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1 Nov , 2019  

Where are we Bailey? Are we in a Claire’s Store No.? What is this? What’s going on We’re in JoJo’s, house., Ahhhh., JoJo’s house.? What, Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the after the JoJo makeover. Bailey, Ballinger., (, upbeat, music, ), Hi, I’m Bailey Ballinger and today I’m at JoJo’s, (, mumbles, ), room and guess who’s with me today.. It’s me, Hey Bailey. How are ya Hi good.? Are you good? Are you ready for this? Yes, Me too.. What are we doing today, I’m going to get a makeover.
, So I’m going to give you a JoJo makeover, Yes.? Okay, what do you want? Do you want clothes, hair, makeup, Everything, Okay, everything., Okay, so full JoJo makeover., I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking.! We could do your hair. Like me, we could put some makeup on. We could maybe give you some high top shoes, a little JoJo dress., Sound good to you. I think she’s excited about it. (Mom, laughing), Okay. This is what I look like before., I’m just in an outfit that I like wearing.. I just pulled it out of my closet. (Bailey giggles), So I have a couple of things in here that I’m thinking we could do.. I want us to find a dress, though in your size.. This is, I think, your size.. This is probably cute. You like the rainbows Yeah.. This could be your size too.. We could make this one work.. We could make really any of these four work.. Okay. Now I need a JoJo bag. Got my bag here. (hand thumping inside bag, ) (, Bailey, giggles) Got it.. Okay. What do we need? We need a bow.. You want to pick the bow. You can pick any bow., You pick what dress and what bow. You do. Your thing., I’m gonna find some accessories. I’m going to pick two just in case., Okay, perfect., Whatever your little heart in there desires. (, upbeat music). I think the pink and purple would match more of these. Right Wanna toss it in Yeah And those too. Nailed it.. Those are my favorites.. I like this one. That one’s cute. That’d be cute with the rainbow dress. Yeah.. Are we feeling the rainbow dress Yeah or this pink one.? Okay, cute both cute., I like’em both.. We need a JoJo hair brush.! You want this one You wanna pick. You can pick.. You can keep it. (Mom giggling). I like this one. You like that one: Okay, it’s your choice., Whatever you want., I can’t believe I’m getting a JoJo makeover. JoJo is so amazing.. I love being me, but I’m super excited to get a JoJo makeover.. Okay, we just got this in.. This is actually really cool.. Look it. We just got it in and it’s super fun., It’s like little clipies and a ponytails and a headband and it’ll match your stuff’cause.
It’s all rainbows. So throw that in.. We might want to work with that, a little bit.. We need shoes., The biggest thing is going to be what I have in your size.. What size do you wear? These would match your dress., You, like those ones, We can do those. You like the little slides. I got lots of different kinds of slides.. We got these slides., I like those those match, the most. Yeah they do.. Okay. Should we go? Do this Yeah You wanna? Go. Do it All right, let’s head upstairs.: What do you think of JoJo’s room? It’s amazing. (upbeat music, ), Pretty cool right Yeah that was really fun.. I like to come up it this way. And we’re surfing in the USA. (Mom giggles) Nice. You’re, already getting your JoJo practice. (, upbeat: music, ). Okay, let’s do your hair first.! Oh, my gosh, your hair is so like.. I just took a shower. No, but it’s like tiny., It’s like tiny hair.. Oh my gosh, I love it.. Oh my gosh you’re adorable.. You want a classic side. Ponytail right, Yeah! It’s probably going to be pretty hard because my hair’s not that long. We’ll make it work.. Okay. Here we go. I’m excited.. I love doing hair on other people.. Okay, we’re gonna brush it all over here. We’re going to see how well we can get it.. Oh yeah it’ll work, it’ll work., Okay shut your eyes for a minute, because you know hair spray.. It might be a little chilly.. This is like super light, hair spray., It’s the best.. It basically just gets it wet.. It’s amazing., It’s my favorite.! Oh, my gosh, your hair’s, so thin., I love it., Oh my gosh! It makes my heart happy.. Okay, we don’t want to have any little naughty boos up, here. Any little bumps. Best advice on how to avoid bumps is a lot of practice and just making it as slick as possible. Just using as much spray as you need.. Okay. Is that good Yeah.? You look just like me: now., I’m gonna’ show you a little secret.. So these little tiny, baby, hairs. Yeah., You see how you got all these little munchkin dudes. Look at my hair.. You can have zero of those.. Those are my biggest biggest biggest pet peeves.. So we’re gonna go into my secret tool drawer and I have a toothbrush. Breaking things.. I have a toothbrush., It has never been used on a tooth., But what I do with it is I spray some hair gel on here. All right. So you got your gel. Now you take your little toothbrush.. This might be a little chilly, but you’ll be good. And you get all those little baby hairs up and out of your head.
