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Judge my followers in makeup! Really?

30 Sep , 2019  

when I talk like a client, hello friends, welcome back to my channel, I don’t know, what’s going on with my hair, it’s just you know what you know. What on this channel, we don’t give a what we look like my face is beat that’s enough, hello, friends! Welcome back to my channel doing something that I’ve never seen done.. I could be wrong. It’s the end of that. So today, I’m sitting down and I’m judging your makeup. I got you guys to send me on your looks whether you want me to judge them whether you want me tohelp you with something whether you want me to roast you or whether you just want to show off.
I was just thinking about how everyday I you know. I have people telling me how I should be doing makeup criticizing my makeup, etc, etc, and I just thought we gotta flip the tables here a bit. So I got you guys to send me on. Your looks I get some hundreds of messages a day being like help me with this. How do I do this? I thought about I’m. Basically, Google is what I’m trying to gather… I don’t want anyone to be offended by what I say it. I would never mean there for anybody or to annoy anybody to make them upset. That’s never anything. I started to do device. I’m gonna give you now or the tips I’m gonna give. You is the same. I would give someone who sits down in my chair. If you need help, I’m telling you things tohelp you not tohurt you tohelp. You and also I’m aware, I do not know everything, I’m aware, I’m not the best makeup artists in the world. So before you go and comment saying such things you’re stupid, I already know it. People are asking for my help, so I’m going to give it all right, I’m not asking for your opinion and also not know me. I can take any nasty negative comments. That’s fine! I’ve developed thick skin over the interweb. You will be blocked so quickly. You don’t even realize things will get messy. We mess with the wrong new ha. I will peg my makeup brushes at your face. Don’t mess up my people? Okay, so. I think I’m going to let you guys roast me proper full-on roast me. I want to post pictures my old makeup and you guys just let me know down below. Do you want to roast me? Do you do you really? Okay, let’s get started, miss Jordan, Lee roast me Kelly and then she proceeds to just am I supposed to roast this? What am i roasting girl? Your fully cooked your well done. You don’t need no roasting. No I’m sorry you’re making absolute dirt of me.
Okay. So we got Chloe into me. What would you do different for that? Vid. Excuse me. Excuse me. I am offended by this you’re asking me what you do different, absolutely nothing that is blended into your hairline teach me teach me what I would do different is place. This onto my eyeball and never take it off thanks Chloe Fonseca says yes, please to the roasting, Wow Wow. What okay come on you are coming for me. You are coming for me, you’re, making absolute dirt of me.. Caramel makeup says this is such a great idea, you’re, always ahead of the game girl. You know what bugs me, how to stop shadows becoming mushed into each other to get that gradient. In fact, it’s always something I try to be better at.. then you know that I always used a different brush for different colors, the darker, the color, the smaller the brush and the closer to lashline. We heat. you know you know this so important to make sure that you use a different brush for each eyeshadow. It stops them from and so muddled together, and also that you’re only blending. The very very edges of the eyeshadows Marik read some of my reasons. I’D love tohear your opinion le a to M. My opinion is that Wow look at that blend huh your eyes ship. Can I take it please, and he says I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone replying to this is super talented. Oh, my god, yeah true, it makes me upset. Oh hello there with your bloody double coat. Crease, that’s fine! These are just trying to show me up this you’re trying to embarrass me in front of my people about what’s happening. Mishima ski miss miss she look that idiot. Let me know what you think and if there’s anything I can improve on, please tell me girl. Well, can I just tell you that anything you can improve on she says while producing a photograph and a blend like this? Let’s not play games, let’s not play games, Jackie Jones, that’s a cool name, Jackie Jones says: defo tips on photography also want you to improve. Just anything, and then she has this killer blue cook, crease, hey well, looking at this look. First of all, these are sohard to do. I’D never do blues, hardly ever because it’s just they’re just a pain in the arse and they take care just a button. Looking at this, look, though, why I would have changed is see how you have the blue coming across the lid. I probably would have incorporated that into the blend, on top just to give it more depth.
The blend that you have going on with a dark blue is vegan, but it just looks like one color. If you had a brought that lighter blue off and blended the very edges of that and what are given your look so much more depth. So much more dimension and wooded minute, look like you just have all one color kind of blended and, to be honest, it would have made the blues that I’m not easier to blend that out, not like you needed tohelp anyways tips on photography whoa. I was gonna say this, but there was so many looks sent on to me. That could have been such good locks with the we’re good locks, but could have been. but I didn’t want to because you could barely see the look because it was a photograph and that’s just a reality of it. You could do it on the lock, but if you’re, but if your photograph, when you’re lighting, isn’t good it’s gonna, let your luck down honestly when it comes to like taking photographs practice just makes perfect. That’s just the way it is. I have one angle and when I go on me – and it took me a very long