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Khloe Kardashian toured the Karabas Tower for $7.2 million in 2019

30 Sep , 2019  

Khloe Kardashian is one of my favs in the kardashian-jenner film I would have to admit, 35 years old and she’s a reality star influencer model and businesswoman. Much like her sisters, not to mention she’s, a mom to her daughter, true Thompson who she now co parents with her baby, daddy Tristan Thompson. Chloe has 98.5 million followers on her Instagram at the moment, and her page looks like she’s living the dream and looking glam. As always, we’ve been working on the house tours of the kardashian-jenner, so I figured we might as well just try and do them all, and you guys requested Chloe’s house.
So here it is, maybe Courtney will be next. I also wonder if you guys want to see kris Jenner’s place. So if you do, let me know in the comments with an estimated net worth of 40 million Chloe’s, apparently just a little bit behind her mom Kris in terms of wealth. I’m not sure, but I think out of the whole fam rob, has the lowest net worth it’s still 10 mil. So I wouldn’t be complaining anyways with a net worth like that. We already know. Chloe has a nice mansion. One thing you should have learned about the kardashian-jenner estates is that most of them are basically neighbors. The majority of the FEM has purchased up in area and Calabasas called Hidden Hills. Here’s where Kim and Kanye have their mega mansion kris. Has her house Kylie. Has her dream mansion and a few more properties and Khloe and Kourtney are ripe aside in the gated community called the oaks, so don’t bet on buying any houses here, because they’ve clearly taken over Khloe’s house is one of the nicest. In my opinion, she is the same interior designer martyn lawrence-bullard, like a few of the family members dead, even Kylie, so you can see some similarities for sure and a little later on I’ll tell you which celebrity Chloe purchased her current mansion from. If you don’t already know, hey guys, it’s Kara and we’ve been trying something a little different here on this channel today, we’re gonna be taking a look at Khloe, Kardashian’s, 7.2 million dollar mansion in Calabasas and see what her places like will. Also look at her. All places like her house with Lamar Odom and the Cleveland house, she lived in with her ex Tristan. If you like this idea, I’ll make more House Tour beds. We also did one on Kim and Kanye’s twenty-two million dollar palace in the Hidden Hills.. I need you to. Let me know who to do next in the comments down below and whose home you’d like to see.
I’m thinking next will be Kourtney Kardashian. So before we get into Khloe’s current house tour, we’ll look at where she used to live. Of course, she had a nice spot with her ex Lamar Odom, but they put that up for sale a while back. In fact, it’s on the market now for almost 4.9 million. If you wanted to buy it, this place was in Tarzana LA and almost 8,000 square feet with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms Khloe and Lamar originally had it listed for almost five point. Five mil, but the new sell price is less a lot of the keeping up with the Kardashian forage was filmed in this home back in the day as well as episodes of Khloe and Lamar. This spot was a gated estate in Mulholland Park and it looks like a dream. The pool and outdoor area was gorgeous even at the front. There was a fancy gate and massive driveway. There was an epic entryway here and I love the style of the staircase and the main hallway upstairs other features of this home included a few nights main living areas, a super cool bar, some massive walk-in closets and a home movie theater. This house was amazing, but who would want to keep a house when you’re getting a divorce? Khloe wanted a fresh start before Khloe resided in her current Calabasas mansion permanently? There was a time she was living in. Cleveland must have been a little bit out of place for Khloe to be living all the way in Ohio when her family and lifestyle was back in LA, but she did it when she was with Tristan at the time. Chloe already had her Calabasas mentioned, but she moved to Cleveland when her interest and had their baby, although it wasn’t her spot, I’m sure she still covered some bills. This homeless, in quia hoga County in Cleveland and cost Tristan 1.9 million I’ll bet the real estate isn’t as much as la, but the home still had the fancy vibes. It was 6000 square feet with five beds and seven baths and sat on half an acre of land with views of Lake Erie. Although some may call the house simple at the time, Chloe said she was happy to be in Cleveland, not to mention that this house was still really spacious and had a lot of features like a big playroom with a fish tank and an upstairs apartment. In case. The two wanted a live-in nanny, but clearly things change and Chloe moved back to her Calabasas dream home. Now, a look at the main attraction Chloe’s current home Chloe bought this house back in 2014 and just like her families to do invested in a ton of renovations to make it her own.
So who did Chloe purchased this house from none other than Justin Bieber? It was actually after an incident where Justin egged his neighbor’s home. This was during what I would call Justin’s ratchet phase and around the time of his DUI, but either way I guess those neighbors were happy to get a new resident next door. As I mentioned, Chloe’s home is located in the super private gated community of the oaks and Calabasas, where her sister Courtney also lives. Some famous neighbors include Michael Jackson’s, mother and children and Britney Spears used to live here too, although it’s technically not in the Hidden Hills. Like the rest of the fam they’re right beside each other, so it’s the same thing: Chloe paid 7.2 million for this mansion and it’s 9214 square feet sitting on 1.3 acres of land with six beds and seven baths. Some features of her house include a fountain, beautiful pool and jacuzzi outside a gorgeous courtyard, a wine cellar that holds about 200 bottles, a guest house and a special movie screening room which we’ll talk about soon. The interior design of Chloe’s house is super classy and looks like there’s a lot of black white and gray furnishings. She has a gorgeous glam room, that’s fit for a queen, as well as a spacious, master, bedroom and master bath that matched the vibes of the house. One of my favorite rooms is a sitting room because of the always. