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July favorite eye shadow, shower cap and prescription

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, if you are new here, welcome, my name is Rhiannon. I like to bring you all things: vegan and cruelty-free, and today we’re gonna be looking at my July favorites. So that’s cute, the intro okay. So, first things first, I really hope you will enjoy my tiny pineapple today. As always, everything will be linked in listed in the description box down below, along with any discounts or other relevant information. I can find – and I guess I begin with my TV favor for the month, which has been the show years and years if you’ve also seen it already.
You will know how passionately you’ve probably come to feel about the show. No because I’m terrible at explaining things – and I and I don’t want to give anything away – I’m going to Google what the blurb is, I’m pretty sure there are six parts it already came out in the UK a little while ago. I think, and then no it’s just finished in the u.s., so you should be able to binge it lucky. Okay, the overview is an ordinary British family contends with the hopes, anxieties and joys of an uncertain future in this six-part limited series that begins in 2019 and propels the characters 15 years forward into an unstable world. As the Britain of this imaginary drama is rocked by political, economic and technological advances, the family experiences everything hoped for in the future and everything that is feared in my eyes it is the single best TV cinematic experience to come out of the UK for as long As I can remember, I am not exaggerating: okay, it was actually my mom that had told me that it was really good and I should try and watch it, but it came out in the UK quite a while before it came out here so when it was. Finally released here, I started it and it was being released one a week and it is phenomenal, highly recommend watching and although it is really good, it’s also a little too real in some areas. So yeah, please watch it so that we can talk about it. Okay, the other obvious one that I wanted to mention a favorite for the month has been my me, a CODIS current geez. So if you’re not familiar Mirko de RA ethical, eco-friendly kind of like small-batch clothing line. So I’ll link you some in the top corner, but we decided we would collaborate on a fun little thing that you guys might enjoy, which was scrunchies.
So these are some of them also have one in now and they actually sold out, which I couldn’t really believe. It’s been so nice to see you guys like say that your scrunchies have arrived and that you love them and it’s definitely been a favor of the month. I feel like it was a great kind of like pick me up, and I just felt really good about it because being able to like collaborate as an influencer with a brand that you feel so passionately about is just like amazing. So a huge thank you to Julia for me a coda for organizing the whole thing with me, and thank you to you guys for your support and for everyone who bought one, because I think they’re really fun all right. Next up this fanny pack, okay, I have been wanting like a less fashioned fanny pack. That is also chic and simple, but is very functional and well-made and soul and Celine actually sent me this one and it’s basically exactly what I have always wanted. So I’m gonna put a couple pictures up on the screen of me wearing it. If you want to check it out, save a little zip on the front, they are um. What do you call this when they’re like taped zips? Is that what it is, and then the main big one in the back – and that is just one big compartment and I was able to fit so much in here when I used it on the fourth of July and I’ve just been reaching for it. When I want to be like hands-free and just have a couple things with me, even though you cannot shoot fit quite a lot in here, you don’t have to wear it around your waist. If you don’t want to, you could wear it crossbody or just like a little. You know you, okay, I do have an affiliate discount for soul and Celine. I think it might be wife, life, but I’ll put that in the description box. Okay, I’m not going through these things in any order, but my my other favorite for more than a month now has been the app good Rx. So if you live somewhere with socialized healthcare, you will probably be like. Why does that need to exist? And I know believe me: good Rx is basically an app or service it’s free and they often can get you your prescription, a much cheaper price. Obviously, it’s gonna vary greatly depending on your prescription, your health insurance. All of those things but I’ll tell you my experience, one of my daily medications. I had to go up a toe, so the dose essentially doubled the price didn’t double. I pay a lot for a private health insurance every month. I’m not sure why, anyway, my dose doubled, the price did not double the price went up ten times actually slightly more than ten times, but anyway, my prescription that was originally $12 a month because I doubled the dose, went up to 130, something with my insurance And you might think that, with your insurance, you’re gonna get the best price right.
