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Make up for the first time in a month!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, hey – I literally have not done my makeup in so long. Like my own makeup for playlist, I didn’t even do any makeup. I only put washes on every day and literally like the past month. I’ve had makeup artist been doing my makeup, for, if you don’t know, I’m gonna be on a show. It’s called stuck or whatever people have been doing. My makeup for that – and I haven’t done my make my own makeup and so long and I feel so like self deprived Here I am doing that’s me also.
My voice is like this because I literally am just getting over a fever like I’m still sick and I’m literally coughing like every 10 seconds and running out of breath. When I speak, no, that’s normal um! So right now I’m getting ready to go to a little coffee shop with my friends. We’Re just gonna do homework and take pictures and just hang out, because I literally have not seen my friends and so long, and it makes me sad. I figured I’m an actually very good storytime teller and I want to do more story times like, while I’m doing my makeup and I’m like slightly funny too no I’m just like awkward and don’t know how to speak, and it makes it funny. So I don’t know what what I want to do. I don’t even know what I’m wearing, I don’t know, we’ll figure it out I’ll just do whatever make up. You know what you know. I’m just gonna dip, my like my brush into like anything and just hope for the best, I’m literally wasting so much time. I need to be ready so soon um, so I’m just gonna pack, a bunch of red eyeshadow on my lid and see what happens. Woo woo my phone just almost ko’d anyways, I’m gonna do foundation um. So I was at the Tarte thing at playlist and they gave me this foundation and I kind of want to try it, but, like I’m scared, because I had it cuz what if it’s bad and I’m like going whatever my makeup already looks ugly. Let’s do it. This might be too late. Also, oh. This is definitely too like whoa. This is like really like really full-coverage, okay, mmm, it’s too, but anyways. I want to do more story times, because literally I just have so much that I could talk about something happens to me.
I’m like no way this is real life, like that. This is like actually happening right now like this is not a prank. Sometimes things will just happen. I’m like no way that just happened like like I’m waiting for a John can units to pull up and he’s like. This is John Canyon s, and this is what what would you do wait. This is John hi, I’m John quinones, and this is what you, what hi I’m John quinones, and this is what would you do? Yeah there you go, I just be expecting that to happen and like he doesn’t pop up and I’m like oh so this is a real thing. This foundation is definitely too late by the way, but whatever um also we’ve been doing my face. Twitches weird, like look at that what the heck I don’t know when I was little, I was convinced that everyone and their mother was a robot, and I was the only living human, and just everything around me was a test in every situation I was in was A test which is honestly like a good cool way to look at life, but also was like young me on crack or something like guys. I have the same birthday as Emma Chamberlain, and I already known my birthday rolls around everyone’s just gonna forget about me. Like everyone’s gonna be like Reena whoo, happy birthday, Emma hey guys, I mean on such a good mood like the past couple of days, like I also want to talk about this like I’ve, been super sad like for no reason – and I just had like no Motivation to do anything lately, but like the past couple of days, I’ve been like so like upbeat and like productive and, like especially like, even though I’m like sick and I have a fever like I’ve been wanting to be so productive, like I’ve been wanting to get Up and do stuff, which is so rare for me, and I look so proud of myself for that. But like yeah, it’s like such a nice feeling to be like happy and like jumping around listening to music in your room like actually feel like genuine, like happiness wish like. I could feel like that.
More often like I don’t know, I don’t know how or why. Sorry feeling so happy but like I have maybe it’s like the time change. Oh no, probably not like. I never talked about my feelings either. It feels so good till not to be productive and not like do something, because you have to do it but like because you want to do it. Is such a good feeling. I literally love it literally. My friend is gonna. Ah I have time no. I have time should I do eyeliner yeah, I’m gonna do eyeliner, so I’m gonna do my eyeliner off-camera, because that stresses me out okay, so I finished my eyeliner. This is her, I’m pretty sure they’re different, but you can’t really tell that much. So it’s fine, I’m about to put some falsies on and then highlighter and lipstick and guys I’ll finally be ready and an hour early Wow. Please tell me nothing broke, please! Please, please, okay, we’re good! The only thing I don’t like about this is that the lash is kind of blend in with the eyeliner, and it makes it look like. I have some weird type of eyeliner thing going on: okay, okay, okay, now I just gotta, do a lipstick and highlight so I’m hype, some big heights and big hype: teller. Okay! Now we pick what lipstick a lot, should I just reach my hand in there and then pick a random one. Okay. So this is a lipliner. Please don’t be red, oh my god! No, I don’t want to do red if it is red. I could just pull one of those brats doll moments and then have a darker lip – oh my god, bro of course a frickin course haha. I look dumb anyways. I’m gonna reach my hand in there okay. So this is the one I picked brah. I think this is a purple. No sorry, I’m not doing purple no she’s going back in no boss should i do glossy yeah, so I know what pants I’m wearing. I just need to find a shirt to go in this, so I’m gonna come back when I have my outfit figured out and my hair cuz, that’s just not it Booker hi e, so I’m ready my office ready, I’m ready and yeah okay So I have my pink butterfly clips in, of course, you know this dinosaur shirt on super cute, I’m pretty sure it’s pajamas, but like whatever it’s cute um, this pink OOP, this okay, let’s go down a bit, this pink sparkly butterfly belt.
We have an orange barrette right here in a black wear it right here: pink barrette, black barrette and ready already, okay I know there’s a lot of debate if Feliz are ugly or not I went to the mall with divinity and we saw these pink Feliz and we thought they were super cute, so we got matching ones and I’m wearing them Cuz there’s pig detailing in my outfit and I think they’re cute, so do not come for me if you think those are ugly pink Feliz with like flower embroidery Oh my god, I got a cramp, oh okay What do you think of my outfit? I, like you? Okay, so I like this, I like the shoes – I like it Okay, thank you What do you think of my outfit, like I just love your clips like, I think that is very very’no I think that it reminds me of something that I would probably wear in like my lifetime, like when I was okay Well, my mother used to dress me Oh, like it’s not like Oh my garlic, she’s, really cute like it’s like Oh, my god, that’s cute, and I really think it’s cute like it’s very, very it’s very original, it’s very cute, so I like it, I really like it What do you think of my outfit reminds me? My child reminds me of like a channel like 2010 by, but it’s very cute I definitely know I’m gonna be on the grid Lot of clutter, like your doctor, well, Ryan Dear that’s her! I did not straighten my hair, okay, so for filming for the show they wanted, my character to have like he ironed like ironed like curled hair, but like with an iron, so they put heat on my hair and I just brushed it out like a day You go so that’s why it’s like this I’m still preaching no heat on your hair, so yeah like your curls lampblack, don’t damage your hair, but that is it I’m a dick I love y’all Somebody um follow me on instagram, because Oh beautiful eyes,

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