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30 Sep , 2019  

Loot all the helpers he’s in the land today’s an exciting day, a paranormal activity. I have the living cartoon here named pixee fox’ and she should be here any minute now and you don’t know she is gonna get a little transformation. You’Re gonna be a blonde hombre and you guys have to stay tuned to hear her story, I’m known as the living cartoon. How many service you have wait. 250 plastic surgery. You’ve got your ribs ring of six ribs removed. Can we get just a sneak? Peek of your waist today it’s about the hair, but we want to hear her story.
Let’s get started fuck your body, you you remember, a do it from Dubai. Yes, we sang a whole new world. I can show you the world, I don’t know what finishing Swedish did. Mother Holle, your Swedish, so most of you hair is natural, but until the ends this used to be like bleached white blond. This is her natural right here used to be bleached out, level-10 blond, but she covered it with a brown color. You look at her ends. It looks a lot darker by a few levels because of porosity. The guy tagging, my daddy magnum 8, because we don’t need big 9 big night is way too strong for her hair. I’m gonna do two scoops to make 50 grams. Her hair is kind of flying. Normally, I use 30 volume guys, but I feel like her hair is probably most safe with 20 volumes. Something tells me I should do content in between English. You have 30 volume, it so I’ll put 30 and 20 mix, so it will be kinda like a 25 volumes. I got. Ta have all the place for security, a little Sportage 132 of incomes. Yes, she is not Barbie, but you are Ken correct, yeah she’s, the living cartoon. Can you be a cartoon? Also? Are we gonna meet up with us later with me? I’m her new gay boyfriend. Oh there’s jealousy going on here. Okay, we’ll see you later. Oh yeah, guy tennis, my new hair done I’m the new hair, daddy hashtag hair game, so I’m gonna do a back home, but I’m gonna do it really low because I find that lower looks more grown out more lived-in, maybe around 250 procedures. I don’t but I’m like, so you have 250 procedures done to your body, but you want your hair to look natural me. It’s not the number of surgeries that is important for me. It’s more the final result: is there never going to be a final as we age we change, and you know you get wrinkles and things happen. If you’re not delusional, how can you achieve anything, then I said I could never move my ribs.
That would be impossible. How could I do it? I have a color line. I called my identity rights, my daddy’s, about knowing yourself, I thought it was so beautiful. When I saw your speech in the bye, I was just loved it. When you talked about loving yourself and knowing yourself, is it natural, you need to drive a car, it’s not natural to drive a car technology cell phone metal by natural, so know why there, when attacking you for changing your look, there’s different types of people the world To make a story to make the world go around, we don’t all need to be the same, and we should not be judging pixi for her art and what she represents. Three years ago I was still an electrician in Sweden I mean I was good at it, but I never felt this is me. When I was 4 years old, I told my mom one day. I’m gonna live in Hollywood and I’m gonna be very well-known. I’m gonna be actor and a director and my mom was like yeah yeah yeah sure you know go and get a job. One day I was just like everything. I’m just gonna live my life. The way it is in my head in three years later. I’m sitting here at 250 cosmetic surgery, some known all over the world, and I have my own TV show now people told me it’s impossible for me to do what I’ve done, but still I’m sitting here, I’m alive and I’ve done it a delusional visionary person. For me, the whole thing that I’m doing it’s holistic – I do surgery, yes, but I also eat vegan, walk through. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I go to the gym. I take very good care of myself and my body healing comes from the mind. I can’t wait to see your ribs. I can show you right now. Are you gonna show me your yeah? That’s you yeah, so you’re the first to get six ribs removed all right, so she see when I’m feathering Magnum 8 at the top. It has a W shape, but if I stroke down to the bottom here where she used to be platinum, blonde, what’s important, I leave that out or it will literally snap and break off. When I pull this out the end, I’m gonna run the bleach there really quick through the end, to remove those old color, but this is the only way to do it without breaking her hair all right. So my first section around her face is, I make sure I get really close.
So I’d back come straight into her scalp. So oh wait! This is the scar yeah. No, I had it probably a broad way. Yes, actually I had to it’s normal when you do like the lifting and you put it in the hairline, because I don’t want it to be visible. You actually got your eye. Color changed right, so your eyes were naturally like a natural, blue or actually green. So this is your eye that you got done in the India. They insert like a color disc into your eyes to give you this new product turquoise, it looks really natural. I won’t have a car to night, it didn’t hurt, but it was very uncomfortable because I was lying for basically four or five days, so you guys, I am making sure I do two back-to-back boils around her hairline because I feel that’s what way important to get That blond popping off her face all right, we’re gonna quit. What are you doing up? Oh, what Kendall is, but you haven’t fixed fries. I did all right, so we are gonna process for about 30 minutes she’s. Turning blonde really fast check out that waistline. You guys it actually looks really beautiful. Okay, I want to know about your big surgery that you said you had done. That’s such a secret ones that I feel like they find me. The most is first of all the ribs, so I got my nose. A little bit pointed out exactly pointed the ears. Oh wow, you got your face hard off in Korea, sharp thin pieces and put back together. That was the worst surgery of my life when they cut my face into pieces, it swells, you know, and they kind of like restricted. My airflow and everything and I couldn’t swallow cuz I had my face – was fixed. Did I have to come in every 20 minutes vacuum? I could throw in my nose socket breathe and it was like blood and saliva when I woke up from the anesthesia 30 throw up and it was like The Exorcist. It was like. Oh, my god, you’re like The Exorcist yeah. I know you say you have 250 surgeries, please name all of them. Cube pellets store gnomes jobs, al fears, permanent makeup, my whole face reconstruction, reducing the cheekbones, cutting the upper jaw reposition, pushing the upper jaw back, cutting the lower jaw taking away the angle bones repositioning the bottom jaw. Reducing the chin is quite a web-based for boob jobs. Rib removal to BB else, barbie pussy. I had tons of liposuction my whole body, your laser hair removal.
