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Make up 2017!

1 Nov , 2019  

. So maybe around six months ago now I did a makeup collection and I’m always requested to do an updated one. Just because I do get sent so much makeup and I often kind of give things away to my family and add new things in and change all around, so it’s always always updated, and I also never really show anything like brushes or my other things that I Keeping other drawers so this time this is going to be the ultimate makeup collection, so yeah those.
which is insane so. I first of all thought I would show you guys some of my favorite brushes so at the back. I have my two Beauty blenders. I have the Real Techniques from which I use for baking, and then I have a genuine Beauty Blender, which I use for foundation and a concealer. Then I have my three re techniques. Bold metals brush is how I use this one that for powder I use this one for concealer to shape my eyebrows with, and then I use this one for highlighter. Then I have my zoeva two to seven luxe soft definer brush, which is gorgeous. I use this for inner corner, highlight I then have some tweezers. I have a Lille England, eyebrow brush, which they sent me, which I absolutely love, and then I have a Real Techniques, tiny concealer brush, which I also use to carve out my eyebrows. Then I have two western wire brushes, which I use to wipe off baking powder and to contour with so that’s just kind of an array of my favorite brushes before I get into my actual makeup collection, because I never really show my brushes. But I have a lot that I love starting off on the top of my Alex drawers, it’s pretty similar to how it was a few years back. To be honest, I really like how I laid this out, so I just have an IQ score pot at the back then, and a plain white color. Then I just have these pink roses, which I got off of ebay. If I can still find them, I will link them down below, but I doubt obso be able to find them. I then have this IKEA candlestick. I really do love this. I found this off of a girl called Anna Dragonetti and she deleted her makeup collection, which I’m really sad about. It was my absolute favorite, then, on top of that, I just have my bath and Bodyworks candle in maple cinnamon pancakes. This is the candle that I got for Christmas and I love it. It smells so good and then here I just have a little skewer play again from Ikea with two of my all-time favorite L’Oreal, lipsticks on top heading into the first drawer.
This is at my primers foundation, concealers and setting spray drawer, so quite a lot of stuff in here. So first of all I have at my foundation, so I have one just here which didn’t fit, which is the Urban Decay all nighter. This is an incredible foundation. I really would recommend it. Then I have my Mac Studio Fix fluid, which, as you can see, is definitely the wrong shade. For me, I have my lawyer to match, which is my favorite foundation ever I use this every day. Also, please ignore my one nail. I can’t get it off. I then have my Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation. My benefit hello, flawless Too. Faced Born This Way and Maybelline fit me. I tend to mix this one with the thicker foundations like these two, it just — the into that. A bit and makes them perfect for use then over here I have all my primers, so I have all of the maybelline baby skin. I have to benefit Porefessional’s. I have the benefit Porefessional matte, rescue gel, which is really good, and I have my favorite foundation foundation. Primer at the moment, which is new, Smashbox photo-finish. This is such a good primer, its silicone base and is absolutely gorgeous it’s oil free so which is perfect for my oily skin. I then have the Maybelline instant anti-age primer, which I do get a lot of use out as well. Then I just have some minis. I have benefits that gal pore fessional and to go meet pearl and then I just have a mini Benefit Air Patrol down. Here I love primers they’re, one of my favorite makeup products ever due to the fact that I do have really oily skin so yeah. I really really love these and would definitely recommend this one back with my draw. I have my Mac, prep and prime, and I might have my gel our cosmetics slay all day setting spray. Then I have all my concealers, which I love, so I have a bunch of color correcting ones from Urban Decay. They sent me these a while back and they are so good. I use this green one all the time and it makes my makeup stay on a lot longer. I then have a bunch of the collection, lasting perfection. Concealer’s collection recently sent me a load of them and I am sorry grateful it’s my favorite concealer ever.
