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Large Drugstore Makeup: New Product 2019 Juicyjas

30 Sep , 2019  

. We are gonna, be doing a huge drugstore makeup haul and I feel, like I haven’t, done issue taught in a while. I think my last haul might have been a Sephora haul, so so in a couple of months inside a drugstore haul, though, which is extra special, because I love drugstore makeup. You guys know that. So I went to Walmart on a Monday for groceries and I came out with this. I did get the groceries, though so we’re good. So this time I actually ended up going to a different Walmart.
I went to like a big Super Center and I found all of these goodies, so my Walmart doesn’t have any of this stuff. So when I saw that I was like oh my gosh, I need it like. I didn’t come here for this, but I was like mom: let’s get another car cuz, I’m getting makeup. I also did go to all so last week and I bought a couple of new things that I hadn’t seen before and that are also drugstore brands, NYX Milani and Maybelline that I figured I would also throw in here so yeah. as always, don’t forget to grab a snack and let’s just go ahead and get started and see what I got. I am hoping that. Let’s just cross our fingers: okay, first things: first, I’m gonna start off with a backup product that I got that I have been loving. So these are the kiss zero one lashes. I ended up just getting two packs of these because I’ve been wearing them. I’ve been wearing these non-stop. I’ve actually been wearing these over these someone perfect 614. I mean, I still love those. You guys know that, but I feel like these are a little bit wider, so they fit my eyes. I feel like a little bit better because I have pretty big eyes and I just feel like they are perfect. They’Re really fluffy really wispy they’re kind of like the salon, perfect 6 for teens, but I feel like they’re a little bit more like wispy, which I really do love. So you guys know. Kiss lashes are my favorite and by the way, if you hear something, it’s Bernard he’s literally sleeping right behind me right by my side. So if you hear anything, that’s him but yeah. I love these lashes, they’re, beautiful, they’re, so affordable and you can reuse them, which is great, so I just decided to get an extra two packs of these, because I’ve been using them a ton.. So if you’re interested check that out next up, I got the Milani intense bronzed glow, face and body powdered bronzer. I had never seen this before when I saw this.
I was like wait. Oh wait a minute. I love me a good bronzer hold on. I gotta get the scissors out hold him. When I saw this, I was like a scream summer. They only had one shade from what I saw, but wow the packaging is really beautiful. I thought Milani has like some of the most high-end packaging at the drugstore, so this just looks like a oh wow. This pan is huge and it just kind of looks like a really shimmery bronzy highlighted bronzer. This honestly could be a highlighter if you are really really tan or darker. Oh, my god. This would be so beautiful. For me, this is definitely something that I’m gonna. Probably use as like, maybe a blush topper or on my body for sure. I don’t really see myself bronzing with this, because it is pretty like shimmery. It doesn’t have any glitter in it, but it’s definitely very bronzed very, like wet looking, so not something that I would use to bronze my skin, but definitely to add, like a really beautiful glow to the chest. I think that would be gorgeous. So this looks beautiful. Ko Milani with this packaging, though, like I am living, I also did get their gilded Rouge hyper pigmented eyeshadow palette, and I actually found this at Ulta. They had another eyeshadow palette, but this one just intrigued me the most and again with the packaging. So stunning, I mean these colors just kind of reminded me of like a high-end palette like hood of beauty or something especially with these glitter shades that they have so just looked so pretty and Milani shadows are actually really really beautiful, they’re. Really soft and creamy I mean just touching them, they feel so soft and buttery. So I can’t wait to play with this. I mean not that I really need any more eyeshadows, but you know gotta keep up with these trends, so I cannot wait to use that looks so beautiful speaking of eyeshadows. I came across this palette when I was at Ulta from NIC, so the NYX modern dreamer shadow palette, and it just looked so beautiful. I love all of these shades in here, I’m like. Maybe this is gonna force me to play with some color, but I mean the shades look stunning and a lot of the colors feel really really buttery and soft, which I am all about. I mean I love me, a good colorful palette. A lot of colorful palettes tend to be really chalky and dry, but this one seems really beautiful.
