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Learn how to dress our height and body (Beauty tripod)

1 Nov , 2019  

Would you say that this dress is extra? I would take a whole lotta extra extra extra. I got it. Today’s episode is brought to you by Netflix. You can watch their newest film tall girl on Netflix. Now, hey guys, welcome back to clever style, Lauren and I are headed on a beauty triple adventure today, but the art clue is stand tall, stand tall, stand tall, interesting. What, if we’re taking like a stilt training class? Oh my gosh, that’s not exactly beautifully! They don’t leave you to relate at all, but you make up in still yeah I’m tall.
What else is really tall? I don’t know. Maybe it’s like something to do with, like your, like your body’s, like a chiropractor type thing. What, if we’re getting like stretch, there’s a thing they do that I’ve actually stretched your whole body, and I get stretches you to your actual height, which is always like yeah yeah. What, if it’s like painful like a posture class’, I would not before yeah, hey, I’m Kate, I’m Lawrence so nice to be so cute in here. Are we doing here? Okay, thanks to Netflix new movie taal girl, you guys are both going to be getting personalized styling session. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! I’m confused and curious. I’m confuse so. The movies about girl named Jodi she’s, the tallest girl in our high school and she’s, always felt super insecure about her height. I look like grandma’s, couch or mermaid princess by the end of the movie. She just finds her inner glow, really embraces her height and everything about herself. So in honor of the movie, I’m gonna be dressing. You both based on your height, so I’m gonna accentuate all your best qualities everything you would love about yourself when you guys leave today. My goal is for you both to be standing tall, and that has really nothing to do with your height, it’s more of like an energies of confidence. You so just hold yourself unapologetically for the world to see, and I like clothes, a really great way to do that. Yeah! Absolutely yeah! That’s amazing! All right! So before we start, let’s sit down, get to know each other a little better and talk about your style. Okay, I got it so tell me about your personal styles, like what pieces you gravitate towards what once you try to avoid. Well, I feel like your stylish so, but I okay, so I feel, like my style, is I don’t necessarily I don’t necessarily consider it style.
It’s just it’s become, Who I am I’m such a jeans and t-shirt type of person that I’m like. How is that style? But I understand that, like it’s become people associate me with wearing like jeans and crop tops and t-shirts, and I love like accessories and like jackets and the thing with jackets. Is I don’t like a tight jacket? I, like news jackets, I’m actually size up and I have a smaller frame so as soon as I get to like, not an extra small, it’s like down by my butt and that’s so funny, because I’m like the opposite with jackets they’re, like I tried on jacket And suddenly it’s a crop top jacket and the sleeves are like it already rolled up for me. They come in here. The shoulders are very much like Tommy Boy, I’m like fat guy in a little coat situation like jackets are so uncomfortable for me, because they’re tight for whatever my Universal Services and that’s like. I know that I’ve seen people struggle and I know that people tell people argue about that. A lot because they’re like what is this enough. Oh, I’ve really long arms and they always hit me like right here and I’m like they roll it up as if like that was intentional, stop a lot in the boy section. Honestly, really I really do just because I love boys t-shirts even more. Mr. Norm’s are a social constructs. What does that mean? I knew I watched a lot of tick-tock, so I guess, like my style or lack thereof, I’ve always gravitated towards like maxi dresses, I feel like they just look good on the tall girl they do and even with like jeans, I haven’t worn jeans literally haven’t worn Jeans or pop jeans, in the last five years until now, until like high-waisted jeans became a thing, love highways are so good in highways, cities are so far it doesn’t matter what your body type is. It doesn’t matter your height playa. They will look good on you like I promised, then I’m so funny that you say that, because now that I think about it and never connected it. But I knew you for a long time and I don’t remember you wearing jeans for like those first two years of me, knowing ya, dresses or leggings with long shirt yeah. Why don’t you guys take me back to high school middle school and sort of tell me what your relationship with fashion was like back when it all began? Well, it’s actually so funny to talk about like tall and short and stuff like that, because I went from being very tall for my age to being like the shortest for my age, because I hit my growth spurt really early and then I peaked – and I was Like in middle school, like never good, I never grew again, like my friends kept growing, and I was very insecure because I felt like my friends were able to wear like more.
