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Let the staff of fast food restaurant decide what I eat in 24 hours.

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning and welcome to any matters. What is it dad? I know what my face. What do you mean? Maybe some makeup on that bad? You can I’m not wearing makeup. Just let me take the styler not happening, don’t say literally the tiniest bit bad Luka. What the hell have you done? I said a tiny bit dad just left what I really don’t think he’s come inside dad. You sure this looks all right. You know. Okay, you know what I’m gonna go with it Luka. Thank you..
000 likes.. I said a tiny bit so if you want to see that happen, firstly, you’re a weirdo and, secondly, make sure you subscribe because, quite frankly, while do not like literary content of any reason you wouldn’t Anyway, can you choose my food? Please sorry, could you can you just like choose me a meal like any breakfast wherever you want go for it, okay, yeah yeah, so we boots on a party. You know in surprise it’s a meal, yeah yeah yeah, whatever you think it’s good, it’s coffee or something honestly, you, whatever you think, is good okay. So I got you a breakfast email with a black coffee. Okay, then I honestly you got, you gotta, get what everyone like whatever you want to get back he’s good. Like always good, that’s what you want! Yeah yeah! Okay, amazing! Thank you very much. What do you think this award? You have yeah, we are cleared or not. Okay, do them. Yes, thank you very much ma yep. I mean this is a road but well okay. I moved because my mom’s car part was the sunniest place in the history of the world so get set and then we’d some breakfast right game on and in case a to stick it out.. That is such an original idea. How do you come up with that? I don’t know. I guess I’m just a lot of things. It was quite a creative jokes being done like five million times of one they’ve. so I’m quite late to the party. Who cares breakfast? I think the woman we stuck me for a seven-year-old girl, because my breakfast, you got me one singular wrap. What the hell is that and then a black coffee. Now, if you drink black coffee, I’m gonna put out there and say you’re, probably a peasant, you did give me two sugars. I tried really hard not to influence any of their like decision-making process, but I think I did this before. We’ve like lien strangers, decide and yeah, and I think people like always quite like looking for your input, but I tried hard to not have any input, so it was purely their decision and then like a breakfast rappers got a list of stuff when it’s sausage bacon Egg potato rosti cheese, ketchup, brown, sauce or tea wrap up as a lot.
It is a round wrap. Okay, I take it back. It’s quite a substantial breakfast 609 calories in one wrap, good wrap, I’m gonna add bonafide. I never get mad knows breakfast because I think if you go to the McDonald’s in the morning, you’re probably really overweight, but when I do get it, I guess I’d normally get that pancakes. At this stage I want to drink like I cannot handle eating meals like food without adrenaline, typically water, but some kind of cold drink drinking coffee with a meal is like my worst nightmare drinking black coffee with a meal. It’s like beyond my worst nightmare. It’s like I’m having a nightmare, so I’m having a nightmare with in a nightmare. Mmm refreshing, just tastes of black coffee, like coffee of milk, for me is nice. When you have black cop, it’s just like the taste is so overpowering plus, I feel like it makes your breath for again. Stink, like I’m, a being at school teachers were just their breath, would be the most revolting thing. I’ve ever smoked my life and fill up black coffee just reminds me of that. You know yeah, that’s done! I’m not gonna drink I drink, because it’s disgusting um, the rap was good, I’m not like mega full, but I’m okay. I’m satisfied that. Oh that’ll. Do me for now. I would, however, like a better drink, so I’m gonna go to Starbucks and answer. They can choose here, drink just to show that any drink and then maybe I could snap a lot. It’s not what quiet I got a. I don’t even know some kind of like chocolate, milkshake, mocha, frappuccino type thing and then like a cake thing in there, see you in a sec on that side, because I had no choice. But as I was looking at the escalator, I was greeted by an incredibly annoyed. Looking security guard just stood right next, my camera staring at me so that was awkward, we’re now and as their car part, we can pretty sure is like a dogging hot spot. On a Friday and Saturday night, luckily it’s that the morning so I think we’re safe. I didn’t actually see the receipt. I didn’t see what these or I mean, what I’m not listed on it. So what this is it’s basically like? I don’t know if I was gonna guess like it when it says plus WM w c MF is that I don’t know any Starbucks expert sellin.
