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Leo weekly love warning! Danger signal! September 26 – August 2

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my beautiful Leos, my name is Jennifer from Jennifer Walker here to bring you your weekly forecast for September 26th till August. Oh my god! Oh I don’t want to say August October, 2nd guys thank you so much for liking and subscribing and check your moon. Your rising the inside the business and read with resonate with you and also, if you’d, like a personal reading with me, go to my website. Jennifer Walker and son combo – and I want to thank you guys so much for for all the likes and subscribes, really really greatly appreciate it, and I apologize for the delay I’ll get these guys I’ll to you guys, because I got a little backed up in my Personal readings I’ll talk today, any more caffeine.
Sorry me, as I get you, okay, let’s do it, let’s jump right in leo good long thing, all right! What’s going on wheels! Romantic love life for September 26, till the 2nd of October! What’s going on my Leo’s LeBlanc boy September 26, till October, 2nd good and remember this through singles couples already one in between or anyone in these love messages. So with that mind, if I say partner by mistake, I mean that love interest as I in which are singles as well. What’s going on my Leo’s romantic little boy October 26, chill second of October, what’s going on my Leos romantic love life until October seconds good and then we’re gonna find out? What’s going on with your love interest, remember my Leo’s row, man! Leo’s love interest! Remember: love life for September 26, what’s going on my Leo’s, loving from afterlife from September 26 laughs over second okay, so these down? Okay, I’ll put these aside over here all right! So, on the 26th guys we have a double card, bondage, addiction, depression, procrastination and the card itself says: take care immediately to avoid temptation or deceit, because that’s looking like you’re feeling, like your hands, are tied here. You’Re feeling, like the energy of you’re, feeling like your hands, are tied. You know that your hands aren’t really tied when you see this card. Okay, this is only a mental thing. You can always untie them. You can always take the blindfold off. You can always look up and look at this beautiful scenery here. Okay, so keep that mind my Leo’s, your love interest of the person you’re dealing with is coming out as the knight of Wands energy Aries, Sagittarius leo energy.
Obviously this would be your energy or you can be dealing with they could be. Dealing with. Another area is Sagittarius. Lea your energy. There is some type of an action towards passion here: okay, so someone’s taking an action towards passion with that be to you or you to them or someone else, okay, so on the 27th we have the snake card. Here, your intuition and healing powers will guide you to a better path, so be careful. Okay, because it looks like you’re having the energy of waiting around seven of Pentacles to kind of see how things are going to play out here with seven of Pentacles energy. So it’s like a contemplation going on and a lot of patience you feel, like you’ve, invested a lot of time into the situation. Your luggages of the person that you’re dealing with has a chariot card says, like there’s some kind of travel involved with this situation, or it’s like they’re taking charge of the romantic love life to be victorious here at the chariot card. On the 28th, we have the Al card, which is about spiritual messages, so be aware of any kind of messages that may come to you on this day and pay attention. Okay, this is on the 28th. It looks like your energy is the ten of cups. So it’s like you’re completely happy here with a ton of cups energy, so when tens are always about completion, anything completion to start something new, so there’s a completion here you feel completely happier your love interest of the person that you’re dealing with has the lovers card, Which is the Gemini card? The lovers is a twin flame, soulmate connection, choice towards love here, so that’s what’s going on in their romantic love life on the 29th Wow, something to do with passion here, let go of emotional upheaval, embrace the renewal of the present and here’s the interesting card. That’s coming out for this on the 29th soulmate card Twin Flames, soulmate card, a choice towards love here: Gemini energy, your luggage, or so the person that you’re dealing with has the page swords, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius energy, something to do with gaining a new perspective. Dealing with the Gemini, Libra, Aquarius energy, or something to do with someone feeling like there’s an immature energy here on the 30th again actually you’re angels are watching over you they’re there guiding you here protecting you here on your spiritual journey.
