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Latest cosmetics collection and storage in 2015

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys today, I’m filming my long-awaited updated makeup collection, the makeup drawers that I have. I will have it linked down below, so you guys can go ahead and check that out and I’ll also have my first makeup collection link down below, so you can watch it if you’d like it’s a little long, but I’m sure this one’s gonna be about 20 minutes as well so just get a snack and just get comfortable cuz we’re gonna be here for a while. I hope you guys enjoy and if you do be sure.
Already and let’s get into it, so I just have this ten drawer little thingy, it’s kind of like it’s on wheels, so you can move it around, but only nine of them. I use for makeup, so it just kind of has this like cheesegrater texture, and then I also have a lipstick up here, because this is what I’m wearing right now. It’s Revlon’s Blanc, sherry! So, let’s just get into this first drawer is foundations, primers and BB cream. As you can see, it’s all filled to the brim and by the way, all the containers that I used to contain. My makeup are from Target. So, if you’re looking for them they’re in like the bath section, because it has a little wire on it and they’re really really nice, so I love them so this first one here is primers. I have the fixed and perfect primer by Rimmel. I have a simple replenishing: moisturizer I’ve got a L’Oreal anti redness primer. I’ve got the light, infusing Prime. I also have this Rimmel fix and perfect Pro. I have the oo and the oh one. I’ve got some BB skin pore eraser. I’ve got the all mace smart, shade primer, which is a correcting one. I’ve got a little sample of the Smashbox photo finish primer. I kinda want to buy a big one because I’m in love with this and it’s almost empty and then I just have another of the Rimmel fix, imperfect, 0:02 primer and this little bin. Here I have my BB cream, so I have the Revlon Photoready BB cream, and this is in the color medium. It’s a little light, but I’ll use it sometimes to mix with my darker ones. Then I have two of the dream: fresh BB creams, the other one is chilling over here. I honestly don’t have enough space, so it’s becoming a problem, but then so have the dream. Sure BB Creams. I have one in the color medium deep and then the other one is in the color deep. So I mix these two together and I get literally my perfect shade and then I have the loriel magic skin beautify our BB cream. As you can probably tell. I love my foundations cuz.
I have so many of them. So in the front I have my Revlon Colorstay in the color riche ginger. I have my L’Oreal True Match in w8x. You have two of them and then I have my Maybelline fit me. Stick in 3:30. Toffee, I have this L’Oreal visible, lift blur foundation and it’s kind of in like a BB cream type tube. But that’s because it’s more like a creamy formula and I’m in the color classic tan. Then I have some elf flawless finish foundation and I’m in the color almond, and then I also have this Revlon Colorstay foundation, which is actually the wrong color in the back. I have the rest of my foundation, so I have the L’Oreal magic Lumi. I have the Maybelline instant age. Rewind. I’ve got another Maybelline fit me sick. In 3:30, I’ve got the Loreal visible, lift. I have the Neutrogena nourishing long. Wear makeup foundation got some more True Match. These are some lighter shades so that I can use them. When I do people’s makeup, I have w7, this is w7 and then I also have n7 and then I have two lighter shades in the covergirl clean, whipped foundation. I have 320 and 340 and then I also have 365, which is my shade, and then I also have this Maybelline Dream, matte mousse foundation, and I am in caramel dark too, and then I have my Revlon whipped foundation, which I used to be literally obsessed with, And then over here I have all of my covergirl three and one foundations. This is one of my all-time faves, so I have sable and tawny and then I have the Rimmel stay matte foundation, which was way too light for me, but I don’t really know what to do with it. So it’s just chilling and then I have another one. Over here – and this is in 860 – so I have eight sixty eight sixty five and eight seventy five and then I have the covergirl Olay, simply ageless foundation, which I still have never numero dos. I have concealers eyebrow, stuff and powders in this bin. On the side, I have some overflow of foundations, which I really like, I’m my L’Oreal True Match, and then I have my L’Oreal True Match Lumi. This is just the regular one and then I also have a concealer. This is the Maybelline instant age rewind and then in these two containers I have concealers. So I have the all-over. It’s like the cover everything concealer by elf. I have two of the covergirl Ready Set gorgeous and medium. I have an eye primer from ELF. It’s the under eye primer. We’ve got a L’Oreal True Match. Concealer, I have a magic, lumi got a Maybelline fit me.
