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Let my best friend completely change his face!!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone. So today we are joined with a very, very special guest back by popular demand. I got this reply on YouTube. That says, I’m not sure if you’ve done this, but you should do a makeover for your friend.. I can’t remember her name, but she is super cute and I bet with the right makeup very good. She would be fire emoji and so from there I texted Emma and she declined immediately. Not all of it right, she declined half and most of it I went to her house.
It persuaded basically her entire family. You can’t pass me the trunk of her car and now we’re here and we’re ready for the makeover. So I have booked many appointments for Emma we’re getting her hair done and emma has never gotten her hair done and have you ever remember when it was the thing and like right for you to dye your hair purple? So I dyed my hair temple1. So your seasoned pro yeah, I’m totally not nervous for ya, I’m a little bit worried about her hair, but she, I think you trust me. I did my best and I also told her she doesn’t like it I’ll pay to have it put back and she’s. Also getting her nails done and the one other thing she declined. Initially, it was a spray tan yeah, and then I told her wash is off in, like five days come on Emma yeah, I’m gonna do it, but I’m literally so pale. So it could go for really wrong honestly and you look good pale. I just want to see what you look like tan, because I’ve literally never seen it well either. Yeah we’ve never seen Emma ten, so I’m super excited and just the experience of getting a spray tan is like one, that’s not the best. I know but yeah. So what we were doing is giving em a full head-to-toe makeover. Today’s the appointments, then, tomorrow we got an outfit, I’m gonna do her hair and makeup and let’s see, let’s see what we can do. I personally don’t also think Emma needs a makeover, so I mean I don’t know, I’m just saying it’ll basically be turning a mine to me. Every makeover I gave training your mom. Probably first appointment is at 10:00 and it is 9:30, so we better get going better get out and you excited yeah, you sound excited, let’s roll and you excited Emma. I’m are you excited yeah, I’m excited for you and that you have been truly flies. Like Pippi, Longstocking yeah give me a spin action. It looks so good, no joke. Oh my, it looks so freakin good. Can you turn your head? I want to see the bag. Oh, my gosh, it looks so freakin good, give it some serious body all right, you guys so Emma’s got her hair done.
It looks amazing, I’m so freaking excited about it. Foliage has no upkeep because you don’t really have to get the roots done. So no me too, but okay. So now emma has a nail appointment, one utility later we just ate and now we’re heading into Emma’s nail appointment. Emma you excited yeah, I’m getting my nails done, Emma’s getting squabble. I can’t sit through another point: oh my gosh they’re. So nice, oh no! Oh do you like that? I do they’re very long, but I think that’s just me cuz I might use my opinion on nails is if you’re gonna get them just go a little longer than you think cuz you can get used to. So yeah that’s kind of what I figured I’m just I haven’t heard now we are going over because Emma’s gonna get a spray tan. This is gonna, be so freakin funny for me. So whoo, let’s roll we’re in here we’re sisters, that’s where we got it, I’m the pretty one. So it’s like this robot and then like well, I miss changing I’m just gonna be talking just keepin company going going on here. I’Ll just be keeping wait! Your ears have one last look before you tan you’re, definitely like darker than me whoa. I don’t think I’ve ever been this. Oh Emma wait show your hair girl, I’m just a steering wheel. Look you okay, you guys, but that is all for Emma’s appointment day tomorrow. We are going to do the grand reveal, which is gonna I’m gonna do his makeup and hair and then also I’m gonna give her her outfit to see the grand reveal so far. I’m actually sure it looks so good you guys the next day. Let’s flip to that, your eyebrows, you guys we are back, is officially the next day. Emma’s tan is oxidised a little bit. I still think it looks good, but I must look about it so yeah. I honestly think the body looks better than the face. That’s what I thought too, the face is like working against your like actual redness, on your face: yeah. Okay, that’s my family’s yeah roasting me tonight. That gives us some wiggle room to fix it with makeup. If it’s just the face, so we’re gonna be doing makeup. First, okay, so it’s all fenty because I know you’re. Oh my gosh. We have to get the concealer the right color, because the screen shot. I sent my mom. She got the shade of the screen. Shot this one’s called single, because that was newly single and this one’s called fuzzy, because that was fussy.