I then have the NYX Ultra HD concealer, because apparently it was a dupe for a really good concealer, which I can’t remember the name of but yeah. It’s a really good concealer. Nevertheless, then I have my NARS. I have Maybelline. I have la go. This la girl. One is really good, but I don’t get much use out of it. Then I have my nyx concealer palette and, as you can see, I’ve been using this top right shade here a lot. I use this to carve out my eyebrows and I loved it so much that I bought it in a mini pop form. So when that runs out, I have a spare waiting for me. We then have my drawer, which is full of powders blushes highlighters bronzers, more setting sprays. I just have an unbelievable amount of stuff in here, so I’m going to start off in this corner down below. So down here I just have some L’Oreal powders. I have my sleek rose gold, NARS orgasm, some bourgeois powders. I have my Decker champagne pop highlighter, which is actually all smashed. Oh I’m devastated about that, and then I just have a Tarte blush in the shade Fleur. Then over here I have some NYX setting powder. I have a mary-lou manizer, which is also smashed sleek, contour kit, Mac, blush, Maybelline, master sculpt, so a two-faced and more L’Oreal products. I then have some Milani blushes, one of which I still haven’t even opened. Some more L’Oreal products and Milani products Rimmel match perfection blush, which is really nice. Actually the balm Bahama Mama. Then I have some pallets here. So I’m not even sure this one is oh, it’s my Maybelline New York, brick bronzer. Then I have my sleek rose. Gold palette, I have two naked blushes in two different shades, my bourgeois highlighter and bronzer duo and then at the back here I just have a two faced: chocolate, soleil bronzer. Then here I have benefits number 10 rocket or sugar bomb. I have my Too Faced sweet peach blush, which I’m obsessed is at the moment. I have a Too Faced mini blush, and then I have my benefit hoola bronzer, which is amazing. That’s basically the only bronzer that I will reach for on a daily basis. Moving on over here, I have some more L’Oreal loose products that have Urban Decay, all nighter setting spray. I have some benefit mini posy tints and for any tints and all of that type of stuff, some laurio and some blushes. I then have that benefit.
What’s up and benefit do the hula and then the collection sheer loose powder which are used to bake with on a daily basis? It’s amazing at the back. I have my Too Faced sweet peach blow palette. I have another Too Faced palette. I have the Anastasia ultimate to Glo kit, which is gorgeous. I have the Smashbox photo finish: primer, water, some NYX primers, and then I also have the Anastasia contour kit, which is pushed back here and underneath that I have the Naked illuminated palette and another palette which oh, this is my annotated, glow kit. As you can see, I love Anastasia, Beverly Hills and Too Faced. I have a lot of their products, but yeah the palette just have to be kind of pushed to the back, because I literally have no room for them. The next drawer down is my palette jaw and I had to rearrange my palette jaw my mascaras and switch them round, because my Alex drawers actually broke because they got so heavy. So on top here I have assumed at Too Faced palettes. I have the Too Faced sweet peach palette, the chocolate bar palette and the semi chocolate bar palette, all of which I love Too. Faced is one of my favorite brands. I then have the Disney Alice in Wonderland urban decay Alice Through the Looking Glass palette, which again is beautiful and underneath those I have all four of the naked palettes. The naked smoky is back there and I have an anyway palette, which I actually haven’t used for a long time. It is really amazing, over here, under my sweet peach palette, I had my anastasiya model renascent palette, which is definitely my favorite eye shadows. I really really love these. Then I have my Jeffrey star beauty, killer palette, which is a very different palette. It has a lot of different colors in it, so I don’t really get to use it that often, but I do really love it. Then I have my morphe 35c palette, which is beautiful as well. I have a Z palette with some makeup: geek eyeshadows. I have the Urban Decay full spectrum palette, the Too Faced Christmas in New York palette. Then I have some minis. I have the Naked basics, one and two. I have some single macro eyeshadows. I have some wet and wild eyeshadows and then back here I AB ton as well. I have the Tarla in the bloom palette and the naked ultimate basics and I feel, like I also had another palette: oh yeah, the Maddie mu, a makeup geek palette, which is also one of my absolute favorites moving it down a draw.