I’ve got a Dream Lumi and then I have another one. I have one in light and one in fair, I believe, and then I also have the elf maximum cover concealer and this is in the color almond. So that’s actually my skin tone. I have two of those and then in the back I have an Omega concealer. It has a correcting and then just a concealing side got another Maybelline fit me. Stick I’ve got two of them. I’ve got an HD concealer, my ELF, a visible blur concealer by L’Oreal, and then I just have this concealer and I’m not even sure who it’s from, because the writing has rubbed off. So in the back, I’ve got some powders and then I also have this concealer by Coastal Scents. It’s a little concealer palette that I made myself and it just has four colors in it. I’ve got my dream: matte powder stay, matte, L’Oreal, True Match powder, I’ve, one in my skin tone and then I also have a darker one. I’ve got a true match mineral powder in the color buff beige, and then I also have one in the color light ivory. I’ve, a Mac, soft focus, shaping powder. I have a Maybelline fit me powder. I’ve got the elf high definition setting powder and then I have an NYC one and an elf one in this container. In the back, I have all my brow stuff. So I have the two of the brow jam├ís by Maybelline. One is soft brown and one is a darker brown. It’s really just called deep brown. I have my elf eyebrow kit. In medium, I’ve got NYX brow pencil. I have an NYC brow pencil. Then I have these mini scissors that I use. When I do. My eyebrows are just literally never because I don’t want to ruin them, and then I have my NYC eyebrow shaper. I got another and when I see umm oh, I met next by the way I have an NYC brow pencil again and then I also have some Maybelline ones just chilling in the bottom. In the third drawer. I have some eye stuff. So in the front I’ve got some revlon cream, eyeshadow palettes. I have one in skin lights and then I also have one in not just nudes. I’ve got one in precious metals. This one is in moonlight jewels and then the last one that I have is the purple one in wild orchards in this container I’ve all my eyeliners. So I have a Maybelline eyeliner. I’ve got the master drama eyeliner. Then I got some liquid liners and felt-tip. I got the black Buster by L’Oreal. I have a white eyeliner by elf black eyeliner by elf and then this is like a silver eye primer, but I use it more as a primer for glitter and then I have the master precise I’ve got another Maybelline one.
I’ve got the line. Stiletto I’ve got a nude eyeliner, which is by remote, which is right here, and then I have a purple eyeliner by elf. I’ve got a brown one by hard candy in the back and then I also have this NYX crystal liner and in gold. I have a pink one and this one’s by hard candy and then I have a green one by elf, any purple, one by NYC. So we’ve got some mascaras here I have the mega plush by Maybelline, the lash blast by covergirl, the Pumped Up by Maybelline and the miss manga by L’Oreal – and I keep these here because these are the ones I use the most. So I can grab them real, quick and then here I have an elf three and one I’ve got the Revlon, bold lacquer, Rimmel glam eyes this shara Kyl, one, which I should probably throw away it’s a patter for a while. It’s the FAQ lashes, one that I also have another L’Oreal false fiber lashes got a Maybelline illegal length, maybelline lash stiletto, the covergirl clump crusher Crump cluster clump crusher, clump crusher. I can’t talk Maybelline one by one and then I also have an elf. What’s this one called: this is the mineral infused one right above my mascaras, I have all of my cream eye pencils which I used for primers. So I have a purple one by Rimmel, I’ve got a grey one, a blue one, a black one, a bronze one, a brown one and a green one. So these are all the scandal eye pencils by Rimmel, and then I have a covergirl flamed out one, and this is the gold one and then I also have a pink flamed out. One. I’ve got an elf eyelid primer, a next jumbo eye, pencil in milk, and then I also have this purple by wet and wild. Do we have some Maybelline Color tattoos? I don’t know if I have all of them, but I faxed the bronze. I’ve got a gold one, and this is called bold gold fairly branded. I’ve got 8-inch cake. Then I also have this beautiful orange one. It’s so pretty. It’s called fierce and tangy. Then I have this gold, one which I’m obsessed with and it is gold brush. I believe this one’s called tenacious to you he’s it is it Yanis, then I have this one, and this is edgy Elmo emerald emerald. I hate that word uh. I have pomegranate cheek. I feel like this is toughest okeydoke. Then I have a purple one in painted purple at a dark blue in electric blue. Then I have a grey and this one is audacious asphalt. I’ve got a silver one in silver stripe and then this white one, which is a nice shimmery color and that’s to cool.
