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Life Renewal: We Break Up

30 Sep , 2019  

Okay, and I want to in many ways as much as I want privacy I also want you guys to know what’s happening, you know in my life – and this is huge so as you can see from the title Alex and I broke up, if you have followed me for a while, you know I was in a relationship and I had A baby – and I was engaged and for personal personal personal reasons we have decided to separate and basically we broke up I don’t want to do this, but it’s just because it’s such an uncomfortable thing like this is not the kind of content I make on YouTube and I just felt uncomfortable because this happened like maybe six weeks ago or five weeks ago like a while ago, and I just like, I just want you guys to know, is I’m actually I’m actually happy Of course, my son is my number one priority and we just ask for privacy on all fronts, because there are so many people involved when there is a family and when there is a breakup and stuff, and so everybody is in their own individual process So I just ask that you guys understand the best that you can and I’m I hope that you guys received this well I know that so many people are gonna be really shocked and I just want to say: there’s nothing, bad, there’s nothing bad between Alex and I there’s nothing but love there It’s just life happens, and this is what happens sometimes So Thank you guys for understanding and thank you for supporting me, because that feels really really good It just feels really nice to have people who care, and I love you guys, like I always say so Thank you for watching and I’m gonna end

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