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Ken Block first used Gymkhana grid in Cossie V2:2019 Poland!

30 Sep , 2019  

Welcome to Warsaw, Poland, we’re here for the 10th ever Gymkhana grid, ton of elements that you’ve actually created buddy and what’s that behind us Kazi. So this is part of the Kazi world tour, one of eight events, the thing I’m doing this year. So this is the first time that we’ve actually had the Kazi in an actual Gymkhana course. I tested out the Gymkhana turbo and engine setup and all that at Goodwood Festival of Speed a couple months ago, but this is the first time actually taking it inside the course and we’re standing inside the course.
The right thing about it is that this is the most space that we’ve ever had for Gymkhana grid and we have a giant space for not only the paddock but a good warm-up area back there being launched into the biggest longest gym kind of good course. We’ve ever had 11 obstacles, 11 obstacles. 11 yep monster has done a great job. Putting together this event. Thank you monster the course. A lot of the course not all of it is inspired by Gymkhana 10. So we’ve got pinatas over there I got pinatas. We got a pool to make the the Oliver soar burger section. Oliver was doing donuts with me around the pool. Well, we have the shipping containers yep, that’s from Gymkhana steaks, the bikes, that’s from the Mexico part Gymkhana tan and then there’s other random little elements. There’s like bumper cars, an old Gymkhana. Let’s talk about some of the some of the legends that are here again, you podium 2010 you’re on the podium. What is the other time you podium, but Oliver Solberg Petter Solberg, who else kind of stands out in your mind as far as some iconic names that are here well yeah, the the solvers are the biggest names that we have here from rallying rallycross header being two-time World rallycross champion and one time world WRC World Rally Championship champion, so it’s always great having better here. He actually really loves this event and now his son’s here for the second year and his son’s getting quicker and quicker. So it’s been great to watch Oliver progress and becoming the same speed as his dad, so that competition was great to watch well stamp. Here we have bagsy, we have Daigo Saito, a host of local polish drivers of our tech bar tech, super talented in building an amazing beer. Yes, he had a motorcycle accident in which he lost both his arms. I think it was the late teens to early 20s and sohe’s adapted a car for drifting. He didn’t know how to drift before this accident, sohe not only has learned to drift, but he’s learned to drift with only his feet.
On top of that to me of Chris Hoy here this year, so I met Chris years ago because he was doing a program that was dedicated to Colin McRae, so they had me on as part of that cuz I knew Colin. I competed with Colin, but Chris is a six-time Gold Olympian for the sport of cycling, but the velodrome style cycling. But it’s very cool he’s had the opportunity to race a lot of different things, including some endurance, racing rallycross and he’s here trying Gymkhana for the first time, but how many women do we have competing? We have a few, but I don’t believe Tessa qualified a lot of broken hearts here, Luke Woodham who’s defending champion in rear-wheel drive. He built a new vehicle. He only drove it twice. I think here and unfortunately did not qualify. Wow, that’s a bummer. You know now the grid is getting more popular and bigger, we’ve had the biggest contingent of drivers come out to compete, and so for Saturday, for each class we needed the top 16 for each class and that’s still 32 cars to come out and compete on on Saturday, well guys, like Luke, didn’t qualify, so you are not competing you’re, not competing actually out here, you’re just kind of doing a still competing. I still have to beat someone it’s poking stuff. Oh okay, yeah! You know this is a brand new car. We have done. No Gymkhana testing with it so for me to come out and be able to compete in a different way, we’re doing the smokin style, which is going through the entire course doing it as dramatic in a stylish as possible and creating as much smoke as possible. Because that’s one thing about Gymkhana grid to drive this course as quick as possible. You end up driving very clean. So we created this demo style competition for myself and I did it against. I go last year, I did it in the Hoonah core, which is the shots with all the flames commander, then all that that on boards, beautiful one of my favorite on boards, but we’ve done this to kind of be able to show that style of driving on This course also, so what the fans that come out to see the very tight competition see these top level drivers battle to see who can be the fastest, but also see cars like this thrown as sideways as humanly possible and creating as much smoke as possible we dohave the gentleman whohas put together the whole course for us conveniently james gilbert get over here buddy, so james Gilbert has been curating this for how long nine months I know this so the first event in Santa Paws blood wet an incense pod yeah, we had rain, cones and conquer yeah, and that was that was it yes, Santa pod we’ve been back to Santa pod, but we’ve been to Spain a couple times: we’ve been to South Africa twice and now: Riesling marathon, Greece yeah Thanks change, thank you, yeah awesome.
Would you think that Gymkhana grid would have grown to this level and why Poland as well came back to Europe and just Poland’s got such a cool car culture? Like you know, there’s motorsport within everyone comes out drift Events of twenty thousand people come out, so we were just like yeah cool right: let’s go to ponent somewhere new come back to Europe and we want to make it big impression: yeah, there’s a good choice Yeah and I’ve experienced a lot of Polish enthusiasm because of rally around them You know, and I’ve been lots of different polish drivers and fans You know when I was doing the WRC and doing these type of ansan they’re, always very enthusiastic they’re very knowledgeable and they’ve they’ve had a very good contingent of drivers, yeah not only rally but rallycross and drifting So you can see that from our product, like literally the rear wheel, drive class, was just inundated We had a real problem with going We only have 32 drivers like we could have filled that for three times over just from being opponents, and they don’t see the rallycross out here as well There’s a very cost-effective going on Saturday’s same time as this So we’ve got some of the guys group down Read last question: for Gilbert: when is Gymkhana grid come back to the States there you go a little teaser Ken, let’s wrap it up We talked about this event, but tomorrow is game day yeah Well, these stands Do you see right there or empty right now, because we’ve had qualifying we’ve had practice We had a bunch of media stuff today, but tomorrow’s the real event tomorrow, when I get serious and pyrotechnics and also really good racing So I kept all that footage and then I’ll talk again, maybe after it’s an all Solberg final who’s, it gonna be dad or son, Jedi or Padawan I’ll get better, actually look really deep into that Only one who picture that he wants it is He today is a perfect opportunity, unity to keep the tidy and her Solberg and better and ammonia you to Norway, your winner at Gymkhana, grid war, softball 2019, it’s not other whatever they’re organizing this mistake and you you’re talking too much and that’s it The trap to pedigree 2019 boy, what happened general anything I never get sprayed of champagne and these turds Thank you What do you got? [ Applause, ],

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