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Laura Lee Pajama color palette is not hot

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys welcome to this week’s hot or nuts Thursday we are gonna, be taking a cruise and Pro and conning a hotter nodding, a very, very hotter nodding that sounded we’re a very, very exciting launch. Tomorrow, lorilee is launching her cat’s pajamas palette, and I am here to swatch it all. For you talk about the palette. Talk about the pros, the cons, everything in between I’m gonna, give you a mini eye tutorial of what is on my eyes right now. My hands have been in this palette.
I have been trying it. I have been mixing colors. I’ve been playing with it with other palettes and really trying to gather my thoughts, 100% before sitting down and talking about it, because this is a fellow youtuber that does happen to be a friend of mine. So it’s a little bit tricky. You know when you go into a review with a friend, that’s launching a product, because you know I’m not out to throw her under the bus or say anything negative, but I still want to do what I do and give a full honest review. So we are gonna do that, and I also just want to say congrats to Laura, because this is a long time coming. This is a hard thing to pull off. She did this by herself without you know any other brand involved. This is all her own blood, sweat and tears, and it does take a lot of time. You know I’ve watched her as we’ve become closer friends over the past year. Really, you know put all of that effort into making this so good for her subscribers, and that means getting a shade sending it back to the lab, getting a shade, sending it back to the lab. You know and repeating that process until you find something that is just right and that kind of thing takes a long time and I think for youtubers when we decide to launch products, a lot of us are taking it the opportunity of what we do on YouTube And really trying to bring quality products to the market that don’t have the same motive. I feel as a lot of larger corporations. You know, there’s more passion and there’s more heart, there’s more consideration for what the person purchasing the item is going to get. You know you’re more likely to not cut corners when you are a youtuber, I feel, and when you touch and play with product 24/7, you know what is good and you know what is not good. So all in all, this is a pretty cool product and a really good palette. We’Re gonna go through everything. So what’d you get with the Laura Lee Los Angeles brand. Is this beautiful package actually think that the box that it comes in is quite beautiful? I love the logo, it’s floral, it’s cute yeah, it’s called the cat’s pajamas and if you didn’t know what cat’s pajamas is, it is a term for like being cool like it’s cool.
It’s the bee’s knees, it’s the cat’s, pajamas, it’s the who invented these. Actually, we are the cat’s pajamas from Branson Missouri, if you’re the cat’s pajamas you’re, the hip of the hip, the coolest of the cool. So this is what the palette looks like if you could hold this in your hands and just feel it and just enjoy how sparkly this is but smooth. It is like very enticing and just magical to look at. It is so sparkly. I’ve never seen a palette with this type of packaging. I really apologize because I should have done a shot of the palette before I like, like went straight in and went to town, but when I cracked into this box, I immediately sat down, and I was just like I was like swatching playing trying testing, and so This one is a little loved already, but this is what the palette looks like: let’s go through the shades really really quickly and then get to a little mini tutorial. So the first shade okie-dokie is one of my favorites in the entire palette and it’s kind of an odd one to open this up and just go straight to that and be like. Oh, this kind of basic cream shade is my favorite, but it’s a very different cream. It’s not overly opaque, but it definitely covers and it builds – and it is the perfect matte brow bone highlight this is beautiful effortless to blend. I have it in the inner corner. As well – and you can use this all over the lid or you could pack it on the lid, if you wanted to do a completely matte, look it’s very bright and it has exactly the right kind of creaminess to it. It’s not overly pale white. It’s not too yellow it’s just the perfect cream. I think she really got this one right. It is, I think it is my favorite. I have two that I’m really really into okay. So then we have scatterbrain, which is gorgeous the metallics. I think you need to use some type of a set Spray. If you’re gonna have this all over the lid or definitely use an eyeshadow primer, you will have a little bit of fallout. But that being said with having a little bit of fallout, it is just smooth and it doesn’t build or clump on the lid. It doesn’t grab into those lines of your eyes where sometimes I feel like when I use a metallic it just kind of grabs at certain areas of my eyelid, and it does not smooth out.