I also really do like NYX eyeshadows, I think they’re great. They can run a little pricy, but in this case I feel like this palette looks like good. Like legit, I also did get the Maybelline ultra slim brow pencil. This one is in the shade black Brown 262. I love me a good drugstore brow pencil and I have a lot of favorites. I feel like a lot of brands. Do brows really good, looks really good. It’s kind of like a really tiny little micro brow pencil, which i think is perfect for mimicking brow hairs outlining filling in your brows. If you’re on the go, I love the fact that it comes with a spoolie. Just really nice kind of like the a BH brow is, I feel like a lot of drugstore brow. Pencils are dupes for that brow, pencil from anastacio, which is amazing. Oh, I must read to talk about this Milani product. This is the intense bronze glow face and body liquid bronzer I mean. Can we take a moment and appreciate this beautiful packaging, its glass kind of reminded me of the fenty body lava. So when I saw it I was like I need that so looks really stunning. I don’t know how universal this is gonna be on different skin tones because it does look pretty bronzy pretty dark, but you know we will see. Oh, I love the fact that it comes with a pump that it’s like super convenient. I’m gonna apply something right now, cuz, I’m impatient. I’m gonna use my fenty body brush and I’m just gonna put this on just to see, I’m so curious to see what its gonna look like. I hope it doesn’t like that is so pretty it’s very glittery holy cow, oh yeah. This is glittery like. Can you even see that, probably hopefully oh yeah, that’s cluttery? Oh my goodness, it’s so pretty, though I feel like if you’re going out like a birthday party or like girls night out. This is like a girls night out type of thing. If you don’t like glitter you’re, probably not gonna, like this yeah, really really pretty, but definitely I feel like not something for every single day. I mean at least not for me, because it is just like it’s glitter, but I feel like honestly. This could be very Universal cuz, it’s not like orange, and it’s not too like dark on the skin, like I feel like, if anything, it’s just really gold and glittery, and it doesn’t feel sticky, which is good, but you do get. I don’t mean I don’t know how long that’s gonna take to dry, but you do get some glitter on your hands after touching your body, so just be mindful of that.
I usually I’m not a big fan of like glitter, because it’s so messy, but I feel like this is you know for a special occasion this is it I’m like all over the place by the way, I’m not doing this in any particular order. I’m kind of just picking and choosing out of my bag, so I have the NYX look at me: ready for the scissors, NYX fill and fluff amazing fluffing brush eye brow, pomade pencil. I was like really intrigued by the eye brow. Pomade thing I was like wait. That’s that’s weird, that’s different, so I was like. Let me get a try cuz. I always use a pencil. You guys know and then upon me with my brow. So how does like hmm? I can have to pencil. It gives me both I’m happy. So it’s like one of those really fat pencils, okay, it’s kind of like the UH Nastasia brow. Definer has like that angled tip, which again is really really good for outlining your brows or filling them in, and then it comes with this really funky little brush. It kind of looks like one of those um foundation brushes. You know, you know what I’m talking about, but this one seems to be for your brows. Obviously so I guess you apply the product and then with a brush, you kind of spread it out to the rest of your brows, which i think is really interesting so versus having a spoolie. You get one of these little brushes in here, which i think is cool, so I like that, I got this one in the shade brunette. I cannot wait to use that speaking of body products. L’Oreal has like a ton of new things. I have seen these before. On Instagram, but I’ve actually never seen them before in person, so I was really really excited about these, so this is from the line. I guess it’s called Beach Bay, so these are their face and body Luminizer zai got the shade light to medium and medium to deep. I just couldn’t help myself. A part of me is like wishing and hoping that, hopefully soon I’ll get tan to be able to use this bronzy one, but this looks so beautiful again. It’s kind of like the same body, lava type of concept. I’m gonna just put a little bit right on the back of my hand, just to see what it looks like. I like the fact that it does come with a pump super convenient. This looks more so like it’s gonna give you a wet looking like sheen kind of like a wet lotion type of thing, whereas the Milani product is definitely just glitter in a bottle.
