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Listen to Alex Gonzaga Talk 24-hour Challenge

30 Sep , 2019  

Our land away, sorry was about you, you know and again keeping up with any melee in the alpha version. 500. The I don’t know the birds are singing. I just edited an entire plane flag. Anybody scheduled to go ten days traveling for ten days, I’m daily flock vehicle. Ten days grind is real: let’s do it to it throwback Thursday, daily vlog. The thank you thank you. I got a styling in this luxury high mass, so we are back in my most favorite country in the entire world.
Arguably Japan, it’s my favorite place in the world, oh yeah. I love it so much and I’m traveling alone being at Longhorn Atlantic by Melissa, and it’s an experience that a funnel we go twenty-four-hour coca in first time, wouldn’t be the wheel, become a pocket indica oxide machine was she cooking and I can’t keep up calico. You left and once again Libre 24/7 diva 24/7 day by 24 hours. That’s correct! Okay, 2:00 a.m. there’s been here Bobby’s here. What is it both peace, marceline, dito, hahaha, secret and operation public and, of course, biceps, Indian biceps? That’s a shoulder gonna Sigma know alright, guys so Indian alcohol mikvah vodka say kasama mo siya. This is just pure content while compiling and go in your lung. I just, though, our leader all right, so an Anita now Conant along Aris, gonna game Schalke, say she never stops talking. Pareshan machine gun. Well, not can’t oppose onion chutni language bird then commits okay smile. Oh I don’t wait. I don’t gonna, go stopping nothing with it. Ah, be he okay, business, hij, ple weep OS upon an afternoon and go is dinner great. The good uncut she eat. So much about see. Tommy moved in a car, a boy in a Menominee son se, dong PO Caminiti le pyre will lijinsky an enema genes John genes, and promote by Brad jeans meeting. Know that I am I yes, we’ve been here for so long. All the other creators are gone. Goose tokens malama look at exercise, yes, yes, I do Pilates Buffett and let me Pilates no foreign feeling gonna go supplier, parent Elysee. I know you go you money, repair, Miami vida Sabine, I Amparo sama soap, opera in Parramatta and opal. No, can you breathe? It is not fair she’s like a cartoon, Shang, half cartoon libero Naboo Dolan oxy. No, I’m not gonna do this with you who’s. Having a para like this, I wanna dance I said Well, so will you my Nonna police 500, the Oh Melissa, but saucy craboo element on, looks a little shot believe all right.
So you know: we’ve been talking for like four hours: Cernan beaten it out for four hours straight and basically alum Kona LA had pneumonia secreto saladna manga artists than anyone she’s ever met in her entire life I say that implemented only winter, hey, Zac Effron If you’re watching buddy, I could be a girlfriend for a date, sorry mates you’ve been texting me in another place, so this time so yeah Basically, if you want to know anything about anyone in the industry and all the cheese miss I got it I left it name on kono, I mean I’m not gonna marry You, you guys have one of the coolest channels, my girlfriend’s, a huge fan of you, guys, yeah We wanted to like interview you 101 yeah I was supposed to do that Do an interview with you guys it when I was in Korea, but then the Avengers endgame I was doing the interviews of them and it was like too nervous and when I do interviews, I forget everything That’s going on in my life and I just focus on the interview and it’s so good to finally meet you guys No Asian boss is one of the coolest I’d, say it’s one of the top channels in Asia For sure even pudy pie loves you guys, yeah Thank You asian baz, that’s so fun what a great insight good thing! It’s still there I left out there for five hours yeah, so you can trust youtubers I just had to leave and get my stuff back Alex is hanging out with Asian boss, I’m gonna drop my stuff off and then bubbly Coco It’s like the Welcome dinner party You guys treat us really nice This is a five-star hotel, huh, there’s free food like unlimited free food, it’s so nice that has come into black Mercedes Google This place is so crazy I’m lost it’s so nice, though no, but no like no, but on the doors and Dorsey a you and here’s The elevator, the elevator just looks like the wall Everything looks the same various, so he ran away with it Thank you you guys it’s so confusing The lounge is on the 51st floor and I went to the first floor I figure I get that we made it They even things: okay, alright, that was an owl or something in our own seriously I never explained why I’m here now, I’m about a song It’s like summer, camp of youtubers, [, Laughter, ],

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