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Jimmy Fallon missed a date with Nicole Kidman

1 Nov , 2019  

I don’t know if you remember this, but we met before. Oh I remember. Do you remember this was really embarrassing. For me it was a I’m not seeing you since then. I had not right. That is correct. No, but this is a years ago and I want me to tell my version yeah, you tell your version – I’m walking down the street in New York City yeah, my friend Rick calls me and says: do what are you doing? I go. I’m just walking down the street, he goes. I had Nicole Kidman with me and she wants to meet you for maybe to be in bewitched or something like that.
So I go what okay she goes. I can be in your apartment. In like 10 minutes, I go you’re gonna bring the call came and over my apartment, I’m like okay, I don’t know what what do i do? What do I have something? What do I do guys? I know just get some cheese and crackers or something and I’m like I’m like geez crackers. Are you talking with it? But I don’t? I don’t have dinner party, I don’t have anyone over my house, I’m like.. I does a deli and I go in the deli. I go what we need cheese, he goes, get brie or something breathe. I didn’t know what that is, I’m like so I go in this is like I’m on s. Aaron live, I guess or something I remember really when it was. But I just remember: I liked you and he was like not now I’m married now, but he was like. Oh you can so Rick. Our mutual friend says: oh, you know Jimmy wants to meet you and you could go over to his apartment and I’m single and I’m like. Okay. Yes, what I gave Nicole Kidman and you’re there in a baseball cap and like nothing just like brie, cheese and you wouldn’t talk, you didn’t say anything you were like hey, I don’t know, I thought he has no interest. This is so embarrassing, okay, no chemistry and then I was like. Maybe he’s gay well clue me Jimmy well doctor. I remember it like it was yesterday with the apartment. Look like right, not much. How did you make a good decision married with kids yeah? I mean oh, my gosh. Well, you made a much better decision. Keith Urban is so much cooler than I am he’s. A rock star. You live in Nashville. Now he’s always on tour. There’s constantly like yes, this country guys. Yes, look! Here’s a deal yeah, I’m not always on tour him. Always a home kids play gig New Year’s Eve right. He did my Agrawal yeah Niagara Falls. Yeah the Canada side of the New York side began. It aside That’s the side beautiful, but I just kinda sounds like lights and it’s like goes like Vegas, it’s fun and the New York side looks like a lemony snicket book cover.
I like trees with no leaves on it, and you know what happened yeah Why? Why that’s like? So much worse can decide That’s the place to do That’s amazing, yeah We had work in that side yeah So where does he put into the New York side? Oh, please yeah What we’ll fix it up, but where does he play well, he played it for a big show Therefore, that scenario I had before we don’t even have a you Try that you’re feeling something yeah yeah baby, the sale They came to call taken Okay and we love Keith, we love the show I know you got Keith more than I do matzo happy for Keith Urban I’m saying I enjoy his music and I like, but he’s always been on the show and you’ve never never been on the show No, I just would meet, we would watch you at home and I feel like gosh well, I ever got on that show and bring that story up – hmm, maybe not, and now anyway, let’s talk about padding This is the best day ever man a great day Let’s tell you about Paddington Paddington Congrats Already, it’s a big hit already internationally right, yes overseas They really see overseas Ferris yeah I remember I got Ricci’s yeah, I didn’t get Quentin yeah and some old Chinese food Oh my god! I remember I got saltine crackers just really awful I didn’t know: do you really like faithful or something maybe yeah talking about it’s like you went over like duck dynasty, guys, house or something I was not wearing camo sweatpants those dress today, probably this three-piece suit or something weren’t interested Are you what sweats and a baseball back talking about now, I’m like freaked me out I’m gonna go back to Paddington we’re gonna edit this out, yeah the bear the bear It’Ll adorable bear it’s a cute Bear it’s a cute movie You play the villain in the movie, I don’t do you Do it, that’s a good juicy role Yeah Do you always want to play all right? You bought it Oh my man, Hugh Bonneville, Oh funny, love him Downton Abbey We love him and this is CGI Bear and of course, everyone knows the books, but the bear does have the most beautiful eyes No, he doesn’t everyone’s been in the sexual chemistry Here my Mario Brothers will show my new Nintendo, that’s pretty cool I can’t believe That’s real story You

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