So I think that’s really pretty. I think it’s just gonna make your skin look really gorgeous. I don’t see much with like even like a shimmer like it doesn’t have anything in there. It literally just makes your skin look really wet and pretty I mean it is a Luminizer. So it’s not really, I don’t think meant to be like a body lava type thing. I think it’s just meant to light luminize your skin and make it look really wet and elicit delicious. So on the back it says hydrate and globe beautify and softened. So I guess it gives you a glowing fresh, healthy, looking glow to your skin, which I mean who doesn’t want that in the summer. Oh, the bronzy color is like gorgeous and even on your legs. I think this would be really pretty so I’m excited about these. I think these are great for like vacation sticking with L’Oreal. They also had this huge Sun powder face and body bronzer, and I was like ooh give me all the bronzer in the summer time. So this is bronze. Please I’ve tried big L’Oreal bronzers like this before and I loved them. They were just limited edition, so I didn’t want to keep using them. But hopefully I don’t know if this is limited edition, but this looks really really good. Just like a big bronzer and this one could definitely be more so for like bronzing the face and everything because it doesn’t have as much shimmer or anything as the Milani one. Just like a really nice warm tone bronzer. I cannot wait to like bronze my entire life with this. This looks good. They also did have these shimmering blushes. I only got one shade. They had a more pinky one and then this one was a little bit more. Actually, this one looks pinky too. I thought it was gonna be more peachy but looks really pretty. Nonetheless, it’s called their shimmering blush in blushing, in Saint Tropez, and this one is number 12. Oh, they feel really really buttery, but there definitely is some glitter in there. So this is more so like a glittery blush, which I’m not mad about. I’m gonna use a little bit right now, because I just can’t help myself. It looks so pretty. Okay, I like how, when you apply it, you don’t see like a ton of glitter everywhere, it’s like still a really smooth formula, it’s not like chunky or anything, and it’s really really smooth.
At least it seems to be like going on to the cheeks really cute. I mean it can be a little scary, looking at it a little bit in the pan, but wouldn’t you apply it it’s gorgeous. So I like that, a lot. I’m really excited about this L’Oreal line. I think it’s gorgeous anyways our gonna die. When you see these highlighters – oh my goodness, so these are the L’Oreal crushed foil metallic illuminators woah. These look intense. So I got the shade rose, quartz and Gildan gold, so rose. Quartz is a really gorgeous like lay row like champagne kind of color, really pretty kind of like a light rose gold. I guess I’m supposed to way to describe it and when I saw this I was like give me 30 of those, oh very, very buttery. If you guys are familiar with the maybelline molten gold highlighter, this is exactly what this reminds me of. It is just so smooth, it doesn’t seem to be like really powdery, and then we have the shade gilded gold, which is definitely more of a gold bronzy tone. I feel like this might be better than tan, but I think I can still make it work. Oh, I can just imagine this on like a richer darker skin tone. Oh yeah, this is gonna be too dark. For me, this is definitely more of a darker color, but really beautiful, none, the less speaking of highlighters, I saw these airspun lose face. Highlighters. I think a couple of you guys actually DMD me on Instagram about them and I was like what I did not know. The airspun had lose highlighters, so I was looking for these and they were actually near the nail polishes like on like the side of the aisle and not necessarily in an aisle. You know what I mean so I saw these and I was like I need them. So I got the shade snow, much ice and glow for gold. Okay, so the packaging is standard, it’s kind of like a translucent highlighter, just like your typical or transcendental highlighter translucent powder. It’s like your typical loose highlighter and I used to honestly not be a big fan of loose highlighters because they are so messy, but I think on the chest or just like to really amp up your look. They are so gorgeous. I know I’m just literally applying everything right out to my body, because I’m impatient and this stuff looks so pretty. This is not really more of a light kind of highlight, I think more ideal. If you are lighter for sure, like much lighter than me. I think this would be really beautiful on you and I think the gold one is gonna be a little bit more like suitable for more skin tones, because it’s like very like pinky, but it’s very pretty. I feel like if you mix it gorgeous.
