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Lol surprise dolls in real life / 10 lol surprise hairstyles and clothing creativity

1 Nov , 2019  

Are my dolls having a party? Hmm? No, I guess not check out even more cool ideas on our new channel. Woohoo subscribe to enjoy fun life hacks and hilarious. Pranks follow the link in the description. I really want to look more like an lol doll. I can use colorful hair extensions part. Your hair put a hair tie in the middle of a strand of colorful, fake hair, tie the fake hair to the front strand and attach more extensions to thesecond strand along the part divide.
The first strand into two parts put thesecond strand between them: secure them with a hair tie braid the rest of your hair. This same way stretch the fake hair out slightly make another braid on the other side, using pink hair extensions. This is a great way to have a doll, inspired, hairstyle and here comes Jessica. She also loves lol dolls and Queen B is her kindred spirit Rosie. Can you make me look like Queen B, of course separate the hair into two parts and make two buns tie them and spread the buns out decorate the buns with sparkly LOL doll, bows cut two identical places out of black sparkly foam paper cut two bases for Bows out of gold foam paper glue the bows and attach them to a black foam paper base, attach hair ties to the back and attach a gold foam paper ribbon to the middle. You look great jet now we just have to do some makeup. Do black winged eyeliner and attach fake eyelashes wow, I’m as pretty as a doll? Now, let’s change outfits on the count of three rosie. Has a doll inspired headband cut four identical pieces out of pink fabric glue two pieces together at a time turn them right side out, attach a wide elastic ribbon to a rectangular piece of fabric fold. The fabric in half and glue it gather the fabric slightly, so the elastic has room to stretch and secure thesecond end of the elastic Ludi elastic ribbon into two finished pieces and tie them together, decorate the ends with white foam paper pieces Rosie. This is a great look on you. Let’s make her eyes gray. Oh No! Her body is starting to look a little dull. Like wait, I just imagined that let’s go out, our shoes don’t go with the rest of our outfits. Let’s jump and change them. Color old sneakers with fabric paint make one pink and paint the other one blue paint along the rubber edges with matching colors cover the eyelets with white acrylic paint lace, the sneakers with a white velvet cord Rosy’s, blue, pink sneakers, go perfectly with her outfit and queen Bees tall black sneakers are just as radiant color old sneakers, with black fabric paint paint over the white tip, paint the sole gold and cover it with acrylic polish cover the tip of the shoe with glue and sprinkle it with black glitter, cut two identical pieces for The upper part of the shoe out of black sparkly foam paper make holes along the outer edges, secure the edges with pieces of black felt and glue the pieces into the shoes lace.
The shoes with gold cords. These shoes are amazing, but now jessica is turning into a doll too. This park is full of LOL dolls superfans. We can’t hide from them um. What should we do? Real stars always have a pair of sunglasses with them cover sunglasses frames, with a light clay make the corners pointed cover the arms the same way cover them with white acrylic paint trace a printed LOL logo on food plastic, with a black permanent marker cut it out With some extra around it bake it for one minute at 230 degrees, the plastic shrank and got thicker paint, the back of the plastic white and pink once it cools and glue it to the middle of the sunglasses frame, make a polka dot print using pink paint Bright LOL, sony’s for me, and gold hearts for Jessica, trace hearts on gold, glittery foam paper cut out two pieces and glue them to the frames of pink sunglasses cover the arms. With foam paper, we managed to hide from the paparazzi. We can continue our lol walk lol shopping. Look at this. It’s the purse of my lol dreams, open up a clear plastic sphere, heat a utility knife over a candle and cut off the plastic loops, use the tip of the hot glue gun to make openings in each half of the sphere Cut rectangular pieces out of black sparkly foam paper glue the pieces together on one side to make size and a divider for the purse trim a piece for the bottom rounding the edges glue the base into the sphere attach the divider on top cover the scene with A strip of gold foam paper, prime the surface of the sphere, cover the base with another piece of foam paper.
Color the sphere with gold Acrylic paint apply glue along the edge sprinkle it with black glitter decorate The openings for the handles with foam paper circles Put a gold colored chain in as a handle attach a magnet to a glued strip of foam paper with rounded edges, attach a second magnet inside the purse and glue on the clasp attach a sticker to the side with a picture of an lol doll trace the Outline with white paint, this ball shaped purse, looks perfect with the rest of queen bee’s outfit I’ll definitely buy it, and my friend decided to buy out their stuffed animal section No such thing as too many accessories Queen B is missing something a hat glasses What should we choose? Oh great fine, a sparkly LOL belt cover an old elastic belt, with black paint put glue on the elastic and sprinkle it with glitter also coat the bow with glue and gold glitter decorate the center with a gold ribbon Roll polymer clay out in a thin layer place a printed LOL logo on it and cut it out along the template, put cutout letters on top bake the clay according to the package instructions, when it’s done cover it with white primer and paint it gold before the Paint dries sprinkle it with glitter, trace the outlines with black paint color the letters in with black polka dots, secure the design with acrylic polish hot glue, the pieces onto the front of the belt now Jessa’s queen bee transformation is complete gorgeous Where did my personal stylist? Go here she is in a store window, let’s have an lol party, the food is ready and the decorations are done here Come our guests Unicorn is first, she loves sweet, treats more than anyone else Hey dolls I brought you an lol present cover the lid of a mason jar with blue acrylic paint, paint the jar itself pink and cover it with acrylic polish blew a rectangle of crepe paper to the middle and attached a 3d lol logo make a white polka dot print Hmm, what a delicious LOL cocktail – and here are some more guests This is going to be the best dull party Ever did you like our lol, inspired ideas

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