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Make-up for Laura Lee

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi sisters, jean-charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel today, i’m joined with a super super special gust. That’s a beauty guru as we always get to be in our own faces every single day. Videos all the time for different events, but it’s really really rare that we actually get to get our face, beat other people, let alone other beauty, gurus, exactly yeah, intimidating a way more intimidating, because I don’t know, I think they’ll like you, do the full beat glam Like you know the full we clams yeah like oh my gosh, okay, oh wow, I do too.
We did, however, at the end of the look give a brutal on it. Yeah beat down out the last words out things that James wasn’t obsessed with, but you’ll have to wait. I have to check out yeah, so she’s gonna do the same thing. We should go. Tell me well the tears if she hates it actually loves it. How she feels so without further ado, I’m gonna be auras. let’s get started so those are My preparing Laura’s face using the benefit Porefessional primer. You guys know that I love this primer and also it is one of Florence favorites too, so we’re using the hourglass foundation stick in the shade beige face that she already knew she did. Do you prefer liquid foundations or stick funders, usually um? This is I’m a go to, but lately I’ve been using the alarmist Mercier a flawless fusion for a liquid or I love like the Milani, the drug cause. We weren’t perfect, yes, honey. I don’t try that one. It’s so good, really yeah. It feels like a high-end foundation. So I call it concealer say it concealer, concealer yeah people say. Is they wrong? I don’t hear it come see what her concealer yeah. I don’t think you’re saying it wrong. I don’t think they’re wrong either. I think what does any way either longer voices or hate our voices yeah, there’s no in-between. Oh, we have in common. I hope you do. We have boys thing. Oh people hate my voice. Oh my god. That makes me love you. So much more people say that I sound like. I have something stuck in my throat when I’m talking people say I sound like I’m constantly sick, which is I mean, I guess kind of true, but minor minor truths to people sound like it says, like I’m whining or that, like I have like an old lady’s Voice, it’s like a lot of people hate my voice because I talk too fast, which we a lot of people comment saying that I give them anxiety, because I talk so fast, which is really scary, because I really do try to not. But I can’t help that so, if you’re one of those people, I apologize, there’s actually a little speed button where, you can change the speed to 75 per size.
It was 200 and then I’ll be a lot more slowed down. So if you were someone who wants to hear me talk a little slower anybody for that matter, chocolate mousse a little or faster. That’s a really good hack for you, guys. Okay, I’m gonna contour Laura’s face using my benefit hoola bronzer before favourites. Anything I’m worth II am five. Seventy brush. Do you feel like have a small head? You do have a small. Can you see it now? You do it’s like super small. I tell people so once the bronze is all on one check that I absolutely love doing when it comes to a contract and bronzing is taking a like smaller fluffy brush like this one, but I let’s go into the more cool toned bronzer. So this one is the Marc Jacobs, bronzer and tantastic, which is definite little bit. More cool tone then benefit hoola, and I so grabbed this on a more of tapered brush and just go in it right on that contour line it to get a more like defined. Contour right in the hollow of the cheek bone, I’ve never done this before this is like one, my favorite tricks that I just started doing, I feel like it just adds a lot more dimension and really like gives you the snatched. I think everything how about someone does my makeup or I watch someone do makeup or, like I just went to make it by Mario’s seminar. Hmm, I think I learned a lot of things that, like everything you just never stop learning. No, I feel, like I pick up different tricks from each artists. Everybody does the make it different, always cool, to see how other people do their makeup cuz. You guys be inspired and pick up different techniques and learn to the things I think it better better. Better. Mm-Hmm, I’m next to the guy by JD, weighty 180 brush. This is my all-time favorite nose, contouring brush from a lot see beauty on the benefit, hoola bronzer and also dipping in time into the Marc Jacobs, fantastic and we’re gonna check out Laura’s nose. I love when I go up, you can see a snatch nose, so I’m like oh yeah, yeah bitch she’s doing that nose. Then it’s gonna grab a powderpuff and uses to bake the sides of sister Laura’s knows what do you feel like you’d be doing? If you weren’t on social media, you didn’t take the social media path, I’d only have no idea, and I think I left that honestly. I think you would be in college somewhere. I think I would too, which scares me, because I think college definitely was not for me and I think I don’t think college is for everybody yeah. I think education is really important, but I don’t think the college particulars for everybody. I think I would be really struggling to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I think that’s a lot of people and hear me out when I how I how much I agree with you on that, because I almost didn’t graduate high school but because Society said you know, you got to go to college, to make money or be smarter to Do anything gray, so it’s able to get into a college and it took me three years into college and I had filled out.