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a prettier room, there’s also a more practical living room that looks a bit cozier. The kitchen is big and has plenty of space for Chloe’s hobbies, like baking. Chloe has said, I absolutely adore baking with my nieces and nephews. It’s super fun and I love baking by myself. So what I like to do is have a cabinet for my baking essentials. So all of her baking stuff is in a separate cabinet. I like baking by myself, so what I like to do is have a cabinet dedicated to my baking essentials, everything of course labeled. These are airtight containers that are spill. Proof Chloe has given tours of her pantry and fridge to because she loves being organized to an extreme she’s so into it a series called clothes Edie. You got it like OCD organized by category like these are all my crackers or cookies on this side, and also these are the things that I think I would grab the fastest, which is the junk food, the blow pops caramels whatever.
I love the organization and Chloe’s. Definitely a pro the top shelf is normally used for drinks, because the top shelf is where it gets warmest and the door. So you always put condiments and everything on the side of the door, because those are the items that normally won’t go bad so easily. She’s totally speaking my language there, I think that’s the same way, I organized my fridge, but I never knew that there was actually science to back it up. Chloe’s even posted the bar in her house and the ways that she organizes that space, it’s a bar. So it’s supposed to be seen me in fun, so I like to actually display my alcohol and how I organize my alcohol is. I basically just do things that match I like to have something for everybody. That’s how I roll one of my favorite rooms in the house is Chloe’s movie theater, like I said before: martyn lawrence-bullard designed a lot of the kardashian-jenner homes, and I can see that here the same butterfly art that’s on the wall is also present in Kylie Jenner’s Dining room, which is one of Martin’s signatures, but when Marta showed this room on his Instagram, the wall, art was actually a nude shot of Chloe at the time. So I wonder if they’ve changed, that the other wall is entirely a screen, so you would definitely have the perfect movie night here. Poley also has a special pink nursery for her daughter, true, where, apparently, the floor is decked out in soft rugs, so she can play around wherever she wants. Finally, Chloe’s closets, that’s right! She has more than one and they’re impressive, but why not? If she doesn’t have to share closet space with anyone else at the moment who cares, she says it herself, don’t have a husband. So I am an extra closet. Chloe has a normal closet with most of her clothes and shoes, which is massive. We’ve seen it in some of her organization, Vince too, so when I saw these little squares in this whole box, it just was a perfect, let’s organize with this, and then she also has a fitness. We know that she’s infamous for organization, so it makes sense that Chloe’s separated her fitness gear into a separate room. I would love to do the same if I had that kind of space, all my shirts or long sleeves, but they go in order So this is my black section and then I go from color, so I always end with black and I start with white.
This whole side is my colored leggings, whatever, which is Gray’s prints I try to also put them in order of length This closet is my fits though, and every time I walk by and look motivated should get my ass in the gym From all that, I’ve seen I love Khloe’s current mansion in the Oaks she’s always lived in gorgeous houses, but this one in particular You can tell it’s really all her There’s plenty of amazing features like her cozy screening room, giant closets, as well as the master, suite and glam room, not to mention the huge yard and pool, even though the designer infused some Mediterranean style in the home design, it’s classy and feminine At the same time, although I really liked Kylie’s house, I think that my new favorite is Chloe’s and she’s crazy, organized like me, so I can only imagine how perfect her living space is Chloe’s house is probably where you’d want to go to If it was a zombie apocalypse, considering she stocked up with all of the snacks, I think that Chloe has done a great job, creating her dream home for herself and her daughter and I feel, like she’ll be living at the spot For a while, I mean she’s neighbors, with her sister Courtney and a right beside most of her other family as well So I’m sure that makes this house the ideal location, I’d love to know what you guys think about Chloe’s house in the comments Okay guys Jla commented on our Kim K, house tour vid, saying Kim’s house isn’t hers at all? It’s all weird, Oh Kanye, Kim just conceded She never have it like that on her own good point, J Ellie, that’s probably why I think it’s so weird It’s definitely more his unique taste on our car TV host When a siege owns said great commentary I love cardi and offset wishing them well, thanks NAEYC and I love the couple they’re hilarious and I also think from their house plans you can see Cardi stayed real Finally Thank You Charlotte Positive comments are always the nicest alright guys That’s all I could find on Chloe’s Calabasas home I look forward to reading what you guys think about her spot or, if there’s anything I might have missed like I said I personally love her space What was your favorite room in Khloe’s house and I’d have her and her sisters, homes, which one did you like best so far bye,

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