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Lisa Eldridge velvet lipstick review John Maclean

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello everyone. So this is the first film of 2000 team is super exciting a brand new year. We must, of course, bless this new year and I hope that you all had a safe and sound entry to the year. Today’s film is going to be a brand and product focus film, where we try out trial out and review a particular product from a particular brand. Today, I’m going to be examining the very recently released Lisa Eldridge plush, true velvet, lipstick colors for those of you who may not be at aware Lisa Eldridge is one of the most respected makeup artists in the world.
Lisa’s work can be seen on catwalks to red. Carpets from glossy advertisement, campaigns to magazine covers lisa has an endless list of prestigious clients. She’s done the makeup for so many celebrities and supermodels, and superstars present a mine yet Lisa’s also created director. She has been the creative director for numerous makeup brands and I believe that she is currently working as the global creative director for Lancome. Lisa is also an author, and I have her book right in front of me. It is called face, paint the story of makeup light, Lisa Eldridge. She released this in 2013 and it went on to be a best-seller. It is a marvelous read and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Certainly, if you have an interest in makeup, it really explores the subject and the history of makeup and tell such a wonderful story. Lisa is also a jewelry designer and has her own range of jewelry from rings to earrings should definitely leave the applicable link to her website within the description of this film, so you may check out her jewelry lisa also produces villains and shares them on the platform. Www.Youtube.Com/Lehrenhollywood this film, I would certainly say for those of you who enjoy my content. I think you will find Lisa’s channel to be like dessert. So aside from the many things that Lisa has done, she’d very recently launched her own makeup product. She launched three lipsticks, which is super exciting. They are right in front of me. I am dying to get into them now. I was quite surprised when I found at least it was launching her own makeup. She was certainly something that I used to wonder whether or not she bring out her own makeup and when I found out that she was really silly makeup, I got so excited. I had to lie down aside from Lisa’s obvious talents, skill and accomplishments, but I really engage with is her style, whether it be a makeup or jewelry or makeup products, her style is classical yet so modern, it’s clean and flawless, yet unanxious its refined yet relaxed. There is a seamless balance in her style. That is definitely something that attracts my eye. I also think Lea sent me happen to be an immortal just like me, as she never appears to age, but moving on to the lipsticks.
Now these lipsticks came out last year. In 2018 and they were released roughly at the end of November as a limited edition, but they swarmed out. I know I have a little bit late to the party, but because I was doing so much traveling during November and December. I didn’t actually have the time to film a review about these, because I didn’t really have the time to review them. I thought I’ll save them for a special occasion for the first film of the year. They have been sitting on the altar in my studio for a month or so, and I have been resisting the urge to go and swipe them because they are a very fascinating product, as you will see in just a moment now, Lisa Eldridge, very kindly gifted me, The three lipsticks that she released as well as a plush now that makeup pouch, which you will see in just a moment she launched three lipsticks. These have a velvet formula and are all red. Now there are very, very different Reds. We have velvet ribbon there that jazz and velvet morning now these lipsticks were launched individually. You can also buy the pouch individually. You could also purchase them as a set, the ultimate truth – velvet collection. Now these lipsticks were released as a limited edition and they sold out very very quickly. I have a suspicion that they shall be returning with a few more shades as well. Now I lipstick survived inside the pouch. They were packaged inside the velvet plush pouch. It’s this beautiful black color with Lisa’s branding on the front. You know I got quite big man, hands and the strength of Goliath, and if I give that a good tug, I don’t hear any stitches ripping or anything like that or the fabrics stretching too much. It’s very well made. The slide includes Lisa’s emblem opening to reveal all a small promotional card held within unloading. The lipsticks, which have been individually wrapped and protective bubble, wrap now removing it, and these are the lipsticks velvet jazz velvet, ribbon and velvet morning. These reds are so different, even though side by side they look quite similar as all Reds tend to. They are very, very different, and each of these Reds can be applied quite softly as they stain or they can be applied as a block color. They can also work as a blush if you play a little bit of it to the cheeks. Having tried on one of these lipsticks, I did try on velvet ribbon. I haven’t tried on the other two, however, what I found with them is that, even though they would be marketed as a matte product, I wouldn’t consider them a matte lipstick at all.