All that is it tastes like you know and you’re a kid like your mom. Let you make your own chocolate. Nesquik and then you put like 15 teaspoons in SP and it’s way too strong geez. I guess it’s nice, like a pervy kinda way, but it’s ridiculously strong. I mean that’s not I can’t taste coffee or do we just tastes like a unbelievably overpowered like chocolate, milk like if you go to Starbucks, and you order this. What I have to question like, why are you doing that, like a Starbucks? Is a coffee place right like why are you going to a coffee place and then buying a chocolate milkshake ghosts like a milkshake shop move just to complete the look? The guy chose me a like a cake pop. I hate. The word pop is like one of the most annoying words in the world, I’m not going to say anymore, a cake, rectangular cuboid, pretty good cup chocolate, rice, krispies cake, but last super dent has awesome way better than the drink. Okay, I’m gonna eat that take thing, try and force down that ridiculously sweet drink and then see you back. Oh, oh, okay, my card is definitely more suited those kinds of activities. Yes, it’s gonna hit my ball rather than are gonna. Try. Try probably wondering man where those sick genes will recur. You wondering that, were you wondering realistic genes of wrong. I tell you legend London, the link in description. They feel comfy AF. They covered in weird stains from my coffee, because I’m a hobo but they’re yeah they’re sick they’re, like super comfy super stretchy, tighten the waist, tighten the ankles tick, all the water, all the boxes. As far as trousers go jeans go anyway. I need to get some lunch, so I’m planning to go to Subway. Then I’m gonna ask them if they can choose my lunch break anything yeah shoes. Fancy on literate will tell me everything. Yes, ah, methods, your decision completely trust you or 100%. This is up to you so to me up to you mate I’d take away. Please. Could you also choose me like a desert of some kind and then like a drink in the fridge? Are you saying will be your drink reference? Do you mean what a standard one okay yeah, whatever? Whatever you think what you choose will be your ideal dessert right now? Okay, thank you right here we go so subway wise. They really pay attention when he was assembling. I think she said Italian be empty. Our future said that, but oh my god, this is not troubled.
Well, what’s happened here, so someone’s taking my sub and just throwing it down a lift sure and then drop the lift on it repeatedly. It smells good to be fair, I’m not a sub expert, but I think that is an Italian BMT which is fond of me. The downside is the stuff I said last, you know put in what you want and she didn’t hold back now. I typically you see me get some subway before I typically like a cheese and ketchup man like a pretty standard, boring order. She’s literally put every item in there possible, plus I think it was like Southwest sauce or other than some kind of fluorescent orange sauce. It’s good to be fair, just smells like a pizza. It’s like I’m eating a pizza sandwich. Then I got a Pepsi rich. What the hell 375 milliliters! Why is that? How was a birthing I didn’t check? I assumed it was a normal size, but that got me a friggin, tiny person’s bottles, one insults good tastes like Pepsi, and finally, I can tell, through my bag of crap, this falling out of the sandwich. Double chocolate cookie, that’s now, quite solely because it’s covered in wet stuff from my sandwich: okay, quantity, wise, not too bad, I mean at least, if you got me, a six-inch ordered set fire to the place, and luckily that was okay. I would have liked a bit more dessert, but yeah. It could be a lot worse and done. That was food. That was like probably the best thing I’ve eat. You know the represent, and that are the two big things. Actually the thing as well. The chocolate cake thing that will sit. Basically, the food has been sick. Today the drinks have been subpar. Also, to be fair, I shouldn’t say: like the people have been sick like I guess people could have been way more awkward about me asking him to pick my food without actually being like all of the employees. I’ve seen they’ve all been way like came to get, have open way helpful and even though some of them haven’t fully grasped the concept of like picking for me, they’ve been more than happy to get involved anyway, I have some things to get organized cause. Are some exciting stuff happening soon, which I’ll explain to you shortly? So it’s a little bit high one sec? Okay, that was fake packing. but I am actually going to be packing very shortly, because I have some exciting traveling plans coming up. Traveling plans travel plans coming up and which I’m gonna explain to you approximately now so.