The last thing in this Shore, are in the very back and it’s just lashes. I just have one pack eyelashes. I actually don’t use them because I don’t know how to put them on yet, but they’re, just the demi wispies on to the next drawer, which is single eyeshadows and little palette. So I will start with this stuff, that’s in the front, but is not in a container. I have a bunch of L’Oreal infallible shadow and then I also have some color tattoo pigments. I have a green one, a bronze one, a like champagne, shade and then I also have a copper and then I have this L’Oreal hip duo, and this is in shady. I just have this black sparkly. It’s like a black and silver eyeshadow. I’ve had this for the longest time, probably since, like sixth grade and it’s from hard candy and then I have two Milani shadows, one is Bella cappuccino and the other Isabella cafe, and then I have this wet and wild single in brulee. And then I just have this little sample that I got from Coastal Scents. You get them every single time you buy stuff. I have a little all Mae single in a brown color and then I have this shadow from face Stockholm. My mom actually gave me this shadow and it’s in Bru nog, I don’t know, but it’s a matte color and then I have this elf baked eyeshadow, and this is like a really pretty plum. Color in here I have some L’Oreal single shadows. I have a black one. I have a sparkly off pink, I’ve got a matte light brown and then I also have a Maybelline single shadow and then I have another L’Oreal shadow, and this is in a lighter cream color. Then I also have some wet and wild palettes actually Jake. I only have one, but it is walking on eggshells. I have a covergirl one and this is in the color shimmering sands and then I also have this one, which was has a gold or bronze at a dark shimmery brown. Behind of that I have my Sonia Kashuk palettes. I’ve got a little duo and then I have three of the like four quads. I have one in prima ballerina and then these last two have a like, pressed glitter, which I absolutely love, and this one is in textured cocoa and then this one’s in shimmering sands. In this last computer I can have a variety things. I have a bunch of the Maybelline eye, studio quads. I have the gold one. I think it’s give me gold, I have coral oasis, I’ve got purple, icon, copper, chic and then this last one is green. With envy, so those are the main ones I have, and then I have another Coastal Scents sample and then I have a Maybelline quad in natural smokes and I just have a covergirl silver eye shadow and I have some NYC sparkle.