If you follow my TV show your sock. Stop TV you’re gonna see all my next procedures. This lady yesterday al garish she’s a friend of mine. I look like an A cup next to her when we walked out. Everyone was staring at her and I’m like it’s great. I feel normal. What is normal, though? The secret surgery hold on okay, okay, pussy hair transplant? What eyelash I named it! So you have pubic hair on your eyelash. I had so much surgery now, as I’m basically need to bend my own. We need to have pubic eye. Let’s see how you lift it. That’s a level 10. You guys are so white, probably in ten minutes, we’re Rachel in forgiving, oh crap. I think I left my keys inside but inside we need to rinse out your bleach in your hair, I’ll bring a towel. I wipe the bleach off. We can’t grab something you clothes. Won’t show you hungry right, yeah, it’s good! It’s good trust me. We got locked out of the studio, so we decide to eat actually pulling out for foils. This is where her ends were already blonde in the past. I don’t have gloves on, but I have to make do with the problems that what I’m facing right now this is not staged. Pixie. I must tell you something: you know when I watch you on TV like on these shows they make you look like a sideshow. Like a freak show being spent time with you and get to know you eating with you, I feel like you’re, the most genuine sweet kind person ever and stuff really going to know you for who you are you’re, my daddy and what you represent. They make. You look like a bad guy. Everyone is different. All of this is unique media and everything you just want to have the socks off the more crazy you look, the better, the more the more viewers for them all geniuses in the history of time has been considered. Crazy at one point I think, outside the box, I never think I’m better than anyone else, I’m like a very humble and down to the things you’re doing for yourself you’re doing for yourself, like your body, you’re, not doing it because you’re trying to please a man, The best things are indented for created from this type of imagination, we’re Tama Alice in Wonderland, like you see crazy stuff, but then at the end you create them a beautiful story, but that’s you know. I want my life to be a story when I die. My life is gonna be sink crazy so far, but I want the end. Just you meet Prince Charming wherever you are, and you’re Ken and hair daddy up your hair, daddy, I’m good is that natural high looks freaking amazing.
Is that me like really you look natural? My hair is never looked like this effort. I’m like am I good. Am I gonna eat any more surgeries? That’s a huge compliment. Last surgery against a hair surgery. I mean the beautiful people’s Club so guys we are using level 9 IG, I’m going to use one-and-a-half tubes, one to two ratio with a dedicated six volume. This is gonna go on her Bhutto’s and down to her mid shot the backcombing really blends it. I could still see it, and this is what I’m gonna merge the tones together, so she doesn’t see any stitching whatsoever. I actually like the rawness of this. So if you put too much pigment, it’ll dole, it out so I’ll make sure I’ll add a lot of clear into the formula. The pH is already at a six point, one to six point four, but adding olaplex, which has the cases three point. Five will actually drop the pH level slightly. You look. You can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror, not to turn this way. We’Re gonna apply 9ig right on that root. Saj I like to bring the level nine ice-cold further down. This is what’s gonna make it look natural. We have guests, my friends are here al de Guerra and Belle, I’m from Sweden, alright Allegra what all the job done. This is my third breast enhancement. This time I had custom expanders, so I can actually increase the size. I have a port on either side and I just can put a little needle in and expand the Saline behind the muscle. It’s a 2000 CC implant 5000 cc’s per breast 2/3 limit. It’s a 2000 CC back. So no, I know girls, I have 10,000 cc’s, oh wow. The court is actually built into the body Wow. I would feel the port on either side. I know. Oh, my god. I love the extreme aesthetics. That’s very! This is why pixie and I get along so yeah. I could go all the way or extreme yeah right there’s so many people like hating on someone who enhances them. So they said you don’t love yourself. I believe that I already knew who I was inside, but I actually could find more of myself, I’m more comfortable in my skin Now, when I have done what I want to do, aesthetically or surgery way, more women actually hate on other women and men, don’t like it.
It’s not an attractive quality when women band together and support each other Whether so we could rule the damn world that try to say, it’s focused on my vision, what I’m doing and when I get surrounded by these beautiful supportive women there’s strength in numbers I want to know about you, I’m just starting my journey, but I had three boob jobs So now I’d like to tell ya, I know it’s 1,100 cc I look natural to me I don’t really like that, but I have to start somewhere I’m having my brazilian butt-lift in three weeks in Miami after my VBL I want to do a larger breast implants 2,000 CCS nose job – and I want to have my cheeks done to come back to be on my show I’m gonna buy all their links down below, so you can stalk them on Instagram and see everyone’s story, their journey We’Re done, I’m speechless I I don’t Even know what to say: well, you know what I got some extensions here for you Guy tank Bellamy, extensions comes in the bag That looks like this This is the 22 inch This is, oh, my god look at the ends Do you tie the end of matches completely Oh magic, it matches, God all right, guys we’re done with Pixies hair Oh my gosh We finally get to see your full entire body and we get to be next to just Angelica close, a good friend and you’re known as they call me, the human Ken doll in the media And why is that? Because of my extreme plastic surgeries? What what all you have done so I have like 17 body implants right now and then I spend about six hundred thousand dollars plus six hundred thousand dollars It feels real biceps triceps right middle back shoulders Okay, let’s stop both of them all of them I’ll provide their links on their Instagram below in the description Subscribe click thumbs up Tell me how you feel about everything my identity is about loving yourself, but also, I think, about loving others and their differences in their artistic form of expression There’s so many different types of people in this world, whether it’s cultural difference, Israel, different artistic different I think that we shouldn’t brings everyone because we’re all beautiful death right love You

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