Okay, give it that move that one factor, I’m always missing, that sack with a pH okay. Are you HOT? No, my merch is insulated. Let me tell you guys: this is the best sweater I own right now and I don’t know a lot of sweaters. Oh God yeah we’re gonna get into it, because I can already feel itself being able to start and we shoot talking profound influences on each player. I know drivers really don’t need much help. Do you get them done? No, you have this. Naturally, oh wait them. Oh, so it’s not that I love collections of makeup because it’s like when it’s especially when it’s like limited edition a must need Emma your eyebrows are so good. No wow! I mean you do a good job. Thank you. Do you forget how annoying I am? Did you make up on you wiggle around? Oh, I know bring up how big of fans we are a RuPaul’s Drag Race, oh because we do that every day. I do a lot of comments from people being like. Oh, you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and it’s like yeah. We got down with RuPaul’s Drag Race like we’ve, seen every season except the first one and we’re still trying to find it. So anyone knows where to get watch like. Let us know because we’ve been on every website and we can’t find it. Oh, we catch you and trying to find the first season, but really, though, we’ve watched every season yeah and in under a year yeah, we watched, we would watch seasons in one night like we’d, hang out and just be like we’re gonna finish, like tonight. Saru night tonight’s, every night, so we’re gonna be up all night like usually, if I’m sitting and watching a show for, like I don’t know over six hours, I’ll feel like bad about myself, yeah but rue it was like. I feel good, no shame that was she like literally done, there’s no need if I was a great Queen, absolutely no tea, absolutely no shade like a fan of Pandora Boxx, but Emma is Pandora Boxx but I like suppress it like. I am know deep down Emma in and or box 100% and but we’ve never said who I am no nobody’s, really been. You pandora boxx’s like the sweetest drag queen ever like this should be a compliment. I love not her fashion, though. Well, sometimes, people don’t get everything vibrates right from sound to sound vibrations right and then your do migrate to the number little bones. Yeah they’ll bite make it louder, my vibrations 110. Something goes in your cochlea and it’ll hair cells.
Take those sound vibrations and make them into neural impulses and those go to your brain. Thank you. So you’re deaf, you don’t have the little circle. Koki most people like you, sing, close your eyes and they go. Oh, my god. Yes, scrunched up and she’s still, and I’m like how am I supposed to do eye shadow on that all right? We got Emma’s eye shadow, I’m gonna hold off on mascara until the end the end, so we’re gonna do the face makeup now. So I think I’m gonna do is your zero B that looks like it’ll match. That’s what I’m wearing right now. So it’s really full-coverage, though, so I don’t think we’ll need a lot oops Emma dude, okay, she played with yeah. I did not. I did not hit her. I did not Oh mark. Tell me why, though, like I look like the turtle from Kung Fu Panda, what Master Oogway we used to go to Emma’s house after school every day and play like what was it could be superstars? These girls go game, we’d watch Cake, Boss, girls and salsa. No, we wouldn’t demon on girls, Sam yeah. I really miss the old n deal. I was willing to deal Ellis cuz. I like made no money on that cake. You like made so much constantly honestly that you pity money. What yeah you do like here. I liked your shop I wanted to buy. Boogie Superstar was so so so fun. We were so good at it and like to this day, we never finished like we couldn’t beat the last level we couldn’t know it just started over one night. Look right there. Whatever is in that line just good yep, okay, I’m gonna start, and you can blink whenever you want just try not to blink too hard. Okay kind of nudie rose color. So let’s try it on you. This is fun where you going tonight with this new book. Oh ok, girlfriend! Let’s show you your life buzz buzz. Who is she alright? So now that was makeup is done. I’m gonna do her hair. Clearly, I’m just gonna curl it and then brush it out, get some like flirt. Flirt curse, hey, hey you back off! I love your hair like this, like I just really like the color. I hope you start to like really enjoy it. Yeah think you might be getting over the initial shock yeah and what’s the viewers say how good it looks right you guys, you know, wait for you to roast me in the comments, no bro Street in the comment section below at the front of your face here. Don’t worry, I’m a hairstylist forget pokes me in the eye I had this and I actually got my haircut man.
I’m not surprised I got mine cotton they’re, like mini my hair, tangles so easily It just doesn’t happen It’s totally a lot I know this is why it takes so long for me What do you expect from your outfit? What are you thinking? I might put you in you gonna put me in a dress? Well, I thought of it but yeah I thought you wouldn’t be comfortable at all yeah So my guess, I don’t know why Okay Emma’s hair is looking very curly, but I want to brush it out a little bit whooshes Let’s bro, you should just let it’s like a loose Sorry, all right, I’m going to get your outfit and I guess show me you in okay, a piece you own first sure Topshop worried about Hey These are Topshop and they are boyfriend Jeans I’ve never won the pair of boyfriend jeans in my life I freaking mom What do you think so far? What can I like it? It’s just a white silk tank top, but I want it tucked into the G Okay, I was like that his mom wings, a belt with gold detail, hmm so you’re, not tucking your shirt and then oh and it’s supposed to be like pretty long, yeah booties and they unfold as well This bag is so freakin cute, it’s just black, but it’s got the gold too, and it’s a I think you would wear like off the shoulder like with the long strap spoil me full outfit We got to see it on Okay, all right Let’s flip to that, I was getting her outfit on right now You guys, I can hear some some cries of pain I don’t know why, though I freaking like it Oh that’s cute That is so I do like that Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! Oh yeah girl, that’s freaking, so cute, that’s exactly what I wanted it to look like you Are you happy with your makeover? I am, I feel, very spoiled Oh right, thank you for being such a good sport during your make Oh thanks for dealing with my annoying self Well, I really have we got to do this honestly I didn’t think you needed a makeover I just thought it would be fun to be loud on you just because I don’t know, I thought it would be fun and cuz that one person’s comment shoutout to you I will link them down below in a playlist if you haven’t had enough of Emma No, no thanks so much for being the same for having me anyway I will see you guys in the next one: bye, [ Applause, ],

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