That’s why you pay into health insurance. It turns out that prescription for me cost more with health insurance than without know a lot, but still that makes zero sense. So I looked into good rx because, to be honest, both prices were extortionate and good Rx actually managed to bring the price down from about. I think it was like 120 without insurance. It brings it down to 70 dollars. For me, which 70 dollars is um is still too much, but I wanted to mention that to you guys, because I know a lot of you in the u.s. struggle with getting the medications that you need to live a better life. And so I wanted to make sure that all of you guys knew about good or X. Again, it’s free, I just download the app and then you can save the coupon to your phone and then you can ask your pharmacy to check if it’s cheaper, to use your health insurance or to use good rx. Good rx will tell you the price flout, and then they can check how much it will be with your insurance and also without because there are times when buying your medication without your health insurance will be cheaper. So I’m just putting this out there, because I’ve had so many experiences at the pharmacy in the US, where most everyone, like ahead of me, has had to leave without prescriptions that they need, because their health insurance has changed. The price has gone up and it’s is upsetting honestly. So in my situation, yes, I can’t afford the extortion price, but I just wanted to make sure that you guys knew about good rx, because if it can save you any money at all on prescriptions, please do use it so on the app you could just search For whatever your medication name is, or it will show you like popular searches, it will tell you what the best price is for the pharmacy closest to you. And then you can save coupons right in your phone which for me the coupon will pop up as an alert on my phone whenever I go near my Walgreens pharmacy. So it’s awesome and the other thing I just want to let you guys know in case you. Don’t know this somehow is that for me, I take two medications a month.
One of them for me is cheaper using good rx and one is cheaper using my health insurance, so you can do both and the pharmacy is like super used to people doing that, because, sadly, a large part of their job is finding ways to help people afford Their medications, so they will be more than happy to help all right. Let’s move on to something less horrifying, a shower cap, so this shower cap is from our cap. One of my subscribers had messaged me and said that she worked for them and could she send me one so it’s like kind of PR kind of a gift. I don’t know someone sent it to me and they just have tons of really cute designs of shower caps. They are much more kind of streamlined than like your big poofy shower cap, but they still keep your hair dry. I’m a big fan and also I have massive head and it still fit on my head with room to spare. So, even if you have a ton of hair or a big head, I do think it will still work and definitely check out there and surround too because they show all of the different designs and such and so forth and so on. Plus I get to feel like a sort of forties fifties film star when I’m in the shower. If you don’t do skincare, this is a derma e cleanser I’ve been loving. I did get this in a goodie bag when I went to one of their events and it is the acne deep pore cleansing wash. It has active salicylic acid tea tree and come a mile in it. So there was like a few week period where my I just had like strange breakouts. I did have my one massive one here which is finally gone, and then just my skin wasn’t super happy. What I make sure to do now is, if I’m wearing a lot of makeup, I will use a cream or oil cleanser to remove that, and then I go in with this cleanser, and I find that the salicylic acid in it is like one of my fave Ingredients for breakouts block pours stuff, like that. It seems to really help to prevent me from then getting breakouts from like wearing a lot of makeup or being super hot and stuff like that. So the other great thing is, you only need one pump of this for your whole face. I also bring it down my neck, because I find that salicylic helps with like any tiny little skin tags, and it’s just helped to really clear up my skin and also it seems to have kind of like prevented it from getting a ton of more blocked, pores And breakouts, I wanted to be sure to mention this, even if you don’t necessarily have acne.
I almost feel like. I wish they hadn’t called this range. The acne range, because I just think that people might overlook it if they’re like, I, don’t actually have acne, but I just get like one or two breakouts or I have a lot of blocked pores. This has been super effective for me and I also love their serum from this line tube, which is another salicylic product. You could probably also try that, for if you have any body acne speaking of getting sweaty uh, this little guy has also been a favorite. So I got this in a kind of beauty box. I will, I think it was a kind of beauty box, but it sees I own health clay dry deodorant in the original scent says that it’s bold. This is obviously a travel size, tiny little deodorant and I have found it to be very effective. I do use and try out a lot of different deodorants if they work for me. I tell you guys about it. If they don’t, I keep my mouth shut. Some of them do nothing, or some of them make your own pizza Mel like Bo and Jem. It’s not my favorite anyway. This one is meant to be extra strength, I’m not a super sweaty or stinky person, but I certainly can get pretty ripe in the summer months or if I’m like working outside or something and this one, they obviously doesn’t. Stop you sweating, it’s not an antiperspirant, but I can still smell the really kind of nice fresh smell of it on my armpits, even at the end of the day, and a lot of more natural deodorants can like really wear off very quickly. It’s kind of like you’ve, not even bothered where’s that one. I definitely am aware of it working long into the day, so I wanted to mention that it’s another great option for a vegan and cruelty-free deodorants. It’s also going to be less, have less awful ingredients, always plus this one. You guys would probably expect if you watched me strike with the dose of colors foundation. It is the color pop halo top birthday cake due out. I did receive this in PR. I receive a lot of color pop items in PR, but I also do buy a lot from them and it’s an ice cream collab. They have a bunch of different flavors. The birthday cake. One in my opinion, is the finest. So you get two shades in there. I’m gonna go ahead and put some swatches up on the screen for you.