It looks like you’re having a devil card to come out for you on your energy on the 30th bondage addiction, depression, procrastination or strong attachment to somebody, okay, because this can also come out with your like, really deeply attached to somebody really deeply in love with somebody. You get the devil card, sometimes because this deep attachment. So but in this case the narrow spirit is telling you to be careful because they obviously are protecting you on this day on the 30th, maybe you’re, feeling depressed on this day, maybe you’re feeling like something isn’t quite right here with the devil card. Your love interest of the person that you’re dealing with is on the same level with you, because they’re alsohaving the devil card, bondage, addiction, depression or procrastination. Well, both of you are in lying on that day. That’s interesting October, 1st chariot car experiencing to take charge of your romantic love life to be victorious looks like you have the two of cups energy so choose are about choices, choice and love; choice towards love, soulmate connection. Alright, your love address of the person you’re dealing with is gaining that aha moment being victorious and there they’re thinking here so they’re, they’re, victorious and they’re thinking on the second Spirit is telling you to be patient here: have a patient energy slow down change your attitude, Clear your mind: Aries Sagittarius leo energy here, which your energy make wise choices when it comes to passion, and your love interest has the Hierophant card on this day of the 2nd of october. So they are thinking about spiritual aspects pertaining to the romantic love life, traditional values pertaining to the romantic love life or long-term commitment and marriage here. So it’s like interesting. It’s a very up and down week it’s like you’re happy, but then you feel like your hands. Are tied and you feeling like there’s love here, but then there’s something isn’t quite right, and then we got this Twin Flames, soulmate connection going on here very interesting week. I can’t wait to see what your overall is going to be real, all right, David Barrett and for a second, while I put these cards aside and shuffle for your overall. That’s your advice card stuff.
Is there alright one of my wheels romantic love life for September 26 dollars over? Second, let’s go on my Leo’s romantic love life for September 26th, til October, 2nd, that’s good! All right and there’s my clarification cards and right away. I found my Leo’s romantic love life for September 26. Second, go my Leo’s romantic love life for six to go a second okay, and then I got my Lenormand clarifier, my lumenarrows romantic love life for September 26, 202. For a second, let’s go my Leo’s Rancic love life for September 26. To about you, alright see what’s going on? Why am I not surprised by this card? Seven of Pentacles someone’s waiting around to kind of see how things are gonna play out here with the seven of Pentacles there’s a lot of patience someone’s feeling like they are investing a lot of time in this seven of Pentacles. Okay. So, there’s a lot of waiting around being patient here because of something to do with messages or someone’s waiting around for things to play out, because this is not moving very quickly what the ADA wants, and why is that? Because of something repetitive going on here with the whip card, something pertaining to passion here, with a whip card or arguments and disputes. So, what’s the blockage here, the blockage is something surrounding marriage, long term, commitment for Wands energy or talk of it and the emperor can represent a fatherly figure, an authority figure involved in the situation or an Aries energy or someone that needs to take control of something And this authority figure or this person and he’s in control, is a burden and a challenge because of this. What is that the foundation of the matter three of Pentacles? So this is building something you’re working on building something so threes are before four, so the fours are stability, they’re, stableness, they’re, long-term and the threes are building up to that. So we’re at the 3s now so you’re building something you’re trying to work together. You’Re trying to be creative in this situation, it’s something surrounding some work here with the three of Pentacles could be another choice or an option here, and six of Pentacles is telling me the reason why this area is because somebody wants to equal, give and take, and Then we’re dealing with that authority figure again with that that bear card, so someone wants to equal give-and-take and the ship card represents somebody at once D kuma take because maybe there is some kind of travel involved.
The situation, maybe there’s a long-distance relationship going on here with the ship card someone’s far and from someone else with the ship card. What happened in the past Aries Sagittarius leo someone moved towards their passion. They took an action towards passion because they wanted some kind of long-term commitment, family or maybe there was commitment issues because of the fact of long-term commitment, family or something surrounding family, which was an anchor to the situation where it could have been a job. To is the anchor and the ten of Pentacles can be hand-in-hand with a job workaround finance. Okay. Why is my thing focusing out there? I guess, because the Sun, the waves, the Sun, is doing all right. Let’s pull it back in all right, so at the head of the matter we have Empress, which is love and abundance here, so a lot about love and abundance and someone’s feeling indecisive about it. Now that could be a motherly kind of figure, because remember Emperor is the father of the major content, but Empress is the motherly figure. So there is something to do with a motherly kind of energy with the Empress and love here in abundance. That is an indecision to somebody and okay. So it’s pertaining to love, so someone’s indecisive about love pertaining to the situation, all right. So, let’s see, what’s gonna happen in the meeting outcome: cancer Scorpio, Pisces energy, wise choice when it comes to love someone’s gonna try to complete some kind of cycle here. Okay, remember what’swhat’s the world card you’re graduating you’re, going from one thing to another: okay, it’s not the death card. It’s not like we’re ending something we’re graduating from one thing to another, we’re going from dating to be engaged from being engaged to being a married. So a completion of a cycle is happening here and this could come through a message with the writer card. Okay, this could come through a message, so someone could talk about this. Someone could you could have a surprise visit here with the messenger or something could have come through a messenger of some sort.
