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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new cold life in Wyoming! Journalism

1 Nov , 2019  

Kim and Kanye, if you haven’t heard there, are setting up steaks in Wyoming, so The Daily Beast has written a piece that outlines their life and Cody a town about above about a thousand people. Ez has reported 10,000 people. Sorry, I’m a little dyslexic when it comes to numbers and words easy as reportedly met the mayor he’s living his best life getting to know the locals for her part Kim posted a family pic of their idyllic life from a hilltop and captioned it Wyoming nights.
They both seem to be in on this new path of peace, Zen faith, whatever you want to call it their reports that Connie’s, even considering taking his Sunday service national/international his recent service in Atlanta, drew a lot of followers. I mean what do you guys make of this? This is a natural progression for them as they get older. Do they have different priorities? What do you think I mean? I don’t know if they have a natural progression in any sense, just because they’ve done so many things that have surprised us that for that to say, what’s enact the natural progression is that they’re going to do something that surprises us, but I like it like. I feel like they’re spreading love they’re, showing family values. You know, I think it’s probably good for the kids. This actually makes me like really happy. I think it’s probably good for Kanye’s mental health. This makes me really happy, I think, with them. Having such a big platform, I mean, and also I’m from Kansas City, so maybe a little bit of that like you know, we like rolling hills and dirt and stuff, but I just I like that now that they have such a big platform, they’re sort of highlighting Look, it’s not always about the superficial, it’s about being with people, you love, you know if you have a faith believing and like sort of taking a moment to share that love or be grateful for where you are. I think this is just so good for that whole family. I love it yeah me too, I mean look. You know Connie has gone through times when the celebrity has been the most important thing he’s now about passing on a message, that’s important to him and that’s given him balance and yeah.
I like it too sure yeah Why not? I don’t know I feel, like our we’re A ranch in Wyoming is like not that radical a thing, even though it’s them there are a ton of celebrities who have ranches, who have like 10,000 acre plots of land You know the church thing I’m a little bit divided on, because, while you know that might be a the inspiration for that might be worthy, I would feel differently if it turned into a money-making operation, as I feel differently about all those churches who become money making Realizations, you know under the guise of like whatever it is I came, you know whatever it is, so if it’s, if it becomes that I’m gonna feel differently, that’s there, but but yeah for the firm for now good good for them, and you were talking about couples and surviving and having shed and trust rate That goes right It would be interesting how this works out It will cuz we’ve heard Kim, say I’m 50 million times She loves LA she’s that light through and through that in LA in any in any sense of the word But we know that Kim values family right like saying nah, yeah and yeah love being there, and I think I think Kim even has a spirituality to her This is me going out on a limb and a guess, but just especially with losing her father, Kim or Kanye losing his mother actually think That’s something that probably connected them back in that way, and certainly when you’ve lost a close loved, one spirituality can kind of help you cope and like deal and that way, and so yeah, I think it’ll just be Ken – will Kim get bored You know like you’re sitting there, you’ve been to the local McDonald’s yeah you’ve been to the local, like cafe, that has all the hot things After a while most posts on Sykes yeah, now you’re like well, I didn’t seen the Sun Can she survive that that would be my question

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