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Let my life together vlog weekend reset and productivity

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys, my name is Michelle Reid. If you guys are new to my channel, should definitely subscribe. If you are because I post all the time, lifestyle, you should definitely stick around. Also a side note. I just got my hair cut. I cut off like three to four inches and I think it looks so much better.. Video is specifically a weekend of my life of getting my life together. I love these vlogs. These are actually my favorite vlogs to do because they really motivate me whenever I watch them, and I know a lot of people might be like.
Oh, my gosh. That term is overused, but it’s just one of those things that, on the weekends, with working full time. For me, I love just like getting all my ducks in a row on Saturday and Sunday, just a really good feeling. Actually three o’clock right now, but I have already wet and got a haircut this morning. I did a lot of YouTube work morning as well. I still have to clean. I need to go, get groceries. I needed to do more YouTube work. I’m gonna workout! Tomorrow, probably not today, I’m gonna cook, a nice dinner tonight for me and my boyfriend Eden. It’s just like a really good restful weekend, and I really want to do this. I would like to thank today’s sponsor and power, because I’ve actually been using them and they’ve been saving.. I’m stocking up on things spending money on like haircut spending money on buying things for my house, just a lot of random stuff. I’ve learned this year specifically that it is so expensive to be an adult, and there are so many just like random purchases that come with having to grow up, paying your utilities paying your water bill all these things that are not fun, but I love companies like Empower because they help make it as fun as possible because you actually get some money back. Our is an app that you can actually get on your phone and it is a high interest, checking account. Basically, if you guys have a normal bank that you put your money into your normal checking, account you’re totally getting ripped off because they basically do not offer any entry on your account, and I think this stuff is so interesting. I’m always talking about finances and ways to invest and save money, and so I think that this is so perfect because empower actually has a 1.9% APY, which is 31 times higher than the national average, and you also get the cutest peach debit card.
It’s seriously. The cutest debit card I’ve ever seen, there are no fees and there are also no minimum amounts that you have to put into the account and my favorite thing about the empower app. Is you guys? Don’t I’ve been talking a lot about wanting to track my expenses and I currently do an excel. I’ve really been wanting to find a trust where the app to kind of track, my expenses and I love empower because it’s such a cute app and they put all of your stuff into these cute little categories like what you spend on food transportation, miscellaneous things. And you can actually see a breakdown of how much you’re spending. I also give you little reminders like. Oh, my gosh. Your water bill is 10% higher than it was last month. I know a lot of us have financial questions. It’s events. It can be hard to actually get them answered, but they actually have an expert in the app that you can just type any question you have. You guys want to open an account on empower the first 50 dollars that you put in your account. You’Re actually get $10 cashback I’ll. Have my link down below it’s? Actually, my personal referral link. Everyone gets one whenever they open one, and I just love stuff like this because being totally transparent about money right now. I just spent like $250 on my hair and it’s really nice to know that some of that will be cash backed well. I love my dress that I’m wearing right now. This actually a dress that I got. I love this dress so much it’s so cute up at the name of the brand right here. I totally am blanking on what the name of it is called, but it’ll be right here, but that’s where I got it, but I’m gonna go change because I want to be in something comfy when I go get groceries and when I’m about to like actually Go clean right now, so I’ll just changed and I put on my leggings and I found this laundry detergent on my legging. This is the reality of living in like a pre-war building, I’m so thankful tohave like an in unit washer and dryer, but I either feel like my stuff does not actually get clean or that happens and it’s so frustrating and stuff, probably gonna scrub. The saw another fun fact this morning, keeping it real. I shave my face with one of those like little disposable ray. Sir things are made for your face, I’ll link them on Amazon, but I like it because it makes my makeup go on a lot smoother.
It just works really well, but I was doing it while I was tired and it was early in the morning and y’all I shaved off. Like half my eyebrow. I don’t know if you can tell cuz. I filled it in, but this little spot right here, I’ll insert a picture like is off. It is completely off, and so it’s gonna be so fun tohave two villain for the next, probably six months or however long okay, just in case you think that I’m this perfect adult who doesn’t do stupid thing there you go very stupid. Well, I was cleaning. I loved JC’s vlogs. The way that leaf edits them is so funny they’re, always like so funny to watch so I’ll. Go check her out. You guys don’t know you probably do because she’s huge, but they’re really great, I’m trying to be one of those girls that wears biker shorts and I can say that it did not work. Why do these look so weird? I’m still gonna wear them because they’re comfortable, but I just feel like I can’t do it like my legs are too, like a soul bulging. If I had like stick-thin legs, I feel like this would look good but yeah whatever we’re still gonna dohere is my Trader Joe’s called this is all the stuff I got. I got different stuff this time than usual, so we’ve got some berries, both hilarious and raspberry Greek yogurt celery. I’D like to note that I forgot my reusable bags, so I used these and I’m really sorry, please don’t hate me got some diced. You know salt added tomatoes or pasta, I’m making tonight garlic for the pasta, green onions for the pasta is my favorite chicken, it’s a balsamic, vinegar and rosemary chicken, so great for work just to pack organic humus, some herb, salad, NIC. I’ve never tried this one, but this one is like a kale. Brussels sprouts a lot of different, like crunchy greens, I’m really into crunchy stuff right now, so I got those just some eggs, some pasta for the pasta, I’m making chicken broth for the pasta, pita chips, bananas or chili lime, chicken burgers. I haven’t gotten these in a while, but they’re really good some diced onions, because I hate cutting onions, some sweet Italian pork sausage for the pasta, more pasta for the pasta, tomatoes, heavy whipping cream for the pasta, green chilies for the commsta. I got one of these lemon chicken and arugula salad.
