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Let’s talk about… * the new * the fine beauty professional filter water replenishment long foundation cream.

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Oh my gosh, because I do not believe that I’m actually filming a new launch for fenty. So today I’m gonna be reviewing the new funky Beauty, Pro filter, hydrating long wearing, as well as the hydrating primer. So I’m sure you guys have already seen these on plenty beauty’s, Instagram page and the minute I saw this I was so shook because I don’t know if you guys remember this, but I did review the matte foundation a while back, and I said that I loved How perfect of a match it was.
I really loved the natural finish, but I just wish that he created a hydrating foundation for us people whohave dry skin so that I could like keep it. That was the only reason why I didn’t keep is because it was too matte for my dry texture type of skin. You know what I mean so funky beauty, listen to us. Ariana heard our prayers guys, because now we have a hydrating foundation and a hydrating primer. So we can finally be a part of the fenty Beauty game. Okay, if you have dry skin, he’s both launched on the Fenty website and at Sephora on August 15th. But I really want to say thank you so much to penty for sending over these products. For me to try. I don’t play with how honest I am with you guys: cuz, you guys are my family and I want to make sure you spend your coin on something that you love to you naming so. First, we’re gonna go in with the pro filter, hydrating primer, and you guys already know how I personally feel about primers. I think they’re so important to the longevity and the overall wear of your foundation. Well, if you’re one of those people who don’t think that primers don’t do much, I honestly disagree because I really think it’s really important, like I feel like the primer, is the first step. Of course you should do your moisturizer and everything first, but like the primer, makes a huge difference as well, when you add that on top of your moisturizer, but that’s just my personal opinion, so first thoughts so far as you guys can see when I was applying It it definitely did give that doing this.
It definitely didn’t feel like it hydrated my skin, but what I am thing is that my skin absorbed it really fast like it just keep them there very well, and it’s no longer super. You know overly Chloe, like some other primers are, and I think this has to do with empties whole approach tohaving a natural finish. The one thing I cannotice is, I kind of feel like it’s smooth out this area right here, and this is where I get the most texture. So I’m really curious to see how it applies with the foundation over it and if it still keeps that blur feeling that I’m kind of getting right now so I’m gonna dive in with the foundation now and I’m in the shade 370. I’m just gonna take like half a pump on each side and just start to blend it out with the senti sponge to get my match for this foundation. I just went to Sephora and I reshape matched myself to the matte foundation.. This is all time, if so, I’m so sorry guys a little longer than a few minutes later, and that’s how I was able to find the shade in this one because the shades actually correspond. So if you already have the Mac Foundation – and you just are looking for like the dewy hydrating version of that – and you want to try this one out – that shade will still work with this foundation, just a heads up, alright guys, so just my thoughts so far, While I’m blending it out, it’s definitely a very natural finish like they said, but you still see doing this shining through. I don’t know if you guys can tell so if you like, a very natural glow in your foundation, your going to really like this ask for texture right here guys. I still don’t feel like it’s clinging on to my texture. You guys remember how the matte one just stuck on there and just made it look like a really bad dry patch. It was just it was just a mess. I definitely don’t get that with this one. The big test is going to be guys when I set it look when I do my concealer and I set it to see if it’s really still hydrating, if it’s not creating any texture and stuff like that, so I’m gonna do the rest of my face.
Makeup and give you guys my final thoughts, alright guys, so I finished applying the rest of my makeup and this is the final result. So, as you guys can see honestly when I applied my bronzer and my high and everything like that, I kind of feel like it just came even more to life, but my biggest thing that I was telling you guys about was, if I set it with a Powder, how crazy is it going to look? Is it gonna bring out texture? Is it gonna look smooth and remember how I was telling you guys I felt like it was kind of luring out my texture? Well, it actually did that like this is the first time in a while guys like right over here on my foundation has looked so smooth but yeah overall, I’m sohappy with it like this right here is literally my main problem zone. So as long as my foundation doesn’t become a dry patch there, I’m literally sohappy so yeah. This is how it turned out guys. I love it. How do I feel about it for dry skin? This is definitely a ten out of ten. I wasn’t expecting anything less because the one thing I love about fenty as a brand is that they always come through when it comes to like expectations. They don’t just launch products for no reason they really listen to their followers and their supporters. They take the time to test it out and create amazing product. So if you guys want to figure out if these two products right here are worth your money worth your investment, 100% worth the purchase, it’s amazing like ariana, killed it again. What’s new, we didn’t expect less for my previous review. The only reason why I didn’t like the foundation was because it’s meant for more normal to oily skin. It was a matte foundation, so it was inevitable. That makes sense. So it’s not like I didn’t like the product. I just didn’t like how it worked with me on my skin You know what I mean love this guys.
If you are dry skin, get this okay, it’s medium to full coverage right now I kind of build it up to be a full coverage, because I kind of wanted my face to be beat-beat today and you can even make it very light In my opinion to you If you just use a small amount and if you look like a really good tinted, moisturizer type of vibe, if you’re looking for that too, so you can definitely share it out and build it up So make sure you guys check it out and mark your calendars because it launches on August of the steam on the Fenty website and also at Sephora, so make sure you guys stay tuned for that I already know it’s going to sell really fast, I’m just saying if your dry, skin girl, prepare yourself secure your coins hover over your laptop but make sure you do your back research and headin to your local Sephora and get shade matched to the matte foundation So you can get the right shade for this foundation Okay, so don’t try to like figure it out online because I already know it’s gonna sell out in like 25 seconds, because, first of all, it’s venti and second of all, it’s really so, let’s not play ourselves Okay, prepare yourself guys, like I even want to try to snag my winter shade All I need now is just a Fanta, hydrating, concealer and I’ll be said, since he can just take over my face gap NT I need a hydrating, concealer and I’ll be the happiest person in the world That’s all I have to say so I really hope you guys enjoyed this foundation review and also I already know people are going to be asking for e-books and I’m gonna try my best to get you guys Some install ASAP so stay tuned for that, and thank you so much for watching If you’re new to my channel, my name is jasmine, I upload every Sunday so make sure you guys hit that subscribe Button turn on your Bell notifications If you enjoyed it, because that really helps my channel and quite frankly

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