Just I have a champagne colored. One, a bronze and then a more of a pinky one in the next door. I have my bigger eyeshadow palettes, so the first thing in here is my Coastal Scents palette that I actually made myself and I just picked a bunch of neutral hotpot. I have a blush palette from Coastal Scents as well, and this is a 10 blush palette. It’s just their classic one. I have my eyes lips face or elf, bright, eyeshadow palette, which I absolutely love, because it has neutrals and nice bright colors. Then I have a wet and wild palette in comfort zone. I have this really old palette from forever 21. I have my Sonia Kashuk pot, which I absolutely adore. I don’t use it as much now, but I was so obsessed with this one shade. I have the elf prism eyeshadow on and this is in sunset, I believe, really pretty colors, there’s a lot of fall out with these shadows, because they’re so shimmery, but it’s a really good palette. I’ve got my naked 2 by Urban Decay, which I still adore and then my Maybelline, the nudes, which I’ve literally used like twice, because I actually don’t like it that much and then last but not least, all the way in the back. I have a NYX palette and this is just the natural one. The next drawer is bronzers and highlighters. So in this container I keep my highlighters. I have two of the elf baked highlighters. I have one in blush gems, which is the pink one and one in moonlight pearls, which is more of a champagne color. I have my Maybelline master, highlighting blush, which I actually use a highlighter in nude Ivan NYC, Sun and bronze highlighter, and this is in Hamptons radiance, technically bronzing powder, but it’s way too, and then I have a Maybelline master glaze. I believe this is the bronzer one. Yea glistening amber, but I use it as a highlighter, because it’s a little too late for me and then I also have the one in warm nude. I have an elf blush and got a glow, and this is the dupe for a NARS albatross, and then I’ve got some elf shimmering facial whips. I have a white one and a pink one, and then I have a sample of benefits. High-Beam then I have some Revlon Photoready skin lights. I also have two highlighters on the side, because I was kind of out of space and they are the Revlon highlighters. I don’t know what these are actually called, but they’re like the. I was just called the Revlon highlighting palette, but they’re kind of like the like shimmer block type things, and I have one in bronze glow and then I also have one in Rose glow.
So I have my bronzers that I use the most in the front. I have two of the NYC sunny. I have the NYC color real one. I really like NYC’s bronzers. I have the NYC, Sun and bronze, and this is in Montauk bronze and then I also have the Rimmel natural bronzer, which I adore. It’s almost out, so I probably buy a new one soon, but this is in Sun bronze. I also have a Mac skin finish and this is in deep dark and then I have this Sonia Kashuk cream bronzer in rich bronze. In this container I have my cream bronzer. So I have three of the maybelline fitme sticks and 355 coconut, and then I also have this elf moisturizing foundation, stick in the color toffee and it’s basically empty, and then I just have the rest of my bronzers in the fact that I don’t use as much. I have a wet and wild one. I have the master bronzed by Maybelline. I have a Maybelline master highly then I have two of the elf contouring blush and bronzer kits. I absolutely love these. I’ve got the one in. I believe this is st. Lucia and then this one is Turks and Chi. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right, probably not this next drawer, is one of my favorites. I have no idea why cuz, I don’t even use blush that much and I don’t use half of these. So all the way in the back. First of all and my Sonia Kashuk brush cleaner. So for my Milani blushes I have less emo bronze. I’ve got luminoso. I have very um, more I’ve got coralina, I have Red Vine, Oh Fantastico, mauve, Bella, Rosa and deliciou, a pink behind those. I have some master highlighting blushes. I’ve got the peach one, I’ve got a pink one. I’ve got a plum one. Then I have an NYC color wheel, Revlon. Why not? And then I have this really pretty pink one, it’s one of the classic colors by covergirl, and it just looks like that then over here I have some cream bronzers bronzers blushes. I have an elf one. It’s like a really dark purple. I have an all-over cover. Stick by elf. This is pink lemonade. I have some master glaze blushes. I have a plum one, coral light pink and then I also have another one by elf, which is in the color. Everyone read that I can’t read it: what’s this a super star in the front here, I’ve got some L’Oreal blushes. I’ve got precious peach, barely blushing rosy outlook and soft Sun. Then I have some more cream blushes and some powder in the back.
