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Make food with candy! Candy and food challenge

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys. What I don’t even know like what this is, so we are here. We have the ingredients, we’re gonna try to your best to make this a competition. I mean if you can like you’re competing against me DIY queen, it’s gonna be our noodles. We can cut them and make like little short noodles. I’m gonna go first. Spaghetti Oh interesting, take on that, but you want to kind of massage the to kind of like know, sanitize, and then you just want to wear it like a perfect noodle hiding the legs, I’m making the legs, I got the sign of a dynamo.
Yes, with the roar of a lion, okay, we’re moving on to the meatballs. Now we’re gonna stop it hey you’re, just gonna, like put it on yeah. I prepared a ball earlier. I’m gonna toss, my meatballs in this sauce. Are you kidding. I got a bowl to you, girl, that’s your jam. I got this white chocolate bar and we’re gonna grate it on top, so it looks like Parmesan cheese, that’s so cool wow. This looks great. This actually doesn’t finish. Spaghetti stay to the end. To see us try all the foods we make round 2 chicken nugget, so we have some chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and then corn, peas and carrots, and we are going to recreate this. Oh, we pull the rice bubbles up, yeah, I’m gonna, like wash them a bit. Okay. I think this looks like a good chicken lindy. I’m sorry.. Okay, you know what we should do Why don’t you do that? While I do the peas and stuff we’re combining forces now, I’m gonna take some Laffy Taffy and make it into now.
We’Re gonna take everything and plate it It’s not what they call it yeah, I’m not very strong You are strong, don’t doubt yourself Okay, all right here we go sushi Rice krispies is obviously right Now we’re just an experiment and figured out all right Let’s do it I have a friend named B and every time I see her, I say what job oh good, we’re gonna make wasabi out of the Laffy Taffy We are going to try the chicken nuggets first You actually look really good I will a spoonful of vegetables We eat healthy I can’t chew this, but I do like I scoop next one spaghetti look at this I almost think I’m eating spaghetti, I’m Beatrice Ah there we go okay, it teach me how to do it Well, I don’t know I don’t really know how to use a chopstick It’s actually not bad Megan was bad The fruit leather mixed with the rice krispies like not a good mixture Well, they have folks yep candy and food candy as food doesn’t taste great but looks amazing Let’s just keep it on display In conclusion, therefore, the end okay, so that would be a stick to my hammock Are you ready You laugh I can’t believe you made me do that000, like that, can we know, comment down below and let us know which food was your favorite Let us know if there was any food, we should try

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