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Looks like pumpkin hot latte drugstore makeup + chat

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel, it’s your girl, Amanda ancing, and today we are getting chocolate wasted with some lamb. If you’re new, welcome, don’t forget to hit subscribe, join my a team if you’re not already a part of my YouTube family.. Look I really have been like craving a chocolate lip, so I kind of revolved the whole look around the lip color. I feel like personally, I usually always revolve my looks around whatever lip. I’m gonna do and when you do a chocolate brown lip, it could be really hard to figure out what to do on the eyes.
So I created this look for you guys today. I hope you love it also as an extra bonus. I use all drugstore makeup and oh my gosh, the makeups so good like. I can’t even believe this is all drugstore. Drugstore has some amazing makeup. Whenever I started this journey, I used only drugstore makeup and since then drugstore makeup has evolved so much they’re killing it, and this is the look that I created for you guys today, so I hope you enjoy it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. If you did and if you want to see how I created this look then just keep on watching alright, you guys so I already applied my moisturizer. I used an oil all over my skin to hydrate and then I did my brows off-camera. I use the LA girl, soft brown brow pomade and then I also applied concealer on my eyelids because we’re gonna start with the eyes today. So I just use a concealer as my eye base and I said it with a translucent powder. So now we are ready to dive right into the eyeshadow. You already know I got my matcha, so I am ready to beat this face now. Alright, so I’m gonna use the city mini palette. This is her eye. Maybelline. Look at how cute it is. I have not tried this one before this is in the shade, a high-rise sunset, so I’m gonna be using this for our little small autumn going into Christmas holiday time, smokey eye. I don’t know what I’m gonna call this look yeah. So this is what I’m gonna use today I love doing extra makeup looks I know I don’t do them as much as I should and I feel like as a beauty blogger, because I get so much PR. I have access to more expensive makeup, but in reality like it’s so so expensive, so I want to make sure I use as many affordable products as I can for those of you who are balling on a budget. It trust me I was there for my entire life so a couple years ago. I just hope you guys know that, like I don’t want to always be using expensive products on my page and you’re like okay man. Do we get it like? I want to use drugstore stuff too, because drugstore has some amazing products, so let’s go ahead and dive right in.
Let’s start with this shade right here and I’m gonna take a fluffy brush and we’re going to buff this in the upper crease area. I want to do kind of like a little chit shot through this makeup tutorial as well. I don’t really know what I’m gonna talk about, I’m just gonna kind of wing. It first things first, so I finish, I don’t know if I told you guys, I finish it or not. I think I did. I finished the chilling Adventures of Sabrina and then I watched the haunting. What does it call it? The haunting of Hill House right on Netflix, I watched the whole thing in like two days and I swear to you by the time I was done. I thought my house was haunted and I was hearing things and what freaked me out even more is that I was finishing. The last episode and Molly started like freaking out, and I was like by myself on the couch and I was like. Oh, my gosh, there’s literally someone in the house, so I like, ran upstairs and didn’t finish the whole series until like the next morning. So I wanted to be daylight out because I was so scared. But I really really liked that series and I don’t like scary movies, I don’t like scary things, but I really really liked it. I would def recommend those colors going on really nicely very smooth. I love how they’re all matte in the palette like it looks like. There’s a little bit of shimmer in them. If you look in person, but I think it’s more of a satin shimmer, because it’s going completely matte on in the eyes, I’m gonna take this dome brush at the morphe m51 3 discount Amanda online and in-store holla at your girl. I’m gonna take the exact same color this one and we’re gonna start heavily, concentrating it in the crease, like I’m taking a lot of it. So I’m gonna go back and forth and really start building up the product and the crease and on the lid. This color is just so fall to me. It’s like pumpkin spice, I’m gonna update you guys too, unlike what’s been going on in my life and like the last week or so I feel like. I don’t even know where to begin. Okay, it’s been a really overwhelming couple of weeks. For me, I’ve had so much going on with social media YouTube beauty, but also behind the scenes like in personal life.