I have my mascaras eyebrow products loose glitters. Everything like that. So in this section here I have all of my mascaras. The Maybelline lash sensational is one that I use on a daily basis and I’ve also started using the better than sex again on a daily basis. But I have a ton. I have L’Oreal benefits collection. Maybelline Too Faced. I love mascara, it’s one of my all-time favorite products. I literally cannot leave the house without over. Here I have a bunch of eyebrow products and primers. So I have my favorite urban decay primer. At the moment. I have some benefit. Gim me, brow benefits, speed, brow, another urban decay primer. I have some Revlon eyelash glue mixture, but I pencils I have Mac Paint, Pot and Mac loose glitters. This one is my absolute favorite then down here I have some velour eyelashes. I love the law, eyelashes, so much they’re, beautiful and then I have my Olivia dip brow and my are dealt dip pomade, which I use on a daily basis. You guys have been asking what I use for my eyebrows.. I was just testing a product out, but this is what I use on a daily basis. Then down here I have it’s in the loose eyeshadows, I have more eyebrow products. I have glitter glue. This Too Faced glitter glue is life. I love it and I have some eyeliners as well. I have some Urban Decay, copper, eyeliners and the benefit they’re real push-up line, and then in this little pot here, which I just pulled out from the back, I have a ton of glitters, so these aren’t glitters. These are just color pop eyeshadows, but I love those. Then I have some la splash crystallized glitters. I have this little random pot of copper glitter. I have some makeup geek moon dust. I have more makeup geek and then I have some lit cosmetics, glitters as well, which is so beautiful, as you guys can probably tell from my Instagram. If you don’t follow it, link down below I loved letters on my moving it down a drawer. We have in my absolute favorite drawer, which is my lip drawer, so all over here in the corner. I have my matte lipsticks I don’t actually really use these anymore, which is a shame really because I really loved them, but as you can probably tell I’m much more of a liquid lipstick person now, just by looking at the back of my drawers, then I have a bunch of 15 Urban Decay, lipsticks, I have the Gwen Stefani range, the classic vintage range and the Alice in Wonderland range, which I’m super lucky.
They sent me all of them and I absolutely love them Then I have a ton of baby lips I used to collect baby lips I still kind of do just not as much because I don’t get as much use out of them, but I really did love them at one point, then I have some Barry M lipsticks I have benefit why I sell more Baby Lips This is just kind of the lipstick, so I could get to stand up, as the others were just too big Moving to the back of my draw, I have a ton of Gerrard cosmetic liquid lipsticks I am mad about these The shade ecstasy is my favorite Then I have some Anasazi of Beverly Hills, some NYX, some Too Faced melted Then, as you can probably see, I also have some at Kylie Jenner ones, which I love so I’m moving towards the back Here I have a candy que Another candy que a love by a court K and it’s so cute little locks, which I absolutely love underneath here I have my color pop lipstick, so I have the Amanda Steele collection I have the exclusive like weekday collection, and this is the shade Saturday I have Viper the anchor and another one which I’ve come in for what it is, but I also do have some color pop minis at the back, which I’m going to show you guys so at the back here I have my baby lips lip glosses I have so that mini colourpop lip glosses which are so cute This is the ultra matte lip mini collection, which I love I then have the urban decay lipstick vibes, which saw a beautiful as well and under here I have a ton of Too Faced melted, which I absolutely adore Too Faced melted, one of the best lip products, I’ve genuinely ever tried, and I would seriously recommend them to You guys for that, in the end, on my make up collection 2017 I really hope you enjoyed it remember to give it a huge thumbs up and let’s see if we can smash 10,000 likes, which I know you can do, because you guys are amazing, make sure you subscribe to my channel

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