I’m a visible lift blush in Burien, lift coral lips and then the last one is peach. Gold lift I’ve got some Dream, bouncy blushes, which I don’t really use. I have a NYX blush in the color of cinnamon, I’m Sonia Kashuk blush in the color flush. I also have this orange one in Sunset and then I have an elf mineral blush and this is in the color sweet retreat. Moving on to lip blows to start off, I have all of my lip balm type sticks. I have this one by Sonia Kashuk and it is in the color mulberry nude. I’ve got some of the revlon colorburst ones, I’ve this matte one, it’s a very nude color. I have this pink one, and this is one of their lacquer balms. I have this orange one, then I also have another lacquer balm lacquer and there’s a really pretty like nudie pink color. I don’t know if you can see that, but it’s gorgeous, then I have another Revlon one and this is a bomb stain and then I also have a Neutrogena moisture, smooth color stick in this little corner. I have a Milani gloss in the color barrier. I have a L’Oreal gloss and this is just a nude. Then I have a gloss from forever 21 and an NYC pumping lip gloss. So I’m not going to go through all these because I would actually take forever. But I have a bunch of the NYX butter glosses. I know I’ve Madeline. I have fortune cookie tiramisu cherry cheesecake. I’ve got some pink ones, then I have two NYX soft matte lip creams, ones, abu-dhabi and then the other one is Stockholm. I’ve got some dark ones. I know I have doubles food cake and then I have some Maybelline Color elixirs in the back. I have some more lip stuff. I’ve got some lip stains, some glosses and some lacquers I’ve got an elf lip stain. I also have one in lucky. Lady also don’t mind my nails. I just did my makeup. So there’s like makeup underneath them. I have a nude gloss by elf. This isn’t fair. Then I have a luscious liquid, lipstick in maple syrup and then the other one is in strawberry. I’ve got a Revlon gloss. I just have this clear gloss. I have a. I believe this is by L’Oreal new touch gloss, I’ve got an all may want, and then I also have another Revlon gloss so onto the last makeup drawer. So in here I have my NYX lipsticks: I’ve got butter, I have natural, I’ve got whipped, caviar, I’ve got Alabama and then I also have some Rimmel Kate ones. Now these are really my shade, but I use them to mix I have 14 113 and 111 and then I have this NYX lipstick in castle, which is a really pretty lilac shade.
And then I have an NYC lipstick in mahogany and elf essential, lipstick and fantasy And then I have two lip liners by Rimmel and they are red, diva and innocent Then I have some Maybelline lipsticks in the back I have some of the brown case, ones, one red one, two of the purples and then I also have some nudes Then I have some loyal ones in the back I don’t use that much I have two Milani lipsticks and the first one is in teddy bear and the other one is in Orangina, and then I have this lipstick by Wet n Wild and it’s Fergie’s daily I’ve also got some lipsticks up front I have a bunch of Revlon ones and I’ve turned them, so I can read them I have two honey: bear I’ve, pink, kognito, siren and apricot fantasy, and then I have this black lips from Party City I have a L’Oreal lipstick and I don’t know which one this is because I only have one of these, but it’s in satiny cocoa I have a ELF lipstick in pink minks I’ve got a color whips, whips per whisper in coral ambition Then I have this covergirl lipstick in sweetheart I’ve got a rebel lipstick This is one of my newest ones and I’m obsessed, it’s called Snapdragon and it’s like eight dark, like brown and then I have two of the Revlon lip butters I have creme brulee and pink truffle in this next container I have a bunch of the L’Oreal lipsticks I know I said I was gonna but I would always film it and never like how it turned out So I’ll tell you what I have a Farris nude tropical coral saucy, mauve peach, fuzz, ginger, spice, sandstone, toasted, almond, toasted, almond, again, caramel latte, frosty, pink, spice and bronzing, and then I also have a maybelline superstay, lipstick and a Rimmel lipstick And I don’t even know what this one is: I’ve never used this before summer angel I have a flower lipstick I’ve got another covergirl lipstick in a decadent which I really like I have a wet and wild lipstick in breeze interesting and then I have two of the maybelline superstay kali lipsticks, and then I have the Sonia Kashuk lipstick That is all from a makeup collection I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did be sure I love you bye

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