I was 24 years old and I had felt out and I was left with a a slit of debt for forcing something that society put on me to make me feel like. I was smart so as a medical assistant at the time as well, working at dermatologists, which I made decent money. I just really didn’t like the job, so I got pushed into YouTube and I felt so madly in love with it and then me and YouTube kind of grew together and I created this amazing career and it’s all because I fell out of college. You know yeah. I don’t think it’s everybody. I think that everybody has a different path and education definitely is not part of everybody’s. I agree with you. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you too, you know I started this channel just simply as a makeup lover and all of a sudden supposed to be a professional businesswoman, and you know the role model for millions people and a professional makeup. Artist and do everything perfect and and it’s just like so much pressure gets thrown on you. You know you’re and then you start you’re like whoa. This is a lot yeah, so while Laura’s baking in the oven at 350 degrees, I’m gonna get my benefit. Precise hair brow pencil in the shade at number: four, I’m gonna slay, her brows and that’s right – I’m never gonna make it Laura’s brows go more out, then down towards the tail. We were just hung up this. How I’ve really been doing my brows more I’ll then down because I feel like it gives a lot more eyelid. It sways abot their knees and I’m literally the mom off Mean Girls, I’m like what school. What’s the four one? One hmm – and she told me that this year, all her friends are assessed with this guy named James, Charles and I’m serious. I know I was like interesting. I was like James II. She was like yeah, oh no way. You know, I know him. She’s, like it was actually yeah, I swear. Let’s go in and we’re gonna grab some more shaped Haven. I want to use that to Prime at Laura’s Island dance. I’m just gonna use a Y 16 brush to blend out that concealer and make sure the eyes are all primed and set in place and ready for the shadow. Okay. So now that the brows are both slated in place, we’re gonna start off with the eye shadow. First, I’m gonna be Laura Lee, Los Angeles Cosmo dreams.
Actually, you blew me away, use the and one ear on your lips. I was gagged a little a little chocolate moment. I was like damn.. I want to see and then you put on like a liquid lip. Oh, but that’s not it. What did you do and then you put that on? I was gay.. You know pop it’ll pop up, but yeah. The palette is so bottom people were so mad tonight. Oh my god. He’s eating her ass, no girl, it’s a good color, it’s about it! So our first notion of using Miami 519 brush, I’m gonna dip into a bomb diggity and start putting this into Laura’s crease as a transition shade. This is honestly, like my favorite transition shades of all time. Thank you. I love it. It’s just such a good like mustardy, yellowy browns are my favorite, I’m currently using the shade of Craig Craig on an M 210 brush, and I’m using this to pull out. That outer corner shadow and then also define a decrease a little bit more unless to grab the Jasmine help from morphe. One of both of our all-time feels clearly clearly she’s, all dirty she’s been used and loved, and I see we have another M 210 brush. It’s just a clean one and dip into this red tone. Brown shade down here, then definitely tap off the follow as well. It’s gonna pop this right in Laura’s outer V for some definition. I’m gonna be making sure that when I take these shadows, I’m pulling them out and winging them as well. That’s like one of my all-time three things to do my makeup. You guys know that I love a go-to pulled out shadow moment. It’s like my favorite thing in the world and I definitely widened my face when I were literally just talking about earlier how she like wishes. She could do that and I was like you: can you can do it you just gonna. Do it, I’m gonna grab Laurie a scatterbrain Eliot, I’m up for two one brush and I’m going to spread it a little bit using some of fix+. I put folks Plus on all my shimmers, no matter what shimmer it is yeah. I can’t. Oh, my god. I literally hate when people are using a palette and they’re like you have to use da yeah. I mean that’s why I shadow know. Why would you not, and even if it performs like a gym dry, I’m still fixed bus it again Sam? It helps with fallout to like it helps snatch it all together and if you don’t like, when a purchase fix+ even a little bit of water spray, bottle it don’t ya, it doesn’t have to be fixed less once I have that legit. Oh, I’m gonna go back into my r39 brush and dip into the shade, a cray, cray and just use this to blend over the edge of that glitter pigment and then also the darker shades in the outer corner.
To make sure that that is a smooth. Even transition for the half cut crease, so if you only got to use one makeup product for the rest of your life, no I’m gonna be three three products so generous. Yes, and I’m trying to be generous here, three products desert island. You know yeah that too mm-hmm, what’s it gonna, be, I feel like a concealer, okay, a brow, pencil, okay and the highlighter love it. What would you do? I would do. Oh do concealer because I’ll put a concealer on with no other makeup. So if you like, like what could be one alone, you know concealer, mascara and probably huggin blotting powder. No, why yeah for the lower lash line in the Jacqueline palette, I’m going to cry the Sigma eat 20 bucks, which is a flat shader brush, and I’m gonna grab the bright ass teal shade. Oh, we get some color help is on a Laura’s lower lashline. I’m excited about this, so good. Are you kidding? Oh come on fire, I’m gonna have an amat to ten brush and dip it to a little bit of bomb diggity, which is that amazing transition shade and just buff out the bottom line about to make sure the blue isn’t too like harsh. Then I’m gonna dip back into that blue and then I’m gonna just add a lot of fix+ to really get a pigmented huh. Well, she does a good tunt pop have a weak one, but I do it literally all the time. Still it’s a puffer cones yeah baby she’s, a weak one, the actual better go the darker blue shade and the purple shade from the chocolate palette. Once again, it got me a little bit of fix+ and I’m gonna put that in the outer corner, mixing it together the bright blue and then also kind of mending it into those darker purple red shades that are on the upper lash line. To kind of connect, those together and then one more time of grabbing my 210 rush, I’m just gonna dip into a warm tone, orange shade and just blend out the bottom at one last time or what is your favorite makeup? Look that you’ve ever done on yourself. I think I recently did one with my eyeshadow palette because, as you know like I have been doing tutorials as much um, I’ve been reviewing new makeup, that’s been launching, but one of my favorites for sure is look. I actually do have a palette and I actually spent a long long time doing it. I did like a Mac cut crease, but like shimmer in the middle of the cut crease, it was really intricate. What about you um? I know you got some looks. I have sort of definitely some good luck. Yes, I think that my favorite, whatever was probably my Eclipse, look from oh yeah, like like the food mm-hmm.