I feel like most loose. Highlighters are really like super intense that you typically will give you a more intense look versus just like a traditional like powdered, highlight it just takes your highlighter to the next level. So if you ever maybe are going out or you really want your highlighter to pop in pictures – I recommend going in with the powder and then with a loose one and I’m telling you it’s gonna. Take your look to the next level like several levels up and then the bronzy tone, the one called glow for gold is def more of like a gold yeah. It’s more, I feel like wearable versus the other one, that’s pretty light. So if you’re my skin tone darker tanner, I think that the gold shape might be more suitable. You guys could honestly make like your own, like shimmery body spray, with loose highlighters, as well as like a little bit of these in there with your body spray spray. It on your body – and you have your very own shimmery and body sprays. So that’s why loose highlighters are also amazing. Oh my god, I forgot lore’l actually has a ton of other stuff. I just got distracted by the highlighters, but they have these new glowing. Lip glosses so the first one that I got is in shade see you soon, like se, a which i think is super cute, and this is like a really light sort of like milky pink, but it’s sheer so like it has the slightest little bit of tint To it, which is good, oh these smell, oh, my god, this kind of smells like something from my childhood and I can’t really pinpoint it but wow it kind of smells like a like. I don’t know like a smackers lip balm. You know what I mean like wow, okay and then the other one that I got is in shade, or shall we dance so cute yeah? These are very sheer. I could probably didn’t do a little bit of this one right now. Oh, it has like the prettiest little like glitter in it, but it’s so smooth, oh, my goodness, that is gorgeous. These might be a new favorite and then I was really intrigued by this color tropic, like it’s hot. It’s like a like a red color, but like not really like it just gives you like the really slightest tint, oh my god, these books so gorgeous. I cannot wait to use them. I really hope that this stuff is not limited edition, because it looks really really good and it makes me sad when brands have limited edition stuff because it’s like, then you can’t keep using it because then all you guys can get it, but these glosses already.
I can tell you they’re gonna be good they’re gonna be really good. L’Oreal is just killing it, they have more new stuff, they have these crushed foil metallic, oh, my goodness, I just realized. I thought these were liquid eyeshadows and these are lip glosses. Okay, let’s just go with it, so I got the shade mirrored number 14, maybe it’ll be wearable literally looks like a liquid shadow. It looks like it has glitter in it, but like it’s really really like smooth and it’s not like chunky, it looks very wet other shade that I got is luster number 15. I don’t know how bad it’s gonna. Be these literally look like glitter shadows. That’s why I bought them, but okay, that’s cool, they look pretty so, hopefully they’ll be pretty on the lips we’ll see, and then they also did have these crushed foil metallic eyeshadows. So these are just like single shadows. I really like L’Oreal single shadows. I used to use their single like l’oreal infallible. I forget exactly what they’re called, but you guys know what I’m talking about there. Similar shadows are absolutely amazing, so I haven’t used them in a while, and I figured I would test these out because they looked really really really nice. Okay, so I got three shades. I got first crushed stone, which looks like a really pretty green wow. That is intense, looks a little powdery. You might definitely need some sort of like setting spray to really pack on the color and just make it stick better. Just by touching it, I can feel that it doesn’t feel like a super soft formula. It feels a little powdery, so that is that’s that I think you’re definitely gonna need to do that, but I mean I don’t really mind cuz. I tend to do that anyway, with most of my eyeshadows, but just a little FYI. That’s my first impression based on me touching it other color that I got is in the shade 23 diamond dust. Oh, this one actually feels softer than the one that I just touched, but a little bit more crumbly, so definitely you’re gonna need some sort of eye primer or maybe even like a glitter glue to really make these stick and then the last shade that I Got was gilded gold number 20. Okay, so I mean these look pretty. These probably look like the least impressive honestly out of everything I feel like I’m most excited for the glosses and the bronzer, but I mean these look pretty.
I just definitely think you got to work with them a little bit but we’ll see because sometimes swatching doesn’t really do the product justice so we’ll see how they apply on the eyes. The last thing from L’Oreal that I got is actually a backup product. This is the magic root cover-up, so this is a temporary gray, concealer spray.. I use this all the time whenever I have my hair up, typically in a bun or if I’m doing like a half up, half down hairstyle or just anything where you can kind of like really see like my hair roots. So I don’t really do this. For my greys cuz, I don’t list, I haven’t noticed, I don’t have any gray hair yet and I’m only 23, but I know it can happen any time, but I use this more so for areas on my head when, whenever I do a hairstyle – and it looks Like I have a bald spot, so you know sometimes when you do a half up, half down hairstyle and you have like just random like just it looks like a bald spot on your hair. It’s not but the way you part your hair. Sometimes it’s not always perfect, at least for me, so it tends to look like a bald spot, so I’ll just spray this in there, and it takes that away like. Let me just show you, for example, like we have this right here, which it’s not really like that bad, but when you spray it it kind of like conceals that area you see, I probably should have got the black one. I got the dark brown and I should have got the black, but you get what I mean like it really does conceal that area. You should use eye shadow like just a really black eye shadow to conceal that. But then I was like you know what let me try this out and I ended up loving it. I think it’s great. It’s super convenient you just spray, it and you’re good to go so I love this and they have a ton of colors as well for different hair colors. I did see these new NYX lip scrubs and lip balms and I was like. Oh I love it. I’ve been really into testing out a ton of different lip balm. The packaging is like very old-school like. It reminds me of something that I used to have like when I was younger, but you know if the product is good, then that’s all good. It kind of smells like vanilla a little bit. Okay, I’m not obsessed with this like little packaging like I wish it was a little bit more like nice, but you know whatever if the product is good.