. Isn’t that crazy Magical.? That is a hot tip Right! It’s fancy Common for the brand of cute girls, hair styles right, now., (, Mom, giggles, ), All these little hairs back.. Where did you learn that You know I used to do dance competitions, my entire life., And this was just kind of a trick that my mom came up. With. You just gotta get the gel on there with the toothbrush. But make sure after you use it on your hair. You don’t use it on your teeth.. You can sometimes do it in the other order.. You can use it on your hair and then your teeth. Or on your teeth and then your hair, but don’t use it on your hair and then your teeth’cause. We don’t like the taste of gel. Now on the back since there’s more of them. You can kind of just spray it and get it. You’re so cute when your hair is –, I’m mean you’re cute all the time, but I’ve never seen you with your hair. All slicked back., You look so different and I love it.. Look how cute this little munchkin looks. You’re adorable.! I love you.. Okay, new bow, now.! Sorry, I’m getting way too excited over this., I’m gonna put it in here.. It might feel a little bit loose, but that’s the best way to do it to get it to stand. Up. And da da. She looks adorable.. That is the cutest.. Oh my gosh. I can’t handle it. You’re adorable.. Okay, you need some JoJo earings.. You want JoJo earings, or do you not put’em in your ears? Still No, you wear earings still right. You pierced her ears dude.. I know I did, but I thought she didn’t have’em in and some kids love to take them out and never put them in.. She loves an earing. Okay. I’m gonna give you some of mine that I just brought up. Here’Cause I’ve really cute unicorn ones and I think you’re gonna love’em.. This is magical tinsel., So look it.. I take your hair. We’re gonna take the bow out for a minute., All right, you’re gonna pull a little bit up. For me, a little bit’cause, my hair’s crazy thick, but for her a lot. And you’re gonna clip it in there. And she’s got A little bit of sparkle in there., Cut it by around where her hair is., But we’re gonna make sure not to cut her hair, because mommy might not be to happy with me. And then once you stick, your bow in it’ll cover the front of it. So you won’t even see that there’s a clip there. Look at how magical. Da da. Okay should we do some makeup now. Yeah., There’s one step to makeup and that’s a little bit of lip gloss. ♪ Da da da da da na na na na na ♪ I think you could be ready to get dressed and then we could accessorize.
Wanna Do that All right Let’s do it, Okay, Bailey we’re gonna put on your nails Now! Are you ready And a beep And a beep Beep gotta, make sure they’re all on good secure Callin’ it good Booyeah We did it And one last touch: JoJo perfume, Choo, choo, choo, (, Bailey, giggles) Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the after the JoJo, the makeover Bailey Ballinger, That was so worth It Bailey You look so cute Thank you! So much You look– Of course, any time One hundred percent love it Hey (, Bailey, giggles) I one hundred percent love it kiddo You look adorable, Do you like it Yeah? That’s all that matters is If you like it, I mean you’ve got your shoes, your nails Thank you so much Of course, anytime You look Awesome Can’t wait to do it again One day BowBow likes it, (, upbeat music) That is a look Bailey, Okay, Bailey So let’s talk about what you got You got some special tinsel First of all, which is probably one of my favorites That’s a lie, but I do like that Part, You got a JoJo bow in with a giant butterfly on it and it even matches It’s cute You got your unicorn earings, your rainbow dress I love the dress Do you like the dress? Yeah? It’s super soft It is really soft You got the watch and the bracelets Which one you like better the watch or the bracelets, The watch You like the watch Does it have the right time? 7:43 It’s 5:35 close enough I, like your cool sweater, We’re trading merch today I got my Ballinger merch on and you got your JoJo merch on, Looking good looking fierce This was so fun Thank you So much JoJo Of course Make sure you watch JoJo’s channel It’s really cool and really fun Thank you guys So much for watching, Bye, (, baby, giggles, ) Be sure to give us a thumbs up if you liked It also leave a comment down in the comments section, Let Bailey know how you feel about her final look Also, You can click or tap on that and see Bailey get her ears pierced with JoJo If you wanna see more of that awesomeness And you can click the circle to subscribe to our channel

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