I just added that hey man I have my liquid liner and didn’t really use that as a liner. I just kind of more fill to end and then use it to define that crease. It was good girl, that’s you watching! Sometimes you just get blessed. I should be watching a movie cuz, I’m gonna have Laura lolly apply her own at mascara. That’s just our rules and Jules in the artistry. If you’re working with someone who can do their own mascara they’re doing their own mascara well, Laura is applying the mascara she’s using benefit roller lash. Of course I am grabbing the Lily lashes, my Emily’s. These are my all-time favorite lashes, oh my god, so Lourdes is introduced me to this new lash glue from the Loire called the lash adhesive, and it’s the best ever and I’m so hated to not try this for myself good. It dries out so quickly and like sticks, which never happens, because you guys know every time I put on an eyelash. I was sitting there fumbling with the freaking inner corner for like 20. That’s everybody there. She is yep, that’s good ever been out and about and then your inner corner, just pops up, yeah, oh yeah! That’s why I carry law school at all times. I mean that me well, I like, when I go to events and stuff, if I’m wearing makeup. I always have law school and a pair of tweezers and a Beauty, Blender and blotting powder and straws. That’s genius! Alright, I’m adding straws to my list. That’s that’s a good one. Okay! So another one is all complete. We’Re gonna go in and do them on an off camera right now and then I’ll be right back to finish all the rest of the law. Okay, guys, so both eyes aren’t well. What did you see that? What I’m scared was this shadow? Oh, my god, weird to focus yeah we’re gonna use the. Why 14 today look? Do you have most of the morphe brushes memorized yeah? We do every time they’re always like. How do you know that I’m, like I don’t know, I just use them all the time and, of course, wouldn’t be a James Charles City, without anasazi, it’s so Hollywood, illuminator hashtag, not sponsored. Oh, are you kidding I’m also. There go a little bit of scatterbrain on that same brush and I’m going to use that to kind of like really lightly blend together the bronzer and the highlighter. I like doing this a lot actually using like a more metallic shade, rather than highlighter to blend together. Just for like a more subtle glow, also using this shade to highlight Laura’s, do we do hello, your forehead over? Oh yeah, oh yeah, you literally just it on me, yeah, it’s like everything in the world. Some people don’t like it, so I’m always gonna tell them. You know I do but yeah it’s my favorite So now that the makeup is all on our last time, it’s gonna be at the lipid a doodahs and for today’s look, I’m gonna be using the Anasazi liquid, lipstick in the shade and naked another good, naked lamp and then last, but certainly not least, I’m gonna give her a little spritz of the tatcha luminous dewy skin mess, maybe a little bit more than a little spread and guys.
This is the completed Look yes, it looks so good I’m actually really really happy on it Yeah Thank you I love it So much I love, love love the eyes I can’t quit looking at the viewfinder Sorry guys! That’s! Okay! Oh my god! I’m cute in the same thing, I’m looking at you! Okay, let’s go and do the brutal reveal? Okay? What would you do differently? What do you think? What do you love got me hard on this one? I love the look I think the base looks so amazing and like smooth and buttery – and I love the highlight – I love everything James You have to hate something you don’t like there’s nothing I don’t like a lot of immunity, so larlie approved makeup right here Oh your nose Contour me is completely different from what I do, but my nose looks so snatch she’s not doing yeah, I’m glad that’s what I’m wasting water always think I want to make people’s noses so tiny, but I’m always like, oh my god, are they gonna know like the fact that I’m literally giving them a nose job right now, I’m all here for it That’s let’s make it wash yourself a nice I like it please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe If you have not ready click, the little Bell notification icon, so you can be notified every time My Twitter they’re, both just James Charles and my snapchat, from / hindsight stuff, is James, Charles, that extra ass after Charles, if you like to follow Laura Lee for stuff, will all be I talk a little bit slower than James we did on Laura’s channel where she did this makeup on Mia Oh click down below as well or it’ll be somewhere on the screen This accessory shadow goes to sister Krista Thank you so much for your always falling in supporting you know I love you so much and if you would like to be an actually sister shout out, make sure always review anybody like something alive on Twitter Thank you guys so much for being here watching wait We should do this was crime to chance Okay and before you leave don’t forget to subscribe to my channel before you leave subscribe, there’s a goodbye bye, guys,

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