I feel like there’s just a lot to do all the time and I feel, like kind of that moment where I feel like I can breed like.. I feel like it’s just been hard to find like any time to myself lately and it’s been a little bit overwhelming. I’ve also been working on a lot of things for like future projects, and I know it’s so annoying. These aren’t like oh I’m working on something. I’m working on something, but what’s even more annoying, is when I can’t talk about it like when I can’t show you guys what I’m doing and I never really understood it’s like well. Why can’t you talk about it, but for me personally, like a lot of things, I’m working on they take time, so it’s like, I don’t want to talk about it and then it’s like well, when is that coming out? When is it happening, but also everyone copies? Everyone I feel like so I’m also afraid that if I let you guys in on like stuff that I’m doing someone else is gonna see it and then do it first or still the idea. So I feel like that’s why a lot of times a lot of us are kind of like more on the DL about stuff until it comes out, which I totally understand now I’m gonna go in with the brown shade. I really wanted to be mainly like this orange color, but I’m gonna go in with the brown and deepen it. The biggest project that I’m working on right now is the biggest move. The biggest deal for me of my entire career, which comes with a lot of pressure, a lot of stress, but I’m just so excited like so so so excited I’m trying to get together some behind the scenes, footage and stuff for when everything comes together. You’Re, like oh, my gosh when everything comes it’ll be a minute, but I promise you guys it’ll be worth it like. I promise I promise it’ll be worth it also. I feel, like holidays came out of nowhere. They really snuck up on me. Now. I’m mixing both the brown in the orange and just going in and deepening the crease. I really love this brush for the crease in other news, Aspen is getting so big. If you guys don’t know, Aspen is my puppy. I have another dog Molly and she is. I think she’s about to be eight, which is crazy, but she’s new yorky Aspen as a Pomeranian, and she turned one a day after my birthday and it’s so crazy because she’s so fluffy and she’s getting so big. I feel like I always put them on my insta story and snapchat, but, like my dogs, are my life like I’m that annoying person, that’s always snapping their dogs, because they’re my little girls and she’s, like just now, starting to develop personality like she copies everything that Molly does and she’s so in love with Molly and Molly.
Could care less like Molly loves her, but Molly also gets like really annoyed with her and any time I’m like Aspen like if she’s doing something wrong or I’m trying to get our attention. Molly will just start barking like trying to tell her like yeah yeah, I’m like Molly like stop disciplining her. So now I want to cut out the middle of the crease, so I’m gonna do like a little halo, so I’m gonna cut out with concealer and then bring it downwards. So I’m just gonna take this la girl pro conceal. If the concealer I’m using later the best concealer in the entire world, and I’m going to take this BH Cosmetics, number 10 brush it’s a little flat brush like this and cut it out. The easiest thing for me when doing this is to look downwards and kind of make my starting point, and then I look up to see how high it is and I’m bringing it straight down all right. So I’m gonna take a flat brush and the lightest shade in the palette and I’m gonna set the concealer. I’m gonna take a more pm5 one for it’s a little bit fluffier than the last brush I used and I’m going to take the light. Orange color and a brown and start fading it into the crease all right, I’m just taking the lightest color and I’m lightly buffing above the crease, to bring the shade upwards very light pressure. Now we’re gonna go ahead and add our lashes, so I’m gonna curl, my lashes, add mascara. So let me curl them first and we’re gonna actually try a new mascara. Today. I usually don’t care too too much about my mascara, just because I usually wear falsies, but I just got this in the mail hold up. Where is it? Oh here is alright. This is the brand new makeup revolution, the mascara revolution. Look how pretty it’s in a rose gold packaging. The wand is fake. She thick so, let’s see how it goes on. Actually it’s not bad. It’s not clumping. Up, like I figured a big wand, would it’s not bad added a little bit of curl? I definitely would like to see it more volume. All right definitely gives more of a natural look to your lashes. I don’t hate it. I think she’s cute. What do you guys think both these omni’s coco goddess queen bee lashes? These are $7.99 a pair. So I consider these a drugstore if you’re looking for something more affordable than this or something at your drugstore, you can always use our del R del house amazing lashes, but these are my favorite, affordable, lashes.
