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Light eye makeup

30 Sep , 2019  

What’s up guys, it’s Jen and today we’re going to be creating easy, effortless glam using some of my favorite products from our C collection and I’m gonna be starting with our sea water foundation in the shade, fair neutral, but first I’m gonna. Let you know that if you pick up a water foundation on try to come, you can get a free complexion set worth 35 bucks and what that includes is you’re. Getting these three bad boys. Look at this you’re, getting a travel sized quench, hydrating, primer and love.
This primer, it’s so lightweight, it gets absorbed into your skin, easily you’re. Getting this really nice sponge, that’s perfect for applying the water foundation or even your skin care. If you want and then you’re also getting a travel size of our four in one setting mist – and I love this not only for just you – know – freshening up my skin throughout the day, because it’s travel sized and it fits in my bag. But also I like to use this to dampen the sponge, because you’re also getting those skincare benefits and you’re just pressing that in right with your foundation, so you’re getting your skincare and your foundation application all in one. I love this primer because it offers so many like benefits like antioxidants, pollution protection. It also has amino acids and probiotics in it. So it’s really nourishing to your skin, but it’s also lightweight so gets absorbed and doesn’t leave like a sticky like film, on your face, which I hate and sometimes like you know, when you put on something some primers when you top it with the foundation. Almost like pills off, it will never happen with this because it instantly gets absorbed into the skin. It also smells really nice and that’s like a cooling effect. So it’s really really really nice really this now, I’m just applying the water foundation again in that fair, neutral shade – and I love this because it’s so lightweight and it’s water-based. You know your body recognizes that ingredient and it knows what to do with it. So I just love this. It also has SPF 15 in it and again, like lately, makeup DC’s back in the day a couple years ago, I loved a good heavy full coverage foundation, application and you know heavier makeup, but Museums. I liked it and what do you guys think? Do you guys, like a more like natural, everyday makeup? This looks like that No makeup makeup, or do you like that full glam makeup tell me in the comment section below I want to know.
I want to do a little poll here and see what people prefer I just notice how like twisted my necklace was and Strada me crazy Okay, I think it’s better Alright, we’re back alright! Now we’re gonna move right into eyes, I’m going to be using a shade from our foil finger paints The shadow palette trio This is the lunar palette Look how pretty this is and we’re gonna be using this shade moonrise all over our lid I love these because you could just swipe them on with your finger and you’re out the door You can use a brush, but this formula was made to be used through fingers, so I love applying it with that Just look how pigmented these are they’re Also, infused of that rainforest of the sea complex just like our water foundation, so it’s got antioxidant protection against free, radical damage, but it also smooths and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles I’m just chopping off my lashes with a couple coats of my favorite lights: camera lashes for morning Mascara nothing gives my lashes the volume and length like this mascara, and it’s also nourishing them with good for you Ingredients like Pro vitamin b5 olive esters and rice bran Now for a lip, I’m applying my favorite color / lipstick in the shade beach babe I love this because it’s like the perfect, muted pink for me It also is like this Demi matte finish needs I’m just looking hydrated but mattified slightly I’m gonna show you you’ll see This has to be out of all the turn lipsticks, my favorite lipstick, shade and Sam Now, I’m going to accept this whole look and give myself like a nice dewy finish using that travel-size a four in one setting mist It’s not addictive alright and we are good to give alright guys Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below and until next time Ah, thank you so much for hanging out with me This was just fun, easy natural bloom I’m loving this Let me know again if you prefer more natural makeup or more like of that, like heavy Instagram style makeup like full-blown glam, let me know comment section below: alright guys, love you until next time Let me try that again, alright guys until next time Thank you So much for hanging out with me I love you I love it One more take care

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