A matte lipstick tends to be light. It has no light, doesn’t reflect light. I love matte lipsticks, I think they’re fantastic, but this kind of formula is different in that respect. They don’t have a sadness to them or a glossiness or a wetness like a regular lipstick would or a non matte lipstick. Would these do not have a sheen, but they are not light? They definitely reflect light a little bit. No lipsticks all come in this matte white and satin gold packaging. Of course you have Lisa’s name on the side and Lisa’s emblem just right there. What I like about the box as well as it has the name on the top, which is very, very handy, don’t like it when they have it on the bottom. I describe. The packaging has been simple slick and modern. The fun begins when you unbox it. It’s absolutely beautiful. Black tissue paper has been very meticulously wrapped around the lipstick tube when I first saw it. I know it’s probably a little flippant of me to describe it in such a way. It almost reminded me of sushi, but what it really reminds me of its luxury chocolates when they come in this beautiful paper and then, when you take it off where you can roll it off, it reveals the bullet. Now this is a shade velvet ribbon, which is a blue toned. Read all of these lipsticks are really unusual. In that respect. They actually do look like that. I’ve actually held it up right beside velvet, and you can actually see that they look almost identical to velvet. It is the same texture. The packaging is very simple on the bottom. You have the details and the name on the top. You have Lisa’s icon. These lipsticks are also magnetized. So when you pull them they’re slightly resistant, I have to give it a good yank and, as you can see right, there there’s a little bit of plastic, which I trust will conceal the metal that makes this magnetic I’m going to talk about that. Little bit of plastic in just a moment, but the overall lipstick itself, as you can see, is magnetized, so you can actually call the lid on it like that. It is this almost champagne, chrome, color, it’s not quite silver, even not gonna look silver online or in images it’s actually tinted gold and then, of course we have this metal here, which has been satin finished, but it’s in this loving gold color. Now I tried a little bit of this color on the other day only a little bit. I was actually a little scared to apply any of these, because the lipsticks have been designed to resemble well, but they aren’t actually ballad. I know that Lisa said within her own filum when she launched the lipsticks and produced a film to accompany the launch.
She stated that the lipsticks have been designed almost like the structure on velvet, but with lipstick. So it’s fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like it and when I’ve had a closer inspection, it doesn’t look very much like velvet. I have, of course, already gone in and applied makeup. I just want to apply to heavier look. I wanted the concentration to be on the lipsticks. I also went in and lined my lips first of all, with some of Charlotte Tilbury slip sheet in the shade pillow-talk, because I’m going in with reds. I didn’t necessarily want to go in with a lip liner. First of all, and because these are velvet formulas, like matte formulas, you can actually line the lips with the lipstick. My own natural lips are quite miss shapen, and I didn’t want to chat away to you with wonky looking lips. Also, because red is such a strong color, it can actually be quite difficult to get the line of it. Absolutely perfect. Nude is more forgiving and I much prefer to use nude lip liners when working with red stick anyway, because you can course create a very clean line with a nude lip liner, but you can also cover the lip liner with the lipstick. I just tend to find it a little bit easier than using a dark lip liner. All these lipsticks really resemble velvet, and this is the color velvet ribbon Nye McLaren straight from the bullet. First things. First, it’s very very light the formula it’s very very light. It doesn’t feel like I have really anything on the lips. It’s very very creamy, even though it’s a matte. Well, it’s more matte, it’s more of a velvet. It’s a very, very concentrated formula. You don’t need a lot of it. It’s it’s also very soft. On the lips, it isn’t quite a matte lipstick. It’s definitely a velvet because, as you can see, if I just turn a little bit, it has a light to it. Now I’m going to go in with a mac cosmetics, 231 brush and, as you can see, I don’t actually have to line the lips that much because I’ve already lined them. I just have to go over the nude lip line. It’s a much easier method when applying darker lipstick, so that is the shade of Belle that ribbon now applied. This color actually looks way better on me than I imagined I don’t typically go for this kind of red velvet morning is more the color that I would go forth. I was waiting a red or even better jazz. This kind of bluish red isn’t necessarily my first choice, but this color, I must say, looks marvelous.
