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Make up for my mother!! *Funny * + gifts

1 Nov , 2019  

If I’ve gonna go yeah III know I gotta, go yeah, not really not going yeah 14:01, hey God! You have to think I don’t mean to say: hey God Lee! I really don’t want to be guys just Photon, hey guys. I mean just like me that was really good for me today, guys I am going, I’m not using it so quite clearly, today, I’m joined with my mom and today clearly you know it’s not for me, okay, my sister, my younger sister Brenda today, I’m actually going To be doing my mom’s makeup, my mom’s going out later on, and I managed to convince her to let me to do her makeup, and then I managed to convince her to let me do it on camera.
So here we are right now. I’m really scared, though, if I sum up for them, it goes hideous you’re going to be going out like this and I’m going no way shape or form a Maya makeup artist.. If you guys haven’t already also go ton on my post notifications. Jessie, jasmine and Alexa. So if you guys want to be entered into an iPad.. Are you pompous? Let’s do it? That’s great! That’s right! That’s happy! So I’m going to sort off a primer, I’m going to use the Smashbox photo finish primer. I use this on my face most days. So now, let’s give it a go. My mom’s rub it around with my fingers finger mask I’m having a really efficient massage. He is amazed that is what you’re having yeah there we go. So we work on the primer, we’re now going to go foundation. I think I’m going to go for a little mix, we’re going to make their mineral skin liquid foundation with a tooth paste Born This Way Foundation right so you’re going to whack this on. I don’t know give me your skin color, but if not, we just have to blend it into the net. Can you please tell you have Olli say? Oh all I see is good. Maybe a worried about to seeing choose Meghan Christ, yeah you’re right the really smells a pure cheese and onion and wine. You ever found makeup artists checking need to learn how to pick up a more delicate hammering my head, you comfortable, I don’t know if that’s really very professionally back, oh my god. Oh my god we’re chasing and there she goes moving. Are the ones in the bin that you did that so because it doesn’t come out weights actually ruin it’s starting to look good now what you think you do that now? Ah Jesus right, so we have done at the foundation.
What are you thinking so far? Are you liking right, so I’m going to use the sleek cream contour kit in the shade medium and I’m using the lightest shade for the highlight of the contour and bTW. I use a lot or concealer because I think it makes all the difference in the world I’ll have an extra my nose, you remember how old you only first like where am I felt you know hard? No, I remember I don’t know you know. I get that question all binary members like you, know the more to this, which are they here to wear any type, a little bit the scar on a cuz. It’s just like it’s nice, you do is have such lovely eyelashes. It just made them look even more and all my friend I hate wearing foundation, you never used to what you never need a citation, but I just think of other little bits of makeup. Just liven up this lipstick and milk. You know what what year was our on when you’re right yeah it wasn’t. Yes, Ernie right, molding young, be right that our wind, then it’s going to be so many print screens and your makeups gonna, like that right, so we’re gonna. Let that so and we’re going to move on into the darker shades of the contour. Also guys my mum has a story to tell you all. What’s the story that run go and tell them this story, buddy where our house? Oh it’s my eyebrows alone, right, Marvin gone smaller beans, my best friend when I was younger. You know who you are Haley. She wants someone to practice waxing on, so she asked if I go and she waxed my legs and then she went out on the strip so her to eat. Shall we use one of my off my legs that she already used to do my eyebrows, so she did and she literally ripped my eyebrows. Oh and there’s never a hurry, so I’m having what we’re having microwaving because they look like there are many miles apart. So don’t diss the eyebrows, but I have grown back loads to be fair, but just not pulled away. You can be patron up a lot use me turn. Did Mary yep took my supply this person in your life? She says please, my eye to everything. Excuse me. You just wait. Let me know down below. I think this is. This is death. I’m I’ve been looking what I’m doing, I’m just rubbing yeah. Let me know down below you know, Quinn, somebody like if somebody stepped on Jerry you’re, just take a little under my chin.
It’s somebody stepped on my toe. I would say sorry as well, like a be an automatic loom. Oh my god, I’m sorry yeah at least may you accept my apology for you stepping on my toes I’m Jed we’re both like that all the way through school. All the comments or everyone always said that there were the Politis children in the entire world. When I read comments, Beyonce like oh you’re, so much your mom, I think – oh, my god she’s. So I think when you’re mucking about him, take it up. It’s like she’s! Actually, the most Politis person on your face – it’s just like you’re, not you and Jed, was the same as well. Jed was like please make, can I please have one of these? Please may I can i but it’s okay, look at there. You go voila, okay, we’re gonna. Take it bit more serious now it does actually look good we’re now going on my blush, I’m using the Too Faced the lashes I had with no laces and go out tonight. Is Ken Diego loves, I’m just going to dab this on her cheekbones? Now I’m using the Ameri lure highlighter. This is my fave highlighter. Let’s get from where I’m sitting I really fingers crossed. Hopefully that’s got on the camera. We’Re now going to be born to eyeliner. I’m going to try to do a winged eyeliner on my mum can barely even do all myself about 40 years later we have done the eyeliner up. Top eyeliner is a struggle for me. The rest of my makeup goes absolutely fine and then it comes to I line up every telling me, but I eaten Mondays on she’s. All I’m not sure literally get all my mother’s down in the comments. Oh, you are no! No! No! I guess I have my moments in the comments you can already. Seven beginni anyway didn’t see how exactly we are nearly there. We need to miss our own eyebrows are then we are pretty much done. Oh and don’t forget the lip. I’m gonna go for a red lip. I am I guess now. I know you hate my nips embarking on you. I already found it so anything even in this mascara yeah we’re just gonna fill in the eyebrows. I was gonna. Stick full eyelashes a mum, but should we look you, but I miss that? Ah good, oh, oh, no should have lipstick on someone else. This is hard has been all. I know something else. Digits there close close your lid Did you know I’m awake? Am I one bucket five you’re gonna lose sick? When I read easy yeah, I think a nude lip sees my mom a lot more.
This is awful Let’s, I think we’re gonna go for a nude lip okay, so there you go That is the finished Look mum what you think, I’m in week, four yeah we had our little ups and downs throughout this makeup Look, I tried to take it seriously, but the two of us calmly say that serious long together so I mean I think it does look good, but it took is time and yeah I’m won’t be picking stuff one in and well, if you guys you wanna, get your makeup job on me Then let me know down in the comments below cuz, I’m sure there’s a hundreds No, I do I do you think, and it’s good though I do think it looks good I think in this by going out a said again sleep, but I also have a giveaway so make sure you guys look for the next clip how to enter It’s super simple and it’s with my friends So make sure you go carry on watching it until you see that clip that I’ve filmed another time does that make sense, basically to win an iPod because see that it’s clip that is it from us I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you guys very very soon – mwah bye, hey guys, so this is the clip that I was on about where I’m gonna be talking to you guys about my giveaway, in fact I’ll collab giveaway So if you guys follow my daily vlogging channel, you guys will know that recently, I was hanging out with my friends We went to Beauty, corn and the day after I hung out with them I lost everything on my laptop so it ended up losing the footage where we spoke about the giveaway, but me and my friends, Alexa jasmine and Jesse we’re doing a drink giveaway where we are going to be giving away this iPad here What color is it? I think it’s Space Gray, so if you guys want the chance to win this iPad, that it’s really simple, all you guys have to do is subscribe to my channel and subscribe to their channels and yeah That’s literally it it’s so simple and quick and easy to enter so go do that if you want to enter, so I hope you guys do enter and I hope you guys enjoyed this Video overall, I know this little clips a lot bit random, but hey, oh so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys very, very soon Mwah bye,

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