go sideways, but back to those import records from earlier. where I discussed the dipbrow trademark violation via morphe, I also noticed something very interesting that proves that she will be returning officially on all social medias and youtube very soon, as senior morphe did an import for an item in july called the jaclyn hill Primer, which was the same exact day jacqueline filed for her false eyelashes trademark, interesting right anyway. Now she will be raving about how this primer is better than her beloved, sisley, paris, primer or on par with Hotch’s Silk canvas, but how many years do you think she’s going to claim that she worked on this? Let me know down below all sarcasm aside.
This import record was very telling to me because when I was doing some late night thinking last night, I figured this is why she rushed her brand to launch so quickly She wanted to get Jacqueline Cosmetics launched out of the way ASAP because she knew she had another morphe collab to she’ll Also, if she launched both around the same time, she knew it would reduce the profits, for both launches, in my opinion, is very ballsy of her to collaborate with Murphy Yet again, given all the recent drama and the drama that surrounded the vault last summer, I mean didn’t she hop on camera as well as tweet about it last summer acknowledging how she knows her fans are sick of hearing about Murphy, as well as her Murphy clubs On the flip side to be fair, yes, she also said she was taking a break from morphe, which does not imply cutting ties with them completely, but this is still a bad move to me I’m aware of the fact that they likely still have a business contract in place and already had this in the works before lipstick gate But a primer is a very interesting choice, to say the least and, like I said, I bet she’s gonna be saying it’s better than Cicely Paris Oh, this upcoming collab could have very well been another thing that caused the Jacqueline Cosmetics wants to be so rushed in addition to the fact that one of the ingredients in two lipsticks called mango butter expires in a year So she had to get rid of these ASAP Those lipsticks were supposed to be the third installment of her morphe vault collaboration from last year However, this collection likely got postponed because there was so much drama with the first two launches the palettes and the brushes I’m sure some of you can recall the vault palettes going on sale shortly after the launch That’s how poorly they did anyway Let me know what you think of both of these situations down below, do not forget to subscribe and hit the notification ball and set it to all so that you know all the latest and hottest T as soon as I spell it Thank you for watching, take care and I will see you all soon

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