I certainly didn’t need a lot of lipstick to get a good coverage on the lips. It is definitely a very opaque formula and it makes my teeth. Look. Super white, and even looking at it even not as a matte formula, it certainly doesn’t feel as drying on the lips as most matte lipsticks. I love matte lipsticks. I use them on myself. They use them within my work. These lipsticks definitely feel a little bit more. Don’t see, that’s the way, reduce it’s much softer formula. I think this color would look good on everyone, irrespective of skin tone, applied strongly. As I am done, it’s a little bit of a stain quite softly. It’s a lovely color, it’s not too blue. It’s not too oranges, just in the middle, even though it is very modern and Lisa wanted to Chris and others very modern. I actually think there’s something really classical about this as well and this tube, even though it is so slick and simple and modern. I could definitely see this in 50s or in in the 20s as well. I suddenly don’t know if any of user fans of the mr. Fischer series, but I could definitely envisage miss Fischer running around with one of these in all that 20s galore, and that’s actually one of the things that I wanted to mention. It’s a very intelligent use of colors and textures. If you went for something that was totally gold, it can be a little bit jarring, and if you went for something that was totally won finish again, it can look a little bit flat or jarred this little bit of plastic, which I trust, conceals the magnet that Secures the little lipstick and the rest of the bullet together, because it isn’t the bird two or three millimeters wide, and you can actually see the plastic is quite wide. Looking this actually very cleverly breaks up the colors. The base of it is quite large, and you can really hold on to that, but if it was as fat here as it is all the way up to the top, it would seem a bit cumbersome, but because it’s thin in it becomes smaller. It’s more pin like this choice of shape, makes the lipstick a lot easier to use and it certainly looks a lot more elegant because you have this nifty applicator. If you’ve got this point, where you can really hold lipstick, it just makes the experience of a planner lipstick a lot easier. You get a lot more control, but that bit of black plastic is also glossy. It still reflects the light as the satin finish, as well as the champagne room. I would call it. It still reflects the light. If I turn it like that, you can see it’s reflecting the light. It just very cleverly breaks up the gold and graduates the shape very well, and, of course that is our ledge for the later and, as you can see, they are magnetic.
I just put it on like that and leave it. You can see it’s magnetic. It closes itself because they are magnetic they repel one another. They look absolutely beautiful together, but, as you can see, they like the personal space to finalize on this shade. This is the shade velvet ribbon. It is a Marlys, true velvet red color, so I very carefully went and removed the lipstick, though that ribbon and I took off a little bit of the pillow-talk lip liner that I’ve been wearing just a month ago. It still add a little bit of a residue, but it doesn’t really matter. It still provides us the shape that we need now, I’m going to go on in with this absolutely beautiful color, which is the Lisa Eldridge plush. True velvet lipstick color in the shade, where the jazz all the lipsticks have is absolutely beautiful. Velvet effect again, I’m just going to be going in and applying it straight from the bullet. This color isn’t actually as dark as it looks. It’s a very Brown you’ve read is absolutely beautiful. Now I’ve applied that quite crudely, just with one or two little swipes, again very strong, color, payoff, great opacity, great coverage, usually on me personally, I’m not really a fan of dark red lips that do tend to find that they make my features, look quite severe. Now I’m going to go in and perfect the shape with an Anastasia a1 brush, so that is without that jazz no applied. Now I will warn you. The lip line and the shape of my lips will look a little bit wonky, because I have just followed my own natural lip line. My own natural lip line is quite asymmetric and a little bit disproportionate here and there, and especially with darker lipsticks. It really emphasizes the shape of one’s left, but I’ve only applied this. Just that you can see the color. The other jazz is quite an interesting lipstick. The color is quite interesting. It’s quite a brown, a slightly earthly dark red. I wouldn’t consider it a blue red or an orange red. It has quite a Browning undertone. You cannot square a strong color as and darker red. It actually looks quite soft amongst the makeup and the rest of the look all of these colors. Certainly, this one would work on every skin tone. Of course, this color might look really dark on me, but if you are at the other end of the spectrum and have quite dark skin, a color like this will probably look quite bright on you. Colors like these are actually quite rare, to have a slightly brown, it’s almost Brian based, but it’s not it’s just going towards the slightly blended direction, but oh, it says still remains very much in red one of the interesting points I have to make it this color.