This goes on extremely extremely satin like and smooth, but it packs a big metallic punch. Then we have bomb-diggity, which i think is a great name, because this is one of those shades that you can use over and over and over any eye. Look that you do. You’Re gonna use this in the crease it’s gonna look great. It makes a great backdrop for any lower lashline color that you’re doing if you’re going for something bold, it’s nice to have kind of a backdrop of something like this shade and it’s a very unusual shade, a lot of people that I’ve seen online. Talking about this palette, one of the gripes is: oh I’ve seen these colors before, but I have pulled out so many of my palettes and there is nothing. That is quite this tone. It is extraordinarily flattering on green eyes and I have to say the whole palette. Through-And-Through on green eyes, like any time, I’ve worn these colors. My eyes are just like, where, like they are just framed in a way that it intensifies my green eyes, and I love that so next door, we have cray cray. This gets a little bit on the warm side for me because I tend to gravitate toward more neutral tones right now. That’s just my thing, but this color I mean it blends so well, let me just do another swatch, so you guys can see like right away. Look at that it just blends really really well, I think. That’s really! The love that she put into this palette was making sure that the formula was so good that that is what mattered that everything applied really beautifully. Okay, now we get to redonkulous, which is my other favorite in the palette. This shade looks good with so much. I have mixed this in already with my Marc Jacobs palette. It just has a quality in it. It meshes well with others, and it gives this very unusual brightness without being obnoxious. I love this color. It reminds me of normani shade. I think I spent like thirty-eight dollars on this one shade and the problem was it had fallout everywhere. It wouldn’t last a long time on my lid, I feel like I still have it in a drawer over there and I’m half tempted to go and grab it. Maybe I’ll do that in a minute, but this is the better version of that and it just it wears. Well, it really flatters the eye and it doesn’t look crinkly. I love it. Okay, let’s get to the bottom row, we have quirky, which is a gorgeous purple. You guys know I’m a sucker for purple is purple anything. I love purple, it’s my favorite color and this is very smooth. It’s very wearable everything in here when you swatch it.
It is very, very smooth. You notice that right away, then we have cooky this one. You definitely have to build up a little bit. This would be great in the crease using it on its own, underneath the lower lash you do have to work and build it up a little. So I’d recommend going in with this. As the backdrop and this to really set it off, this is one when you swatch it. It’s not bam, bam, bam, pigment, it’s very like a fade of the color, but it’s not patchy. You can see how smooth that is. It’s not patchy at all. You just have to work with it and build it up. The con of that can be that it takes you a longer time to get ready if you are looking for that intense burst of color, but the nice thing about it also is, if you are a beginner and you go into some of these pallets with the Louder, colors, you know your deeper reds and plums and you dip into a product and go straight to your crease you’re gonna, be like oh wow. That was way too much and have a hard time with it. So I personally have always really loved colors that are buildable but smooth with even pigmentation and that’s what cooky is all right in one ear is actually also one of my favorites. It’s just such a rich cranberry metallic. That again, it looks like a cranberry satin sheet and it just kind of sparkles, but in this very subtle beautiful way, it is absolutely stunning we have out the other so set up in the pallet in one ear out the other, and I think I feel that Way in life a lot of times, so I like the naming of those two, this one is really pretty as well. I do want to say – and I’ve heard other people mention this also I personally like if I were to give this pallet one change. I would probably ditch this color just because it is very similar to quirky. They are different, but when your eye looks at the pallet you’re like oh like I really wish, there was maybe a deeper brown or maybe one more neutral kind of tipping into the warm tone family. I do wish that there was one separate shade. That’s all, then we have the shade oddball, which you can see, I’m just picking that up with my finger right here and oddball is extraordinarily pitch black. This is excellent for setting your eyeliner with. I do that trick. All of the time where I will take my liquid liner or pencil liner, I will take an angled brush and I will dab it along the lash line just to make everything lock in place, not smudge, that’s a great trick to do. You could also use a setting spray or a sealant a-fixin to turn oddball into a liquid liner.
