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Luminescent Makeup-Free Course

30 Sep , 2019  

Oh my gosh, like a little bit of that for a flush of color. Oh my god, it’s so really! I haven’t even had coffee, yet hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. I am bringing you this very natural, no makeup makeup. Look! It’s glowy! It’s your skin! Better, it’s your brows, but better, it’s your eyes, but better fresh natural walking face. So I think I nailed it because it doesn’t really look like I have makeup on this makeup. Look is super easy to do. You can do this look on under five minutes for sure I definitely amp up the glow when I’m doing a no makeup look just because it makes you look so much more fresh, I’m actually on my way to New York for a New York Fashion Week, and I am headed to the airport.
I don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed, but when you see this next clip, it’s definitely gonna. Look like that, and it doesn’t look like. I have a ton of makeup on and maybe just a little gloss in mascara, but it looks very fresh, very pretty and clean if you guys want to see how to look fresh glowy and pretty with no makeup on then go ahead and keep watching. But before we get started, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification balls to give you a part of the quoi family and without further ado. Let’s get on with the big thing that I’m gonna do is hydrate my face. That’s super super important, so I’m just gonna use this moisturizer from gula sheer transforming perfecting moisturizer. It’s very, very lightweight. It’s perfect for daytime before I get started, especially for like a no makeup. Look, I love using this. Is the banana bright eye cream from LA it? Has like a it’s like a banana shade, so it’s going tohelp brighten up the darkness under the eye, and I either put this on with makeup or without makeup. It still is a nice brightener in that way. So I’ll use it no matter if I’m wearing makeup or not anything else that you put on top is just gonna make it look brighter Elite effortless to brighten it up down my nose and on my chin and then just to add some luminosity to my Skin I’m going to use the True Match, Lumi glow shine. This is in the shade light light glow 902, and this is more for like an all-over kind of glow, so I’m just gonna put put a little bit on and just put it all over all over the face to get it all over glowy look but Morning, Jaden, you brush your teeth.
I do my brows, while that sits into my skin. I’m gonna use this to your brow pencil. I like using these pencils whenever I’m like doing something very easy or on the go or something like that, because it’s just easier to do the entire brow and one stuff, so I’m just gonna sketch. My brows in I feel like this is gonna, be the easiest makeup tutorial ever because it’s really minimal minimal makeup. But if you want that natural kind of I’m wearing no makeup, but I still look really good kind of look. It really requires very few products. So I’m gonna take the radiant creamy concealer in medium one custard and just focus that on the inner part of the eye, I’m not gonna bring it out all the way. Just because you are gonna be able to tell that you have some kind of concealer if it’s brightened all the way to the end of your eye. I’m just gonna bring it in right to this little area where it’s really dark in places that you have like redness and stuff, like that, I’m gonna do that to save some spots is huge. Is it right here? I don’t even know how that happened. It’s pretty dark for everyone around this area, so I’m just going to get right there in the nose. Also using a Beauty. Blender really helps it. Look very soft and just effortless looking so I’m going to use my damp Beauty Blender just to work in the concealer and on the spots where you have a lot of redness or big zits. You just use a very soft hand and since I already have like natural shadows and shading on my eyelids, I kind of just keep it there, because it does kind of look like ass. Since I have a shadow on. So it kind of works for me and then I’m going to take the L’Oreal Lumi glow of more drops, and this is for more of like a targeted highlight so I’m going to take. These are that this is the shade daybreak and I’m going to use that on the high points of my cheeks and a little goes a long way So I’m just going to keep it right in here and instead of contouring, I’m just gonna do a little bit of highlighting right here so just down the bridge of the nose and a tiny bit across, so that your eyes just focus on the highlighted spots Of your nose, you really don’t need to contour if you don’t want to on those no makeup kind of days, and then I’m going to take this mascara right here from LC and just do a very light coat.
I’m gonna let my lashes dry and then I’m gonna curl them up So I’m gonna go on to my blush I’m gonna use this Stila cream blush It’s a very cream Blush is super natural, so I’m just gonna take a little bit of that for a flush of color Oh my god, that’s a lot and just work that into my skin I’m actually on my way to the airport right now, and this is perfect, because I don’t want to wear ton of makeup, but then again I don’t want to look crazy, like I just rolled out of bed, so it just makes you look fresh and awake and Just naturally pretty and then for the lips, I’m using L’Oreal color riche shine, and this is in the shade, glossy fun I love this on my lips It feels so so nice and comfortable It goes on like a bomb, but it has such a high shine that it looks like a gloss perfect for those no makeup days and it’s very hydrating, so that is it it’s very natural super easy You can do this in under five minutes, and now I’m just gonna go Do my hair cuz it’s looking kind of crazy, a tip for you guys if you want to get out the door quick and you don’t want your hair to look like a mess and it’s not long enough Go back in my head It’s not long enough to put in a cute ponytail, just straighten your hair It’s the easiest thing It’s quick! So I’m gonna go straight my hair and then I’ll be back I’m back with my hair straightened, so easy, and so quick, I’m gonna just curl My lashes really quick in a Warby, we will be done with this makeup Look so easy thanks for visiting my little home on YouTube if you liked it go ahead and give it a huge thumbs up and don’t forget before you leave, I want to let you know that you are beautiful I love you and you’re gonna have an amazing day I love you guys dollies

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