Like I said, that’s all that matters, oh cool. The lip balm looks like a jelly. This will really reminds me of my childhood. I used to have things like this all the time, but, like this stuff is good to throw in like a beach bag or in your bag. Your purse, like whatever just to have, I think, it’s good, especially the lip balm. I always have like at least two lip balms with me. Wherever I go because you got to keep the lips nice and hydrated. So, oh okay! So I’m excited about these. I don’t like. I said I don’t love the packaging, but you know we’ll see if the product is good. The last like make a product that I got is a new concealer from covergirl. This actually has been out for a little while, but I haven’t seen it like that at my Ulta or like my local Walmart, I’ve been dying to try this out. So this is the true blend. Undercover concealer, I got the shade of buff beige. I don’t know if this is gonna match me, but the packaging looks gorgeous. This literally reminds me of like Tarte shake tape like something high-end, and I’ve heard really good things about it, so I was excited about it and I love covergirl face products. You guys know their Matt made foundation. It’s like one of my holy girls in this summertime. So I think this is gonna be good. I have high hopes for it, so we shall see, and then I saw that flower Beauty had these makeup brushes and I love also flower beauty, and so I got the powder setting brush, which looks like a really good, just like all-around powder brush, and then I Also got their blush precision brush. Personally, I don’t use brushes like this for blush. I prefer something like a duo. Fiber brush like this one is from Sonia Kashuk from Target, just something like really nice like this, I feel like just disperses the product really beautifully. I would probably use this for, like maybe like highlighter like a loose highlighter. I think that’s like really nice, because it’s like fluffy and it’s a little bit tapered. So it looks really really good. They also did have a foundation brush and I really wanted to try. But it was sold out, so I just had to settle with these two, but they look bomb like regardless So I can’t wait to use those and then the final thing that I got is this Real Techniques: sugar, crush miracle complexion, sponge for Foundation and BB cream.
So I don’t know this is really necessarily a new sponge It just says a new look on it, so it might be the same sponge just like a different type of look, but it looked good and I’m obsessed with sponges So I was like Let me gonna try it It kind of looks like it has glitter in it or something, but I was like I’ll try it out, because I’m still using my ELF total face punch as I feel like just mix any foundation, no matter how thick or thin any foundation just looks so good On this skin, I love it especially in the summertime so yeah Well, we officially made it through this haul That is everything that I got I really hope you guys enjoyed it Let me know if there’s something in here, that I didn’t talk about, that, I need to go out and get whether it’s from the drugstore or Ulta Let me know down below in the comments be on the lookout for a full face of first impressions coming very soon I think I have like almost everything for like a full face, except like a new foundation That’s like drugstore, but I don’t know I might buying drugstore and high-end or I might just do drugstore I don’t know Let me know what you guys think, but I have like lots of new makeup to test out I don’t know Let me know also I want to give a huge thank you to every single one of you for your support, because we just hit another milestone and we are at 600,000 subscribers, which is in sane like woah commenting and even for my silent viewers who just watched and just you don’t have to engage, but I appreciate you regardless, so thank you So much for everything lots of giveaways are coming I’m gonna be having a giveaway on my Instagram and I’m also going to be having a giveaway on here I’m gonna be announcing it soon, so just make sure you’re subscribed avi and make sure that you’re following me on Instagram, of course, because I’m always having giveaways and stuff on there so yeah Thank you guys for everything I love you all, and I will see you very soon in a few days in my next one

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