In particular, is that when I began to apply it, it doesn’t even matter whether you are using a more affordable, lipstick or lipstick. That is more high-end. This kind of color tends to go on quite patchy. It tends to drag and you have to do one or two coats and build up quite a thick layer to get quite enough pick color across the lip, whereas with this lipstick in the shade of jazz, I only had to do one layer. So that is definitely a positive about this lipstick. Oh definitely say it’s formula was a little bit more creamy than the velvet ribbon this one’s much more. It almost feels slightly satiny and it’s a little bit more satiny, looking which I would consider a positive given the fact that it is far darker than the velvet ribbon. I also just made a trip back to for dinner. I ate an entire village and the lipstick remained on suddenly with my coloring. When I look at this lipstick, even though it is dark and quite strong, the color is quite understated. I’D consider rather jazz quite a bold, yet a very sensible red. So I further went in and removed the velvet jazz color. Now I’m going to go in with our final shade, which is the Lisa Eldridge plush, true velvet, lipstick color in the shade valid morning. If I hold this color up against my skin, it will probably look quite orange, looks a little bit more orange red and, as you can see it is this absolutely beautiful, vibrant orange –red shade. Now I think this color will look best only personally, it’s more! The kind of red that I would wear, I must prefer this orange Reds on me. First of all that actually looks really orange on me. You don’t actually need that much of the lipstick to gain quite an opaque layer. Now I have applied that directly from the billet quite crudely and, as you can see, that’s given us a quite strong color payoff. Now I’m going to go in with a nice number two brush just to affect the lip line. You have no idea how much it pains me going in and disturbing the lipstick and using it, because when you do use it, you actually disturb the formation of the there that effect, as these are a work of art. Now I absolutely adore this color velvet morning. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous on the lips, and this is more the kind of bread that I like to wear them there, it’s quite vibrant and more on the orange side of things now, even though, with my coloring, it is more typical to go for a Color, that’s more blue based, but I just prefer the way that orange based Reds look on me I don’t feel that they’re as stark, of course orangie Reds, can look really stark on you, depending on your own coloring.
I think all of these colors will look good on absolutely everyone I think there’s a red there for everyone, irrespective of undertone irrespective of ethnicity I think there’s something there for everyone, so that moreless completes my brand and product focus, Philip testing trialing and reviewing the Lisa Eldridge plush True velvet lipstick colors No, I think these lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous The formula is fantastic, they are creamy, they are soft and they are relative The packaging is gorgeous, there’s something very classic about it, but also very modern about it I’D actually describe this as a no-nonsense product with very charming packaging Now I don’t know for certain: if these lipsticks in this exact packaging will be returning, I have a suspicion, they will be I don’t know if the exact packaging will be the same for the next ones That Lisa brings out if she’s to bring hurt anyone I have a slight suspicion that she well, I hope she does I definitely think this formula and other colours would be fantastic and I should be putting my lipsticks back into my very decadent velvet pouch I love the fact that it’s black, you could never go wrong with things that are black, the Lisa Eldridge plush True, now that lipstick colors are priced at 26 pounds individually I believe that these lipsticks are sold exclusively at Lisa’s website WWDC Eldridge comm I shall definitely leave the applicable links to her website and her own YouTube channel, as well as her own social media Within the description of this fellow, I have really liked working with this formula and these lipsticks I definitely consider them a luxury product, and I would like to seize this of the opportunity to congratulate Lisa Eldridge on the launch of her plush through their lip lipsticks, and I wish Lisa Eldridge and all at least Eldridge All the best of luck with their future launches their product development and their growth as a brand I have had a lot of fun creating this film for you here today, and I hope that you have found this film to be either interesting, useful, helpful or beneficial once again Thank you so much for watching and, of course, take care Bye,

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