You can definitely do that. It is rich enough for sure, but the nice thing about having a good, rich, matte black and a palette like this is you can really do so much as far as doing a smoky eye. You could take this all over the lid. Do something really smoky. Then you could take scatterbrain on top and really kind of add some shine to it. So you can work these shades in a very versatile way. Everything from very smoky you could do a new tone. Matte look. You could do a cranberry look. You could do a very purple look, so there was a lot of thought put into how these colors match up with one another, and I think the set up 95% of it is perfect. It’s great. The price tag on this is 49 bucks. It is made here in the US, it is cruelty free and it is made with love and care from a youtuber that we all know and love, and I think this is a plus. She did an awesome job. I will say one last final thing that is kind of like it’s a small deduction. If we go back to the name of cat’s pajamas, I think it’s cute and everything but and I’ve actually never told more of this. and I don’t like bring things up to just bring things up, but we’re doing this right now, I’m not a cat person. Maybe it can be called puppy love so to go through what is on my eyes right now that I really really love you guys. I love this look. It is not a hard look to do this didn’t take me much time at all. I started out by taking okey-dokey all over the lid with a fluffy brush. Then I went into bomb-diggity and I spent my time with a larger brush really going back and forth in the high crease blending it out. It does a lot of the work for you, because this is not the kind of shadow that grabs the Matteson here are the nicest quality they’re very buttery they’re, very smooth. They are easy to work with. So this is a very beginner friendly palette. You move next door to cray-cray. I wanted to intensify the crease and just bring a little more depth to the entire look. So I spend some time I took him back to 20 for smaller brush and just really worked it back and forth. Back and forth. I did work it a little bit further in toward my nose where I don’t always do that, but I wanted to balance it out because I knew I was taking a bronzy metallic all over the lid, which is what I did next. I took the shade redonkulous I did spritz it with a little bit of setting spray, and I pressed this and built it up all over the lid.
It is so gorgeous This is a really hard shade to screw up There is a tiny bit of fallout so be warned of that, but it does wear all day long and if you use an eyeshadow primer, you’re not gonna have a problem with creasing, then on the lower lash line I did take kray-kray and I smoked that out kind of as my backdrop, knowing that I was going in with some of the purple darker shades so that they weren’t just harsh on the lower lash line alone Then I went into quirky and I smoked that out Just a little bit tighter to the lower lash line, just kind of making all the color mesh and blend and become one, and then I did pull some more a little bit tighter to the actual lash line with a flatter, more densely packed brush Then I took cooky with my finger and I just kind of pressed it on the outer edge just to give a little bit of depth I just wanted, like a tiny bit more on the outer edge of my eye, not a lot, because I was going for more of a rounded smokey look So I just kind of tapped that on the edge and called it a day, so then I have okie-dokie underneath the brow bone, which is so gorgeous, smooth and beautiful I also pack that, on the inner corner of my eyes, I popped on some lashes and a little liner and called it good So we can tell this palette is easy to work with You can get an eye Look done like this very very quickly I think the quality of these shadows is incredible, like oh I’ve, seen that before way to be original And it’s like you know what you open up any palette open up this one that I love so much to tell me You don’t see these colors and other palettes it’s the formula, it’s the setup! It’s how they work together It’s how easily you’re gonna be able to take the palette and make it work for you and your everyday routine Big! Congratulations! Laura! I knew it that you were gonna Do a fantastic job With this palette, you can tell there’s a lot of love and passion put into it and I think it’s awesome, so I’m really excited for her again This launch is tomorrow, it’s a big thumbs up from me It’s totally hot and I highly recommend it so there we have it I love you guys so much I hope this gave you a good rundown of the entire palette and let me know if you like this look I like this look so much I think this might be like a new, quick, easy go-to all right I love you guys

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