time to find said one angle – I give you a few tips though so I always use the back camera on my iPhone. There must have been a bad batch of these, because sometimes the cameras aren’t good and sometimes cameras really bad. This makes my photos so great, sometimes my back camera and I put it two squares. I take my eye close ups, so I have a mirror in front of me and what I do is I put my camera like so, and I can see this in my mirror, so I hold it like that and already took my head back just so you Can see the whole eye? Look I placed my hand here. I put my thumb on there on the volume up button and that’s gonna tick, the photograph for me. So I play around the I’m happy and that’s the look there now. The photograph itself is quite grant to edit and then there’s a little tab here, the third one – and it shows you how you can kind of correct the lighting, the color, etc. The lighting I’ve got loads of lighting. I’ve got two big, our soft boxes. It’s got a ring light. Honestly, you don’t need that natural lighting is the best lighting. When I first started off, I used to go up at the crack of dawn just so I could get the perfect lighting before I went to work. You want to get a good photograph, you have to go out and get the good photograph you have to get off early, especially in Ireland, or we don’t have a lot of Sun.
It’s just the way it is, but natural lighting is unreal. You don’t need all this fancy stuff, it helps, but it’s not necessary thummidi, your mouse, a favorite, so some advice from you would be everything creative queen. That has a ring to it. Kelly, the creative Queen and advice well, first of all, you’re too cute and second of all, maybe to stop being so good, actually MUA recreating my look, get it girl, so just for fun goes to me: what’s your secret to a razor-sharp, cut, crease love to know. Okay, girl, okay, well, you seem to be doing just fine with what you have already, but if you wanted us to be even sharper, what I recommend is actually playing a little bit more concealer or a little bit more gel liner or whatever it is that you’re Using the moral pick that your concealer is the moral pick that the eye shadows on top we’re gonna, be it’s gonna make the Capri sharper. So I use my P Louise base, or else my in got gel liner. I always mix a little bit of Jura line with it just to make a little bit more liquidy right across the aisle a bit easier guys. We’ve got really wrinkly eyelids everyone does the skin on the eyelids. It’s just wrinkly, so your brush is naturally gonna pull across it. So the more liquidy the product is the easier it’s gonna be to act out your shape first and then go in for the product by itself to kind of build up your picniced. I don’t even think I know what okay ik means, but I’m hopefully you know Alan Lewis says to me: you girl, needs some advice on how to improve and my advice maybe is tohave more confidence like these are killer killer. Le hum wants to know. I could I make this more pigmented on the lines. Neater you’ve got lines coming out of everywhere, my Christ. This would have taken me a year and a half to do. I could see what you mean by the lines you need them to be like neater or whatever I’m doing graphic liner looks like that. I like to use this brush. Do you see it? No, you can’t exactly because it’s only like a hammer, it’s a tiny little paintbrush this and I use my gel liner on again. I mix it with the jearlyn. I told you guys about earlier. It just makes your gel liners a little bit more liquidy. It makes them glide across the aisle it’ll be easier, so you can get your shape and then go back in and build up the color It is a process, it is process, but it’s worth it.
I love my makeup here Kelly movement inspired move up I also tell you: I met this girl on my master class and she told me that her mother thought my name was Kelly mwah, as in like Kaylee move I was my second in I wanted she went into in back There was a Garrett, obviously whohad her name and then it said anyway, underneath her mean, and she was a makeup artist in the store and she went up toher and was like Oh my god, are you related to candy muha She thought she at the same second name as me being muath Is that not healing is? I might get my name change to that Whoa love my makeup here by hand, my blocky eyebrows I don’t have the hair for fluffy brows, but any suggestions on how to make a mess square and more natural at the front girl I got you yeah, like blocky square eyebrows, are like the fear they’re like I can’t cope with them So I feel you from looking at your picture I feel, like you use a bright comet, eyebrow gel or like a Nastasia pomade What I would do is actually switch it up Maybe maybe try like a pencil I find since going to a pencil when my brows just look more hairier they’re, not as like blocky I find a bright pomade can actually make your hair stick together, which gives that blockier effect Now, if you love your palette, you can stick to it, but maybe, instead of going in with it at the front, maybe use either a pencil or a powder just to make it less blocky and also cover miss bootie afterwards, I’m just kind of and that there Is enough that there is enough I like over the reaction to that like it was in saying I got so many people sending me stuff a lot of them wearing around the same So I hope that I answered your question or that you might have learned something from what other people are asking me or the advice whatever if this was really give a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment down below should I do this once a month, I love finding new people to follow I’m McCree and I said, what’s my time creeping on the internet and I need people to creep on alright and also comment down below If you wanna roast me trying to do it, you really wanna things get a little ugly Thank you guys so much for watching Once again If you want to check them out,

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