Oh bright lashes are on so you guys know how I feel about lashes lashes, complete every single month, all righty. Let’s move on to a foundation, so I’m gonna use the Maybelline master prime. This is the blur and defend primer, I’m using a lot of Maybelline. I’m sorry this is not sponsored by Maybelline, but I do love their drugstore products they’re one of my favorite drugstore brands, so I’m gonna take like this much. I know it looks like a lot, but it’s not that much and I’m gonna apply it all over my skin. It smells really good. I’m also gonna use a Maybelline foundation, because this is our my favorite drugstore foundations is the Maybelline matte and poreless. I probably only have one or two uses left out of this one, I’m in the shade 128 warm nude, and this is like the most flawless drugstore foundation. It makes everything look smooth and airbrush, and I love it so much. I’m gonna apply it with my Beauty. Blender, like I have like nothing left in here. I’Ll have to go, buy a new one after I’ve built I’m gonna, be so sad. Okay, I see foundation in there. You see how it covered up. All of my redness like nothing and it looks like your skin. I love this foundation sur much. I’m literally scraping it out of the bottle right now, because I want to use this today, like I literally have so many foundations, but I wanted to use the one that was empty. That’s usually how my life goes. Alright, I applied it such a thin layer and look at how good it made my skin look. Next is concealer. I’m using la girl Pro conceal. I freaking love this concealer so much. It’s so good, and I think it’s like four dollars unless they raise the price. It was like three something I think it might be for now, but it’s literally like my favorite concealer ever and it’s so affordable and then I’m gonna set it with my loose Maybelline fit me powder and this in the shade bisque. So this is what it looks like. It has a little brush honestly wish they would change the packaging, but I’m not complaining because this concealer, you guys, is so bomb. but honestly it is so so good and it’s creamy and thick, but not to where it’s gonna increase, like I don’t know why, but it does increase. I’m also gonna take the shade toast it’s a darker shade and I’m gonna use this to contour.
So I’m gonna go right on my cheeks, also on the side of my jaw line or chin whatever, and then I’m gonna add a little bit on the tip of my nose and around my hairline wow. She looks like a makeup artist. I’m alright! In other news back to life update, I was talking about how life seems like it’s just moving so fast and I feel like I’ve been so overwhelmed lately, like I don’t know, it’s been weird like do you ever just get overwhelmed, not for no reason but overwhelmed. Just because you think too much like I overthink everything and I’m such a perfectionist, I’m a typical Virgo – and I feel, like all of my like stress and anxiety, is self-induced like I literally do it to myself, but it doesn’t make it any better, like it’s still Hard – and I like just stress myself out you guys, I’ve heard you that you just like stress yourself out over nothing and you’re like why. Why did I? Why was I stressed about that like it’s, not even that big of a deal or you know what’s gonna work out in the future, but I don’t know I just I stress my how about and I’ve been doing that a lot lately like I just get Really overwhelmed and it sucks, I hate it honestly, I feel, like social media makes it worse, sometimes with my anxiety, because I start to get FOMO and I’m like. Oh my gosh, I should have done that or why didn’t I think of this and it sucks. Let me know if you guys feel that way too. I don’t think it’s just because I do social media that I get that, but I feel, like I don’t know. Social media makes my FOMO and anxiety worse. Sometimes all right, I’m gonna blend my concealer a little bit more just to make sure there are no creases before I said it. I’m gonna take the excess just on my forehead, where it’s shiny a little bit on my chin and then I’m gonna go right underneath of my contour just to sharpen it up and I’m using the fit me powder in the shade fair. The only reason I was bringing up why I’ve been like super anxious lately and stressing myself out is because, if you guys have been following me like, I always like to make my channel a positive space, and I never want to bring negativity to guys like. I hope I can always lift you up, but I’m human too, and I wanted to talk about it just because I feel like I don’t talk about that kind of stuff, very often, but it’s normal like feeling anxious getting stressed overwhelmed like these are all normal feelings.