You know. Grown-Up clothes and I was so shopping in the kids section and for a lot of my is so embarrassing. It is a fair thing and it’s like one of those things where it’s like they were able to, like. You know look even more grown-up, because you know these stores were becoming really popular and you know like the stores that every single girl wanted to shop at and I couldn’t even shop at those stores. It was a thing I was brilliant to care about and it wasn’t until like high school, and I just decided like I don’t care anymore, like I don’t care to try to like sit here and be upset about my height. The only thing I can do, I don’t have superpowers. I have to focus on the things that I do love about my body. Okay, this is definitely one of those like the grass is greener. On the other side, because you say that you wish you could have warned those like more adult styles, I was wearing those sooner than other people. I had to move on to the like the bigger sizes, much younger than the rest of my friends, and then there was this moment where everyone was like: oh you’re, the tallest girl in her grade. You should play basketball and I’m like okay. I guess I will, even though I’m not coordinated, I’m not athletic. I’ve broken many bones like it was just the worst. I hated basketball, but everybody just assumed I’d be good at it. So that’s even more depressing is when people are looking here, you’re like you’re tall. I don’t understand why: why are you bad at this yeah like cuz? All I’m going to do is go be in drama class and like do comedy and make people laugh and be class clown. So you both already kind of touched on this, but clothes are really the way to make yourself feel most confident. I’ve already lurked both of your instagrams and I pulled a ton of different pieces that I think you’re gonna love and that will also make you feel super confident. So why don’t we head over and start trying everything on yeah? Let’s do it. I like that. Oh, my gosh, so cute, that’s right, yeah! I called them ton of really great stuff for you guys both cater to both of your individual styles.
So the first look you guys are gonna be wearing, are going to be a couple of more dressy, looks night. You’Ll, a little fancy start the day off, feeling good yeah, so we’re gonna do, oh, my god for you jumpsuit and then you get yeah. I love that I really did look at my Instagram, like this looks like me to a tee all right. Let’s go get change all right. Oh my gosh, you look gorgeous. You look so good. This is very sinead, very Lauren yeah. Oh man, did you really don’t know, I’m thrilled guys, like. I definitely learned to get your personal style involved. I know that you love a maxi dress. I love, not only do I love a maxi dress, as people who are to suffer probably know, I love a two-piece and I’m actually surprised that I don’t already own this. Well, you own it now. Yes, I put you in a maxi because it’s a perfect option for tall girls, maxi dress, isn’t skirts for some reason just tend to come longer. They always make them way too long. So, even if you’re an average size to like shorter girl, you tend to have a lot of fabric dragging, but for Charles, it’s great because yeah I’m looking at like look at this, I’m wearing heels and it’s the perfect length on me. So anyone shorter they’re gonna have to get this hand so to accentuate this cool. Like 80s sort of geometric thing you’ve got going on, I decided to do a little like retro plastic jewelry with it. I like that is so cool. I’m obsessed with yeah. I wanted the book to match, so they both have this like cool swirly pattern, and I think the colors really complement the dress, yeah so Sinead for you. I did a full jumpsuit with a little snakeskin print. A lot of people think that prints can get overwhelming on a full dress but like, as you can see like, if you have the confidence to rock it like you can rock it it doesn’t matter what it is. The long leg is really elongated makes you look like a skyscraper when I see like how well this all works together and the fact that I can wear a jumpsuit, it makes me more motivated to go out and buy a good pair of heels. So it’s so elongated and I’m like. Oh, this is nice. This is very chic and very sophisticated, like I feel, like I’m ready for a night out. You know next work with you guys in a date night, outfit, hey, Lauren, here’s, your okay, cue and Sinead.
We’Re doing the one! Thank you all right. Oh you look amazing. I love this so much. You look great yeah, another very Sinead. I feel like you own this. Well. Oh it’s! So funny, but but yeah no, I mean I definitely feel like I own things very similar to this, but I will say, like your outfit like, I don’t think I would ever imagine you wearing something like this, but Lauren. It looks so good. I feel really good in this yeah. I specifically did the two-piece for you, because I know that you have said that you struggle to find pieces that fit your top in your bottom. Like sometimes dresses can be an issue, and I know that I felt like this was kind of in your comfort zone, and so I wanted to sort of push you out make you try something a little different. So I did a massive statement earring for you, but I feel like it’s very you it’s another thing that I wouldn’t have thought to pick out for myself, because accessories are always such an afterthought, but I’d love these. So much. No heart kind of runs me of Taylor Swift, so I’m I’m, I’m loving everything. You’ve done. Sinead you’ve said that your legs are your favorite attribute, so I wanted to show those off with short curls. It’s really hard to find links to fit so going for, like a short dress. You’Re always gonna get a good fit. It’s never gonna be too long. It’s never gonna overwhelm you no you nailed it. You really did understand me cuz. This is not in my Instagram, I kept you in this black heel because it’s gonna really, especially with the open toe. If you did a closed toe, it might cut you off a little bit so between the super short hemline and the open-toed heel. It really just elongates your frame final looks, ladies. I’m gonna do something a little bit more casual, okay, so Lauren. This is for you, okay and boom. There you go. Thank you so much! Yes, this is so shiny. This is so you, but like also not only I ever would pick out for myself but love. I know how much you love high-waisted jeans, so I wanted to do a pair for you. Tall girls are really lucky because skinny jeans tend to hit you at just the right spot. You show a little bit of ankle and I wanted to do a sandal that kind of accentuated that so this low strap is gonna show off that nice narrow point on your leg yeah. I also like that. It’s like a crop top, but it’s a little peekaboo, but everything feels very flattering.