With a writer card, you could have a visitor here with this all right, um subconsciously. Someone wants some kind of just truth and what is the justice card is legal. So it’s like a legal procedure. It’s like divorce, marriage, something legal, something legally binding, or it’s something to do with a just truth about the fact that Aries Sagittarius leo energy, someone wants to make a wise choice when it comes to passion and it’s something surrounding an actual child here or fresh start And a new opportunity, so what’s influencing this situation? Boy we’re getting this a lot for influencer, five of Pentacles, someone’s being left out in the cold or someone’s leaving some non cold. Three of swords shows something surrounding heartache here, and this is eating away at the situation. Okay and remember, the three of swords can also be a third party situation, so something needs to be left on. The cold was just influence in this, because possibly a third party situation is eating away at something or taking away from something here. So what is the hopes of beers? So maybe how someone’s hoping that they use their higher guidance, because there’s a twin flame, soulmate connection going on here and the fish card can be a flow of emotions or something surrounding money. But in this situation we’re talking about a flow of emotions and someone needs to use or hire guidance because of a 20 flame soulmate connection, all right. What’s gonna be the outcome. Oh, my goodness, 10 of swords, somebody’s ending some kind of hurt your pain, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius energy, Queen a sword someone’s telling like it is here because of something surrounding house and family here with a house card. So there’s an ending of some kind of pain going on here, because someone’s going to tell it like it is they’re being patient. That’s Queen Sora’s energy, it’s a very political card and it’s something surrounding house and family here with the situation. So, let’s kind of clarify why that is so someone’s ending something or getting over some hurt or pain because of Aries Sagittarius leo energy here and nine of Pentacles. It’s like they want to focus on themselves with an eye depends on this card, or somebody wants someone single and available here, the nine of Pentacles card. So, let’s see what this queen of swords is about Queen of swords is here someone’s telling like it is because of their happiness and because they want some kind of long-term commitment, marriage here, okay, so we got the house a family card, lilies represents purity of the situation or passion, and someone wants some kind of isolation Or separation here, okay Wow, who there’s a lot going on here, um so Leo it looks like someone’s gonna get hurt in the outcome.
You were the other person because someone wants to make a wise choice when it comes to passion and they want to focus on themselves or they want someone who’s single and available nine of Pentacles someone’s going to tell it like it is because of their happiness pertaining To long-term commitment, family marriage and all that, and this could be surrounding family and and something to do with close tohome, and the lilies is representing something to do with passion and because of this passion Coming back against this king of Wands, someone wants some isolation or separation or is blocking something here, we’re delaying something here with this tower card Okay, let me get you some advice, so in the immediate future it looks like it’s very positive, but going into the latter part of the week All right can I have some advice for my Leo’s for their love life Please can I have some of those for my meals for their romantic love life, please! Okay, so Leo’s there telling you to pay attention to red flags here and make sure that it’s safe for you to love, to open your heart to give and receive okay So obviously I said, there’s a lot going on here and spirit is advising you have to pay attention to red flags and make sure that it’s safe for you to love all right to open your heart, to give and receive the highest energy of all So pay attention to the signs The signs are cautioning, you, okay, my Leo’s um guys, if you like this, please like and subscribe, and if you’d like me to give you a personal read on what’s going on with your own personal situation, where this doesn’t resonate with you check your moon, you’re, rising Venus sign – and you mean to person reading with me by going to my website Jennifer Walker – is dead, calm or check it out the description box below alright, my Leo’s I love you guys so much Okay,

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