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Leave the state the day before school starts

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi, basically, I’m leaving to the airport right now and I just figured I’d record a travel vlog, so I’m going to New York. I just whip this out and I was like you know what I’m gonna vlog. I’ve never done the travel vlog, especially because I don’t even really travel by the times that I have. I’ve never belong. So I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know what you’re expecting, but I’ve never watched a travel vlog before either by the way. So I’m just gonna edit this and do this the way I think a travel vlog is supposed to be watch it be just like all the other ones and you’re like what’s the different.
I talk so fast, I’m literally out of breath like what is the reason I’ll show you, my airport fit I’m about to change into sweat pants, so I’m wearing this tank top and these shorts, but I’m about to change into sweatpants, because I don’t really want to Wear these okay, so we got the basement airport fit sweatpants, a tank top and some air forces. I also have coffee because how I was gonna be a travel blogger without Bobby high, so I really needed to use the bathroom, but we stopped at a random place. I didn’t even look at where we stopped it’s like a fast food restaurant literally just booked. It into the rest into the bathroom, and I think it’s like a crown jr. or a burger, not sure I’ll. Let you know when I find out it was Carl’s jr. by the way, the mattresses for customers only right and I didn’t buy anything. And now I like sitting here on the toilet and I feel really guilty and dishonest. So now I feel like I have to go, buy something because I understand they’re back there. So after I get off the toilet, I’m gonna go. Do that. Can I just have stuffed jalapenos? Oh wait! Sorry, oh just seven, we just got to the airport we’re super early. Our flight got delayed to eight something and it’s five o’clock right now, we’re literally the only ones at our gate right now. Nobody else is here literally. Nobody I just felt like all the tick-tock boys that like grab their phone to like choke their phone on tick tock. Do you know what I mean I reach for my camera cameras like Ontario International Airport, offers free Wi-Fi, selects the fly Ont network and won’t your web browser to connect bet you guys. This really old man is following me and he won’t stop like. I’m really scared like why this. Why does he keep looking at me dad? So I was joking right.
That’s my dad, but I didn’t want the lady in the yellow that passed by, I did think I was serious, sounds like dad and she walked by. She looked at me just like, and I was like no I’m kidding utility ladle I’ve literally been here for four hours. I think I’m going crazy, there’s literally people coming and I hate recording when people are around because then they know I I’m still awkward. I’m really not. How am i a youtuber a few moments later? We just landed in Utah, it’s 10:53 at night, and now we’re about to get on a plane to go to New York. We play Tech, we push it back here momentarily flight time. This evening is three hours and 37 minutes take out the touchdown. I do anticipate what cohort we underway shortly. Thank you ooh, so much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one or at baggage claim right now. I feel so bad for my dad, because I always have such a bad attitude when I wake up or like enemy okay. So we just got to the hotel 7:37 a.m. I’m gonna try to sleep good night eventually good morning, not really because it’s 4:30, but I just woke up in California. It’s one o’clock right now, maybe lay here down him. I just ordered room service. I got some chicken noodle soup because I’ve been craving it since I was on the plane, so I literally hate going to the airport again. It should be better if you didn’t know, I’m Egyptian I’m almost ruined in Arabic. Also, this is a common question. I get. I’m Christian, but so I literally hate speaking Arabic at the airport right because there’s a lot of races – and I just don’t like dealing with that racial profiling stuff and I just don’t which sucks. Okay, because I love my culture, I love being Egyptian. Sometimes, besides the strict parents, I love it. let me know I just would rather not deal with dirty, looks the uncomfortable stares all because I know Arabic right, especially that I was like hey. Let’s just not speak Arabic and I just feel so bad saying that right sounds like I’m ashamed, but I’m not the way I’m describing it almost kind of makes me sound. Like I’m ashamed, I don’t know, there’s just like lots of races and I just don’t like dealing with it. Oh so guys. I am so sad right now like, if you didn’t know, I’m hosting and giveaway on Instagram right now. So let me give you a backstory I was watching this episode of what would you do? It was an episode where, where mom couldn’t afford to buy her son, a toy for his birthday and he was like, but you promised – of Allah and then this old lady came over and I bought it for him and bought him other stuff.
And I gave them um extra money and she was like it’s his birthday boy and that literally put me in tears I was like I realized I was like, oh, my god, back to school, like I’m a little bit late, because some people are already in school that I know some people start at the end of the month or like even next month I was like, oh my god, back to school, like so many people can’t afford back-to-school supplies I wanted to help I decided to do a giveaway where I give away $250 of supplies, so there was gonna, be two winners and I’m just like reading the stories people are commenting on like I’ve just knew so long and I’m just reading the stories People are commenting so heartbreaking and I just want to like help everyone, and I can’t help everyone like I actually want to cry because I just feel so bad I want to help all these people and all these people need help, and I can only help two people My eyebrows are sore I don’t know why you guys should really be thankful for everything you have and everything your parents do for you, because some people aren’t as fortunate as you are and also let me just say you might have it bad, but just because someone else has it worse It doesn’t mean your situation, isn’t bad either like I always use this example Just because someone broke a leg and you broke a pinkie doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt You know I’m getting so cheesy and like for no reason for why I’m gonna stop I just I feel, really upset and bad right now, anyways I don’t want to eat this on the bed, but it’s the only place I can put my camera, so I should have asked for a no chicken but then like I don’t want to be that person like Can I have chicken soup with no chicken, and this is gonna – be like a Shane Dawson series like dun dun dun like stay tuned for the next for the next episode you know, even though I didn’t leave you on a cliffhanger, it’s just me eating chicken Noodle soup, but I’m not gonna because you have to come back for it just pretend I left you on a cliffhanger, okay and then come back and be like Oh my god, I can’t believe that happened Okay, I love you bye, oh, what a beautiful eyes!

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