I got this for work just to pack shredded cheese, frozen brown, rice, broccoli and then some turkey, breast, and that is my haul. The pasta is cooking right now. It doesn’t really look like the kind my mom made, so I’m hoping it ends up. Looking better, you got a big salad, too, did those screens and tomatoes and a little bit of Italian dressing. I think that it’s very yummy little dinner, it’s like 10:30 right now and I’ve just been actually I’ve just been editing on account while walk to show marvelous, mrs. basil. I started watching the show and I really like it. I think it’s really good. I still have all my pimple cream on. I have my half eyebrow chilling with me. The look guys it’s a lot. I’m gonna try tohead to sleep soon, just because I do wake up pretty early for church in the morning on Sunday. The church service starts at 9:30. So definitely want to make sure that I go to bed and get plenty of sleep. I love Sunday morning mask action about to get ready for church right now. I need to go shower. I am currently headed to the gym. Got back from church and now I’m just gonna go get a night’s run in it’s really hot outside today. Those SuperDuper hot, it’s like 90 degrees, but it’s like 3:30 right now. My room is so cozy right now, but on the way home from the workout. Oh, my goodness, storming like so badly and I feel like in New York City. It really doesn’t storm that much, so this is crazy. Guys, look at that. I feel, like my power is gonna go out in other news on the way home from church. Today I went – and I finally got the organizer just so nice, because before these shoes were just like all over the place on the floor, my closet, because it’s cause it has really weird organization like it – has all these shelves back here, but they’re just hidden. So you can’t really see so I just went ahead and got this little organizer, but it’s literally perfect holds all my shoes. So this right now is my ideal Sunday night, I’m laying in bed with lots of pimple cream on because my face is been breaking out. A lot lately. While I’m doing like my work work, because sometimes I dohave to bring that work home, and so it’s kind of a lot If I have to do this during the week – and I find that I really like YouTube a lot more when it’s more of my hobby, and so I like to do it on my downtime, I think it’s just like really fun and it’s storming right outside my Window just like so grateful to live in this apartment, it’s just been such a blessing.
Thinking about how stressed I was to find the place I could not be more happy with, like my cozy apartment, it’s so quiet, it’s so just comfortable, and I love it So much, but had a really good Sunday service was really good at church Today he talked a lot about dating, so it was nice getting like applicable, practical knowledge at church, probably gonna make dinner and just meal prep and a little bit fun also going home This weekend I spontaneously decided to gohome for it one day, because I didn’t want to like take time off of work, I’m so last minute, and so I’m also trying to get all my stuff done So I can just like: have a nice solid Saturday in Texas? I just can’t wait, I’m like really feeling very thankful right now, feeling good blessed to be right Matt and just like grateful, does look like I live I also think that’s because I worked out whenever I work out I just find that I’m in such a better mood, I’m so thankful for everything those endorphins baby I finished my dinner for the night I just have some roasted broccoli, a little bit of rice and this balsamic chicken, that’s like pre-made from Trader Joe’s, it’s my favorite, but basically for a meal prepping All I do is I cook dinner and then I’ll just make a second leftover and I’ll bring her lunch tomorrow This is just like what keeps me sane and I feel like it’s the easiest way to meal prep, rather than like making everything in bulk for the week This is just like convenient I feel like it’s more fresh than like cooking for the whole week So that’s what I would recommend I have migrated to the couch right now, but right now, I’m actually doing now I’m just doing some work for my actual job I just ate dinner This is definitely not something that I need to do, but I just feel like I’m a lot less stressed on Monday, whenever I get done like random little things that are in my head on a Sunday night, I don’t really mind it I just feel like it starts my week off fresh whatever, like I come in blank slate in to work, and so I’m just gonna catch up Oh

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