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Look at my make-up, because I’m not creative.

1 Nov , 2019  

Okay, all right dude go trip over a knife. Okay, so my hair is still like kinda wet, because I just got out of the shower like an hour ago and I was letting it dry, but I just don’t see that happening so yeah still wet we’re. Just not gonna look at that. I’m gonna be doing like a full face of makeup, but the eye shadow, because I’m just not feeling that creative. You know my like creatives Brooks are just not sparking flashing sparking my creative sparks hold on did, I just say my creative sparks mmm.
I really should not be missing any more school okay yeah. Let’s talk about that, I am absent so much um, it’s like actually not. Okay. Also this one hair just not curling, and it’s really ugly, it’s making me mad, should I could it just perks like kind of done selling a piece of my hair on eBay for $100 start bidding now cool about that. Just to made it look worse. Oh, my god. They love that for me, no, I dropped my food, I’m gonna start with moisturizer and then primer to start off. I’m gonna use the Mario Badescu rose water spray. I feel like this. Eyebrow is darker than this one, but it’s just like totally cool like it’s fine to moisturize, I’m gonna use the Nivea cream. So let me just give you guys, like a bunch of story times about like people at my school. I know they watch this. So I watch me getting jumped when I go back on Tuesday, but it’s like fine there’s no school Monday because of they. I believe. Let me just make sure so I don’t sound stupid when is when is Veterans Day tomorrow tomorrow, sunny, okay, well yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s because of better. Isn’t it so I’m not gonna name like specific instances or like names, because I don’t want to put people on the spot, but basically people hate me um we’re on the story. I am hated a lot of my friends like no nobody hates you, but they do this girl literally admitted she was like yeah. I just can’t stand her like just cuz. She does. He do, but I was like okay. Buddy was that’s the tea. My moisturizer said in okay: now I’m gonna use a Smashbox, photo-finish radiance primer anyways. I think that I might be having a midlife crisis, even though I’m only 14. Okay, I literally don’t know. Why is that I’m 14, like I’m, not even 14? I’m 15, like you know, that’s a dog here, but what I’m 15 not 14, and if you don’t believe me, you can go on famous birthdays or whatever.
Okay, now I’m gonna use the benefit. Is this my benefit, I’m pretty sure the Porefessional primer, I’m gonna use that more towards this center? Okay, I’m gonna use a foundation that I’ve bought and literally never used because I bought it in the summer and I bought it online cuz. It was like when it first launched, and I didn’t know my shade – I bought one that was like way to it like not way to I’m, like maybe like a shade lighter than me, and you could tell, and it looked like flashback Mary. So I just wasn’t. Gon na allow that to happen it’s been months. I still haven’t used it. Oh it’s the Phantom. You need foundation by the way um, so I think that I’m gonna use it today. Okay, now I’m just gonna wait like five to ten minutes, because I just put primer huh, though I don’t know I feel like I have to wait before doing my makeup after I use primer, or else I have like this weird feeling that it’s not gon Na work, as its supposed to I don’t know, it’s 4:03 right now come back at like four thirteen. Why don’t? Why was that so hard for me wow, I really need to start going to school, um. Okay, so ignore this. My hair was drawing frizzy, so I needed to put it up. I got new contacts. Irish Beauty sent me some contacts and I’m so excited because I had to throw my other ones away: cuz they got kind of old and I’m just not trying to go blind. So so I got like a light brown and I got like a grey, so we’re gonna do a little bit of a mini unboxing, I’m kind of like more excited for the brown. To be honest, like a light brown that I’m. So if you like such a beauty guru – and it comes with a little case – so this isn’t the color and luminous Brown okay, I got it in. I don’t see much of a difference to be honest: okay, I’m gonna put a grey one in this. I like mix, match them and see if, like they’re different. Oh my god, I look, I look so scary low-key. Oh I could I’m already imagining a makeup. Look for it! No, I dropped it. If I get an eye disease, that’s on me. I’m actually like really sad. I really wanted the brown ones to look good um. These grey ones are called glam grey by the way. So I forgot to mention that I have a code with them. You can get 15% off on all their contacts or makeup. It’s Verena to like the number two I’ll put it on the screen, so treat yourself treat yourselves treat yourself.
Ladies bra honestly, I look. I look terrifying. I just don’t think that this suits me, but it’s fine, but anyways the Fenty beauty Pro filter foundation in the shade 240 shake well and wide. You can hear that. Okay, I’m gonna spray. My Beauty Blender with the Mario Badescu rose water uh, we’ll see if she’s still too light if she is um we’re just gonna have to deal. Why did my face twitch like that? Oh hello. I actually really like this foundation with the head. I feel, like I put too much on my forehead. Let me just wipe that off. Let me just wipe it on my pants cute. I feel like it’s a little bit too light, but, like I could deal with that, you know like I could fix it. A little bit and matches my neck pretty good, like ignore how ugly and weird I look in this, but I think that it why you’re my nostrils so big? I think it matches my neck to be honest, like maybe it’s just my vanity lighting, because I’m looking in the viewfinder and like it looks a little bit light but then, like I look in the