I’m gonna also show you them on my eyes, just with a bit of bronzer in the crease. Those pictures will show them better than I can show you right here. I feel like, but they are just beautiful shades. I also have them on my lids right now with a different eye shadow base, which I’ll tell you in a minute. For me, it’s not often that I reach for single eyeshadows. I usually either just use a bit of bronzer, maybe a bit of highlight, or I reach for a palette where these two I’ve been reaching for basically every day since I tried them, I would highly recommend getting by the pound. It is just gorgeous. It looks different depending on what you put it on top of they kind of smell a bit like ice cream. I don’t know if I imagined that is that just part of the whole experience, maybe hopefully you can see them all minded today. I put my darker base down and then I put by the pound, which is that, like weird peachy, one kind of like pressed it into the center of the lid and blend it out a bit. And then I put a tiny bit of extra sprinkles, which is the lighter shade on the inner corners and and if you’re looking at any of the other sets in this collab. There is one set which has one shade. That is not vegan, but they always have that listed on their website, just if they are things that are in bundles like this, where there’s two products you want to click through to each product on the site, and it will tell you if it’s vegan on officer. I’m obsessed I’m gonna clean these before I show them to you. This has actually been a favor of the last few months, USA finally came out this month. I think – and this is a pair of glasses – that I’ve been loving from them the most. Obviously it was a collab with them. I did not pay for these, but they are just Gorge and torture’ twice tortoiseshell legs and I just really like them, because I think whether I’m wearing makeup or not, it’s just kind of fun to have that clear front, because you can still see your eyes. But it gives you a bit of definition and then you have like the kind of classic look to the leg. So oh my gosh they’re, so dirty you guys have any tips to actually keep your glasses clean. Besides the obvious, let me know I’m not gonna. Be able to see – because I also have contacts in, but this is what they look like. They are a nice big chunky frame again clear in the front tortoiseshell legs and I love them mmm My next favorite is a little bit random, but it’s using anastasia dipbrow as an eyeshadow base.
where I recreated a makeup Look by a makeup artist on Instagram, and I don’t have Mac Paint Pots But her reasoning was that they are waterproof and then I was like I think that dick brow is somewhat waterproof I tried it and it blew my mind I had this shade caramel So that’s what I used and that’s actually what I have on as a base Today it just it works incredibly well, so I wanted to be sure to mention that to you guys, because if you already have a dip brow, you may as well try using it in other ways You could use that as an eyeliner if you wanted to, but just as a kind of waterproof cream base That is also like really easy to get a beautiful blend with it They just work phenomenally well If you want to see how I applied it, kinda makes me want to get some different colors of this brow product, because I don’t feel like there’s any vegan and cruelty-free versions of Mac Paint Pot, necessarily that are waterproof But if you know of them, you let me know alright now, finally have a couple lip products So today on my lips, I have the Milani easy, liner, Phillips and most natural line, my lips with that and then I’m wearing rise and shine from the color pop Just a tint collection again, and I just think that they are the perfect product to throw in your bag and carry with you but they’re Just super easy again easy to reapply they’re kind of nice and nourishing on the lips They add a little bit of Sheen and just a nice tint of color, and I am obsessed so again – I’m wearing rise and shine right now without lip liner, but my other favorite is give me some more So where should I we’ll do a swatch here? So you can kind of see it just another beautiful nude so that is it for my July favorites Definitely let me know what products things TV shows you’ve been loving this month I will meet you down in the comments like I said which a lot of you have been asking for I didn’t realize that you missed them, so check back There should be up Wednesday and Friday, I’m really trying to do Monday and Friday releases at least, and then the Wednesday release as well If I am able, I don’t know if I already said this

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