I probably would have shied away from the shirt being like with jeans because of the crop top nature. I feel like. I don’t know why I feel like losing my boy. It’s a really Lizzie, oh yeah right. I feel, like these earrings really make this outfit and again I would literally never buy these for myself, because I tend to buy accessories that I can wear with everything. This clearly is an earring that goes very well with this outfit and you’re opening my eyes to the possibilities of accessories. These are gonna, go with everything honestly because they have so many colors. If you own any of those plus all your neutrals, they’re gonna go with everything in your wardrobe see. Someone would like to tell me that I love this purse so much it’s unique and different, but I do feel like I could wear it with so many things, which is great cuz, I’m going to Italy in a month, and I feel like this is what I Needed to like spice up my Italian look, it’s a great neutral, but because of the texture, it’s gonna give your look just like a little pop of interest yeah. I look way more interesting. Yes, that is the right word Sinead. I wanted to put you in a little Street: wear look so I did these cool billowy pants up a little palm tree print, and then I want to really elongate your torso, stopping that skin on the bottom and top makes your torso look a little bit longer. It just gives you a little bit extra length up there. I love this outfit so much, and I really honestly think that the high-waisted pants first of all, who says these pants, but the highways. The pants really is like such a good way to go, and you have long legs yet no torso. This is something I would definitely wear like every single day, no problem even down to the accessories. I literally show up today wearing a fanny pack and it were seekers all array of been waiting for you. You did such a good job like everything I felt so comfortable and I felt like you generated the best parts of my body in the person I love and also I’m really most impressed by the fact that she nailed your style so much. But yet put you in clothes that you wouldn’t usually ever wear like. I wouldn’t ever see you and stuff like this, but it still wasn’t represent your style so me, but the me I was like afraid to shop for or something and the fact that our styles are so different and you crush the Sinead Look, you crush the Loren.
Look like, I think, we’re I think we just got a We got a go but like thank you so much you’re awesome grab that I’ve got to choose I’m just gonna help you it actually I’m gonna Take you I’m gonna Also, take you, your approaches, you’re coming with me by the guys, Sinead come on We left a couple things I’ll come back I’ll make another trip Oh my god, Shmi that was like the best day ever cuz he’s so good at her job yeah That was seriously so much fun, uh and, like the best part, is we got to we get to keep all those clothes yeah Kelsey is amazing, and you guys the best part about all of this is that somebody at home is gonna get to have the Styling session that Lauren and I just had – and it’s up to you to make that happen, you need to nominate someone who is confident and who they are and embraces the things that make them different rather than try to hide them You guys know anybody that you know has any sort of like different body type or any sort of physical difference, and they just own it and rock it That’s the type of person that you got to nominate for the styling session, who exudes acceptance and yet find this and the confidence of like this stand Tall theme go over to 17th and scrim right now and nominate your friends who would be perfect for this Yes, they’re gonna win a trip to New York to be styled by Kelsey for a VIP day for homecoming Oh, that’s the bag as a matter if you like poufy dresses or bedazzled men or more simple, like out or if you like, that sleek pants, ooh yeah, that’s you like Kelsey’s gonna figure out where your style is and then she’s gonna do exactly what She says to you: this is so exciting I can’t wait to see who won I know you guys Also Yes, it’s available right now and it’s amazing and if you want to see even more tall girl content, we’ll put some links down below too for that yay the best and all my new clothes yeah bye, guys thanks again to Netflix head to 17 Instagram to enter our santol contest and be sure to check out tall girl now and then don’t go Click left to watch another episode of Beauty, tripping or click right to see us recreating youtubers, instagrams and don’t forget to subscribe

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