So I never want you guys to think just because you see me or other people on social media that our life is perfect and everything’s happy all the time. Just because someone always puts out positive happy stuff. All the time doesn’t mean their life is like that. They’Re, just choosing to put that out there and again, I feel, like a lot of us, start to compare ourselves because of social media and it’s totally normal, like anytime, I’m having a bad day, I’m just like okay, it’s a bad day, it’ll go away tomorrow, we’ll Be better, you know bad day or a bad week or even a bad month does not dictate a bad life. There just seasons and you grow from it and you become stronger and you learn and when you come out on the other side, you’re like oh, my gosh, I learned so much and I’m so much stronger and you really learn what you’re capable of and how strong You really are, I know for me, like I didn’t, really know how strong I really was until I went through hard things in my life and even now, when I continue to go through seasons that are rocky and whatever in my life in a weird way. I’m thankful for them the test, seasons, spring growth and whenever I go through a hard season it sounds weird, but I try to enjoy it as much as I can, because I know I’m gonna grow and I know I’m gonna learn and I know I’m Gon na come out stronger at first, it’s really hard when you go through like your first rough season, you’re like oh, my gosh. What happened like? What did I do, but then you learned so much so if you’re watching this and you’re having a bad day or a bad season just know it will get better so cliche, but it will get better. Trust me believe me: there are better things coming and it will get better and you’re gonna be a badass bitch when you come out on the other. I’m gonna take this wet-and-wild bronzer in the shade of Queensland and I’m gonna go over where I contoured taking my essence. Brighten up banana powder, I’m gonna do top of my nose, so I didn’t have a new drugstore, a liner for the waterline. So I just used my Mac, one that I normally use and now we’re gonna go ahead and smoke out the lower lash line. So I’m going back to the palette and I’m going to mix the brown with the orange Now I’m going to take the burgundy matte shade on an angled brush and I’m gonna go right on the lash line, so I’m gonna take it right up before the waterline for my blush, I’m gonna use the new Bratz main color pop collab.
This is so cute This is lit all over the box and this is in the shade: stop it it’s an orange II burnt orange II, pumpkin shade similar to everything else that we have going on right now Oh, it has a neat one here, that’s so cute! Alright, so here’s the color or my highlight I’m gonna use the wet and wild loose highlighting powder in the shade written in the stars I have never tried this, so I’m hoping it’s Gorge because it looks so pretty inside of the tube and it’s little stars You can’t really tell on camera, but the little sifter thing is the star they’re little stars, how cute okay? She is a pigmented You guys, you know Oh yes, so ready do they have more loose, highlighting shades this one’s more of like a champagne, pinky tone I would love to see if they had a gold one It’s just so reflective Do you guys see that I’m in love? Well, it’s so freakin pretty doesn’t highlight just change everything like honestly Wow wet-and-wild it you did that honestly The last step is lips, but before that I’m gonna apply at my lower lash mascara the Rimmel lash accelerator she’s back she’s back, I had to go change really quick I did my hair and it changed to my little outfit that I’m wearing so for my lip pencil, I’m gonna use NYX Coco lip liner I actually use this in my last tutorial and I loved it and today we’re doing a brown lip So you know I had to go with a brown lip pencil alright for my lip color, I’m gonna use via covergirl melting pout matte in the shade three four five Paradise Lost and it’s round I actually haven’t tried these before this is gonna, be my First, one, so you definitely have to build it up, but once you blend it, it kind of applies a little bit streaky So it’s not my favorite formula, but the color is beautiful Last but not least, I’m gonna set my face with the morphe a setting spray She ain’t going nowhere Alright, you guys So this is the finished Look don’t forget to give it a thumbs up hit subscribe, join my a team and don’t forget to turn those post notifications on I’m gonna go eat some tacos

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