mirror and on my phone and it looks fine. So maybe it’s just my camera settings and I just I don’t know yeah sure, let’s just blame my horrible makeup skills on my camera settings, so many’s a NARS radiant, creamy concealer. Why did I put so much now? I’m really gonna look like flashback Mary. So I can’t wait for that. I feel a hair on my face and I just can’t get it out. Oh my god. I think that this may be my new favorite foundation. Alright, usually I do powder contour, but I feel like I want to do cream contour today. So that’s what we’re gonna use this palette by Mac that g12 talent you like, I should use through this one I didn’t even know. I had a pimple there until I put my book on where’s that something really cute. Why does my face keep? Did you guys see that, like I faced like twitches whenever I was like? Oh my god, what is happening to me? I don’t know I might like layer it with um powder, though that’s just like. Oh my god, it’s on this side too. I’m gonna use the hoola benefit bronzer, but isn’t too bad okay, so I thought I was recording, but apparently not – and I don’t know how much I skipped through this smell – that’s unfortunate. What I’m doing is like putting the banana powder under my eyes just set. It I’m gonna blend in with the Beauty Blender, but I’m gonna use a la girl pro powder for under my contour okay and then I’m gonna get a really fluffy brush white nice.
No! What I didn’t eat like cheese, cuz, I’m lactose intolerant and I just have a really bad habit of like eating milk and like drinking cheese, pause pause, did, I just say, eating milk and drinking cheese. Uh help me am i okay honestly, and I okay, I don’t know then like eating things with dairy in it anyways and it just really. Messes me up: okay, I’m gonna use a tart party bush and I’m just gonna put it on my finger and like blend it into my nose and I’m gonna take y’all the same brush. I used to bronze. This is the Revlon eyeliner, but I don’t even know this is like still good okay, so I’m gonna do my eyeliner off-camera cuz. That is stress, okay, so I did my eyeliner. They don’t really match not much, but whatever. Also, I don’t like white eyeliner like going like up. You know like most people do it. I like it like, like straight out, so don’t come for me all right. I’m gonna do mascara. I’m gonna use the bad guy my benefit. I still can’t like get used to myself in these contacts. I still feel like I look like I belong on, like you know, there’s like goth old men that, like roleplay and like where, like like white contacts like I feel like that’s what it like. No like. No shade or anything like you do you, but I feel like that’s what I look like right now and I just that’s like not the look I was going for. I still feel like I’m gonna wear them like every day anyways. I think I just got mascara on the contact’. Okay. Let me just like stick my finger in my eye and try to wipe it off literally like about to stick my finger in my eye. Like look at that mascara, I think I fixed it um part of me a Loki like high key, maybe possibly low. He wants to do fake freckles, so I’m going to do so. I’m gonna take like this really skinny like brush like this and the abh dip brow pomade and like dot it everywhere, and I like blending it out with my Beauty Blender. So it doesn’t look too fake. You know alright. Now I’m gonna do highlights over highlight I’m gonna use the cover of X, medium palette, and I’m gonna use the first two shades, because those are cream put it on me nose. Why is my face? Still twitching, like am i okay like actually so highlight, is done I just like the lashes and lipstick okay, so the lashes I’m gonna use are the doto lashes in D 312.
I have a code with them, it’s makeup and envy and you can get money off like any of their lashes, not just these okay, so I’m gonna use the cream lip stain from Sephora in 75 So that’s that I’m gonna put my hair down I’m pretty sure it’s still wet like after a few hours I’m done Why is my hair still wet? It’s literally been like four hours, and that was it actually, no, it’s not hold on I’ve been loving, butterfly clips I’m gonna do some butterfly Clips Also, oh my god, I didn’t even know there was red in here I am so excited right now the red is my favorite color Do you not tell me there’s only one red, oh my on it found another one I also wanted to like change and like look good, but I’m not going anywhere So I just don’t see the point in that I love that I feel like I envy you meets like five year old meets like you, tuber mmm, okay, wait Maybe I actually kind of like these contacts, like with all my makeup, done, like everything done, I kind of like it, but I’m just like kind of liking This like, who am i right now, who am i I don’t even know, and I’m actually gonna get dressed because I feel like I am going somewhere all right so like ignore my floor because that’s like literally all of my merch not on the floor, but This is also enriched um link in description or whatever, and I was wearing a red long-sleeve under to match my hair clips and I’m wearing these pink Dickies pants and the mix matching socks are from unit and these shoes are feel a disrupter too, and I got My breaths to match my top this belt is from dull skills I’m gonna do not completely you can see the whole thing Please just don’t look at my messy room because we just don’t want to you Oh my god Let me just like push all of my clothes to like one section you know sort of Does it look too bad see, I thought that would make it look better, but it just didn’t Does it and also I was just sitting setting that up So that’s that’s Why that is there don’t make it I even but this is that is I’m literally gonna do my outro standing up, because why am I like he likes watching back, I’m like my eyes

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