On Tuesday I fly to LA I going to la vĂ­ctima shop. It’s going to be friggin, sick, gonna be hanging with the lads filming some stuff doing some shoots eating some food, but making out my gonna see kind of how it goes on way excited for that then, from there I’m gonna be flying over to Cancun, Mexico, I’m gonna meet Sears and Luca. There we’re gonna travel to an island called whole box. It looks friggin sick, like idyllic AF, so that should be super good gonna hang out there for like think ten days or so just do some Mexican stuff, like really gracious or just say nothing to be. I should be friggin awesome. I’m Way excited for that. So um yeah keep your eyes and ears peeled for that and bye keep your eyes on these cool. like obviously you could enable notifications. Are you press the little bail thing next to the subscribe button? Then you get notified when I upload, I mean you haven’t already enabled that why not eh yeah? That’s! Basically, I just thought I’d kind of keep you in the loop with my life, so it makes sense right now, I’m sometime as i lapse at the last clip it’s now approaching dinnertime, so I’m probably gonna phone Domino’s and ask you they don’t mind, choosing my dinner for me really Wi-Fi just what have you just what what’s your favorite pizza, your favorite, what’s like if you’re that hungry, like I want a pizza, would you order hit me Texas, barbecue, just in its original form, Yeah, okay, sick. Do you like any drinks or desserts? Personally, you don’t okay cool my cards get out then please! Yes, please me and dinner is served and I have the following a pizza and that’s it because apparently the guy doesn’t like any drinks or dessert. How was that thing that was a challenging conversation? Definitely the least enthusiastic members of encountered today, but I mean we’ve got there in the air. We got something you know um, so yeah, Texas, barbecue doing it’s not about you. I’m happy with this, like typically out order. Maybe like barbecue base with just like chicken and bacon, but with all the extra kind of onions and peppers and stuff, but yeah, not too bad My micronutrients in with that stuff and this piece up definitely getting more visuals and I probably typically get in a day.
You know my vegetable count is desperate when I’m counting Domino’s Pizza and Subway That’s Ward, my five a day to satisfy chicken bacon, peppers and onions, hey bro, we’ve had a shower Do you know how I can tell dignity red yeah, I’m just like a buyer You mean they’re all the same We have this night, that’s the crust for your big he’s paid good for you Actually, if you eat in moderation, good feed, hey, maybe they down cool, see, bring your check this bar with you Presently I am doing drinking dessert o’clock No yeah sure thanks my chocolate piece of preference, always flick between pizza and Domino’s More reason, outsell, leading to a dominant presence, like I thought on that day These are are good, but they’re very inconsistent, my my, which is my area, but on the odd occasion I do get picked up, because sometimes it can be terrible, whereas Domino’s is pretty consistent, good, no, no means a classic wholesome Denikin says elderlies check we dead last Right now, last slice: what could it be? The last way can I combine the last by and large slice into one action If I can Oh yeah, Andina mmm, it’s over and I’d really like some dessert Frigging loser didn’t get me any high, I’m out of interest What would you choose minstrels or chocolate brownie? Thank you very much that counts Are you with me, so I figure technically it’s about the first food employee notice First, that was a fast-food employee and they chose it No, sir Well later the law well in with achieving yeah No I’m believably keen and they just didn’t question a lot yet see you bye How laughter it was all I got means I could’ve gone and got some dessert to be fair, but they’re gonna be awesome, basically had minstrels and brownies that says made in the house, so everyone’s a winner Okay, I’m now winding me up here, because they’ve got pre-travel corporation um see it’s been a short over the other No, it’s been a truly an all right, although he’s a good to mix it up right First, I’m sure one different, I’m sorry! No I’m saying um! I hope you enjoyed it, you haven’t really give it a thumbs up Well, I said, keep your eyes got new to the channel and subscribe and I’ll see you tomorrow Cookies turn my camera around ruin, my outro

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